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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1080: Crystallized BodyTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was too injured to fly, so he summoned Disloyal Knight and commanded that he pick Han Sen up and fly him to safety instead.Han Sen had not been physically damaged, but the light had crystallized his organs, veins, muscles, and bones.Without the demonic language, the light could not assimilate with Han Sen’s body or leave. It was there to stew and go hard, leaving him in a frightening condition.Han Sen had not been paralyzed, just made extremely stiff. But what was worse, with his body clogged—something which prohibited the traversal of his energies —he could no longer open any gene locks.Disloyal Knight delivered Han Sen back to the statue. There, Han Sen frowned and said, “Now that I’m injured, how will you get us out of here?”Dragon King responded, “I couldn’t, previously. But now that I have absorbed the Ancient Devil light, that has changed.”“I thought you were one of Ancient Devil’s generals. If so, how did he not recognize you in the palace?” Han Sen was perplexed. Amidst all that he had endured, Dragon King had not disobeyed or betrayed him.Dragon King said, “If that was truly Ancient Devil Emperor, I can assure you, you would not be breathing. I have already told you once: he has gone to the Fourth God’s Sanctuary. He’s been gone a long time.”“Then who was that, inside the light?” Han Sen asked.Dragon King explained, “It must be Big Mara, left behind by Ancient Devil Emperor.”“Big Mara?” Han Sen asked.Dragon King said, “Using his own genes, he created a doppelganger. A tulpa of himself, born from a geno seed. The doppelganger is not as smart, but the power is fairly comparable. I am unsure why it is still here, though, having taken the emperor’s place all this time. To think it is still conducting these geno tests…”Dragon King then looked at Han Sen and said, “It may only be a doppelganger, but the light was as real as it gets. Why did you not accept it and become stronger? Instead, you let yourself end up in quite the condition.”“That’s personal, and it doesn’t matter anymore. You said you could get us out of here. Can we go yet?” Han Sen didn’t want to talk about it.No matter how beneficial the light might have been, it was not something Han Sen wanted. To him, it might as well have been poison.Dragon King spat out some light, similar to what Big Mara had done.He took that light, which was thick and creamy, and wiped it on his eyeballs. Then, with bright gleaming eyes, Dragon King said, “By using this Ancient Devil light, I can guide us through the black mist that traps us here. If we avoid the dimensional tears, we can make our way out of Devil’s Realm. This squirt of light is the only one I have, so we need to get out now. If this runs out, we won’t have another chance.”Disloyal Knight continued carrying Han Sen, and they both followed behind Dragon King. Unfortunately, Dragon King was very slow, so to increase their pace, he hopped onto Disloyal Knight for a ride, too.The creatures had yet to leave the shelter that was high above, so their journey was not plagued or hindered by any monstrous intrusions.Disloyal Knight continued at a hasty pace, allowing itself to be guided by Dragon King’s directions. Just as his light grew dim, though, they saw a different light up ahead. It was the light of the exit, and so they hurried towards it, relieved to be free of that place.The sun was bright, and ahead of them was a large, sprawling forest. Looking behind them, all they saw was a black mist.“That was lucky.” Dragon King then sighed. If he had a body, he’d have been sweating all over.Han Sen asked, “If you were one of those generals, you should have been familiar with those creatures. Why were you so afraid, then?”Dragon King said, “Afraid? Me? No. Your imagination surely goes places.”Han Sen did not push the matter, as Dragon King clearly did not want to tell him.They picked a random direction to travel in the hopes of reaching a shelter. If they discovered a shelter, they could find out which region they were in.Dragon King was one of the eight generals, and now, he was swiftly guiding Han Sen to a shelter.When they came across one, it was a knight-shelter that looked abandoned.“I hope the teleporter is still functional,” Han Sen said.“If it isn’t, that’s okay. We can always go and find another shelter. Following the war, all the shelters in a fifty-thousand-mile radius of us should be abandoned,” Dragon King said.“What happened in this war?” Han Sen asked.“Um, let’s go and see if the teleporter still works, shall we?” Dragon King obviously didn’t want to talk about it.Han Sen dismounted Disloyal Knight and staggered inside the shelter.He was able to walk, and his powers were still there inside him, he just couldn’t make use of them.Fortunately, the teleporter was in fine condition. Han Sen left Disloyal Knight behind and returned to the Alliance.Han Sen was unable to use the Blood-Pulse Sutra or the Dongxuan Sutra, so he had to return to the Alliance and heal.When he checked himself into the hospital, the results of his condition were dire.Some of his organs, veins, muscles, and bones had been wholly crystallized, and even some of his blood had suffered the same result.The professional surgeons that examined him said there was nothing they could do for him, and that removal of the crystals was impossible.If the crystallization had only affected a few of his organs, they could have easily been swapped out, but ninety percent of his body was crystallized. Even his brain had crystallized. If they replaced all the organs, they might as well have built a brand-new person.