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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe rabbit was no longer poisoned. After he moved away from it, the rabbit ran around in what appeared to be happiness. It was not afraid of Han Sen, and it didn’t behave like any creature of prey he had seen before.He cooked some more meat and gave some of it to the rabbit. Clearly, the creature wasn’t very wise. It hadn’t learned its lesson, following the last piece of food it had been given. Without a modicum of concern for whether or not the latest treat was poisoned, the rabbit gobbled it up.The rabbit wasn’t aggressive, and Han Sen realized he may have overestimated its willingness to steal. It wouldn’t attempt to take anything Han Sen was handling.Once its belly was full, however, the rabbit ran off. Still curious about its nature, Han Sen tried to follow it.Regardless of what abilities it possessed, the rabbit was an ordinary creature. That much, Han Sen was certain of.As he followed the creature, the rabbit didn’t seem to be aware of its tail. Eventually, it reached the canyon that was populated by other rabbits and entered a burrow. Without a shadow of the doubt, Han Sen assumed that the burrow was its rabbit hole.The rabbit hole was fairly large, even large enough for Han Sen to follow the rabbit inside.Han Sen pushed away the shrubbery that cloaked its entrance and climbed inside. A little past the entrance, the tunnel expanded further and became quite wide. The sides were all carved from rocks instead of loose earth.Further ahead, the tunnel opened up into a wider space. And upon arriving there, he noticed it was a natural formation. It was a beautiful cave, hidden underground.Han Sen hastened inside and observed the area.From that subterranean pocket, there were many branching pathways. And in that place were many other rabbits, as well.The rabbit king didn’t stop in that cave, and it zig-zagged along through a variety of different passages. Han Sen had to speed up in his pursuit of it, in fear of losing the creature. After a while, they came to an underground river.Many rabbits drank fluid from the stream, which led Han Sen to believe that was what the rabbit king had come to do, also.But instead, the rabbit king leapt into the water.The shield allowed it to float atop the babbling river, and the rabbit submitted itself to the gentle pull of the current.Using Aero, Han Sen followed the rabbit king down the river.“Where is this rabbit going?” Han Sen wondered.Further downstream, the water’s flow got a little choppier. The tunnel they moved through was purely for the passage of this water. With the splashes from the stream, all the rocks around were wet. There was no place for the rabbit to disembark, and eventually, even that tunnel had various branches and different offshoots of tunnels to follow. This complex network of caves was not at all what Han Sen was expecting.The rabbit slowed down as it bobbed along the river, and it seemed to be deciding which way to go next. When it decided, it moved its feet to roll the orb-shaped shield in the direction it wished to float.Han Sen followed the rabbit down these tunnels for two hours, until he heard a louder sound of water.All of a sudden, the rabbit king disappeared from his sight.And that was when Han Sen realized the rabbit king had taken the plunge off a waterfall.When Han Sen saw the rabbit king next, many splashing sounds accompanied the sight. After the rabbit king descended the waterfall into a subterranean lake, a silver-scaled aqua dragon lashed upwards. It was attempting to kill the rabbit king.It seemed as if the rabbit king was going to be eaten with relative ease. But it managed to kick itself off a cliff wall and leap past the water serpent.The dragon turned around and continued chasing the rabbit, but the aqua dragon had black chains around its arms. The chains quickly jerked the dragon to a stop, and allowed the rabbit king to get to safety.Boom!The aqua dragon’s body fell, creating ten-meter high waves.The rabbit king was still in the water, but it was no longer in danger. The aqua dragon was still chained up, and it was unable to pursue the furry king.The rabbit, still in its shield and submitting to the bob of the waves, continued to travel downstream.Han Sen was frozen, acknowledging the power that dragon possessed. It was almost as strong as a super creature, that much he knew for certain.The biggest question on his mind, though, was how someone had managed to chain-up such a fierce beast so far below the earth. And furthermore, why?“Was it a human that did this? Or was it a spirit?” The chains did not look as if they had been forged by humans, but ultimately, Han Sen could not be sure.After one last, quick inspection of the aqua dragon, Han Sen returned to following the rabbit before he lost it. Fortunately, the creature was purely physical. If it wasn’t, Han Sen and the rabbit would have been done for.Eventually, the river started to slow down, and this was when the rabbit disembarked from the current. It leapt out of the water.Now, the rabbit king followed the rocks. Before long, it came to another passage. It was a cave. Han Sen did not waste any time, and so he flew over to the stone cave the rabbit had come to. The cave was only a few meters deep, and Han Sen was shocked when he saw what lay inside.The cave was not actually a cave. It had been handbuilt, like a room. The only thing natural about this place was the entrance.It seemed as if the landscape had changed since the time this room had been built, and the entrance had been cracked.The room was rather large, equivalent to the size of sixty living rooms. A plum tree stood in the center, and it was four meters tall. It extended to brush the ceiling of the room.Strangely, there was fruit upon its branches, but no blossoming flowers. The fruits were about the size of an egg, and they were purple and red in color.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 209: Domineering DollarTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"What's wrong? Didn't Lin Beifeng buy that pair of sacred-blood wings? How did it end up in Son of Heaven's hand?" Han Sen frowned, feeling puzzled.Although Son of Heaven's eyesight was not as good as Han Sen’s, Han Sen's eye-catching golden outfit was easy to recognize. After seeing Han Sen, Son of Heaven speeded up toward the Mystery Island. Obviously, he did not want to be approached by Han Sen.Han Sen was still far from Son of Heaven and decided to go to the island directly."This is a great opportunity to kill Son of Heaven. Now that he is alone, and none of his gang member is with him. Maybe I could even get rid of him right now." Squinting his eyes, Han Sen flew toward the island.Son of Heaven's wings were no slower than purple-winged dragon’s. Han Sen was not able to close in. The wind became cold when he went higher up, but Han Sen felt nothing because he had sacred-blood armor and Jadeskin. On the other hand, Son of Heaven was not that lucky. His armor only covered his upper body and he was shuddering.If it was not because Son of Heaven had almost maxed out on all his geno points, even with the sacred-blood beast soul wings, he wouldn't be able to fly up to the Mystery Island.After flying for a while, Son of Heaven's eyebrows and hair became white with ice."Dammit, why is the wind so strong?" Son of Heaven cursed. It was also the first time for him to come to a Mystery Island. He had seen it before, but he did not have sacred-blood beast soul wings and was not able to go up.Son of Heaven had slowed down. It seemed that he was really frozen.When Han Sen was hesitating whether or not he should rush over, he saw someone else flying toward the island."Steel Armor Shelter has more sacred-blood wings? Who is the owner? Qin Xuan?" Feeling odd, Han Sen took another look and it was Thumb who was flapping a pair of bat-like wings.Han Sen frowned. Although he knew Thumb, but they could not be called friends and Thumb did not know that he was Dollar either.Using the identity of Dollar and as a competitor for the sacred-blood beast souls on the Mystery Island, he was now Thumb’s enemy.While Han Sen was still thinking, Son of Heaven quickly flew to Thumb, which surprised Han Sen.Although Son of Heaven and Thumb had some collaborations, they represented two major gangs in the shelter. It seemed odd that Son of Heaven had proactively approached Thumb."How about you and I work together to get rid of Dollar first?" Son of Heaven said to Thumb."Why would I work with you?" Thumb curled his lips and said."I can sell you the warframes that you want with 10% off." Son of Heaven said without blinking his eyes."20% off," sad Thumb."All right, but you have to help me gain this sacred-blood beast soul.""Deal."After reaching the agreements, the two flew to Han Sen. Han Sen saw them, but did not seem to panic."Dollar, I am so sorry. I respect you a lot and do not want to antagonize you. However, Son of Heaven has paid well and I have to fight you. If you leave now, I will not stop you," Thumb said to Han Sen aloud."I understand. But I have to get the sacred-blood beast soul on the island," Han Sen said calmly."Cut the crap. If you still want the discount, you know what to do." Son of Heaven summoned his bloody red sword and slashed at Han Sen.Holding his round shield with one hand, and a broadsword in the other, Thumb rushed to Han Sen as well.The shield was the one that Han Sen gave to Thumb, so Han Sen knew how good it was. However, Han Sen did not plan to retreat. Drawing his Shura katana out, he cut it too Son of Heaven's sword.Son of Heaven of course recognized the katana, which might be stronger than the Z-steel weapons, but was not even close to his sacred-blood sword.Not only was Dollar's weapon inferior to Son of Heavens, but Son of Heaven had almost maxed out on all his geno points and with his hyper geno art, so he was definitely stronger than Dollar in physique.A few months ago, when Dollar was fighting Qin Xuan, he was not even able to beat her. Son of Heaven did not think that the guy’s strength could be compared to his in such a short amount of time.Even though Dollar’s strength was similar to his, Dollar would lose his balance after trying to block Son of Heaven’s sword. By then, hw would have to take the deadly attack from Thumb.There was a dull noise of metal on metal.Bang!Son of Heaven was blown away by Han Sen. He was only able to steady himself after a few seconds and his face darkened."How could he have become so strong?" Son of Heaven could not accept the fact that Han Sen’s strength was so much greater than his. He had almost maxed out on all geno points.Thumb who had to come to Dollar growled and attacked with his broadsword.However, Han Sen's katana was so fast that when Thumb had only drawn his broadsword, Han Sen’s Katana was already hitting his shield.Bang!Thumb was also blown away, which shocked Son of Heaven even more. He had seen Thumb's strength and how great his shield was. Dollar could ignore Thumb and his shield, which made him wonder how strong Dollar was right now.Han Sen originally only wanted to test how well could he do at this point. It seemed that the effect was even better than he had imagined. Even Son of Heaven who had almost maxed out on all geno points was inferior to him. The enhancement brought by Jadeskin was indeed tremendous.But then he thought of Xue Longyan who was able to use Jadeskin to cut a mutant weapon like it was made of tofu after being severely injured and believed that he could do so much more with this hyper geno art.Son of Heaven and Thumb became serious and attacked Han Sen at the same time. Han Sen used one katana to Fight two foes and forced them to step back using Bladestorm.In Steel Armor Shelter, those who were watching their fight with binoculars were dumbstruck. Although they knew that Dollar was very strong, they did not realize that he was so strong that even Son of Heaven and Thumb combined could not stop him.

