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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1288: Slashing FanTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioEveryone was shocked by what happened. Even Saint Fan’s face twitched, as an expression of horrid surprise suddenly overcame him.Between his two eyebrows was a wound that bled.The emperor could regenerate broken tissue, so the small, phantom wound that had been inflicted should have been fine and nothing of much concern.But it bled profusely, with no sign of recovery. And from the twitching muscles of his face, one could suspect Saint Fan was in some sort of agony. And with his utter silence and refusal to move, the entire scene was like a paused videotape, cliffhanging a big reveal.Suddenly, cracks began to form across the disheveled biomass.From afar, it looked like the ugliest vase in the market had been broken, then put back together again with swathes of glue.Roar!Saint Fan roared to the skies above as his webbed-looking body began to fall apart. Creatures, spirits, and humans all began to fall out of the mucus-laden mound of flesh. Somehow, they had been spared from the biomass and set free without damage to their bodies. Even the shelter and its holy flower had fallen out of the horrendous mass, seemingly without harm.Saint Fan’s forehead was cascading blood, and the fact that the wound was so small added to the creepiness of the scene. It was extremely unnerving.Blergh!Saint Fan spat out some blood from his mouth now, and a red light then flew out in Han Sen’s direction.Saint Fan was on the precipice of being done, and when he teetered to the brink and plummeted off, he did so in the grizzliest fashion possible. His body, and what remained of the biomass, exploded into a bloody, snotty mess across the region.The red light did not seem to venture towards the shelter, but all the same, Han Sen heard a spirit stone-like gem shatter. The sound was unmistakable.The humans were all in disbelief, rolling around trying to regain composure after what had just happened. And what’s more, they felt the contracts binding them to Saint Fan break.They looked around, stunned. The joy they sought to feel caught up to them through the daze, and the spirits and creatures that had escaped the biomass with them tried to flee.Han Sen commanded his companions to go after the super creatures. Then, he turned around to look at someone who had tagged along, unannounced. He turned to look at Zero.Zero’s hair was a little purplish, but that color was on the retreat and had almost vanished.The humans moved forward to thank Han Sen. They saw the red light head in Han Sen’s direction, and thus believed it was he who had unleashed that magnificent blow.He wasn’t keen to correct them, though. And after the brief session of applause, Han Sen raced over to the spirit hall. There, he saw Saint Fan’s spirit stone in pieces.The humans all returned to the Alliance with much excitement.Some of them had been trapped inside the shelter for over a century, so they weren’t even sure if their friends or family would still be there. They had a most strange mood as they returned home.All-in-all, Han Sen’s companions had managed to slay seven super creatures and six king spirits. Through doing this, they had obtained seven Life Geno Essences and one beast soul.Han Sen gladly accepted the spoils of war.Rodman’s return shook the Alliance to its very core, as he announced that Han Sen had taken down another emperor shelter and saved two hundred humans in the process.The humans were fine with giving their statements to the media, and recounting their tale of what happened on the day they were saved. A documentary was made about it, and it was aptly titled, “The First Human Emperor.”Right now, Han Sen was more interested in Zero, though. Han Sen knew it was her who had killed Saint Fan, yet she accepted no fanfare and was not keen to even let others know it was her who had stepped in to save the day.Han Sen remembered the red light, and he found it oddly reminiscent of the Bone Dagger she had once procured, under the strangest of conditions. That was fuel for his mind to wander and think.Han Sen did not know if it was the bony knife itself, or if it was the Asura Sutra’s power that propelled the skill she had unleashed to resolve the situation.“Zero, do you mind telling me how you killed Saint Fan?” Han Sen asked her in as gentle a tone of voice as he could fabricate.“You taught me,” Zero said.“I did? Ah, you mean the Asura Sutra thing I once asked you to read?” Han Sen half asked her, thinking he knew what she meant but wanting a confirmation off her all the same.Zero nodded, and then added the simple sentence, “And the dagger.”Han Sen knew it had to be one of the two, but it seemed as if she didn’t quite know which one, either.Han Sen trusted Zero, but the Asura Sutra was incredibly powerful and so was she. It was almost frightening. But it looked like the curiosity that was Zero, and the mysteries surrounding her, were still present. Answers might not be achieved that day, but the event had renewed Han Sen’s interest in who she was, that much was for sure.This was why Han Sen never took to practicing the Falsified-Sky Sutra, amongst other reasons. It was weaker than the Dongxuan Sutra, and not as pure as the Asura Sutra.But what concerned Han Sen the most was the fact Zero had come along and attacked. Han Sen could have killed Saint Fan, but the humans would have died along with the spirit.Han Sen could think of only one possibility for how Zero had separated the spirit from the rest. He believed the Asura Sutra had a target select, where damage was only wrought upon those who the caster wished to deal damage.The Asura Sutra might have well been the only skill there that allowed for the killing of Saint Fan, while saving the humans at the same time.“That’s the reason why Godslayer Luo is so famous. Ugh, I need to sort this out with Little Yan, and I need to become a demi-god quickly,” Han Sen thought to himself.Godslayer Luo was a famous demi-god, one held in a regard that was high above all others.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 960: Father, Don’t CryTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen took out the gourd and placed it in his hand. It was previously gold, but now it was dim and dirty-looking. Cracks had manifested across its surface, giving it the appearance of dried, distressed mud.Its heartbeat, however, was growing stronger and stronger. Han Sen believed something would soon emerge."Is this it? Is whatever's inside it finally going to reveal itself?" Han Sen was shocked.He was glad that whatever was inside was finally going to come out of the gourd, but he couldn't help but wonder whether it would be a good thing or a bad thing.As the gourd vibrated, the mud-like shell began to flake away."If you've just stolen my holy bottle, you better be giving me something good in return! And by good, I'm expecting something like a super weapon. So, how about one of those? I'm not being greedy, but something that'll give me the leg-up and enable me to slay troublesome spirit emperors would be pretty sweet. But you know, I wouldn't say no to armor, either. After all, everyone should use protection, lest an unfortunate accident occur. Armor that'd make me invincible would be decent enough, so there's no need to go any stronger than that. I do need to remain modest. So, Buddha, Taoist, God, Jesus, and even you Mohammed. Athena, all of you, I'm asking all of you; please, pretty pretty please, fulfill this wish of mine!" Han Sen then proceeded to ramble even more, praying to any and all deities or religious figures he could think of.Han Sen had invested much in nurturing the gourd. The gourd had just taken the holy bottle he fancied, and that was in addition to the Cog Gear that was created by Moment Queen. If nothing good emerged, he was going to explode with anger.Watching the shell of the gourd peel off inch by inch, Han Sen's heart began to beat faster. Each thump was almost painful.Katcha!The shell collapsed into a mound of mud-flakes, as something new rolled into Han Sen's hand.Examining it, Han Sen was in disbelief.It was a thumb-sized female doll. Its eyes were big and black, the same color as the doll's hair. It was a chubby little thing, but most curious of all was what the doll was holding. The doll was holding another gourd.As Han Sen stood there, frozen and unsure of what to think, the doll started to grow. It expanded to the size of an ordinary baby.It was alive. The chubby hand of the doll grabbed Han Sen's arm, and with its cheeks, the baby rubbed her face against Han Sen's. Then, she said, "Daddy, Daddy!"Han Sen wanted to shoot himself. He had sacrificed so much to the gourd, and all he had received in return was a baby."My six Cog Gears, my holy bottle..." Han Sen's spirits hit rock-bottom.The baby grabbed Han Sen's neck and used her other hand to stroke his head, saying, "Father, don't cry."Han Sen looked at her and placed her down on a table, wishing he could exchange the baby for the weapons he so sorely wanted.After he observed her for a while, the baby's mouth began to drop as tears welled-up in her pretty, sparkling eyes."Don't cry! Don't cry!" Han Sen was starting to get a headache, but he wasn't going to bully and disregard the feelings of a baby."Father, hug!" The baby looked pitiful as she stared up at Han Sen.Han Sen sighed and picked the baby up.This immediately brought the baby joy, and with her hands, she grabbed Han Sen's neck, shouting, "Daddy! Daddy!""What are you?" Han Sen used his dongxuan aura to examine the baby, and didn't notice much of interest. Had it not emerged from the gourd, he'd have assumed she was a natural human baby.Whatever she was, she wasn't a creature and she wasn't a spirit."Geno Seeds can grow humans? But what do I need a baby for?" Han Sen's depression was sinking in, and it wasn't going anywhere else in the immediate future.Thinking something was wrong, though, he kept on examining the baby."Strange. Where is it?" Han Sen looked around on the floor and there was nothing."I thought she was holding a gourd. Where did it go?" Han Sen's confusion was only getting worse.Han Sen kept searching, but he was unable to find out where it had gone. What he did find, though, was a seedling on the ground.The sprout was coming out of a rock, and like the picture-perfect image of a young plant, it had two cute little leaves.Han Sen squatted for a better look.He had seen this before; it was a six-item Gear Tree.Han Sen observed the little tree and saw that the ground around it was wet, as if someone had just watered the plant."These are the tears of the baby." Han Sen looked at her, and noticed the tears that still remained on her face. They must have dropped to the ground, soaking the plant.Han Sen wasn't prone to dripping sweat, so the only explanation was it being the tears of the baby.He smiled and said, "Don't cry. I love you!"Han Sen then used his finger to wipe the tears from her face and then throw them on the ground deliberately.What happened, a second later, made Han Sen freeze. Where the tears fell, the rock cracked as another young plant sprouted through it.The little leaves were green like jade, and they did indeed look like another six-item Gear Tree."D*mn; one of her tears is equal to one of these trees. Haha, I'm rich!" Han Sen almost jumped in joy.He gave her a kiss on the cheek and then said, "My good little daughter..."But still, despite that revelation, Han Sen was unable to find the gourd she had been holding when she first appeared. After scouring the entire palace, he was unable to find it.