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 937: Disloyal KnightTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"This is weird." Han Sen frowned. Only the Knight Tree had a lifeforce in the vicinity."Maybe the tree absorbed the life from the soil all around it?" Han Sen asked, looking at Moment Queen."All plants absorb energy from the ground, but they never take more than their fair share. If there is an insufficient amount of nutrients available for its growth, it does not drain the surrounding area; it just accepts its own demise. It would not grow," Moment Queen said, with her eyes fixed on the Knight Tree."The tree has... a problem?" Han Sen said, as he eyed the six knights that hung from the boughs.Moment Queen replied, "Yes, it has a big problem. For this tree to grow, with dead earth all around, should be impossible."Han Sen nodded to display his understanding, and as he turned back to watch the tree, his face turned grim."There is something amiss with the fruit, also." Han Sen's forehead flexed again."Why? What do you see?" Moment Queen asked, with her own ardent curiosity.Han Sen, with his eyes on the six knight fruit, said, "The Knight Tree is strong, as we have surmised. But the fruit it bears are weak. And you said it would take another thousand years for them to mature? They seem too weak to adhere to your estimate. And..."Han Sen froze."And... what?" Moment Queen was not used to the way Han Sen was speaking."This knight tree has seven fruit, actually. There is one behind the tree, but it avoided our attention at first," Han Sen explained."There is another one?" Moment Queen's face changed, and so she went to the other side of the tree.Han Sen brought the Dragon-Blood Snake and Little Wind with him to circle the tree. He was keen to get a better look, but he made sure to keep his distance.On the other side of the tree, the fruit there was different than the other six. It was similar in shape, but it didn't look quite as natural. It was more like a statue of a knight.The other six wore bright steel armor, but this one wore green-copper armor. Its presence there was a mystery.Han Sen felt a powerful energy coming from the knight, and the other six combined seemed to be no match for the green-copper enigma.As Moment Queen's eyes fell upon it, she exclaimed, "Disloyal Knight! It is a Disloyal Knight! The tree has birthed a Disloyal Knight!""What is that? Is there a difference between Loyal Knights and Disloyal Knights?" Han Sen looked at the green-copper fruit in confusion, and so he asked Moment Queen to clarify."Well, of course there is. Duh! They aren't the same type of fruit; can apples grow on a peach tree?" Moment Queen retorted.Han Sen did not know much about botany, so he frowned and said, "Maybe it was lonely on its own tree. Hey, do you think a Disloyal Knight will be loyal to me like the Loyal Knights?"Moment Queen looked at Han Sen with eyes of fire, wondering whether or not his stupidity was genuine. She told him, "No, of course not! Are you serious? Disloyalty is the opposite of loyalty, and so the Disloyal Knight is the opposite of a Loyal Knight. If you are the first person it sees, consider yourself marked. It will be your greatest nemesis; a foe that will not relent in its pursuit of you until you are dead."Moment Queen continued in her speech, saying, "I once saw an emperor grow a Disloyal Knight Tree. It hadn't matured yet, and he said it would take nine thousand years for it to grow the single Disloyal Knight it would bear.""Ooh, so that means it's a treasure. That's some good stuff, right? Can we get a beast soul if we kill it?" Han Sen asked.Moment Queen did not answer him directly, and she merely continued on from her previous dialogue. "Do you know what he did to grow that Disloyal Knight Tree?""What did he do? He didn't bury a real knight beneath that tree, right?" Han Sen wondered.Moment Queen answered, "Ten thousand knight spirits cannot compare to the strength of a single Disloyal Knight. It could very well be a super creature. At the very least, any ordinary Disloyal Knight can be birthed to the rank of a berserk sacred-blood creature.""Could you answer my question, please? The emperor that wanted to grow the tree; what did he do?" Han Sen asked.Moment Queen said, "Before he grew it, he had a grand expanse of land dedicated to the cultivation of Knight Trees. There were over ten thousand of them. But when the Disloyal Knight was born, they all withered and died.""Um... okay. But that at least explains why there is no lifeforce in the area around this tree," Han Sen said."Ah, but there's another problem. Disloyal Knights are birthed on trees of their own. They cannot grow on a traditional Knight Tree. I remember this emperor saying that without the energy of the Loyal Knights, the Disloyal Knight could not grow. What? Do you really think this place once had thousands of Knight Trees?" Moment Queen said.Han Sen looked around and replied, "I'm not sure, but this is deep inside Thorn Forest. Thorns clog every path, and as such, there cannot be many trees.""Even if there was, the Disloyal Knight should not be growing on the same tree. Unless..." Moment Queen said."Unless what?" Han Sen asked, inquisitively. He did not know much about geno plants or other botanical fields, so he needed Moment Queen to explain everything she knew or guessed."Unless a Disloyal Knight died beneath this tree, and the Loyal Knight tree absorbed the deceased Disloyal Knight and somehow mutated," Moment Queen explained her line of thought."And what's the bottom line, if that is what has happened? Does it benefit us in any way?" Han Sen wasn't really interested in how the tree was grown, only what rewards he might be able to reap."If things are indeed like this, then maybe the Disloyal Knight will be different and we'll be able to claim it," Moment Queen said.