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棋牌送彩金18⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 283: Trading for Beast SoulsTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen had carefully observed the footwork and dagger skills of the white jade skeleton. In addition to the skeleton's movements that could not be achieved by any human, its footwork and dagger skills alone were very impressive.Both its footwork and dagger skills were always out of order. Even Han Sen who was great at prejudgment cannot capture held the skeleton moved and attacked.Without a doubt, it was a special kill set, which Han Sen was very eager to imitate.You must know your enemy before you could beat him. And the best way to understand your enemy was to learn his special tricks.Also, the skeleton's trick would be a great supplement to Han Sen's assassination skills, which was also why Han Sen would like to invest a lot of time in learning it.If he could master this trick and create the same disorder, then his target would be less likely to have the chance to fight back.These days when fighting the skeleton, Han Sen could only use the three-blade harpoon single-handedly, which weakened his attacks."I wish I had a sacred-blood dagger!" thought Han Sen secretly.The skeleton was good at close combat, which was why Han Sen could hardly use the diamond sword or the beetle knight's spear, since the longer weapons would be more of a burden than a help when fighting the skeleton.At this point, Han Sen's issue was that he could not prevent the white jade skeleton from getting close to him. The white jade skeleton could approach him in no time with its disordered moves."Here is a mutant beast soul. Do you dare to accept my challenge? If you win, you could take the beast soul and I want nothing from you. However, if you lose, how about you give me a ghost-eyed bear for free?" A young man came to Han Sen with a mutant beast soul machete in his hand.Han Sen glanced at him. If Han Sen remember correctly, the young man's name was Wang Junfeng, one of Xu Ruyan's guys."It seems that Xu Ruyan has become impatient and wants to test my true ability." Han Sen sneered and asked coldly, "how will you challenge me?""Hand-to-hand combat. Falling or admitting defeat will be considered losing," answered Wang Junfeng.Han Sen curled his lips and threw a contemptuous look at Wang Junfeng. "In my dictionary, there is no such word as losing. The winner will lose and the loser will die. If you dared to play, then we can have a go. If not, go back to your cave."Xu Ruyan wanted to test his ability, and Han Sen would not let her do that. The woman was unkind, but Han Sen did not think he himself could beat all these people. In addition, he was also in the special squad, so it would be inappropriate to kill a client of his organization, especially in front of his colleagues. Otherwise, it would be much easier to just kill the woman.Wang Junfeng heard Han Sen's words and turned pale. He looked back at Xu Ruyan who was standing by the cave.After some hesitation, Xu Ruyan walked over and said, "Han Sen, we're just fooling around. Why are you being so serious?""Fooling around?" Han Sen looked at her with a half smile. "A challenge means human life to me. If you want to challenge me, you're welcome anytime."It was clear what Han Sen meant, so Xu Ruyan was rendered speechless.After a long while, she turned around and went back to the cave. Wang Junfeng quickly followed her back and did not dare to lay a hand on Han Sen.Han Sen wished that they would have the guts to fight. Since the woman meant him harm, he would welcome any chance to kill her minions.And if the other party was the one who started the fight, the Green Special Squad would have no reason to blame him.Han Sen had set up his barbecue every day near the cave for half a month. Eventually, someone came to him. It was Fu Shan instead of Xu Ruyan. He was alone, too."For a ghost-eyed bear," said Fu Shan and transferred a mutant beast soul to Han Sen.Taking a look at the mutant beast soul which was a spear, Han Sen smiled and said, "No problem, tomorrow morning I will deliver the ghost-eyed bear to you."Fu Shan nodded but did not leave. He sat down next to Han Sen and said quietly, "I am not sure if you are in the special squad. Either way, since you have come here, you have to rely on the Starry Group's rescue team to go back. To that end, try not to piss off Xu Ruyan too much."Hearing the down-to-earth suggestion, Han Sen said, "Does this mean that if I were in the conflict with her, you will be on her side?""I brought my team members with me, and one of them has already died. I have to take the rest of them back alive," answered Fu Shan calmly, without answering Han Sen's question.Han Sen nodded. He understood the load on Fu Shan's mind. He would choose to do exactly the same if he were in Fu Shan's shoes. Han Sen did not completely antagonize Xu Ruyan also because he knew that he would be putting the Green Special Squad in an awkward position, which would probably lead to consequences when Han Sen got back to the Alliance.Although the special squad was a military organization, their management team would not be able to save them from a random island in God's Sanctuary. The only possible rescue would be from the Starry Group, since they were the only ones who knew where Xu Ruyan went."If you trust me, I could make peace between you and Xu Ruyan. When the rescue comes here, I will make sure that you leave this place together with us," said Fu Shan sincerely."I thank you for your kindness, but I am not going to bow my head to the woman. The worst-case scenario, I will die here of old age, and even that is better than begging Xu Ruyan." Han Sen did not even need the Starry Group's ship to go back.Fu Shan gazed at Han Sen and got up. "Think about it. If you need anything, come to find me."Han Sen watched Fu Shan leave and continued to think about the skeleton's footwork and dagger skills.Han Sen believed that Fu Shan meant well, but Han Sen would not consider his proposal. Han Sen hated Xu Ruyan and Starry Group. There was no way he would make peace with them."If I don't blackmail her enough, how could I thank Son of Heaven for what he had done to me?" Han Sen thought with a sinister smile.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1032: There is TreasureTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen reached the desert, map in hand.It was very detailed, and there were many points of interest marked on it. Locating his exact position was not at all difficult.Due to the silver fox’s continued absence, Han Sen traveled there with just Bao’er.Holy-Sword Emperor had not come alone, though, according to what he was told. Still, provided no super creatures were accompanying him, Han Sen thought he’d do just fine.What Han Sen most feared was the mountain he was headed towards. It had once belonged to an emperor spirit, after all. He had no idea what to expect or what he might find once he reached it.Carrying a parasol to deflect the brutal heat of that region, Han Sen traveled. Bao’er, who was in his other arm, had her tongue out like a puppy. It didn’t seem as if she was too fond of the weather, either.But suddenly, Han Sen stumbled across a dune that was littered with the remains of dead scorpions. They were muddy in color and fairly big. Each was about the same size as a small car.There had to be at least three hundred of them all strewn about. Judging from the wounds they had incurred, each had been killed in a single hit.Han Sen checked his map again, and it was noted that there would be a vast number of scorpions in a location that looked to be where he was at right now. He was on the right track.