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棋牌送彩金18⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1354: Our Own PeopleTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioWhen the chef heard Han Sen’s question, she stared at him but did not speak a word.With the serrated edge of the horn, Han Sen dug a little deeper into her throat. The shredded skin of her neck began to ooze droplets of blood, which rolled down to her shoulders.“Don’t try my patience!” Han Sen feigned anger and impatience for any resistance she might give.“Then kill me, if that is what you wish.” The chef spoke with a chilling tone, without a single hint of her words being a bluff. She was not afraid of dying in the least.Of course, Han Sen still hoped to extract information; he wanted whatever she might have known about Han Jinzhi. Killing her was the last thing he wished to do, for this very reason, and this reason alone.He decided to soften his tone and try to insert a touch of friendliness into his approach, and so he told her, “I only want to about your relation to Han Jinzhi. If you answer, and tell me what I want to know, you are free to go.”But her mouth remained firmly shut, prompting Han Sen to elaborate on the specifics of what he ultimately wished to ask. He said, “I want to know if you’re a friend or foe of Han Jinzhi.”“We… hate each other. We hate each other very much. You are clearly an ally or thrall of his, so stop talking.” The chef spoke with a tone that was laden with spite and disdain, and her eyes drilled holes into the young man in front of her.If the man before the bark door of the underground shelter’s entrance was a follower of Han Jinzhi, what she said now suggested that she might have killed him herself.Seeing the chef speak with a muzzled rage, it looked like Han Jinzhi must have done something awful to her.“Why do you think I’m with him?” Han Sen asked.“You two share the same race,” the chef said.Han Sen smiled and said with a laugh, “Oh, you’ve misunderstood things a great deal! We are humans, yes, but our race has a grander population than even you lot, if I were to wager. That doesn’t mean we’re all the same, though. So, what makes you think I’m a friend of Han Jinzhi?” Han Sen did his best to explain things as simply as he could.The chef looked at Han Sen with confusion, and she stuttered to ask, “Is what you say true?”“I’ll be honest with you; I’m not a friend of Han Jinzhi. In fact, I am his enemy. If you dislike Han Jinzhi as much as your behavior suggests you do, then you and I have a common goal.” Han Sen put his horn away and put on an expression of apology.Then, Han Sen continued to heal her wounds before touching her once more with the egg.“You really do have a bone to pick with Han Jinzhi, too?” the chef asked.Han Sen brought her over to a nearby tree to resume the healing, and as he touched her wounds, he said, “If I was a friend of his, you’d be dead right now. I risked life and limb to save you; you know that, don’t you?”The chef examined her own body, and although the healing was a fairly slow process, she could tell she was improving.She had been hurt badly, and Han Sen’s holy light was still very weak. Because of this, it’d take a long time for Han Sen to finish healing her completely. But Han Sen stayed with her and kept on healing her. They spoke about many things, but in their chatting, Han Sen didn’t ask anything too concerning or serious.When Han Sen had tried to be hard and firm with her, she did not give him what he wanted. Now, he was going to do his best to be soft and fair. If he behaved that way, perhaps she’d be more willing to open up to him.They spent the next few days together, and over the course of that time, the chef continued to receive swell treatment, in addition to other kindnesses Han Sen was willing to impart.“Why were you trying to kill me, can I ask? I know I took the head of that cow, but was that the sole reason that you came after me?” The tension between the two seemed to have dissipated now, so Han Sen thought it was the best time to ask about this.The chef, by this point, had fully recovered. And she knew she was stronger than Han Sen, too. For him to ask this, it was obvious he had no grudge against her.The chef said, “You and Han Jinzhi look like one-and-the-same; that is why I wished to kill you.”“Did you see many humans in the Third God’s Sanctuary? There should have been a few in every shelter,” Han Sen said.The chef then said, “Han Jinzhi was the only human I ever saw.”“Then, how did you two become enemies?” Han Sen pushed his luck to ask.The chef did not answer him directly, and she instead said, “Come. I will help you hunt some creatures, so you can improve. Consider it me paying you back. Then, we’ll be even.”“There’s no need to do that, but since we both hate Han Jinzhi, we should share what we know. We can help each other like that, but if you’re busy, feel free to move along,” Han Sen said.Han Sen was going to act this nice for as long as he could, in the hopes that when she departed, absence would make her heart grow fonder. If all went according to plan, perhaps the next time they encountered each other, she’d be more willing to share what she knew.The chef seemed to feel guilty about not doing anything to return the favor, though. She said, “You just became a demi-god. It is dangerous for you to be left alone out here. If you want, I can get you residence inside my shelter.”“There’s a shelter in these parts?” Han Sen was shocked to hear this. If there were spirit shelters nearby, he’d be in considerable danger.The chef went on to explain, “There is a silver-class shelter, owned by a primitive creature. If you offer it resources of value, I see no reason why you would not be allowed to stay there.”Han Sen immediately agreed. If he was still allowed to return to the Alliance, and he was in no danger of being enslaved, he saw no problem with it. In fact, it would be a fairly amazing deal.The chef then led Han Sen to the shelter. It was a distance away, so the journey was long. At the midpoint of their travel, they encountered a sheep. It was the Cheap Sheep that Han Sen had developed a love-hate relationship with.“Ah, Boss Number One and Boss Number Two! I have found you both.” The sheep looked giddy with excitement.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 955: The Strongest SkillTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioOdin's Eye could expose a target's weakest point, and it was not like the Falsified-Sky Sutra. Han Sen had his own method of evaluating his opponents, though, through his Dongxuan Sutra. He used it trace his foe's attacks and effectively block each one.Fighting Liu Meng was not easy. He was around the same level as Han Sen, and he was exceptionally talented. Since he was unable to break through Liu Meng's defense, Han Sen knew victory would not come easy when it was his turn to attack.Despite the underlying complexities of each fighter, the fight was simple to watch. When one attacked, the other blocked with absolute perfection and vice versa. Right now, it was Han Sen's turn to defend, and after a half hour long barrage of attacks, Liu Meng could not damage his opponent in the slightest."I have heard he has learnt Heavenly Go from the Huangfu family. I see now that it is true." Green frowned.Han Sen blocked every one of Liu Meng's attacks, despite their power. The moves Liu Meng performed against Han Sen had been taught to him by a demigod, and under the effect of Odin's Eye, they were executed flawlessly.He could use any skill perfectly, as a matter of fact. Whether it was a righteous skill or an evil one, Liu Meng could use it.Half an hour later, the battlers switched and Han Sen was the one to start attacking. But just like before, he was unable to overcome Odin's Eye.By now, they had been gone a long time. The other party-goers, noticing their absence, wandered around in search of them.One person, seeing that the light in the training room was on, curiously peeked inside and found them.The news of this fight spread like wildfire, and people came in droves to watch.One would attack and the other would defend. Their fighting skills were incredible, but it shocked the onlookers to see Liu Meng unable to penetrate Han Sen's defense.Han Sen's fists, when he attacked, came in simple. It was Han Sen's signature skill, Sonic-Thunder Punch. It wasn't the same-old-same-old, however. Han Sen was switching up his formation a lot, and that had a knock-on effect to the display of his skill.Still, it was not enough to damage Liu Meng.Both of them swapped between attack and defense many times, and a decisive victor seemed impossible to decide.Compared to the ferocity of their initial fighting, though, things started to change. They had slowed down in fatigue, but neither was tired enough to drop their guard.The audience had been there a long time now, too. Their excitement had long since depleted, and a few people had even gone to sleep.After five hours of battling, there had been no progress. Annie's butt had gotten numb."I have already prepared rooms for the guests. Come with me," the housekeeper announced."Oh, thank heavens." People had grown tired of watching them fight.Most went off with the housekeeper the instant he appeared, but quite a few stayed. A few hours later, that changed. After more and more people left, only Annie remained.They may as well have been shooting free throws in basketball, except neither of them had scored a point the entire time. The initially enthralling spectacle of their combat had long since lost its excitement, and the two were a mind-numbing bore to observe now.And after all that time had elapsed, neither had been able to inflict the slightest damage to the other. Their defenses were impenetrable.Han Sen and Liu Meng, by this point, were gasping and sweating. Their exhaustion had slowed down their fight.Han Sen's fist, which once gleamed like suns of electricity, only produced minor sparks. Liu Meng only had his bare fists left to fight with.Pang! Pang!Their knuckles collided with each other, shaking off droplets of sweat as they coursed through the air.It was midnight by now, and still, the fight limped on. Soon after, their movements were twisted and neither of the two could stand upright.Neither of them