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棋牌送彩金18⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1434: A Geno Core That Can EvolveTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe coins landed on the gold mask, but the phantom did not relent at all.With his fist, Han Sen moved forward to punch the gold mask, and when his fist was about to meet with it, his hand went right through it. It was like an ethereal object.The next second, the gold mask planted itself neatly on Han Sen’s face. And the moment that occurred, Han Sen felt a weird power surge through his brain.“Slave; adhere to my commands and I will grant thee power!” the gold mask roared with a booming voice, with a speech that tried to invade Han Sen’s mind.Han Sen’s brain had been fortified by the crystallizers, however. He tried to grab the gold mask on his face, and he noticed his fingers were now able to touch it. It had become a physical object.Han Sen ripped it off of his face and held it in his hands.The gold mask squirmed and struggled. It was an incredibly weak thing after becoming solid.Just as Han Sen was going to destroy it with a punch, the gold mask pleaded, “Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me! I’ll swear allegiance to you!”Han Sen did not expect the thing to be able to talk out loud like that. But it was audible all the same, even if the mask’s facial features did not move.“What is your geno core level? What does it do?” Han Sen wanted to grill it for information before he agreed to its plight.“I am the gold geno core Gold Mask. I can attach myself to the face of anyone and then control them. Please don’t destroy me!” Gold Mask spoke with a creepy, unsettling voice.“That sounds useless,” Han Sen said.“It’s useful!” Gold Mask remarked, in shock. It quickly went on to say, “Master, you are just too strong. That is why I might appear useless right now. I can easily control normal creatures, even of sacred-blood strength. And what’s more, I can evolve to become a gemstone geno core and even a super geno core!”“Are you kidding me? I’ve never heard of a geno core that was capable of evolving,” Han Sen coldly rebutted.“But I’m not kidding! I really can evolve. Take me with you, and you’ll see it first-hand. If I am unable to do this, you have my full permission to destroy me.” Gold Mask was scrambling to spit his words out.“Okay.” Han Sen didn’t really want the mask, even still.Gold Mask hastily gave Han Sen his mark, and then went straight into his Sea of Soul. Han Sen checked out the information it came with, and it did indeed say that it was able to evolve.Gold Mask: Spirit-Type Geno Core (Evolvable)Han Sen was more than surprised. Geno cores required living things to evolve, and he had no clue a geno core could evolve by itself. Han Sen had only seen Little Angel and Golden Growler evolve by themselves, but they were beast souls.The Gold Mask would save Han Sen a lot of trouble, though. He didn’t require a spirit to control the shelter, as the Gold Mask could do it for him.“Is that it?” Ling Mei’er couldn’t believe it was already over.“Yeah, this is your shelter now.” Han Sen smiled.It was Ling Mei’er’s shelter, technically, but Han Sen was its true master and controller.“I finally have a shelter to call my own!” Ling Mei’er happily swung the gate open to invite Snake King and the rest of her creatures inside.Han Sen found his chance now to sneak back to the Alliance and retrieve Bao’er, so she could check out the Holy Vine.But when he returned home, Han Sen was in for a surprise.Luo Lan had gone to visit Han Yan in the military school a few days ago, while Mister and Missus Ji had gone away to resolve a few matters of their own.There was a problem with Ji Yanran’s business, so only Bao’er had been left behind to look after Littleflower while the rest were absent.Bao’er may have looked small, but she was capable of taking care of Littleflower for quite some time. There were a bunch of AI droids in the house, as well, which helped. They were all well-behaved.Bao’er was staring at Littleflower while suckling a milk bottle. Littleflower was doing the same, but with a smile. Bao’er placed a gentle hand on his jaw and suddenly got up, ran to Ji Yanran’s room, and unearthed a few makeup products.“Don’t move, Littleflower. Let me make you prettier.” Bao’er grabbed a tube of lipstick and some eyeliner with an evil smile creeping across her face.Littleflower was smiling happily at Bao’er with an unchanging expression, as Bao’er drew across his face, occasionally pausing in admiration of the work she had done upon her human canvas.As she had fun doing this, she stopped. She sensed someone had entered the house.Han Sen’s house was in an old town. It wasn’t a very fancy or expensive neighborhood, and neither did the house have much in the way of valuables. Every generation of the family had lived there, though, and because Luo Lan did not want to move away from there, that was where they all stayed.A man opened the door and entered the house stealthily, closing the door as discreetly as he could.“I thought the Alliance’s first super aristocrat would have a fancier house than this. I am a master thief; this place is far too easy for the likes of me to break into.” A man was speaking to himself.The man looked around and then pulled out a gadget. He pressed a bunch of buttons and all the alarm systems were disabled. Not even the robots functioned after that.“This really is too easy. I thought this would be challenging. A super aristocrat, the president’s son-in-law, has chosen to live in this dump with hardly any security? Pah!” The man walked straight into the next room.When he walked in there, he saw Bao’er and Littleflower.“It must be the smaller one; but why would that guy pay so much money for him?” The man knew no one was home, and his target was Littleflower.