“It looks like Holy-Sword Emperor passed through this way.” Han Sen checked the wounds again, to see if he could estimate when exactly they had died. From what he could tell, they had been slain no later than one day before. He was close.They were sacred-blood creatures, but Han Sen didn’t bring any with him. They were inedible, according to Brother Seven.This didn’t just apply to the scorpions, either. Curiously, almost every monster that populated that desert had the strange property of being inedible. Their drop rate for beast souls was awful, too. As such, he couldn’t expect to receive any, on his venture there.Of course, that was what he had been told and what had been written on the map. Trying to have a nibble himself was the only way he could confirm whether or not it was true.Brother Seven said, after killing a thousand monsters there, he had only been able to obtain one beast soul.With the bodies there, at least, Han Sen knew he was headed in the right direction.After four days of travel, Han Sen found himself almost walking in circles. One would have assumed Brother Seven’s abilities of cartography were very poor, at first glance, but it really was a strange route he had to take.But after seeing those bodies, Han Sen was confident he would ultimately be led to God Mountain if he stayed on the funny route the map said he had to follow.And he wasn’t wrong. Before long, a mountain came into view, its peak nestled above misty clouds.It stood out, and was a striking sight. But it had just snapped into his vision in an instant, fairly close. He should have been able to see such a mountain from a long distance away.As if it had appeared out of thin air, a massive edifice of stone was now ahead. He took a moment to take in its splendor, but wondered what was at the very top, at the peak that was hidden from sight.The mountain was massive, though. It was difficult to comprehend its size, and it had to be many hundreds of miles in length.It was decorated in a vast array of green plants, but the earth that composed it was like sparkling copper that gleamed in the midday sun.The Phoenix Shelter had sealed up, and had indeed become a mountain like in the legends.Not even other emperor spirits would be careless when approaching such a place. But the task that stood before him now was locating its entrance, and for such a big place, that wouldn’t be easy.Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura to scan the nearby vicinity. He couldn’t see any human or spirit ahead of him.The map ended here, though. This was most likely because Brother Seven himself had never gone any further.Regardless, Han Sen hopped to it. He had to find the entrance of that place as soon as he could.Not daring to fly, Han Sen simply walked.The mountain wasn’t too steep, but the slopes were still wide. After a whole day of traveling, he was still on what could be considered the foothills.The plants he had seen were all around. They were lovely there, and it was pleasant to know there weren’t any nefarious beings lurking beneath their canopies. In fact, there were no creatures at all.Han Sen grew concerned, though, unsure of how long it would take for him to circle the mountain, if that was what it was going to take to locate the entrance.“Maybe I should head straight for the peak first?” Han Sen decided to venture straight up instead,It took him a whole day of careful travel to get there.Or so he initially thought, after reaching what he believed to be the peak, he saw an even higher one up ahead.He continued his climb up this new mountaintop, but when he arrived at the top, it was to the realization that there’d be another peak to climb. The mountain seemed endless.Han Sen decided to look down the way he had come. Even the clouds seemed far-off now.“This peak isn’t leading to a sky palace, is it?” he wondered, despite knowing shelters did not have sky palaces.All of a sudden, Bao’er leapt out of Han Sen’s arms. She kept on running in a direction, beelining there with sudden vigor.“Bao’er, where are you going?” Han Sen called, chasing the runaway baby.Something had clearly snared her attention and desire, and she crawled away so fast, she eventually disappeared from Han Sen’s sight.Taking a moment to scan the area, Han Sen found her again. She was climbing a tree.Strangely, it was just a pine tree. But from its boughs, Bao’er jumped and disappeared again.“Bao’er?” There was only one pine tree there, so how could she have just disappeared?“Daddy, come quick! There is treasure.” Han Sen heard her voice, but he could not see where she herself was. So, he followed where the sound came from.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 806: Super Creature GatheringTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioOne of the creatures was clad in steel armor, and it wielded a greatsword shrouded in green light. It was the armored phantom that Moment Queen once had authority over. Now, it was doing battle with a black skeleton. It wielded a weapon that looked like a bone itself, or some sort of horn. It wasn't easy to discern what it was at first glance, but it viciously fought against the armored phantom. When the strange weapon in the skeleton's hand collided with the phantom's greatsword, it wasn't damaged. Evidently, it was far tougher than Han Sen's Flaming Rex Spike.The armored phantom saw Han Sen from afar and ran off, abandoning its fight against the skeleton. It didn't stop, and it just ran and ran until it was out of sight.The skeleton had never seen Han Sen before, so it wasn't aware of the power he possessed. It ran towards Han Sen with its weapon raised, aiming to clobber its new target over the head.The little angel appeared in front of Han Sen, and her transparent greatsword was swung to assail the bony fiend. The creature's attack was so hard that she was knocked back two meters. Having its first attempted attack blocked, the skeleton didn't waste any time switching targets.Han Sen did not go to help the little angel, and he just stood there watching its energy flow. Much to his delight, he learnt that it was a second-generation super creature.But after watching for a while, he felt bored. The powers of a second-generation super creature no longer thrilled him, and aside from their element and how they were used, they all seemed to be the same.After learning many second-generation super creature energy flows, he started to realize how most were useless to him. His strongest skill was Sonic-Thunder Punch now, and the combination of those two elements proved far more effective than the energy flows he had learnt from any other second-generation super creature.Han Sen knew the reason for this, however; he was in the Second God's Sanctuary. The energy flows he could simulate were all the same, and only allowed for a power that did not exceed the unlocking of the first gene lock.If he entered the Third God's Sanctuary, he could most likely simulate the power of super creatures that had unlocked seven of their gene locks. Something like that was sure to be extraordinarily powerful, and worthy of getting excited about.Han Sen's Dongxuan Sutra was a super Qi Gong, but the extent of its power was capped like every other skill here. Just like Jadeskin, only one of its gene locks could be opened. The usage of both of those skills were different, yes; but the power of both were practically the same.The question of which Qi Gong was stronger would all be down to how many gene locks could be opened.He would have to go to the Third God's Sanctuary to unravel and grasp the full power of the Dongxuan Sutra. No matter how many skills and powers he could simulate, it did not matter much if they were all capped to a single gene lock.Dongxuan Sutra could only simulate the energy flow an opponent had. They couldn't be upgraded, so it was unnecessary for him to learn each and every one.Han Sen believed the most useful energy flows he had learnt were Sonic-Thunder Punch and Aero; but he also believed the energy flow of the armored phantom was sure to be up there with his best. Light Son of God's energy flow was also quite useful, taking into account the incredible speed boost it gave him.And in regards to Moment Queen's energy flow, although he could simulate it, his body couldn't handle the ability of teleportation. Using it was sure to result in suicide.Once his fitness was higher, he'd be keen to try it out, though.The skeleton continued to fight the little angel, so Han Sen summoned Moment Queen so that she might help her kill it. But the skeleton was cunning, and when it saw Moment Queen coming towards it, it quickly dug underground to escape.The little angel drove her sword a few meters deep into the earth, but hit nothing. Its flight was a success, and she had no idea where it had now gone to."Never mind, then. Let's just go find the Empty Vine." Han Sen used his dongxuan aura to scan the ground below, and couldn't find a trace of the skeleton either. It appeared to be long gone now.Han Sen continued walking, and when he saw the Empty Vine, he froze.He thought it'd just be a vine that had writhed its way up a craggy cliff face. But when he saw it, he felt as if he had never been so wrong.The vine was massive. It was like a grand pillar, wreathed around itself. It extended upwards like a tower towards heaven. It was so high, its top pierced the clouds above, obscuring how tall it truly was.Han Sen saw it from afar, and he noticed something else. The armored phantom was climbing it, and not far below it, the black skeleton had resurfaced and was chasing it up.They were going at a hurried pace, and before long, they had both passed through the lofty clouds."This is the Empty Vine? That's a big vine. How much fruit grows there? Do you think we'll have to fight for the fruit?" Han Sen asked, while looking at the leaves and flowers.If each flower