wanted to concede, though, and their will was all that kept them going.Their attacks, being much weaker than before, were easier to block."That Taia sword is mine!" Han Sen declared.Liu Meng's body was extremely fatigued, and he had exited Odin's Eye a long time ago.Liu Meng, unable to dodge Han Sen's next attack, was thrown to the ground.With an opening before him, Han Sen climbed on top and repeatedly punched Liu Meng in the face."No, I'm going to win!" Liu Meng managed to get Han Sen off of him. Kicking him away, it was his turn to mount Han Sen and punch his face in.The once delicate exhibition of combat by two highly-trained individuals had swiftly turned into a drunken bar brawl."Are you guys done?" Annie could not watch anymore, and so she stood up and left.She knew that with both of their stamina being what it was, neither would end up dealing considerable amounts of damage to the other. It was practically over.With Lan Te's housekeeper there to keep an eye on the proceedings, she knew everything would be all right after she left."Friend, I don't think our bet is going to present the results either of us want," Zhuo Donglai said."Han Sen should be proud of his ability to fight with my grandson like this." While what Green said was graceful, he was sweating on the inside. He did not expect Han Sen to be able to fight Liu Meng to this point."I'm going to rest. I have no interest watching kids quarrel on the ground," Zhuo Donglai said."Walk with me." Green left.In the training room, both were writhing on the ground. They were sopping wet as if they had both been for a swim."I have a skill I have not used yet. Had I used it, I would have won a long time ago.""I have a skill that's more powerful than your skill. It's super-secret, but you'd have lost immediately, had I used it.""I have a skill that would kick your skill's butt.""I have a skill that is so so so so so much more powerful than your skill. It's the strongest skill, and I could kill you with ease."They were both on the ground, and the only thing that seemed to fight now were their mouths.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1487: Back to ElysiumTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioZhou Donglai really was waiting for him, right outside the Geno Core Tablet. He was waiting for Elysian Moon to come out.He had realized that she had tricked him, and so he wanted to grab hold of her and ask her questions whenever she decided to emerge. But then, all of a sudden, the tablet began to shine.It wasn’t Elysian Moon that appeared. Instead, it was a number of strong spirits and creatures. Zhuo Donglai’s face changed, and he immediately turned around and tried to flee.The creatures took off after him. As they were following, they shouted out, “Are you Zhuo Donglai?”“Did that b*tch Elysian Moon call on all those foul beings to kill me?! D*mn it!” Zhuo Donglai was both scared and angry. He thought Elysian Moon had sent them to dispose of him, so he just kept on running, refusing to respond.“Why are you running?! I asked if you are Zhuo Donglai!” one of the spirits behind shouted again.“I am not Zhuo Donglai! You fellows made a mistake,” Zhuo Donglai shouted in response, not slowing down his feet the slightest. He was so old, he did not care about his name or reputation anymore. At that age, he only cared about survival.“How can you not be Zhuo Donglai? You look just like the description Sky Sword gave us. You must be him!” The spirit on his heels did not believe Zhuo Donglai’s dismissal, and kept pursuing him.“Sky B*tch! The spirit must be referring to Elysian Moon. I hope she knows how cheap she is,” he thought to himself. Then, still at top speed, shouted, “I really am not Zhuo Donglai! And I don’t know Sky Sword; neither her brother Earth Sword! You guys must be mistaken, I swear!”“I know I’m not wrong. You have to be the one. Sky Sword told us to look for someone who was old, ugly, and had the beard of a goat. I don’t see anyone else out here that looks like that,” the spirit said.“F*ck you! You’re the old and ugly one. I’m what you’d call vintage.” Zhuo Donglai was extremely angry at hearing the description.When Zhuo Donglai looked at the horde closing in, he thought it was all over. As the group spread out behind him, a few more came forward to his front and sides. He was entirely surrounded.“It looks like I, Zhuo Donglai, will meet my end here. It’s a shame there was nothing I could do to kill that b*tch.” Zhuo Donglai accepted his fate, knowing he could no longer run. He went on to say, “Come on! If you want to kill me, I’ll still take you all down one by one. You’ll pay for this.”The spirits and creatures looked at him like he was a strange madman. The spirit that had been calling after him in the pursuit then said, “Are you insane? Who said we were going to kill you? Sky Sword said that if we saw you, we should help take you back to the teleporter. What nonsense are you going on about?”Zhuo Donglai was shocked. He thought he had slipped into a strange dream, and he said, “Um, who is this Sky B*stard? And why would they want you to escort me?”“Isn’t he your friend? He said you were his friend. That’s why we wanted to help you. Are you sure you’re Zhuo Donglai?” All the spirits looked at the funny man in confusion.Zhuo Donglai then waved his hand and said, “I am! But I don’t know who this Sky B*stard is. Hmm, let me think…”Zhuo Donglai retreated into his mind. “Who would be retarded enough to call themselves Sky Sword? I don’t know who that is. Whatever, I’ll admit who I am first. That’ll help me stay alive, at least.”“Oh, yeah! Sky Sword said his real name is Han Sen,” the spirit added.Zhuo Donglai opened his eyes wide and said, “You guys have been talking about Han Sen?”Again, Zhuo Donglai thought he was dreaming. Guarded by the spirits and creatures, he was escorted back to the teleporter. Then, he was able to return to his garbage shelter.“Maybe I’m getting too old. I didn’t expect the young ones to be able to befriend or affect the attitude of spirits and creatures in such a way. It looks like humans might find their place in the Fourth God’s Sanctuary soon, after all.” Zhuo Donglai thought it was amazing.Han Sen said goodbye to Six Paths and the other spirits, then returned to his own teleporter, as that would be the only way he could leave.He investigated the Butterfly geno core as he went. If he was getting into a fight, that’d be his biggest support, for sure.Butterfly geno core wasn’t associated with the fire element. After the holy light he had witnessed in the main battleground, the missing part was fixed and something changed.The Butterfly geno core was like a ruby, but there was a blue fire symbol etched onto it. It looked rather beautiful, and Han Sen thought it to be one of the prettiest geno cores he had ever seen.The abilities of this geno core were very obvious to see, though. He wouldn’t have to spend much time researching it to find out what they were.The Butterfly geno core could land on Han Sen and grow a pair of butterfly wings for him. It was different than a flying beast soul. The butterfly wings could fly, yes, but they could also provide him a bounty of additional power. It would give him the strength of a super creature.“It’s no wonder it’s a God geno core. It’s incredibly strong.” After Han Sen tried the Butterfly geno core, he found himself quite surprised.The Butterfly geno core meant he could make battle with super class enemies. His strength and speed wouldn’t be too far behind, whatever the case.“Maybe I really can escape from Elysium Shelter with this thing.” Han Sen mulled it over.Han Sen reached the teleporter and compiled all his ideas on how to proceed. He stepped onto the plate.The teleporter was activated, and the dimension before him twisted. A second later, he was back in Elysium Shelter’s geno core storage.Han Sen immediately saw a lot of the Elysium there before him. Most were there, actually.Gu Qingcheng was standing two meters away from Han Sen, eyes staring right at him.“Where is the holy child? Do you remember what I told you? If she lives, you live. If she dies, you die. Don’t dare tell me she didn’t make it.” Gu Qingcheng peered at Han Sen coldly.Han Sen looked at all the Elysium around. His browse stopped on Gu Qingcheng’s face. He summoned the red Elysium Umbrella, opened it, and showed them the picture of the green-clothed woman.“Are you telling me this is the holy child?” Han Sen said coldly.“Why would she be inside the umbrella?” All the Elysium were in shock, as was Gu Qingcheng. She stepped forward to grab the umbrella.“Don’t move! One step further and I will destroy the umbrella and your hold child within!” Han Sen shouted menacingly.“How dare you!” exclaimed many of the Elysium. The power of their shouts was enough to level a city.