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 486: Butterfly Dancing SoloTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioAfter absorbing the red crystal, Han Sen had gained stronger brainpower although the ability to move things was not that useful.The countless details of the entire battlefield were clearly projected in Han Sen's mind, making it easier for him to make a precise judgment.When he made the first step, Han Sen had calculated his route to go forward and all the possibilities on the way, including the reactions of different creatures.Although it could not be 100% accurate, Han Sen knew it was the best route he could have chosen.The evolvers fighting were all paying attention to the figure deep into the creature army, wishing for the impossible to happen.At this point, Han Sen's performance had just begun. The moment he sent himself into the group of creatures, the entire battlefield had become a huge chessboard for Han Sen.Every single creature, including the royal spirit herself was pieces on the chessboard for Han Sen. And his end goal was to take out the piece represented by the royal spirit.Those fierce creatures were attacking Han Sen, but his eyes were extremely calm. Moving his legs rapidly, he was going forward according to the route he had designed.Tempting, misleading, or killing directly, Han Sen could not be stopped by the group of creatures. In the impossible situation, Han Sen made a possible route which led to the royal spirit. The scenario was incredible in other people's eyes. Thousands of creatures were simply a sea of heads without even a gap. In others' eyes, unless all the creatures were wiped out, it was impossible to approach the royal spirit.However, after Han Sen went there, he moved left and right at an incredible speed. Flashing his right hand, one creature after another were bleeding heavily and many were beheaded, which was not even the best part.The best part was that initially many creatures were actually in Han Sen's way, but for some reason, they suddenly moved their bodies to let him pass.In the crazy group of beasts, Han Sen was like a butterfly dancing solo. Although he was in a terrible situation, the elegance and beauty of his figure were not affected.In the most incredible way, thousands of gruesome creatures failed to stop Han Sen. Through a huge army, Han Sen managed to go up to the royal spirit's mount, the dragon snake.Many people were completely dumbstruck. It was like a thrilling magic show. The blood and the strange rhythm made one's heart leapt with the beat.Boom!The moment Han Sen was in front of the dragon snake, the silver-haired young lady had a cold smile on her face. The rock underneath Han Sen suddenly split. A black gargoyle looking like a ghost emerged from underground, its cold hands grabbing at Han Sen's legs which were right in front of its face.Almost at the same time, the giant dragon snake opened its mouth to swallow Han Sen."Dammit, the spirit is so wicked that she hid a sacred-blood gargoyle underneath.""That is the end of it…"People who had seen some hope suddenly lost faith. Attacked by the sacred-blood gargoyle, snapped by the dragon snake, and surrounded by fierce creatures, the person had nowhere to go.Cold light flashed in Han Sen's eyes. He suddenly jumped up, disregarding the gargoyle and throwing himself into the mouth of the giant dragon snake.Evolvers who were watching this scene couldn't help feeling sad. Their hope was almost all gone. This was a desperate move. However, the dragon snake was so big that it could simply swallow the man. The claws were so small that they were not enough to threaten this giant creature. Even if he could hit the creature, the cut would only be a scratch to its gigantic body. Maybe he would not even be able to break the snakeskin.As Han Sen was about to be swallowed by the dragon snake, his body suddenly paused in the air and rose a couple of feet. Stepping on the snake's nose with his right foot, he rose higher at an incredible speed to the same height as the royal spirit standing on the head of the snake.The royal spirit blinked and moved her staff slightly. Silver light covered her whole body, turning her into a warrior covered in silver armor and her staff into a slim silver sword.Without any expression, her delicate fingers moved, and the slim silver sword was stabbed to Han Sen's forehead like a lightning bolt.Fast, incredibly fast. There was no time for him to react. Behind Han Sen, the sacred-blood gargoyle appeared like a phantom, its hands grabbing at Han Sen's legs from behind.The snake also spit out its tongue looking like a trident to hit Han Sen's waist.In other people's eyes, Han Sen was faced with a death trap. However, from Han Sen's perspective, this was his opportunity.All the planning, the careful design, and the performance were for this moment.His heart thumping like thunder, Han Sen used Heresy Mantra to its full. Overload made his bones squeak. Read armor appeared on Han Sen's body as the Ruby crown appeared on his head. His black shorthair became blonde and long, dancing in the air like crazy. His eyes which were now golden were completely emotionless.As he shapeshifted into the fairy queen, everything became slower in Han Sen's eyes. The sneak attack of the sacred-blood gargoyle, the tongue blade of the snake, the slim silver sword of the royal spirit, and the countless creatures throwing themselves at him, all became a holographic image in Han Sen's brain, even the slightest details of which could be learned by him.Without moving away, Han Sen who was now at his best thrust his chest to the slim sword of the silver-haired spirit girl without hesitation, letting the sword pierce his chest and approaching the spirit at the same time.They were so close to each other that Han Sen's face was about to touch hers.Han Sen smiled, waving his right hand and cutting the three purple claws into the pretty head of the spirit girl. With her incredulous look, her head was cut into four parts.Boom!The figure of the spirit girl became twinkles of lights and disappeared. Suddenly, the entire battlefield seemed to freeze. Both humans and creatures stopped a beat.All eyes were on the gorgeous figure. The red armor and Ruby crown were shining in the sun so bright that people could hardly look at them.