bore one fruit, the amount that would grow would seem limitless. And if so, there'd be no need for anyone or anything to fight to obtain one. He believed a thousand creatures could eat their fill without hassle, if that was true."That is only the vine's root," Moment Queen said coldly."Root? Since when do roots grows leaves and flowers?" Han Sen looked at her with an unconvinced face.Moment Queen continued walking towards the vine, and as she went, she said, "This is the root of the Empty Vine. As we climb, you will eventually see the vine pierce through a floating island that rests above the sea of clouds. Above the island is the true body of the vine and the life it bears. The fruit will ripen soon, so we best hurry."Han Sen nodded and followed Moment Queen over to the Empty Vine. The vine was like a fried dough twist, that extended all the way up to the clouds high above. It was wide enough to drive a truck up its side, presuming the truck did not answer to gravity.Han Sen summoned his Golden Growler and rode up, seeing as there was so much space.It was an interesting experience, and after climbing a few hundred meters, the view of the lands below was rather magnificent."Moment, how long until the fruit ripens? Do you think the Devil-Blood King is here yet?" Han Sen enquired, as he ascended."It should be ready in about two days, but it wouldn't surprise me if the Devil-Blood King has already arrived and taken over the best vantage points on the floating island," Moment Queen explained."If there is another two days to go, what is the rush? Let us climb slowly." While Han Sen said this, he suddenly heard a bird.Han Sen turned and looked, and he saw a black-flame phoenix shoot through the clouds from the south."Isn't that the black-flame phoenix from the Black Desert? If that thing was willing to fly all this way here, I wonder how many other creatures are there up top?" Han Sen suddenly thought of something else, as well. "If the black-phoenix is here, I wonder if the green kirin is here, too?"Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 913: Naive Spirit BrotherTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioFlame Giant's behavior was quite amusing, at first. But now, it had grown annoying. Ignoring him, Han Sen decided to fly his island to others in order to challenge their residing spirits and obtain more spirit geno points.Many islands, however, did not contain spirits. Han Sen had to fly around for quite a while, observing empty islands with no spirits on them. When he did find a spirit, he was dismayed to learn that they had no rank, and he therefore couldn't challenge them.Flame Giant was not keen to lose the spirit of his affection, however, and so he followed Han Sen like a puppy. As they traveled, he would frequently announce to the islands around them, "Hail to The King! The King has come; submit an offering of geno points to him."Han Sen frowned, thinking Flame Giant's behavior was both pointless and annoying. If the spirits did not invite him to battle, he couldn't fight them even if he wanted to.But what happened next shocked Han Sen. The first spirit they came to, upon hearing Han Sen was the The King, knelt. And just as Flame Giant did earlier, he showed great reverence and adoration for Han Sen who was before him.He invited Han Sen to challenge, and when the fight started, he did nothing. He stood there and offered his own defeat without contest. It almost made Han Sen feel rather bad."You have to take my geno points, my king." The spirit's tone of voice was so firm and resolute, it sounded as if it was a genuine honor to provide Han Sen his geno points."If you want to give me your points that badly, I will take them then." Han Sen then punched the spirit to death, as a blue light penetrated his body."SquireWater Gene +1; Rank Unchanged."Spirits seemed fanatical before a king spirit, and when they moved on from that island, Flame Giant did not rest his trumpeting of Han Sen's coming. Far across that strange realm, spirits gladly offered up their geno points."I wonder how they'd feel if they knew I was a human?" Han Sen wondered to himself.But over the course of that day, Han Sen's spirit geno points were increasing rapidly. And that meant all of his elemental proficiencies were improving."This is way too awesome!" As Han Sen watched his spirit gene tally increase one by one, he hoped this could keep going until it reached the figure of one hundred and he maxed it out completely.Obtaining spirit geno points in the sanctuary, by ordinary means, was incredibly difficult. Right now, Han Sen only had to stand in place and wait for spirits to practically deliver them to him on a platter.He stayed there for a long time, but he began to feel tired after a while, so he returned to the spirit hall. His super spirit mode deactivated and his body entered a state of pain.In the spirit base, he could keep his super spirit mode activate for the entire duration he was there, but back in the sanctuaries, he could still only use it for three seconds.When his super king spirit mode ended, his spirit stone disappeared, as well.Han Sen took a look at his geno points, and he could not stop smiling.Han Sen tested whether or not he had to be in super king spirit mode to create a spirit stone in the spirit hall again, and it worked.When outside the spirit hall, no such thing occurred. When his super king spirit mode ran out in the hall, his spirit stone would go with it.With the spirit base, though, Han Sen's workload in the Third God's Sanctuary was significantly lessened. Once he rested up, he planned to go back to the spirit hall, transform, and return to the spirit base and continue earning geno points. And after settling on this regime, Flame Giant's deduction was correct; Han Sen's name did indeed become heard of, far and wide.Everyone in the first spirit base soon heard about the existence of a king spirit called The King, and it wasn't long before it was whispered between the spirits out in the sanctuary.But when many king spirits heard of this person, all they could do was frown.A natural king spirit was given a title by God, and for one to be simply called The King, it didn't sound legitimate. It was most certainly not a name in the same vein as they were traditionally given, and if it wasn't a name given by God, there was only one possibility.Two king spirits must have produced an offspring. If The King was born from the copulation of two king spirits, then it was only natural the baby would not have a name given by God.Many king spirits believed The King was a king spirit that had been born.If he hadn't been born, then he wouldn't have entered the first spirit base. A natural king spirit always had an extremely high level, and they would never have to go through the first spirit base.All the king spirits then wondered who that person might have been. Whoever it was, they believed him to be cocky, and they most assuredly wanted to teach the spirit a lesson or two in how to behave.But most of the king spirits had opened many of their gene locks, and as a result, they could not backtrack through their levels of ascension and challenge The King.That being said, there were other king spirits still in the first spirit base, and they too were made angry upon hearing the name of The King. Driven mad, they all vowed to kick his bacon.Han Sen was oblivious to these rumblings though, and so he just relished his time in the limelight, reveling in the love and adoration he was being shown. When he returned, the spirits continued to allow themselves to be defeated.Flame Giant followed Han Sen around like a shadow, and soon, his presence grew on him. Han Sen felt as if he had a humble servant at his disposal, and so he felt like royalty."These spirits are so simple-minded," Han Sen sighed in his heart.As he searched for a new target, someone drove an island towards him at an alarming speed.Han Sen had seen this happen many times already, and it was usually a case of another spirit, dying to offer themselves up. Expecting this, he decided to recline against his statue and wait for the person to get there.As it neared, Flame Giant did what he always did. He shouted aloud, "Hail to The King! The King has come; submit an offering of..."Before he could finish his speech, Flame Giant froze and fell to the ground, saying, "Greetings, Thunderdevil King."The statue that belonged to this spirit was about a hundred meters high, and its owner exuded a horrifying feeling. As he looked at Han Sen, a purple light flashed and flickered in his eyes.All the spirits around Han Sen knelt before him.Immediately, Han Sen knew he'd encountered someone he could consider a big cheese. When he looked at the statue's number, he noticed it was a simple seven. Very few were stronger than him.