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 562: Snake-King Slaying PartyTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioSeeing Han Sen draw nearer to the valley's exit, Wang Liang hurried the group into battle formation. They were ready to fight against the snake-king.The party was composed of elite evolvers. Some of them were currently serving in the army, whereas some others had retired. Having all shared military experience, they were hardened warriors with phenomenal abilities in battle. They did not fear the fight to come.After he had established their formation, Han Sen had just about brought the Snake-King and its following of lesser ice-snakes out of the valley. Without the deep snow to hide their bodies, however, they all looked like colossal foes.When the battle began, Han Sen ceased running. He summoned his ghost-pawed claws and started to attack the snake-king.Dong!Han Sen dodged the gaping maw of the silver-eye ice snake king, and with the ghost-pawed claws, countered to slice off one of its silver scales. The snake-king's silver flesh was too thick to fully pierce, however, and all that was inflicted upon it were three scratch marks. They weren't proper cuts, and were far from critical, life-threatening wounds.Wang Liang and his men then ran towards the gathering of snakes. They maintained their formation, though widening to surround the snake-king.Without the cover of the snow, the ordinary and mutant ice-snakes were unable to compete with the elites. In a great reckoning, countless ice-snakes were slain. As each snake dyed the earth a sickly red, their corpses were sent flying with great force.Now, the ten evolvers had surrounded the snake-king. The beast was fierce, wild and mad. When it lifted its rear, it lashed around to smash numerous glaciers. Given how crazy it was, Han Sen and his fellow fighters did not dare to fight the creature head-on, face-to-face.Giant creatures were born powerfully, and substantially outperformed humans. The silver-eye ice snake king's scales were solid, and its flesh was thick. Although Han Sen and his party gave the beast a series of strong attacks, none seemed likelier to kill the beast than the last. Instead, all they did was amplify the snake-king's rage to even greater degree.Seeing the snake-king behaving like a sordid monster from some ancient tale, Han Sen felt gloomy. The ghost-pawed claws were too short, and didn't seem viable to fight a creature as large as that. If he had a longer weapon, perhaps then he would stand a chance.Right now, though, Han Sen was glad to have brought along Wang Liang and the rest of the elites. Had he not, he didn't think he could do anything or have the opportunity to fight the snake-king without the interference of countless lesser ice-snakes."You guys go on ahead; I'll take a break," Han Sen shouted to Wang Liang, as he left the battlefield.Wang Liang thought to himself, "We've come here to help you slay the snake-king. We're risking our lives enough, and now you run off? You are obscene!"As he cursed Han Sen, Wang Liang caught a glimpse of a certain flame. A red firebird that looked like a phoenix appeared, drawn from Han Sen's body. The flames were scorching hot, and they rose high into the air. In just a moment, the flames had encircled the entire area.Wang Liang noticed that his and his party's beast soul powers had been greatly increased. Though he was surprised, he was very glad and said, "Halo beast soul; and for such a large effective range? I wonder if it is a sacred-blood beast soul."The beast soul powers of everyone else in the party were also greatly increased, and it felt to them that the fight had become easier. The pressure had most certainly eased up, and they look extremely pleased.Han Sen left the desert bird behind on the battlefield and continued on his way, but he made sure to keep his eye on how the others did, as they battled the snake-king in his absence.Of the ten of them, six of them were using a sacred-blood weapon. Three of the six were employing heavy weapons; there was a lance, a great-axe and a hammer.These three posed the greatest threat to the snake-king, but still, the scales were too hard and they could not damage it."It's only a sacred-blood class creature; it cannot be indestructible! It must possess a weak point somewhere!" Han Sen watched the snake-king's every movement.But no weak point could be found. The silver scales could endure ten strikes from the evolvers, and with such defense, there was no need for it to move around and protect certain parts of its body. It could bear the brunt of any attack.Pang!An evolver was unable to dodge in time and was struck by the snake-king's tail. He was sent flying for over ten meters and roughly crashed into the ground. He spat blood from his mouth, but the hit he had taken was not life-threatening. Quickly, he brought himself back up to his feet.Han Sen jumped back into fray, filling in the spot left by the hurt evolver."Boss! The snake-king's scales are too tough. It's impossible for us to kill it! Why don't we retreat and think of something else?" Wang Liang shouted across the battlefield, as he continued to engage with the enemy.He wasn't alone in this suggestion, as others had thought of falling back, too. Despite everything they threw at it, nothing seemed to heavily wound the snake-king. Their hopes of victory were fleeting, and they were getting discouraged.To lose hope was a scary and dangerous thing. If you were weary, or even bleeding in a fight, knowing that you were dealing the same amount of damage to your enemy meant there was a chance of victory; there was no reason to be afraid. But they didn't seem to be damaging the snake-king and if their hope of victory was slipping away, so too would their battle fervor.Han Sen however did not respond. He continued to fight the snake-king, while paying extra attention to the movements of the enemy.He wanted to wait a while longer, so that the poison of the ghost-pawed claws might take effect. But there was no change in the snake-king's behavior, and it didn't seem to work. It was as powerful as ever."The flesh and bones of the snake-king are tough. Even if I use Yin Force, it would probably be useless. Perhaps I could use Yin Force on its head and damage its brain?" Han Sen thought to himself.If he truly attempted striking the snake-king's head, this would be a perilous move. One mistake would result in a big bite, courtesy of the snake-king's cavernous mouth. The meter-long, frostbite-primed snake-teeth seemed as if they could slice right through and kill you before the frostbite could even take effect.Pang!The snake-king twirled, lashing away one more evolver. So powerful was the strike that the longsword was wholly bent out of shape. This beast was a fearsome thing."Boss, we must fall back! We cannot slay this creature." A voice called out from one of the evolvers.Han Sen responded, "Keep fighting! Everybody must obey my commands. If any of you choose not to, don't bother returning to the shelter. Go find Dong Lin and explain your desertion.""Wang Liang, move to your left by three meters and attack its left side! Zhao Qiang, move right by two meters, forward one meter and strike its right-wing!" Han Sen barked the orders.Wang Liang had little choice but to listen and follow Han Sen's orders. The two who had been given instructions however weren't exactly sure what their boss was hoping to achieve.The formation they were in was the result of much practice and perfect synchronicity between the elite evolvers. Never had they been issued a command that altered this formation, and no matter how smart they thought Han Sen was, they didn't think he could randomly come up with a brand-new and better formation; and nor did they want him to.Because these changes could result in an accident, it was now down to an individual's talent; the daily training and practice of blocking, dodging and striking were more important than ever. No immediate command such as this could put them in a better position than they already were.But Han Sen was different. The way he viewed things, the men were just pawns on a chessboard. His use of the Dongxue Sutra was increasing, and this allowed him to control them as if he were a game player.Earlier, when Han Sen had quit the fight for a brief while, he didn't just stop to observe the beast and try to find its weak points. He was also observing the skills and abilities of Wang Liang and his people. He had to gain a greater understanding of their powers to be able to issue the right commands.At first, Wang Liang was forced to listen to Han Sen's command despite lacking any desire to, but his opinion quickly changed. And so too did the opinions of the rest of the party, for when their formation changed, their new positions made it considerably easier to fight the snake-king. They were all further from danger, and no one received another blow from the snake-king.They were beginning to really admire Han Sen. They all used to be soldiers, so they were familiar with the qualities and traits that it took to be a brilliant commander. But in regards to Han Sen, they had never seen someone command others so well, and in such a calm and informal manner. It was unbelievable.

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Duanmu Sai⎛⎝⎠⎞Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen sat down near the campfire and started cooking another bee.So far, he had only cooked four out of the sixteen he had hunted. He had eaten one, and so had the rabbit king.Han Sen did what he could to make the bee taste the best it could.Han Sen had been grilling food for many years now, and he had become a bona fide master of the art. He was the king of cuisine, when it came to outdoor cooking and grilling.This latest bee was laden with the perfect assortment of his best spices. This was the perfection of the culinary arts, and a mere gander at what he had cooked was enough to make the most stoic vegan drool copious amounts of saliva.After the rabbit was done gnawing on two bees, Han Sen’s latest masterpiece had almost been completed. When the furry fiend was done, it turned its attention to the one that was now being grilled.Surprisingly, it did not immediately grab it. The rabbit simply watched it get cooked in captivated silence.This wasn’t at all what Han Sen expected, but he was glad the rabbit wasn’t rude enough to steal the unfinished food.“What’s wrong with this thing, I wonder?” Han Sen finished cooking the bee and then stood up.Seeing Han Sen put down the bee for it, the rabbit kicked its feet together in a joyous leap and began scoffing it all down.“Yes, eat it. Eat it all. This will be your last meal.” Han Sen watched the rabbit and smiled menacingly.Although it surely tasted divine, Han Sen had left one of the bee’s poison sacs inside.This poison could numb and paralyze the tongue, but with the spices he had used, Han Sen was sure the rabbit wouldn’t be able to detect what it was eating.He didn’t expect it to actually kill the rabbit, but making it sick would be enough for him.Han Sen continued to watch the rabbit, anticipating the moment it’d fall under the effect of the poison.After a few more mouthfuls, the rabbit suddenly froze in place. A white substance frothed from its mouth, before it collapsed to the ground and began convulsing.Han Sen watched with a captivated stare. His ploy had been more effective than he believed it would be, and he was pleasantly surprised at how low the rabbit’s resistance to poison was.“Is this really a sacred-blood creature?” Han Sen ran over to the rabbit and watched its lifeforce begin to fade while its body twitched in agony.Han Sen stroked its fur, and was surprised to see that its shield had vanished. From his light touch, the rabbit started to bleed.The rabbit was far weaker than he believed it to be. He was quite shocked.Weak. It was unimaginably weak.The sacred-blood rabbit was actually just as weak as an ordinary rabbit.