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 616: PerfumeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe lobster was directly behind Han Sen, with its pincers gnashing for his blood.Han Sen knew he could no longer dodge, as he couldn't afford to sacrifice the lead he had gained. If he couldn't hold onto it, he'd be dead before he reached the surface.He clutched his chest as his blood boiled in the tension. Han Sen was only wearing his Fairy Queen armor, and he knew he couldn't risk being hit.Han Sen summoned his bird, two meters tall and with four wings, in front of him.Katcha!The sacred-blood class Four-Winged Thunderbird was crushed into pieces by the lobster's pincers. Han Sen used this time to reach the surface, summon his wings, and fly off into the sky.Flying forty meters high, he suddenly heard a great splashing sound. The giant lobster leapt out of the sea and was now soaring through the air in a final bid to grab Han Sen.The speed of the berserk sacred-blood wings was not faster than the airborne lobster, and it was sure to catch Han Sen as he flew.So, Han Sen's legs erupted with an incredible power. He borrowed the strength of the air and dashed two meters to the side. The pincer only just missed him.Boom!The lobster fell back down, triggering a tsunami of a wave like a meteor crashing into the sea.Without hesitating, Han Sen continued to fly higher and higher. The lobster swam around for a while, eyeing him, but after realizing it could no longer capture its intruder, it grabbed the peacock's body and returned to the deep sea.Queen flapped her wings with the silver fox in her arms. The silver fox didn't seem to be doing so well, and looked incredibly week. When Han Sen returned to them, it leapt onto his shoulder and stayed there, unmoving.Han Sen opened his mouth and coughed up blood. His organs had been damaged badly, and he feared it would take a long time to recover after this."Go." Han Sen gritted his teeth as he held his chest, which pounded with an unbearable pain. He left the area with Queen and when they were clear, she summoned the whale so that Han Sen could lie down and rest.Han Sen was lying on the big whale's back. The silver fox dug its head into Han Sen's arms. He didn't know what it was doing at first, but it wasn't long before the silver fox pulled out his lotus roots. Immediately, the silver fox started chewing one up."Silver fox, you are heartless. I have been grievously wounded, and yet you rob me blind." Han Sen was disheartened but he couldn't muster the strength to yell at the silver fox.The next second, Han Sen was frozen. After the silver fox chewed the lotus root, he did not swallow it for himself. Rather, he fed it to Han Sen.Han Sen was surprised to see him not eat it for himself. He was feeding Han Sen, and it touched him deeply.But he did feel uncomfortable eating food that had been chewed up by his pet. He almost thought of rejecting it, but the lotus root had been ground into juice and it dribbled into Han Sen's mouth.Han Sen knew he had risked his life to retrieve the lotus roots, so he thought it'd be a waste to spit it out. Without thinking about it too much, he accepted it all.After consuming it, he felt a refreshing and rejuvenating aura emanate from deep inside his body. The burning pain in his chest felt better and his pounding heart relaxed.Han Sen quickly ran his Dongxuan Sutra. He absorbed this new, refreshing power. His Jadeskin was limited by his fitness level, which meant he could only unlock the first tier. Unlocking the second would be impossible during his time in the Second God's Sanctuary. That was why, recently, he had been more focused on improving his Dongxuan Sutra, as opposed to his Jadeskin.Dongxuan Sutra had an amazing effect whilst you breathed, wherein the metabolism of cells ran quicker. Now, the damaged parts of his body were being renewed, and newborn cells replaced the old, harmed ones. It was enabling him to recover from his wounds much faster.The refreshing air must have had a really effective power. Otherwise, his Dongxuan Sutra would not have healed him so well.Every bit of his new, refreshed feeling was absorbed by the Dongxuan Sutra and his body now looked white and silky. He smelled like a newborn baby; he smelled good.The silver fox lay down next to Han Sen, sniffing his master's new, fresher scent. He seemed to enjoy it.Queen noticed the two lotus roots and immediately acknowledged where they came from. But seeing the silver fox feed Han Sen made her observe him with a greater curiosity.Earlier, Han Sen was heavily injured. His face looked ill and his skin was pale. But now, not long after, his face was looking better. The color of his complexion returned and his skin seemed to radiate. It was silky smooth, too."Your face is white, but it looks a little red. It's quite special." Seeing Han Sen, Queen couldn't help but say something cheesy. When she looked at Han Sen, she thought this new image suited him.Han Sen's face was rather firmly shaped and its structure was sharp. It often made him look mad, even when he wasn't. But with this new smooth skin, it portrayed him in a different light. He gave off a different feel.Queen felt a little jealous since she wasn't a person who cared much about her appearance."This must be the effect of a hyper geno art. Or is it an effect of the lotus root?" Queen thought to herself.All of a sudden, a pleasant fragrance tickled Queen's nose. It made her feel as if she had