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Aixinjueluo⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1143: I’ll Teach You How to Blow a XunTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThousands of jellyfish flowers flew inside the hole in the tree. Its capacity seemed infinite, as each entered without struggle. And as they did, the light inside grew in intensity.Han Sen felt the frightening power coming from inside the hole in the tree. It was so powerful, the dongxuan aura could not provide an accurate reading. Neither could he see what rested inside, beyond the blinding light.Xiang Yin didn’t seem to be focused on the hole. She merely continued to sit on the branch in a carefree manner. She looked at Han Sen and asked him, “Would you like me to teach you how to blow a xun?”“Sure.” With surprise, Han Sen passed her back the xun.This looked to be an important moment, so he did not expect her to set aside time to teach him how to play an instrument.Xiang Yin took the xun and placed her fingers on the holes around the instrument’s belly. She placed her lips around the head and blew it, as gentle and pleasant sounds were birthed and heard.Han Sen had never seen this instrument before, and the notes played were melancholic. It sounded as if someone was crying, or a woman was whispering to the wind in some lonely valley.The sounds were clear and defined, but at the same time not.The sound was reminiscent of a flute, and it was a delight to hear. Whether or not it was the instrument itself or the talent she possessed, the music produced was beautiful.Han Sen could see the notes physically emerge from the instrument, and how they became fairies that danced around them. He was stunned, witnessing it all.The creatures that were dying for the fruit and becoming restless were instantly soothed and calmed when they heard the music.Fortunately, Han Sen was powerful enough to not be lulled into a trance. He was able to just sit and admire her energy flow.Xiang Yin was using her energy flow to play the music, and this was something he had never seen anyone else do before. Han Sen doubted anyone could produce the same effects, even if they had the instrument to play.Xiang Yin knew she was being scanned by Han Sen. She was a berserk super creature with ten gene locks open, so his dongxuan aura with five gene locks open could not be hidden from her.She was not offended by his actions, though. She had decided to teach the young man how to play the xun, and that wasn’t going to change.Han Sen was shocked and did not expect he’d be able to watch her energy flow, but he was glad he could. He wanted to watch how she blew the xun.And Xiang Yin did not mind the violation. She did not mind him observing her energy flow. Her energy flow was, however, complicated. Merely trying to remember it was very difficult for Han Sen.When she finished playing her song, the creatures continued to sit in silence. Their eyes could not leave her grace so suddenly.The light in the hole then began to fade, and with it, so too were all the jellyfish. A light that was no brighter than a candle was all that was left there.Xiang Yin gave Han Sen back his xun and said, “This is all I can teach you for now. Practice more and you will be able to play a number of songs successfully.”“I will practice,” Han Sen said, as he took back the xun.He said this to please her, though. Han Sen was not really interested in the art of making music, only in the sonic powers that could be manipulated through the instrument.Xiang Yin knew Han Sen was not fond of music, either. But she still smiled and said, “Return. My time here is up.”After that, Xiang Yin turned to approach the hole herself.Han Sen did not know what to expect, so he just bid her farewell and made his way back to Queen and Blue Dinosaur. Then, they all watched her go towards the tree.Xiang Yin reached her hand inside and brought something out.The item was what made the hole glow. It was similar to a big waterdrop, and it wobbled in her hands like jelly.Xiang Yin kissed the blob and then consumed it.When she swallowed it, the scent of her body became much stronger. Her fragrance was so strong, it took on an appearance like smoke.The mist began to fill the entire cavern, giving the place a dreamy look. It was like heaven.Han Sen sniffed it and immediately felt refreshed; so much so, he felt several years younger. All the creatures in the area sniffed it, too, and they looked to be really enjoying it. It was a divine treat for them all, as well.The smell of her body hung in the air like a delightful haze. Eventually, it parted like a curtain, and then, a stone door appeared.The door had no markings or anything, but it looked holy. It made all who laid eyes on it feel tiny. Aside from Xiang Yin, all the creatures knelt when seeing the door. The rat king and toad king showed great respect as well and did the same.“The gate to the Fourth God’s Sanctuary.” Han Sen was in absolute shock.When he was in the Second God’s Sanctuary, the Holy Rhino and Little Fairy had been taken by spirits into the Third God’s Sanctuary.Han Sen expected a spirit to emerge from that stone door and bring her forward into a new realm, but it remained shut.Xiang Yin flew around in the mist like a fairy, and it looked like she wanted nothing more than to open the door and go through.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 951: Son of All GodsTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen used his dongxuan aura to take a better look at the sword Taia. Its sharpness was not its greatest attribute.What was most striking about it were the features of its power, hardness and durability. If two swords ever clashed, and one broke, that meant one of them had better hardness and durability.But this was a sword that had been crafted in ancient times, and it was believed that no material could be hardier than z-steel. It was perplexing to try and grasp how Taia had prevailed as the stronger sword.Although it was only a two foot long shortsword, Han Sen was able to detect the presence of a lifeforce within.This surprised him even more, because it was common knowledge that only beast soul weaponry could possess a lifeforce and be alive."He was told that the sword was forged through the talents of two blacksmiths, so how could this be so?"You know, we aren't all-knowing of our past. There are more questions than answers to be found, when seeking knowledge of our history. As for this sword, in place of truths and facts, only myths can be found. Myths, however, are fickle things. One myth claims this sword was forged from outer-world black iron. Meaning, a chunk of a metallic meteor was obtained by the blacksmiths. Somehow, this ore was smelted and used in the creation of the sword," Liu Meng said."How did it break?" Han Sen asked.It was incredibly sturdy, and it was hard to fathom how such a powerful weapon was broken in two."You'd have to ask the Qin family about that. They care very much for this sword, so it is likely they are the ones who can answer the questions you have," Liu Meng confessed."And so, if we duel, and I win, this sword can be mine?" Han Sen was excited by this sword, and he believed it might have been greater than the red dagger.Liu Meng pulled out a contract and said, "If you want assurance, feel free to sign atop the dotted line.""Okay, sure!" Han Sen did not want to fight earlier, due to the fact that there was no benefit. With such a precious treasure dangling in front of him, he couldn't resist trying.He knew Liu Meng was a surpasser, but he had no idea what his fitness or gene lock level was.Annie said he became a surpasser two years before, though, so he couldn't have been too powerful. Regardless, with no incurred loss for losing, there was no harm in Han Sen giving it a go. Quickly, he signed the contract."Come on!" Liu Meng excitedly proclaimed."Out here?" Han Sen looked around the pavilion he was standing in."Why do you ask? Is there a problem?" Liu Meng asked."Shouldn't there be a training room somewhere around here? I can't imagine destroying this place," Han Sen said.Liu Meng then said, "Okay, let us go there."Acknowledging Han Sen would actually try his best in a fight against him, Liu Meng was visibly overjoyed despite his attempts to contain it.Liu Meng did not want to fight Han Sen due to his inability to find a person who was stronger.The primary reason was because of Han Sen's defeat of Yu Qielan.Beating those of your own kind wasn't glorious, but beating a royal shura was. It was quite the achievement.Unfortunately for him, his family forbade him from challenging a shura. As a substitute, he decided to fight Han Sen, for he was at least as powerful as a shura.Han Sen followed Liu Meng, and along the way they bumped into Annie."Where are you two going?" Annie asked."Liu Meng wants to fight me, so I am going to the training room," Han Sen explained."You are fighting him?" Annie asked."Is there a problem with that?" Han Sen looked at Annie."Liu Meng, do not play with him. I promised Lady Ji I would bring him back safely," Annie said.But then, Liu Meng showed her the signed contract and said, "We aren't playing, look. We've signed a contract and everything."Liu Meng then went on to say, "Han Sen, I'll wait for you in the room just up ahead. You talk to her first."Annie, with apparent concern, hastily asked, "Why would you agree to such a foolish thing? Didn't I tell you he is the only heir of this family?"Han Sen smiled and said, "We're only having a friendly bout. Don't worry, I won't hurt him too much."Annie said, "Hurt him? Do you have any idea who you're up against? Do you have any idea what his title is?""I dunno. I've never met the chap before." Han Sen shrugged his shoulders.Annie sighed and slowly pronounced his title, "He is the Son of All Gods. He has never killed a creature, due to many demi-gods accompanying him; that may be true. But they are the ones who train him. Don't be so foolish as to think he won't know how to fight. Many demi-gods frequently speak highly of his talents. They say he's even better than Lin Feng. Ji Yanran's great-grandfather has even spent some time training him, too.""He sounds pretty powerful." Han Sen smiled.Annie then said, "He is powerful. When we were both in the Second God's Sanctuary, although he had many bodyguards with him and he was forbidden from killing stuff himself, his commands saw us through many perilous battles. Even I have learnt a lot from him."Han Sen looked at Annie, and with a smile, said, "Nice."After that, Han Sen patted her shoulders and entered the training room."What is that supposed to mean?!" Annie sounded a little frustrated now.She believed Han Sen was implying she was weak, due to his continued belief Liu Meng was an average fighter. But she knew he was joking, and so she just followed Han Sen into the training room.Liu Meng was there waiting, and as Han Sen stepped forth, he performed a friendly welcome gesture.Han Sen gave one last look to Annie and approached the stage.