“How is that even possible? How can a creature with seven gene locks open be so weak? How can such a weak creature possess the fitness level required to be a sacred-blood creature?” Han Sen was frozen in disbelief, watching the rabbit’s lifeforce fizzle away.The rabbit was dying, but before it completely gave up the ghost, Han Sen decided to be merciful. With his holy light, he opted to heal the rabbit and purify the toxins in its body.Han Sen did not believe it was a sacred-blood creature. It was impossible for a sacred-blood creature to be that weak.The only possibility for its weakness, Han Sen hypothesized, was that it had somehow managed to open seven gene locks while being an ordinary creature.As unbelievable as it sounded, it was the only explanation he could think of.If it was just an ordinary creature, killing it would have been pointless. He didn’t need ordinary geno points anymore, so being merciful wasn’t a problem.And besides, this was a puzzling creature. And the enigma fascinated him so much, he really desired to know how this strange anomaly had occurred.If a human with a fitness of three hundred had opened their second gene lock, they’d be considered a genius. Opening a third gene lock would have made them a legend, and such a feat would require much time and talent.Just like Han Sen, who was very talented. He would have been capable of doing this, had he remained at the same fitness level and trained for two years.If he had the opportunity to get extra geno points, he could have opened three gene locks. But that would be as far as he could go.But Han Sen was not interested in doing things this way. He wanted to do things fast and hard, unlocking gene locks and amassing fitness levels the quickest way possible. The speed at which he gained power was something few would believe, though.Much like the rabbit, no one would believe him if he said he had opened seven gene locks.“This rabbit must have received one h*ll of an opportunity, to achieve this. Can I somehow extract a benefit of my own, following this discovery?” Han Sen pondered to himself, as he continued healing the sick rabbit.Han Sen really wanted to find out what was wrong with the rabbit king.A short while later, the rabbit seemed to be getting better. Before long, it was able to open its eyes again.The rabbit, despite what Han Sen had done, was not aggressive. It remained still, accepting all the healing it was given.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 826: Shura, Huh? Is That It?Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioMany people believed Han Sen would risk his life. After all, the Falsified-Sky Sutra could only attack and not defend.And the Falsified-Sky Sutra delivered frighteningly powerful hits. The manner in which a practitioner could exploit and ravage weakspots was ruinous, but it also made it ineffective against behemoths.On the other hand, whether it was used to fight a human or shura, the damage it would inflict would be enormous provided that the gulf in power wasn't too much.The Falsified-Sky Sutra could indeed restrain the shura, which was something many people acknowledged.But unbeknownst to the others, Han Sen had not practiced the Falsified-Sky Sutra, so when he swung his fist, many people were shocked at the result."Sonic-Thunder Punch? Why not the powers of the Falsified-Sky!?" The old man was shocked."Didn't he learn the Falsified-Sky Sutra?" The middle-aged man looked confused."Why Sonic-Thunder Punch?!" Ji Yanwu screamed. It was difficult to believe Lady Lan's son did not learn the devastating skill that was the Falsified-Sky Sutra and instead opted to use Sonic-Thunder Punch.Luo Haitang was the one who was shocked the most, however. Seeing Han Sen not make use of the Falsified-Sky Sutra, he suddenly stood up, stared at the video, and shouted aloud, "Why didn't he use the Falsified-Sky Sutra?! Was Little Lan truly that cruel? Would she favor the death of her son over his learning of the Falsified-Sky Sutra?"Luo Haitang believed that Luo Lan must have been the reason why Han Sen had not learnt the skill he wished him to, and that she had outright prevented him. Otherwise, he really would have learned it. And now, without the ability, there was no chance of him competing with Yu Qielan. Using this punch was practically suicide, or so he thought.It wasn't only Luo Haitang who felt this way, either. Many people expected Han Sen to use it, but were surprised when he did not. At that moment, all their faces turned grim. They believed Han Sen had placed himself in a wretched position.No matter how powerful Sonic-Thunder Punch was, it was only a hyper geno art. There was no way it could fathomably be what was needed to go against Yu Qielan.Luo Li was confused, as well. She did not understand why Luo Lan would not have allowed Han Sen to practice the Falsified-Sky Sutra.She thought the reason Han Sen challenged Yu Qielan was because he had learnt the skill and wished to display its power. Only God could have predicted his decision to waltz into such a fight and use Sonic-Thunder Punch, of all things.No matter what people thought, however, Han Sen still focused on his casting of Sonic-Thunder Punch.Yu Qielan's eyes were full of disdain. The shura had researched many of the skills and talents humans possessed, and he had seen Sonic-Thunder Punch once used in the war. He believed the skill to be useless, and the thunder would have no chance of destroying his body. It wouldn't come close to numbing him, either.Yu Qielan had come here to impress all who watched the bouts. If he had not, then he wouldn't have tried to kill Huang Xiao. But now that Han Sen was delivering himself to him, Yu Qielan had no hesitation in exhausting all his force and strength into this one devastating blow.A very strong and fast punch.The other royal shura continued to watch the fight, also of the belief that Han Sen's Sonic-Thunder Punch was far weaker than whatever Yu Qielan was about to deliver. It was far slower, and Han Sen's chest would be smashed open before the Sonic-Thunder Punch got close.Even if Han Sen could punch Yu Qielan, the power delivered would not be enough to injure him. If Han Sen received a hit, on the other hand, he'd be killed.The demi-god still hesitated, unsure whether or not he should step in and save Han Sen's life. It was a tough decision for him to make.The demi-god ultimately decided to save Han Sen. It was humiliating, yes, but he did not want to stand by and watch another young man lose his life.But just as he was about to step forward, he noticed something strange and he pulled back.Just as they were about to punch each other, Yu Qielan froze. It was a sudden and short, momentary freeze. In the space of a second, Han Sen's fist sped up and crashed against Yu Qielan's head.Han Sen's eyes flashed blue as thunder flickered across his body. The fist was driven deep into Yu Qielan's forehead."Stop!" Upon seeing this, the royal shura's face completely changed. He wanted to stop Han Sen from delivering his punch, but it was too late.Boom!Han Sen's fist smashed into his opponent's skull. There wasn't much noise, but Yu Qielan's eye sockets began to cascade with blood. The eyes themselves looked ready to eject themselves from the sockets.As blood covered his features, a silver-lightning burst forth from his face. Yu Qielan's brain was suddenly turned to mud by the horrible power of the Sonic-Thunder mix. His entire body was electrocuted. And as he convulsed, his body continued standing there like a doll.Yu Qielan was strong, but he was not too far off a human. There were parts of his body that were weaker, and just like a human, one was his brain. The way Han Sen used Sonic-Thunder Punch and Yin Force was enough to destroy the skull-encased organ.It was payback.Yu Qielan ruined Huang Xiao's brain, and so Han Sen was delivering Yu Qielan his just deserts. As effective as it was, it worked even better than Han Sen himself had predicted it would.Yu Qielan's physical abilities were incredible, mostly derived from the Blood Injection. But while Blood Injection increased his strength and speed, it did nothing to protect his brain.The royal shura shouted in his inability to stop Han Sen. So, he swung his fist and attempted to attack Han Sen from behind.What was coming towards Han Sen now was as powerful a punch as any demi-god could deliver. The fact that it was coming from behind as a sucker punch shocked all who watched. They did not expect a royal shura to commit to such a cheap move, and it was also too late to tell Han Sen to watch out.The demi-god was infuriated by this action, and so he leapt into the fray to save Han Sen from the royal shura, but it was too late to do so. Not a single person expected the royal shura to behave in such an obscene fashion.Han Sen's back was facing the royal shura, but it looked as if his back grew a pair of eyes. He stepped forward and grabbed Yu Qielan, who was as responsive as a child's doll. He swung around the lifeless body and presented Yu Qielan as a meatshield to block the royal shura's hit.Squash!The royal shura almost punched Yu Qielan, struggling to force the wretched power he was about to deliver back inside him. But when that power was pushed back inside, it caused him to cough up blood.All the humans were shocked. They could not believe Han Sen not only punched Yu Qielan and put him in such a state, but was smart enough to evade and force a royal shura to withdraw his attack. It was like a miracle."Shura, huh? Is that it?" Han Sen threw Yu Qielan, who was still in a vegetative state, away like a piece of trash. He let him twitch and convulse on the ground as he spoke to the royal shura with disdain.