eaten life fruit. The pores across her body all opened."What's going on?" Queen looked at Han Sen with a puzzled expression. After she smelled the pleasant scent, the Heavenly Go in her body activated. It then seemed to be absorbing the fragrance.Queen felt incredible. She had never guessed there was a smell that could trigger Heavenly Go.If she hadn't been experiencing it at that moment, even if others told her, she would not have believed it to be true.The scariest thing with that smell, however, was how it seemed to be improving her Heavenly Go. It had been a long time since she made progress with the ability, yet now she was, entirely passively.Although she did not know what was going on, she did not let this opportunity pass her by. She quickly sat down by Han Sen's side and started absorbing as much of the smell as she could, to take her Heavenly Go even further.The purple light in her body continued to glow, absorbing the fragrance that was all around. Eventually, even her purple light seemed to smell good.The way Queen presented herself often made her seem cold, but now she became prettier to look at. She resembled a fairy, minus all the glitter. She looked stunning, like someone no one could ever dare dream of hurting.The lotus roots must have been extremely beneficial to women, and they possessed a rather cold trait. Although men benefitted from them, women would benefit more.The two lotus roots were most certainly not something ordinary. Their medical properties were incredibly strong. Han Sen absorbed them through his Dongxuan Sutra, and it helped his training a considerable amount.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 325: KitingTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen did not have any room to run. Reaching him in a second, Queen's kick was even more horrendous than the turtle bite.Han Sen immediately tried to block Queen's incoming leg with both hands, using Diversion and clinging technique, hoping that he could borrow Queen's force.But it was useless. In order to use Diversion, he must understand his opponents force; To cling to his opponent, he must follow Queen's force.However, Queen's kick was so sharp and fast that Han Sen had no time to do either of that.Bang!Her leg kicked on Han Sen's hands and then his chest. He felt like his entire body was smashed into pieces. Then his simulated body suddenly disappeared.Killed with one strike, and not even in a vital body part. There was only one possibility for the system to make such a judgment: the two parties were too far apart in strength that they were not on the same level.Han Sen returned to the waiting area and sent a friend request to Queen.If they could meet again, Han Sen wished to fight Queen at a different time. If she would not add him, he had nothing to lose.Unexpectedly, Queen accepted the request and Han Sen was delighted to see Queen in his friend list.As he was about to send Queen an invite to fight again, her name became dark. Obviously, she had left Gladiator.What a shame! But since she has already added me, I believe I will have another chance in the future. Thought Han Sen, licking his lips.Queen was much stronger than the super creatures. If he had more chance to practice with her, it would be great for him to prepare himself for the future hunting.Han Sen did not bother to think why Queen would fight him. He did not use his real identity to register and even used the face blur function. No one should know who he was, and Queen should not be able to find out.Before Han Sen left the platform, he paid to download the video of the combat to his comlink.Han Sen decided to study the video and find out how Queen managed to force him into the corner.After leaving Gladiator, Queen dialed a number and made a short call. She reported to Huangfu Xiongcheng her conclusion, which was she believed A Soldier on Warship was a suitable opponent for Qian Hezhen.Although she beat Han Sen with only one strike, Han Sen's performance was out of her expectation, which was why Queen agreed to add him.In fact, Han Sen was the only person in Queen's friend list. She did not even add any student in Ares Martial Hall. In fact, in Gladiator, Queen never chatted with anyone or added anyone.The reason she agreed to add Han Sen was that despite his weak fitness, he had several techniques that were inspiring to her.For example, the way Han Sen made his attacks was sneaky enough that she was only able to tell his intention after he approached her.And Han Sen obviously had a great understanding of rhythm, which forced her to change her rhythm to cope with his attacks.In addition, Han Sen controlled his strength and his body very well, which was rare among people with his fitness level.Maybe it was because Han Sen had a similar style to someone she knew, Queen decided to accept Han Sen's friend request.After fighting Queen, Han Sen did not want to challenge anyone else. He left Gladiator and returned to the dorm to watch the video he downloaded repeatedly.Without a doubt, Queen was a formidable person and a top-notch evolver. Han Sen cannot find anything she could have done better.However, this was not Han Sen's focus. What impressed Han Sen the most was her kiting skills.It was not even a footwork, but kiting. Queen did not even use any footwork intentionally, but the spots he decided to go to when avoiding Han Sen's attacks made Han Sen feel threatened and unintentionally end up where Queen wanted him to go.That is to say, although Queen did not launch any strikes, she was able to put tremendous pressure and threat on Han Sen, so that he would want to run. Therefore, although Han Sen was making all the attacks, he ended up in the corner.Another thought made Han Sen sweat. Every spot Queen chose to go to was a spot that could threaten Han Sen, which meant it was a defect in Han Sen's