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1300: Demi-God ArrivesTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe entire place had turned black, like an infinite, suffocating abyss. The only point of light was that of the jue, a sole beacon in a sea of darkness. It guided Han Sen. And in turn, Han Sen guided Lotus Empress. He led her through the realm of black until he reached another point of light.They approached it, and there their eyes focused on a glowing goddess statue.“It looks like Mother.” Lotus Empress spoke as if her mind was vacant, drifting in a far-off reverie. She couldn’t take her eyes off it.Without the jue, the other emperors and super creatures were frightened. They had unwittingly found themselves trapped in a dark place no eyes could pierce. No God Emperor frowned and swung his No God Sword in an attempt to form of a vortex and exit the black prison he had been led to.Upon the altar, the jue flew above the statue depicting a goddess and set the stone ablaze with a mesmerizing fire.The statue started to slowly come alive, with a single hand raised. A lifeforce began to sputter through the dark, drifting into the palm of the hand as if it were accepting a blessing.The last time Han Sen triggered the altar, there was no sacrifice on offer. In retrospect, that may have been why the statues were displeased and wished to kill him.This time, things were different. There were countless emperors and super creatures in the area, and there were none of them that Han Sen and Lotus Empress were particularly fond of and wanted to keep around.From out of the dark behind them, screams now began to erupt. There were cries of fright and bellows of agony, as the collective felt their lifeforces being stolen. It wasn’t happening too fast to stop, but it was going at a speed that would soon see it over if nothing drastic was done.“What’s going on?”“What have you done?”“We can talk about this! We can talk things through.”“Why are you doing this to me? What did I ever do to offend you?!”…No one could escape the darkness and the draining of their life, and all they could do now was fall to their knees, begging and pleading for a mercy they weren’t going to receive.No God Emperor wasn’t like them, though. He scanned what little of the darkness he could in an attempt to locate Han Sen and Lotus Empress.While his vision had been hampered by the darkness, his lifeforce was the only one that wasn’t draining. He could grip and hold it tight, not allowing the smallest modicum to seep out.“Let me see what you’re both up to, eh?” No God Emperor was fearless.He hadn’t seen what it was like for a demi-god to arrive in the Third God’s Sanctuary, though. He had no clue what was actually transpiring, and thus, that bravery could do him a disservice.Not many people had seen a demi-god return to the Third God’s Sanctuary. Even Moment Queen hadn’t heard of such a ritual.Lotus Empress, in the midst of all that was going on, appeared to be just as clueless. She asked Han Sen, “What is going on?”Han Sen was fairly aware of what was happening, despite his surprise and awe at it all. The Blood-River King he had unknowingly tried to summon before was so weak, he now assumed, because its sacrifice hadn’t been strong enough.Now, things were very different. An incredible source of power was being drawn to the statue as if it were a conduit.“This is an altar to summon a demi-god. The person I am hoping to summon is the prior owner of the Luminous Stone. She herself: Night Empress,” Han Sen explained.Lotus was extremely surprised to hear this, and almost found it difficult to believe. She asked him, “Can you really summon Mother?”“I hope so, and from what best I can tell… it seems to be working,” Han Sen said.“This is great!” Lotus Empress stared at the statue with utter glee, like a wide-eyed child on the precipice of seeing something awesome unfold.After absorbing the exorbitant amount of lifeforces, the statue was beginning to resemble an actual person. It seemed to be taking on the shape of Night Empress, alive and in the flesh.Suddenly, the statue’s forehead began to glow and illuminate the entire area.Everyone could now see the altar Han Sen and Lotus Empress were situated near.Most of the creatures and spirits had suffered a loss of half their lifeforce.Unfortunately for the two near the altar, No God Emperor was as powerful as ever. He came striding towards Han Sen now, swinging his sword with the immediate desire to cut him down.As this happened, a strong force landed on Han Sen just as it came.The power of No God Emperor finally started to get sapped, and the force and power the spirit had unleashed were absorbed by the statue that had previously brought the land pure darkness.No God Emperor could not believe his power had been robbed, just as he was about to kill the pestering human once and for all.The statue then opened its eyes to look upon the crowd that had gathered.Lotus Empress noticed the eyes were eyes that belonged to her mother, and without hesitation, she found herself running to the statue, calling, “Mother, I missed you so much!”Night Empress held her hair as this occurred, and said, “I did not expect you’d be able to summon me here to the Third God’s Sanctuary.”“Oh, Mother! That wasn’t me. That was Han Sen.” Lotus Empress then went on to explain everything that had transpired that day.“How dare you disrespect my daughter and all she has built for herself!” Night Empress looked upon all the creatures and spirits in the vicinity with unparalleled anger.And in return, every other being felt incredibly frightened.Before Night Empress became a demi-god, she was the strongest in the Third God’s Sanctuary, without equal. If they had known Lotus Empress was her descendant, they wouldn’t have dared to treat her as they had.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1165: Sky TreeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“I have only just arrived. This is my first time doing this,” Han Sen said.“You’ll need to put your back into it and work hard. There may be no guards here, but you have a quota of ten walnut powder sacks a day. If you don’t meet that quota, they’ll bump you back down a level. Then, you’ll have to do the test all over again,” the man explained.“What use is the powder for?” Han Sen asked, as he began to work.“Those of us down here don’t have a clue. But it’s a material that’s wanted by the big cheese, and since we’re required to produce it, we don’t question it any further.” The man briefly paused, look around, and then spoke again in a quieter tone. “You didn’t hear this from me, got it? But… rumors say that Immortal Emperor, the big boss of this place, uses it to craft what has been dubbed Immortal Pills.”“What are they for? Do they make him immortal?” Han Sen inquisitively asked.The man laughed and balked. “Spirits are immortal already! Immortal Pills, however, are said to grant spirits access to the Fourth God’s Sanctuary. They were created by Immortal Emperor, so naturally, they were only named after him.”The man then stopped chatting, so he could focus on working the stone mill and grinding the walnuts.Han Sen didn’t push very hard. He casually worked the mill while his mind relaxed to ponder the nature of Immortal Emperor.“He needs all this labor for the production of these Immortal Pills?” Han Sen did not believe eating the pills would allow one to ascend and become a demi-god.He believed this due to his experience with Xiang Yin. To ascend, you had to literally ascend an excruciatingly painful staircase. Walnuts wouldn’t allow you to skip that, and Han Sen believed the best they could do was make a person temporarily stronger to weather the cleansing fires a little better.By the time the day was done, Han Sen had created twenty sacks of walnut powder. When the spirits came to take them, they provided him with two drops of lifewater.“You’re good. You’ve only just arrived and you’ve already produced twenty sacks-worth,” the man, receiving his lifewater, said to Han Sen.The man had produced fifteen sacks, but that only granted him one drop of lifewater. The additional five, however, would count for the next day of work. If he did another fifteen the next day, he’d receive two lifewater drops.Han Sen spoke to the man briefly, but then fled the shelter, exiting via the tree hole he had entered from. He wanted to spend time researching the effects of the lifewater.Han Sen returned to his own shelter, and on the third day, his body returned to its ordinary size.And while Han Sen may have been ordinary, the drop of lifewater he had received was still as small as it used to be. The vial of liquid was so small, it couldn’t even be classified as a drop. It was almost invisible to the naked eye.Han Sen summoned Moment Queen and Dragon King and asked them about Immortal Emperor, to see what they knew. They both claimed not to know who he was, but Dragon King told Han Sen that it was most likely a fake emperor.“Why would you say he is fake?” Han Sen asked.“Emperor is a title, not a self-given name. It is bestowed upon a spirit by other spirits in recognition of their greatness. If he is not widely recognized, how can he be an emperor?” Dragon King explained his reasoning.“What you say makes sense, but what if he does have the strength of an emperor? What if he does, and he just maintains a low profile and keeps to himself?” Han Sen asked.“Impossible. The actual body of an emperor is not much stronger than that of a king spirit, but it provides the emperors a higher chance of opening ten gene locks. Unlocking your tenth gene lock, however, requires many resources. Do you think this fellow could obtain all the resources he would need silently, without others becoming aware?” Dragon King said.“I suppose you may be right. He doesn’t have many resources, actually. Plus, out here in the normal-sized world, he only commands a tree.” Han Sen agreed with Dragon King, hearing it put like that.Han Sen then showed Dragon King the lifewater he had received, and to this, Dragon King said, “Holy smoke! Lifewater, you say? This is a skydrop! You’ve met Sky King.”“Who? Sky King? Skydrop? This is lifewater.” Han Sen was confused.“Immortal Emperor must be that *sshole Sky King. Just when I thought he couldn’t stoop any lower, the guy goes and proclaims himself to be an emperor!” Dragon King almost looked amused.