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1090: Frost JadeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioWhen the faction was originally split into four families, the Xue family was given the Frost Sutra. The primary reason for this was how well it suited them.The Frost Sutra relied on yin power and the ice element. Members of the Xue family had a body-type that was comprised of both traits, which made them the best candidates to learn it.That being said, the Xue family always knew there’d be a problem if they were to learn it. Before the sanctuaries were discovered, humans were weak. And for the Xue family, that meant they could only learn a portion of the Frost Sutra.Rarely was someone’s emotions affected by its learning back then.And furthermore, Iceheart was designed to erase the negative emotions that arose from its learning.But through the sanctuaries, as it was for every other family, they became stronger. And as a result, the effectiveness of the Frost Sutra increased.But for this sutra, there wasn’t a vertical ascension of power. Something changed with the Frost Sutra, and now, by the time the Xue family themselves were able to notice, it was too late.Xue Yiqing became aware of this first, but his efforts were insufficient. He failed and went insane before he could discover the cause. It was currently thought that this was because he had reached the highest tier possible of Jadeskin.Xue Yiqing gave Xue Feiyan the ice jade before he snapped. That stone possessed the original version of the Frost Sutra. The strangest thing about it was that it could react and determine other individuals in the environment that had also learned the Frost Sutra.This was displayed through a shift in temperature. It reacted by growing colder when in proximity to someone who had learned the Frost Sutra.Tier was not accounted for in this reaction, though. The drop in temperature was not related to whether it was close to someone with a high-level version of the Frost Sutra or a low-level version. The shifts in temperature just seemed random.When the ice jade was near Xue Yiqing, it was not as cold as it was near Xue Feiyan, for example.Xue Feiyan was the one who could make the jade the coldest it could be.The Xue family did not know what this suggested, and neither did they know the benefits one could receive by clutching the jade.When Lin Feng and Han Sen visited the ice cave, Xue Feiyan was only twenty meters away from them. This provoked a reaction from the jade, with instigated her confusion regarding its behavior.The jade only started to react after Lin Feng and Han Sen entered. Keen to find out if it was Han Sen who had caused the reaction, she decided to deliver the items he had ordered to him herself.The results were quite shocking, in that the reaction was far stronger than she expected.She had never received such a reaction from anyone else in the Xue family. There would have been no reaction at all if someone had not practiced Jadeskin.This was how she figured Han Sen had learned the Frost Sutra, despite him not giving any indication.Aside from his smooth skin, there was no frosted air surrounding his being. Those who had learned Jadeskin, typically possessed eyes tinted by a blueish hue.Because of this, Xue Feiyan was rather confused. Han Sen looked ordinary to her own eyes, but the jade was telling her otherwise.Han Sen must have at least learned the first stage of Jadeskin, something which prompted the initial reaction. It remained to be seen how far he had developed, and that was why she came to watch the security feed. She wanted to study Han Sen and learn as much about him as possible, and see if she could discern whether or not he possessed any visible traits of Jadeskin.“Maybe this jade is simply broken.” Xue Feiyan wondered if the ice jade had simply been mistaken and malfunctioned in some way.She exited the monitoring room none the wiser, but she still harbored a great deal of suspicion towards Han Sen.If Han Sen practiced Jadeskin, and he had done so without any of the problems she and her family were suffering from, he could end up resolving the issue. He might have the potential to save the Xue family.To prevent any further tragedies, she wasn’t going to let this go. She herself was determined to find a way in which this entire ordeal could be resolved.“I have to fight him. If I fight him, maybe I can find out the truth,” Xue Feiyan thought to herself.She was aware of Han Sen’s condition, however. Like everyone else there, she believed he could no longer fight or make use of his energy flows. But even if this was true, that did not mean he had lost his abilities completely. So, through battle, she thought she could discover the truth.Xue Feiyan had to find a way, and if she was to do this, she’d have to be careful. She couldn’t boldly request a match and risk inciting the ire and spite of the other three families. Wanting to battle a crippled person was not in good taste, after all.She had to devise a clever way in which she could fight him.Han Sen had no idea what manner of thoughts were running through Xue Feiyan’s mind at that point. His mind was currently concerned with only one thing, and that was Jadeskin.Long ago, when he first learned Jadeskin, he had noticed a problem with it. Back then, though, he had no idea whether or not it was a problem of his own or a problem of Xue Yikuang.He recalled the time he was robbed of all emotion, and his temper was spiteful towards the silver fox. To calm himself and restore his emotions, he had to use the Dongxuan Sutra to regain control and flush the negative energy of Jadeskin out of his body.Now that he thought about it, though, he wasn’t sure how it began. It had just occurred.“Whatever it was, I’m sure the Dongxuan Sutra helped sort it out for me. But it’s not like I can teach that sutra to the entire Xue family.” Han Sen was not charitable, especially when it came to the people that had repeatedly tried to kill him.After two days had passed, the main event began. The meeting started in the hall where all the families convened. There, the Xue family presented the original version of the Frost Sutra and used a projector so everyone could see it. With that, all saw it clearly.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 980: Wedding Dress SkillTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe silver-scaled aqua dragon was injured, and it was the one from earlier. It seemed as if its fight with Yaksha had been a brutal one. But even though it was injured, if it still sought to pick a fight with him, Han Sen couldn’t use super king spirit mode or even hope to beat it.“This kid is cute…” Han Sen patted the little dragon’s head and looked awkward, all in an attempt to hide what he had been doing.Roar! The silver dragon roared at Han Sen.A gust of spittle and wind blew Han Sen back a few steps.The saliva that now caked him made him sick, and an overwhelming stench of fish rolled over him.Han Sen thought this signaled a need to fight, but all the dragon did was roar. It didn’t do anything else, and perhaps that was because he had freed it from incarceration, earlier.The baby white dragon happily ran over to the silver dragon and jumped on its back. It, too, then roared.“It’s nice to see you two have been reunited with each other. He looked lost in these tunnels, you see, and… well, I have an errand to run. I best get going!” Han Sen hoped to sneak away after the two were together again.But then another gust of dragon-breath knocked Han Sen off his feet and sent him hurtling against the tunnel wall. A fresh layer of saliva gelled his entire body.The silver dragon gave Han Sen one last look, then returned to the ocean with the small white dragon atop it.From the silver dragon’s back, the white dragon turned to shout at Han Sen one last time, too.“I suppose I shouldn’t be too greedy.” Han Sen then started trying to wipe the slime of saliva from his body. For now, he was just glad the silver dragon had chosen to spare him, and there’d be no need for another fight.“If the dragon came back, that must mean it won. I wonder if that Yaksha was killed, then?” Han Sen hoped he was dead, for only then would he truly be safe.Han Sen continued through the tunnels and started following more and more waterstreams in the hopes one would lead him to the surface. The rivers were still too long, and the labyrinth was still too complex for him to navigate. All he could do was guess a direction and hope for the best, because he had no idea where he had come from and where he was going.But then, suddenly, Han Sen saw a white shadow appear. Much to his relief, it was the Red-Eye Rabbit king.Han Sen was made very glad, so he decided to chase after it.This couldn’t have been the first time the rabbit had come here, and surely it wouldn’t be lost like he was. By following the rabbit, he thought he might have a chance of getting out.The rabbit king was on its way someplace, and it moved steadily. As such, Han Sen keenly followed.After a long while of walking, he finally encountered other rabbits, and this told him he’d soon be free of the place.The rabbit eventually led him out of the caves, and once again, Han Sen found himself in the canyon from before. He had come out a different way than he had gone in, though.But after exiting the cave, Han Sen frowned. Scattered all about were the corpses of countless dead rabbits.All the dead bodies had a hole in their head, as if something had bored through their heads to consume the brain and nothing else. The corpses were just left behind to rot.“Is this Yaksha’s doing? Was Yaksha not killed?” Han Sen felt as if his presence there had left a dark imprint, and it made him shudder. As disappointed as he was in the thought that the man might still be alive, he knew he’d now have to exercise more caution.Fortunately, Han Sen couldn’t feel him in the nearby vicinity. It must have left the area, and for that, Han Sen was thankful.Then, as if it was greatly upset, Han Sen saw the white rabbit hopping and skipping between all the murdered rabbits. Feeling bad for the creature, he decided to pick it up.