movement.If Han Sen had not been through this fight against Queen, Han Sen had never thought he'd have so many defects that his opponent could take advantage of. If Queen was his enemy, and their fight was for real, Han Sen would have died a million times.Han Sen's finding made him feel awed and excited. It was okay that one made mistakes, as long as one knew one's mistakes. In this case, Queen pointed out where he did wrong and made him see what he was blind to.Knowing what he did wrong, Han Sen knew how to make improvements. And nothing was better than that.Naturally, Queen did not do that intentionally. All she wanted to do was to force Han Sen to use all he got in order to determine whether or not Han Sen was fit to be Qian Hezhen's opponent.Even Queen did not expect that Han Sen could learn so much from fighting her.Han Sen watched the video repeatedly and was more and more impressed by Queen. Her movements looked unintentional, but were always meant for something.It was like playing Go with a master. Some stones that seemed pointless in the beginning ended up being the key to success. Those pointless stones were not in fact placed casually, but part of a macro design.Last time Han Sen saw Queen in a combat, he saw was how powerful she was. However, being her opponent this time, Han Sen learned why she was so formidable.

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Luan Sa⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1321: Biggest ProblemTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“Giant God Emperor has come; child of Godslayer Luo, come forth and challenge me!” The spirit’s voice was unbearably loud and frighteningly deep. When he spoke, his voice boomed, and the reverberations rattled one’s chest and shook the land around.“That’s one big boi!” Han Sen muttered, in half-jest.“Hey, BFG, how about you tone it down a little? We aren’t deaf!” Xie Qing King said, in immediate response.Giant God Emperor brought his head down low to meet them. It was so big, it was like a toppling skyscraper swooping down.“Can it, squirt! I’m already breathing gently and speaking quietly. If you can’t handle it, shove a baton in both your ears,” Giant God Emperor spoke again. Although the words were meant to intimidate, they were really just funny.He was facing Xie Qing King while he spoke, and with each stressed word, spit was fired at Xie Qing King like heavy rainfall.“F*ck you! That’s disgusting. Stop spitting!” Xie Qing King was infuriated by the spittle downpour and sought to throw a punch towards Giant God Emperor.But Xie Qing King was little more than a bothersome fly when standing next to Giant God Emperor. Still, Xie Qing King was unfazed by this difference in size, and so he made his fist blaze, right as he leaped forward to clobber the larger spirit’s forehead.A big thumping sound followed the hit, and the massive body went flying backwards to ruin what little was left of the charred shelter behind him. It was a weird thing to see.Han Sen said, “Hey, you shouldn’t fight here! Look at that thing. The shelter can’t take much more of a beating.”Giant God Emperor stood up with a displeased grimace. He did not speak, and just immediately threw a punch back towards Xie Qing King.Xie Qing King dodged and flew up into the skies.The two then fought, eye to eye, level to level with Xie Qing King’s airborne assist. There was no beating around the push or clever tactics being employed by the alu-alu-puncher, and he was going as direct as one could be.The silver fists repeatedly went up against the giant ones with surprising—and amusing—competency. The shockwaves that erupted non-stop were rather dizzying, though.Han Sen was shocked, seeing how powerful Xie Qing King had become after opening his tenth gene lock. It had made an impressive change.And as the two battled, Moment Queen approached. She turned and looked to the skies and then watched.Moment Queen commented, “Whoa! He’s the sixth Son of God. You should run while you still can!”Han Sen merely smiled and continued to enjoy the spectacle, as if he were watching a friendly bout.On the peak of Moving Star Shelter, three other spirits were watching the fight as well. One of them was robed in a black cloak. In his hand was a can. This was Gu Demon Emperor. Beside him was the all-too-familiar No God Emperor, who had become a bit of a pest for Han Sen, in recent times. The third spirit was unknown to them, but he was a little spooky to see. He had a large third eye lodged in his forehead.“Xie Qing King is quite impressive! It is no wonder he was so famous back in the day,” this three-eyed spirit said.“Age has done little to rust the grumpy old coot. If Xie Qing King starts firing on all cylinders, I don’t believe Giant God Emperor can defeat him. Unfortunately, his special powers can only be used twice,” Gu Demon Emperor said.He had watched Xie Qing King defeat Gold General. The felling of that creature was a goliath task even for them, so he was well aware how strong Xie Qing King could actually be.The three-eyed spirit replied to his observations, saying, “Killing the big lug shouldn’t mean too much. We have many more emperors on the way, all eager to rip this lot to shreds.”The three-eyed spirit then looked around and asked, “And that aside, where is Godslayer Luo’s child? That’s what we came all this way for, wasn’t it?”“Inside the shelter someplace, or what’s left of it. Either that or she’s retreated to the Alliance, like all the weakling humans would when put to the test.” Gu Demon spoke with clear contempt for the human race.