“Who is he?” Han Sen asked.Dragon King explained, “He is another one of the eight generals. I’m surprised he didn’t meet a grizzly end yet. And now he’s moved on to call himself Immortal Emperor? It makes me shudder.”Han Sen believed Dragon King must have held some sort of grudge against Sky King to possess such a strong reaction, so he said, “It has been a long time, you know. Are you sure there wasn’t a chance for him to level up and become an emperor?”Dragon King looked at Han Sen with disdain and said, “My *ss! He used to be an emperor. He became too big for his breeches, so you know what he did? He challenged Ancient Devil Emperor himself. And of course, Ancient Devil defeated him. But he was taken in as a general. During their battle, though, Sky King was injured quite badly. His wounds were so grievous, they knocked him down a peg. He became a king spirit, as a result. He’ll always have to remain so, as well. He’ll never be an emperor, ever again.”Han Sen then told Dragon King about the laboring, and what was whispered about the Immortal Pills.Han Sen asked, “If he is indeed Sky King, might it be possible he has found a way to recover? Is that why he hides atop the shelter inside the tree hole?”Dragon King frowned and said, “Ancient Devil said he cannot be healed. Not now, not ever. But Sky King, he’s as slippery as an eel. It wouldn’t wholly surprise me if he truly did find a way to recover. Might I ask, is that shelter a black and red walnut tree?”Dragon King stared at Han Sen with a queer look.Han Sen confirmed his suspicion and described the tree in further detail. He also went on to explain how the interior looked.Dragon King squealed, and said, “Oh, no! That really must be the Sky Tree! This is what he owned during his time as an emperor. It should have been destroyed, after the battle. It’s growing again? But if it’s growing, there must have been a lifeforce on it.”Dragon King suddenly widened his eyes, and he said, “Haha! I know! This is what Sky King wants… This is a good chance…”

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 952: The BetTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThere was a strength tester in the training room. Liu Meng punched it hard, and on the display, the number 1203 appeared."This is my fitness level. My strongest skill has unlocked its third gene lock. If you haven't reached that level yet, then I can only open one gene lock to match a similar strength to your own," Liu Meng said."No, do your best. Otherwise, what is the point in winning?" Han Sen said, as he looked at the number.Liu Meng said, "Good. In that case, use any weapon you fancy.""Um, I think my fists will do just fine," Han Sen said."All right, then. It is settled." Liu Meng's body blazed with a sudden flame, and immediately, a fiery fist was thrown Han Sen's way.The fire that snared his maniacal fist was carried by a gust of wind, and it reached for Han Sen's head with an alarming speed.Pang!Han Sen punched Liu Meng's fist, and with the collision of fire and lightning, sparks obscured the battlefield.They both fell back, regathering their composure. With no cause for delay, they lunged towards each other again.The dance of lightning and fire was wild and unpredictable. It was like a lightshow of the elements, and so bright and quick were they, the arms that carried the elements could not even be seen. And thus they remained engaged, with not one of them taking a step back.Annie watched the fight with keen interest, unsure which of the fighters would end up injured.Inside a room in the yard, away from the training area, an old man with blue eyes and hair settled his eyes on a screen. It was a video feed of the fight, and he watched it intently.Near the blue-haired old man, there was a black-haired old man, also. He was watching the fight, as well.The black-haired old man was the one Han Sen had thrown-up on, outside of a bathroom one time."Tell me, old friend; who do you think will win?" the blue-haired old man asked Zhuo Donglai."Your grandson is more talented than you were. He is the strongest person of his age, but I must confess that if I were a betting man, I'd put my money on Han Sen prevailing," Zhuo Donglai said.The blue-haired old man looked offended, but he still smiled and said, "Why? Do you think Han Sen has received better training than my grandson? Or is it because he is the heir of Mr. Luo? What I do know, is that he chose not to practice the Falsified-Sky Sutra."Zhuo Donglai was aware of the temper that silently flared beneath his feigned smile. His name was Green, and although he appeared to be gentlemanly, he was extremely stubborn. What's more, he always wanted to win.Green did not fight much, but he believed the Lan Te family was superior to all others.If Han Sen wasn't from the Luo family, Green would have already stopped the match, proclaiming it to be disrespectful.Zhuo Donglai smiled in response and said, "Believing Han Sen will win does not stem from any part of his muddled heritage. I simply believe he is the best.""You think he is better than my grandson?" Green asked, with a serious look.Green was not willing to veil his true thoughts, despite sitting beside his old friend. He was not happy about what Zhuo Donglai said, and he was fine with allowing his face to carry a scowl that explained this on his behalf. When the words my grandson were spoken, the tone of voice deepened.Zhuo Donglai smiled and answered, "Yes. I think he is better than your grandson."Zhuo Donglai was not a person to beat around the bush. He was happy to tell Green exactly what he thought, as straight as an arrow. Besides, it was not out of the simple respect he had for Han Sen; he had plans for the boy.He planned to take Han Sen on as a student of his, and of course, he'd never agree to a student that he believed was inferior to any others.Green was visibly disgruntled by the answer, but he still tried to maintain a graceful appearance. He then proposed, "How about a wager?""And what wager would that be?" Zhuo Donglai said."If Han Sen loses, take Liu Meng as your student and teach him the Purple-Manor Sutra," Green proposed.Zhuo Donglai frowned and responded, "Don't you remember what I told you? It is not that I am unwilling to teach him, it's just that your grandson is unsuitable for its learning.""And how would you know that? He is the best in our family, and I believe he can!" Green took a moment to collect his composure and then said, "If you are that confident in Han Sen's abilities, then agree to the wager. Or are you merely saying Han Sen will win so you can be contrary and go against me?"Green knew Zhuo Donglai well; Zhuo Donglai wouldn't let others think he was not firm in his beliefs."Han Sen will win," Zhuo Donglai said."Then there is nothing to worry about, is there?" Green laughed."But this seems to be a lop-sided wager, don't you think? What if you are the one who is wrong, my friend? What will you be coughing up?" Zhuo Donglai asked, looking at Green."Hmm, then take an item from my collection. Once upon a time, didn't you want them?" Green offered.Zhuo Donglai said, "They are good, yes, but... None are superior to my Purple-Manor Sutra."Then what would you like?" Green asked."Angel's Wheel," Zhuo Donglai slowly answered.Green's face dropped to a cold stare at Zhuo Donglai.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 918: One Punch One KissTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe King of Truth shook his head and responded, "I have no idea what happened. The mirror was obliterated; it didn't stand a chance.""If you are unaware of why you lost, then why don't you try again?" The King of Day suggested.The King of Truth rolled his eyes and said, "Do you think my king spirit genes come easily? I don't even know when or how I'll be able to get the lost one back. I'm not an idiot like that Thunderdevil King."The King of Day realized his suggestion was too much of him to ask, so he did not say anything more in return.Heavenly Empress looked thoughtful. "There are two possibilities, from the way I see it. One: the mirror is not as effective as we have believed it to be. Two: he is just too powerful, plain and simple. Perhaps he has so much power, it overloaded the threshold of damage the mirror was able to withstand and thus—snap! It broke. Think of it like a rubber-band; the further you pull it, the further it will travel upon letting go. But everything has a limit to its flexibility. If you pull too hard on the elastic band, it will give way and break," she explained."I think he's immune to the mirror. There is no way that punk can be that powerful," The King of Day said."Well, if the mirror wasn't as effective as we believed it to be, that's bad news. It means Flower Empress' Flower Stamp would also be useless. It'd be even harder for her to beat him," Heavenly Empress said.When Flower Empress heard what she said, she chimed in saying, "My Flower Stamp is different than the mirror. If he can bypass the mirror, fine, but there is no way he can triumph over the mirror and my Flower Stamp.""Still, if you do choose to challenge him, you should be careful. It is difficult to earn back spirit genes. With your speed and power, I don't believe you will be able to hit him," Heavenly Empress said."I have an idea." Flower Empress flew back to her own island and drove forward, off to visit Han Sen.Heavenly Empress sought to stop her from going, but it was too late. Flower Empress, not looking back, said, "Relax.""Let her go; no one from the same tier can overcome her powers. And if she's that confident she can beat him, after everything we've seen thus far, perhaps we should place some faith of our own in her." The King of Day believed she had what it took, so he decided to follow her in support.The King of Day had been trying to woo Flower Empress for quite some time, but she never showed any interest in his attempts at romantic coercion. Some of his positive comments now, and his desire to follow, stemmed from his desire to get her to notice him more.Heavenly Empress saw Flower Empress arrive before Han Sen."Flower Empress... she is ranked fourth in the spirit base.""I didn't expect her to challenge him. It looks like everyone knows about The King now.""Such a beautiful woman; I wonder if The King is willing to thrash a woman as brutally as he does the rest of his opponents.""I don't think The King cares for sexual discrimination."Flower Empress was now before Han Sen, and in a flirtatious manner said, "The King, you fought against The King of Truth unfairly. You took advantage of being allowed to attack first. If we battle, do you mind if I attack first?"Han Sen observed her intently. She looked very small and very pretty, and she also smelled like flowers. She was an attractive spirit, that was for sure."How about I do you one better; you can punch me ten times." Han Sen smiled."Such a gentleman. Okay, I'll punch you ten times first." A streak of sordidness