“Follow me home; at least you won’t have to worry about being killed.” Han Sen held the rabbit and left the canyon.The rabbit seemed useless, but at least he could keep it around as a sort of pet. Leaving the clumsy thing here, it would surely not last very long.Han Sen made his way back to the shelter, but throughout his return, he was in a constant state of alert. He didn’t want to run into Yaksha again, and fortunately, he didn’t.Han Sen did not dare leave the shelter again, in fear of Yaksha, who would relish the chance to finish him off. For now, he wanted to focus on his Dongxuan Sutra and open more of its gene locks.He had the ability to unlock four now. His fitness level had gone up quite a bit, and it had quickly outpaced his opening of gene locks.He entered the teleporter with the rubix cube in hand. Much to his surprise, he was able to bring it with him.He scanned the computer and tasked his computer with figuring it out for him. It would have been an extremely difficult task for him to do, so it was far easier for him to just allow the computer to sort it out.Not long after, the rubix cube was done. There were six sides, each containing a different picture and words from an ancient language.Each picture contained a different naked woman, and red and blue lines were drawn across each of their bodies. They were like arteries and veins, almost.But upon closer inspection, the pictures told a different story.Han Sen did not know what the lines meant, but the ancient words were too small for him to see, and he had to zoom-in to read them.The ancient words were similar to that of the Dongxuan Sutra. Fortunately, he had spent time studying and learning ancient languages recently. Luckily, he could now read it.After reading the words upon the rubix cube, Han Sen’s face contorted a little. He was perplexed. It was an ancient Qi Gong, transcribed across the puzzle, and it was called Wedding Dress Skill.The Qi Gong seemed powerful, and there were ten gene locks to open with it. But it was different from the Dongxuan Sutra, in that there was only one function and it remained at the same tier no matter how many gene locks were open. After reaching new tiers and opening more gene locks, the Dongxuan Sutra provided its user with new skills and improved pre-existing skills. Therefore, Wedding Dress Skill was indeed quite different. Still, it was clearly an improvement over the Dongxuan Sutra.The max number of gene locks to open with Wedding Dress skill was ten gene locks. The Dongxuan Sutra had more than that though, and that was the difference.As a surpasser, Wedding Dress Skill was clearly the best you could get. There were only five known hyper geno arts that could allow the opening of at least ten gene locks.Those five skills did not include the Dongxuan Sutra or the Blood-Pulse Sutra, either. But now, there was another, and that was called Wedding Dress Skill.It was a strange skill, though. It was said only a woman could practice it, and only virgins, too.What was even stranger, if a woman was in the process of learning it, they could jump straight to the tenth gene lock if it meant ensuring a man who was committing a Life-and-Death Breakthrough would succeed. But after that, the skill would be destroyed, and the memory of its learning would be gone.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 747: An Uncompleted BuildTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Super Creature Hunted: Twin-Tailed Purple Scorpion. The beast soul has not been acquired. The flesh of this creature is inedible, but you may harvest its Life Geno essence. Consume its Life Geno essence to obtain a random numeric amount of super geno points, ranging from zero to ten."Han Sen heard the announcement and felt a little disheartened. He wanted to wait until the creature gave birth, but now that he'd already killed it, he didn't even get the beast soul. All he got was a lousy Life Geno essence.The twin-tail scorpion disappeared and left behind a dark purple Life Geno essence on the ground where it once lay. But beside it was something else: a ping-pong sized purple egg. This perked him right up.Seeing the silver fox with its jaws open, preparing to chow down on the egg, Han Sen commanded the little angel to grab the greedy bastard.The silver fox whined at the little angel in obvious anger. It didn't attack her, though, for it knew how powerful she was.The little angel delivered the purple egg to Han Sen and then returned to the Sea of Soul.The silver fox brushed its head against Han Sen's leg, and looked up at Han Sen adoringly, with its eyes wide open. It looked like it was begging."Get out of here; you already ate that narcissus earlier. This is mine!" There was no chance he would give the egg to the silver fox, so for now, he just pocketed it.Han Sen could see right through the silver fox. When they first met, the silver fox had acted all adorable and elegant. But over time, after Han Sen had accepted him as a pet, its mouth was revealed to be a cruel, vicious, slobbering munching machine. It'd eat whatever delight it could find without reprieve, and not leave a single morsel for its master.The only reason it was acting cute was because it wanted something, and this was one act Han Sen was not willing to fall for. Han Sen thought the guy was a black hole for food, and no matter how much you fed it, it could always stuff in more.Zhou Yumei's heart appeared broken, as she tended to Little Orange's wounds. Her pet had been stung by the tail twice, and the places it had been struck were starting to look purple. It seemed as if it had been poisoned. This made Zhou Yumei look nervous, and tears started to well up in her eyes."Little Orange, hold on! I am going to save you, okay?" Zhou Yumei said as she tended to his wounds, her cheeks submitting to a swamp of tears.But the wounds were deep, and it appeared impossible to separate the poison from the body. There was a chance the poison had already reached Little Orange's organs."I beg you; please go back to the Alliance. Return there and bring me back some antidotes. Do that and I will do anything!" Zhou Yumei pleaded loudly, after running towards Han Sen."Anything?" Han Sen gave Zhou Yumei a strange smile as he asked for confirmation.Zhou Yumei gritted her teeth and gave him the answer he desired, "Yes, anything.""Sure. Just hang on a sec." Han Sen rummaged through his inventory for a pen and paper, and then wrote up a contract. After he finished, he presented it to Zhou Yumei and said, "If you do indeed mean anything, then sign along the dotted line.""Is this a human-trafficking contract?" Zhou Yumei asked, as she scanned the details of the document. With wide eyes, she stared at Han Sen. If she signed it, she would become Han Sen's servant.And there was another condition listed on the paper, as well. She would also have to train Little Orange to adhere to Han Sen's commands. It was practically a buy-one-get-one-free contract, in which he'd obtain two new servants."It's entirely up to you whether or not you want to sign it. But that's the deal—the only deal," Han Sen casually told her.Little Orange really did look to be in a dire condition, but it was a second-generation super creature. Even if it didn't receive an antidote, it would eventually recover all by itself.Zhou Yumei did not know this, however, as she had not learnt much about the nature of super creatures. Her concern for Little Orange also clouded her judgement by a great deal. She worried greatly as she observed her suffering pet."Meow..." Zhou Yumei looked at Little Orange and saw how weak he was, meowing towards her, looking so pitiable."I'll sign it." Zhou Yumei ground her teeth, took the pen, and signed the contract. She didn't want Little Orange to suffer any more, after what it had done for her. If it wasn't for the pet's acceptance of her as its master, she wouldn't have been alive.Plus, Little Orange was only in this state because of its desire to protect her when it believed her to be in danger."That's right!" Han Sen reached out his hand to take back the contract, but Zhou Yumei pulled away."Antidote." Zhou Yumei presented an empty hand to Han Sen. Then, he opened his inventory and placed a few antidotes on the pedestal of her palm. Clenching her jaw once more, she gave Han Sen the signed contract and quickly rushed over to Little Orange's side to give it the antidote.Han Sen was very satisfied with this result and his new contract. Zhou Yumei and Little Orange now belonged to him. When he returned to the Alliance, he could make Zhou's family pay him a lot of money. Even though she was just the daughter of a councilman, the man would bend over backwards to get her back.Han Sen did not want to do anything bad to Zhou Yumei, however. He was going to depart the area soon, and he planned to bring her with him. Han Sen made this contract to prevent any conflicts from arising out on the road. Every decision made would be his, and it'd prevent unnecessary arguments.If Zhou Yumei behaved herself and did not cause any trouble, after leaving the desert, Han Sen would no longer keep her as a slave. And in the future, if he needed her help, he thought he might call upon her.Han Sen knew that if Zhou Yumei brought Little Orange home, she'd become an important person. Making her a slave did not seem very realistic.The antidote worked, and after two days, the poison inside Little Orange had disappeared completely.Han Sen found himself a corner, away from the rest, and tried to cut the egg open."Super Creature Hunted: Uncompleted Build. The beast soul has not been acquired. Consume its flesh to obtain a random numeric amount of super geno points, ranging from zero to five."Han Sen had never heard of only five super geno points being up for grabs, and the announcement didn't even speak the creature's name. The egg had to be little more than a fetus, and the creature inside had yet to formulate.But a single super geno point was better than none. Han Sen cooked it on an open fire and added a number of spices before eating it."You have consumed the flesh of a super creature; your super geno point total has increased by one."A weird sensation entered Han Sen's body, and his cells felt more energized. The announcement sounded four times, bringing his number up by four to a total of thirty-six.Until Little Orange was healed, Han Sen gathered resources for the road ahead of them. He was ready to exit the shelter and try to find a way out of the Black Desert.Over the past few days, he hadn't found hide nor hair of the fairy around the shelter, so he assumed it had returned underground.But a little while after they left the shelter, the fairy appeared out of nowhere. It flapped its wings to produce snow and madly came at Han Sen.Han Sen hadn't thought the fairy could hold such a grudge. He had only hit her once, and still, she desired payback.