crept across Flower Empress' face.All of the spirits froze in place. If The King was willing to accept ten of her punches, it wouldn't matter how strong he was. Ten of those would surely lead to his defeat."Might I ask, what will you do if you don't win, after getting your ten free shots in?" Han Sen smiled again."People like you won't get hurt from punches by the likes of me. So, you can start punching me back, okay?" She wasn't promising anything.Han Sen squinted and said, "How about I let you punch me ten times, and if I die, it will be deserved. If I am indeed still alive, then each punch must equate to one kiss. How does that sound?"After that, Flower Empress' face turned red. The audience was listening to their conversation intently and began to get rowdy with excitement for Han Sen's cheeky suggestion."Nooooo!" The King of Day's face dropped like a sack of rocks, and he shouted from the top of his lungs.Han Sen knew there was something between them, judging from the way he had followed her.Han Sen wasn't being flirty with her, though. As a matter of fact, she didn't interest him in the least. What he wanted to do most was provoke The King of Day to fight him for kissing his most-wanted girl. Furthermore, if he took Flower Empress' rank, then he'd be higher than The King of Day. That meant he couldn't challenge him.Flower Empress, gnawing at her lips, managed to compose herself after the pause. Then she said, "You are a king spirit. Isn't it humiliating for you to suggest something like this?""Everyone loves beautiful women; kings are no exception. And I'll have you know, with this metric of one kiss for one punch, I'd be willing to accept a hundred punches. Of course, if you don't agree to this, then I'll allow you one, free courtesy punch," Han Sen mockingly said.Flower Empress' eyes brightened and she gasped, "Really? I can hit you one hundred times first?""I am many things, but a liar I am not. If you do indeed agree to this, then yes, I'll let you punch me one hundred times." Han Sen looked at The King of Day who was nearby. He was sweating profusely, in an ardent desire to stay her agreement to this.Flower Empress said, "Okay. And if I defeat you within my one hundred free punches then you lose.""Fair enough! Okay, come on." Han Sen then sent her a duel invite to challenge her.Everyone was aghast, hearing Han Sen was going to let her hit him one hundred times.They were both king spirit elites, so they found it difficult to envision The King remaining upright after accepting one hundred punches.The King of Day was worried about Han Sen taking advantage of Flower Empress, but now that The King had asked her to punch him one hundred times first, he wasn't even sure what to think."A few Flower Stamps is all it will take to destroy him. How ignorant..." The King of Day thought.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 547: A Burnt ShelterTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"What's going on? That blue seahorse just incinerated the entire shelter." Han Sen watched as the shelter was engulfed in blue flames. His mind froze in shock.The blue flames reached a dozen miles in length, and they writhed around the entirety of the Seabed Shelter. Stranger still was the fact that no spirit or creature seemed to have escaped from there.The area that surrounded the shelter was quiet. The only motion to be seen was that of the Seabed Shelter, now composed of blue flames like Hell. So bright were the flames that the whole sea was now illuminated in blue.The fires blazed across the seabed for an hour, and when the sea's new color finally dimmed, the Seabed Shelter had become nothing more than a mound of ash. Had the blackened, charred dust not remained on the clear sand of the seabed, Han Sen would not have believed that the place known as the Seabed Shelter had even existed.Seeing the shadow of the blue seahorse fade from sight, Han Sen at last dared to sail the Crystal Palace closer to where the Seabed Shelter had once thrived.The seabed for the surrounding dozens of miles was now a charred landscape. Nothing remained. The lethal fire had erased all that once was.Han Sen shivered, and his heart was struck with a genuine fear. He could not imagine how powerful that blue seahorse must be, to reduce a shelter that was a dozen miles long, into nothing more than dust and echoes."If the super creatures are all as frightening as that blue seahorse, although I have perfected four of my genes, I don't believe I could compete with them. Would I be able to withstand a lick of that blue flame?" Han Sen was concerned with the thought of the blue seahorse returning, so he ordered the Mermaid Princess to sail the Crystal Palace away.After leaving the area, Han Sen's mind became a little calmer. When he was amidst the rubble and remains of the shelter, he saw which direction the seahorse had gone. It was towards the Seabed Trench, a frightful place that looked like a crack that could lead into Hell. Han Sen looked in that direction and felt terrified, shaking off the remote thought of giving chase to the creature.The Water Buffalo that Han Sen slew was able to provide enough food for the next month. After seeing the blue seahorse, however, Han Sen's interest in hunting in the deep sea waned significantly."How might I kill that blue seahorse? If I could obtain its beast soul, I can't imagine how terrifying it would be for others." Han Sen's heart, when thinking this, was in equal parts excitement and fearful concern.While he was in the First Shelter, it was incredibly difficult for Han Sen to slay a super creature. It wouldn't be until he had a group of super soldiers by his side that he could kill one.The super creatures of the Second Shelter were even scarier. Han Sen didn't know whether he could kill one, even if he managed to maximize his sacred geno points. If he couldn't, it would all be down to his usage of hyper geno arts.Still, he couldn't risk rushing his learning of the Dongxue Sutra. And he had no idea when he would manage to open his first gene lock.Having now returned to the Alliance, Han Sen planned to pay another visit to the virtual training camp in the army base so that he could further practice Dual. His musings over whether he could slay a super creature were unrealistic at best, but his prior target of a Twin Spirit would be a fine foe to take on next.The Mermaid Princess was able to control the Crystal Palace, so it was possible that the Twin Spirit had similar advantages of its own. He could think about what he could do with it, once he had obtained it. Perhaps it would come in handy further down the line, when he wanted to take on a super creature?After seeing the blue seahorse, Han Sen now resolved to improve his power through any means necessary.Just as he entered the virtual training camp, he was invited to duel. It was from Qin Xuan's virtual training camp ID, Xiang Fei. Han Sen accepted and entered this "Xiang Fei's" room."Coach, do you have the time to provide another lesson?" Qin Xuan looked at Han Sen with hopeful eyes."No lessons today, but I did learn a new sword skill recently. Perhaps you would like to train alongside me?" Han Sen asked casually. He did not know that his opponent would be Qin Xuan; he merely thought that Xiang Fei was a good fighter he hadn't met before. To train Dual with her would be fine."New sword skill?" Qin Xuan's eyes widened. For an elite to adopt a new sword skill, she was curious to know what it was.Han Sen picked up a long-sword and started to duel with her.Han Sen's Dual sword skill had been significantly modified. Although not yet perfect, it was a complete dual-blade sword skill.Qin Xuan was using a dagger. She thought she was going to be attacked by a mad hurricane of sorts, but it wasn't so. Although Han Sen's attacks came in strongly, they weren't very powerful.This confused Qin Xuan. Why would an elite such as Han Sen bother to learn a skill that wasn't all that potent?This was because Qin Xuan assumed Han Sen's character was some mighty elite and didn't know it was actually Han Sen himself. She didn't doubt his decision, however, and only mulled over why he would select such a skill.Quickly, Qin Xuan noticed the problem and recognized the sword skill Han Sen was using.She thought to herself, "Isn't that a sword skill traditionally cast by two people? He's actually using a sword skill designed for two, isn't he? Is he modifying it for use by only one person?" Qin Xuan had seen the skill in action before, and after recognizing it, felt quite surprised.A person had to be a strong elite to be able to modify an S-Class skill that way. Who would spend that much time and effort to do it, as this person had?Besides, modifying a two-person skill into a solo-skill... wasn't that pointless? If he had that time, why did he even bother learning a two-person skill?To have the time and effort to commit to something like that, he must have been really bored, or something.Qin Xuan did not dare to slow down and gave battle with Han Sen all that she could. If not for her own self-improvement, then perhaps for his benefit.With the skills Qin Xuan possessed, she quickly noticed that there many flaws and issues with Han Sen's modified skill. So she put more focus onto her offense, to try to reveal those errors to him.Qin Xuan trained with Han Sen for quite some time. She noticed that he kept changing the skill and improving its efficiency as he went on.The longer they battled, the more powerful Qin Xuan believed Han Sen to be. No matter what flaw or weak point she discovered, after her first attack to draw attention to it, he quickly had it fixed and it would never appear again, demonstrating an efficiency she admired.Qin Xuan thought he must have only started modifying it and did not know he had actually been improving it for a long time. He had uncovered many issues in his previous testing of the skill, but had then lacked the opportunities to trial it further.With Qin Xuan's help in highlighting all the issues, the sword skill rapidly nearing completion.Qin Xuan had witnessed a two-person sword skill become a skill for wielding by one, and she was taken aback. The most surprising thing for her, however, was Han Sen's ability to effectively control two things with one mind. Both of his hands were able to cast a sword skill, which made her feel as if she was actually doing battle with two people."No wonder he isn't going to Saint Hall to learn the Dual sword skill. There are no strange sword skills there. This modified Dual skill really is amazing." Qin Xuan held great admiration for Han Sen in her heart. Having learnt and watched Han Sen modify the Dual sword skill, she wanted to see if she could learn the skill for herself.

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