Hu Yanxue2020-2-2 06:17:19

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 702: Melee SkillsTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioAfter giving it a good look, Han Sen grew fond of the concept of Sonic Thunder Punch. Although he didn't have a thunder build, he could easily simulate the silver fox's energy flow to possess the element of thunder. If he did that, Sonic Thunder Punch would come easy to him. Han Sen thought this skill could really work, but he didn't dare buy it there in the Saint Hall. If he ended up using it in Divinity's Bout, it'd be easy for someone to look up the records of who bought it in recent times. Usually, purchase logs were kept secret in the central computers, in accordance with the laws of the Alliance; but just to be safe, Han Sen went to ask Li Xinglun. He had hacked the military's virtual Skynet, so it was only natural to assume he could provide some advice on how to proceed. Han Sen wasn't going to mention the specific skill he wished to purchase, just ask how he might go about buying something from the black market anonymously. Li Xinglun was well-versed in such topics and shady deeds, so he was able to explain a few simple and effective methods Han Sen could use for what he wished to do. Han Sen checked out a few of the places that Li Xinglun mentioned, and they were indeed black market trading grounds. Buying stuff there, however, was a risky ordeal. Trades there were not protected, and there were no guarantees, warranties, or records of such purchases. There was also the possibility he wouldn't even receive the stuff he ordered. Monetary transactions weren't secured, either. Plus, the black market never did face-to-face trades. In short, there were some tall risks in using it. As a result, Han Sen gave up on his idea of purchasing something from the black market. He would instead visit the free trade sections and see if he could buy Sonic Thunder Punch there. It was not uncommon for people to sell second-hand goods there, including hyper geno art and geno solution. Han Sen searched for Sonic Thunder Punch there, but he was out of luck. Not a single person was selling it second-hand. He searched through the S-class hyper geno arts, as well, and received quite a few hits. Many people were selling second-hand hyper geno arts and geno solution, just not the skill he had come for. When it came to buying second-hand hyper geno arts, however, there were a few clauses would-be buyers had to be aware of. There was no way of knowing whether or not hyper geno art copies were complete, and there was no way of knowing whether or not the accompanying geno solution matched. Scams and misleading transactions were common there, due to the lack of official support. Therefore, a buyer had to be a little street-smart when buying stuff there. At least, if he bought something there, no one would be able to tell where the product came from or went to. Following Li Xinglun's suggestions and methods, Han Sen would be able to buy anything he wanted without any traceable evidence. Although he had to find out if the products being sold were real or fake, it would be easier to do so when making face-to-face transactions. In the free trade zone, Han Sen was unable to find Sonic Thunder Punch. What he did find, however, was another hyper geno art that stood out to him. The hyper geno art that enticed him was called Elephant-Disc Punch. Han Sen had heard about this skill before, as it was a legendary skill hailing from ancient times. The scrolls said that back then, people thought that the world was built on a disc that rested on the back of an elephant. The elephant was everything, whereas the disc was time and space. Although it was little more than a myth, the skill that had been written down on the scroll was extremely difficult. It had many illegible portions and missing text, so it was quite incomplete. But the one Han Sen found was close to completion. The geno solution could mitigate any shortages of the host caster, so they would be equipped to cast the skill. But as for the skill itself, not many people could learn it, and the power of the skill was weaker than they expected, anyway. Someone had researched the leftover portions of the scroll, and said that some manner of elephant blood was necessary to finish learning the skill. They took nutrition from the elephants and put it in the geno solution, which allowed others to learn the skill. But the power and depth were quite poor. The Elephant-Disc Punch was in the A-class section, due to its inability to fulfill the requirements necessary of an S-class skill. But the skill was a great way to strengthen one's body, and in this facet, was no worse than most S-class hyper geno arts. So, the people that could not afford S-class skills would often opt for this one instead. Han Sen was feeling hopeful and rather excited. He thought to himself, "The Elephant-Disc Punch is so in-depth. If I simulate the bone elephant's energy flow, I wonder if I'll be able to cast the true strength of Elephant-Disc Punch? If I can cast its true power, I doubt anyone would be able to tell it was from a little-known A-class skill." Han Sen followed Li Xinglun's suggestions and bought a used Elephant-Disc Punch and geno solution from a second-hand community. It was an ordinary, A-class hyper geno art, and he was able to check its authenticity on Skynet. After checking it, he no longer had to worry about the possibility of purchasing a fake product. The Elephant-Disc Punch was fairly common, actually. He could have bought it in the Saint Hall, but he wanted to buy it second-hand so he could get acquainted with the process of buying things that way. By doing this, he would be ready for when he needed to purchase Sonic Thunder Punch. After a while, Han Sen received the skill and geno solution. After that, he compared it to the stuff available on Skynet to ensure it was legit. Han Sen used the geno solution and got to work on practicing Elephant-Disc Punch. He tried to combine it with the bone elephant's flow. By doing this, Han Sen discovered something amazing. Whenever he used the bone elephant's energy, he could not control his power and instead had to blast it all out at once. But the more he continued to use the bone elephant's energy to practice Elephant-Disc Punch, the more he could control its energy. Han Sen was pleased. If he could more effectively control the energy and power of the bone elephant, then he wouldn't be entirely drained of energy after a single punch. By being able to control the strength of the punch, he wouldn't be wasting his power. All he would have to do was cast what he needed. Han Sen gave up on buying Sonic Thunder Punch now, since his time was limited enough as it was. In less than a month, Divinity's Bout would start and he would have to practice with the Elephant-Disc Punch as best he could. With the energy flow of the bone elephant, the Elephant-Disc Punch possessed power of massive proportions; all the while the energy influx and efflux came under greater control. When the two abilities combined, their power increased. The more Han Sen practiced, the better he got. A single punch packed enough strength to sunder a mountain, or so it felt. Regardless, the power was massive.The Elephant-Disc Punch was incredibly in-depth, and it wasn't any worse than his Dual sword skill. In some ways, it was even better. Han Sen practiced with his little angel every day. The Elephant-Disc Punch continued to gain power in that time, as well. Although he kept losing to her, he applied many changes and fixes. At least Han Sen could compete with the little angel and not get wrecked. That month flew by, and all the shelters had now named their top combatants. It was time for Divinity's Bout to begin.

Fu Shuang Hongsheng2020-7-5 03:10:17

  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 848: Rushing into the ShelterTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen leapt into the shelter, and before he reached the ground, he espied a red whip lashing towards him. He quickly dodged it, before turning to see more headed his way.It was a super creature that looked like a lion, but it's mane was a nest of red snakes. Those snakes were the vines that lashed towards him.Han Sen's movements were quick, and he used Aero to dodge each attack. Like a sparrow on the breeze, he gracefully evaded each strike. Returning to the ground, he sprinted forward, bewildering the red whips.Following his evasion of the whips, the ground suddenly began to rise. Directly in front of him, the very earth rose to form a wall and prohibit his passage.Pang!Han Sen was not willing to bend to the will of the phantom wall. He summoned his Flaming Rex Spike and drilled directly through the earthen clumps.But as he drilled through one, another arose directly behind it, determined to prevent Han Sen from continuing. The red-haired lion had not given up on Han Sen either, and now, it was closing in on the intruder and the walls he drilled through. Han Sen continued to drill as the walls continued to rise. It wasn't long before his drilled holes began to resemble a cave, but soon after, the snakes of the lion's mane began slithering inside.Han Sen gritted his teeth and cast Toxic-Dragon Drill in a bid to drill through the wall and escape their trap.Boom! Boom! Boom!After quickly drilling through the next set of earthen walls, Han Sen broke through into a vast emptiness. Soon after, he noticed that he was standing inside a behemoth's mouth.The mouth was lined with a number of fangs, and it smelled like rotten blood. It was the mouth of something not unlike a hellhound, and Han Sen was aware of what he had just walked into. He felt the jaw of the monster move, and the roof of the mouth began to close in and come down to crush him. It was too fast for Han Sen to contemplate an escape, so he straightened his rex spike to act as a sort of pillar.When the monster bit down, it bled and produced a strange noise at its inability to close its mouth.Han Sen took this brief opportunity to drill his way out of the wretched maw, but upon escaping, he found that the lion was already waiting for him. The mane of snakes lusted for Han Sen's blood, and they barred his way.Suddenly, spikes pierced through the floor below in a bid to impale Han Sen.But Han Sen was quick to react, and he took off airborne once more. Like a bird, he was able to evade both the spikes and the lashing of the red vines.In the next second, the crying of a baby sounded in Han Sen's ears. He turned to look and saw a black bat, bigger than any human, come flapping towards him with its claws raised.Han Sen clutched his Flaming Rex Spike and blocked the slashes of the bat's talons.Dong!The Flaming Rex Spike had three dent-marks in it, and the force sent Han Sen falling back down to the ground.The hungry maw, the red-maned lion, and the black bat were now descending upon him simultaneously. Han Sen cast Aero in a bid to evade each of their attacks and used a formation skill to plan his route. He managed to fly past the three creatures and realign his course for the Spirit Hall.If Han Sen managed to reach that hall, he would no longer have to fight. All he would have to do was secure the spirit stone.The three super creatures that followed him were horribly powerful, and each were vastly stronger than Han Sen. But with the grace of Aero's movements, they could not do anything to stop Han Sen from racing towards the Spirit Hall.Han Sen combined the Dongxuan Sutra and Aero, and for as long as he had space, no super creature could stop his passage.Wang Yuhang's movements were different than Han Sen's, as they were all random. He never knew where he would step next, unable to focus and calculate an appropriate target of where he should place his foot.In comparison, the Dongxuan movements and Aero were very different. Each move had a purpose. There were no unnecessary movements, and each step worked towards a common goal. Everything was under the user's control.In the next second, however, Han Sen frowned. A beautiful woman appeared; one with bat wings and a scimitar—a bladed weapon that curved like the fangs of a wolf. She quickly came to block Han Sen's way.The woman was not wearing anything, and she had no armor. She had the tail of a monkey, and with her red hair, her appearance was a perplexing sight.The woman used her scimitar to prevent Han Sen from nearing her. She was so fast, Han Sen's passage was instantly halted.Han Sen had already used Aero, but still, he was unable to dodge the witch. She moved so quickly, she was like a sudden shadow that was determined to block Han Sen, and one that was keen to leap right into close-quarter combat with him.The sword emitted a distracting fragrance of dried blood, and it lusted for more. Madly, it slashed towards Han Sen repeatedly. And as this happened, Han Sen's aggressor pulled out another sword in an attempt to strike him down.It was fortunate Han Sen had already summoned his Devil-Ant King armor, for one of the two swords she wielded connected with his belly. Blood was immediately drawn.It was lucky that most of the damage was spared, due to the hardy strength of his armor. He was knocked away, but at least his organs were still intact.The other three creatures had now caught up, as well. With his wild, beating heart, Han Sen's kidneys kicked into overtime as they imbued him with constant energy. A weird noise hummed from within him.While his body was operating like mad, every step he took left a shadow. Under the thumb of four cruel super creatures, he was still able to march forward. He might not have been the absolute fastest, but he had what it took to dodge each and every attack. None of the creatures could stop him now.If Han Sen wanted to enter the Spirit Hall, it would take him another two hours. He was afraid that by then, the creatures Wang Yuhang had drawn away would have returned.Han Sen spoke to Moment Queen telepathically, and he learned the Devil-Blood King had summoned the creatures to return. They weren't following Wang Yuhang any longer; they were already on their way back.Moment Queen attacked the host of creatures from behind, in an attempt to slow their return. Unfortunately, her efforts were in vain."One hour. I have one hour to enter that hall. If I fail to nab the spirit stone, at least I'll still be able to run. If I take any longer, I'll be a dead man." Han Sen looked upon the giant Spirit Hall ahead of him in awe; it looked like a cathedral.

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