“We tried going after Godslayer Luo himself once before, did we not? Even he was too much of a chicken and clucked off. We can’t make mistakes this time, and our vengeance has been a long time coming.” The three-eyed spirit echoed the hatred Gu Demon Emperor was speaking with, and he looked bitter and spiteful.Gu Demon Emperor responded, saying, “I sent word to many emperors. I can only presume they’re on their way, and I suspect once they’re here, we can finally let the slaughter commence.”No God Emperor chimed in to say, “You’re all so blinded by the need for revenge against Godslayer Luo, you’re failing to acknowledge the real problem we face. And that problem is the man down there. Do you see him?”The other two now turned to look at where No God Emperor was aiming his eyes. They all saw Han Sen, who almost looked relaxed as he spectated the battle that was on-going.The three-eyed spirit asked, “Hey, there’s a thought! Do you think he might be another heir of Godslayer Luo, as well?”“Probably not. But believe me when I tell you he’ll be an even harder foe to deal with. Don’t underestimate him,” No God Emperor said.The three-eyed spirit said, “It almost sounds like you’re complimenting the boy; sheesh, where did your spine run off to? If he’s not an heir, as you say, then he doesn’t have that one-hit kill power the girl does. If he doesn’t have that, then we have nothing to be afraid of.”Gu Demon Emperor was surprised by what No God Emperor had said, but he viewed things differently than the three-eyed spirit. Understanding No God Emperor wouldn’t say what he had lightly, he asked, “Can you elaborate on the powers he possesses?”No God Emperor said, “His body hardens to become the strongest material I have ever had to deal with. I fought him, and not even my No God Sword was able to bring him harm with a clean hit.”“What? You jest, surely!” Gu Demon Emperor and the three-eyed spirit were both taken aback by what they had just heard.They knew how powerful No God Emperor was, and the power wielded by his blade of choice. They thought a resistance to its killing power was impossible.If even he could not slay that man, then he might actually be a foe to be wary of.The three-eyed spirit’s attitude to his warning became more serious, and with a grim look, he offered the suggestion, “I can try to break his body through the use of my own power.”Gu Demon Emperor explained on his behalf, saying, “His powers are very effective against physical defenses.”No God Emperor then went on to say, “His swords wield the powers of time and space, too. I was unable to block his attacks.”Hearing this, they were in shock. Such a fierce combination was unheard of, and they viewed the man in a different light. They almost couldn’t believe what they were hearing, but they knew No God Emperor all too well. They knew he wouldn’t joke or make up a falsehood.“The human is that strong?” the other two asked in tandem.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1461: One Punch Breaks the ArmorTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioPat! The old man slapped Zhou Changlong across the face. His face immediately started to swell up, and his men froze in place.“Brother-in-law, why did you hit me?” Zhou Changlong stared at the old man, one hand pressed against his sore face.The old man said darkly, “Yes, I only hit you this time. Next time, I’ll kill you. It’s better than being killed by the others, ruining my reputation, and embarrassing your sister! You can be a bad man all you please, but don’t be a stupid one. Do you not know the daughter of President Ji and the super aristocrat when they’re standing before you?”“That is Han Sen and Ji Yanran?” Zhou Changlong’s face changed to one of disbelief.“How many times have I told you? You can be bad, yes, but you need to know the faces of those you insult. I asked you to remember all the important people in the Alliance, and you don’t even know these two prominent figures? D*mn you!” After saying this, the old man slapped Zhou Changlong’s other cheek until it was swollen.“Brother-in-law…” Zhou Changlong had once looked cruel and important to the assembly there, but before that old man, he was terrified.The old man simply ignored him, and then walked towards Han Sen. He eyed the young man up and down, and with each step, he looked as if he was carrying a mountain on his shoulders.Ji Yanran herself felt there was a monumental power approaching them. Han Sen stepped in front of Ji Yanran, and then that power was gone. She frowned. “Qiuming, your brother-in-law did something wrong. Are you going to take it out on us?”Qiuming, as he approached, responded coldly, “I will correct him when he does bad deeds. But I can’t allow him to be bullied by others, either.”“It’s no wonder you two are from Angel Gene. You’re both rotten,” Ji Yanran said angrily.Qiuming still held himself in a manner that suggested he was superior by default. “Because of President Ji, I won’t kill him. But I need him to know, like any dog should, that he should respect the whip of a master.”“Dear, be careful! Qiuming has been a demi-god for a long time. He might have a gemstone geno core,” Ji Yanran warned Han Sen in a hushed voice.Han Sen nodded. He had heard about Qiuming when he was researching demi-gods. He was not from the Zhou family, but for some reason, he was allowed to join Angel Gene. He was as mean a person as one could be.Zhou Changlong, who had just been slapped, now looked happy again. “Brother-in-law, teach that *sshole a lesson! Who cares if they are the daughter and son-in-law of the President?”Han Sen watched Qiuming quietly approach, initially believing him to be bluffing.As he walked, an armor of sorts appeared on his body. It looked sturdier than a mountain, and this mountain was coming close.“An earth-element geno core? Interesting,” Han Sen said as he watched the old man approach.Qiuming didn’t respond. He just quickened his pace and came towards Han Sen like an armored train.The power he wielded looked as if it could sunder mountains.Han Sen didn’t plan to dodge the attack, though. He simply threw his fist forward to meet with Qiuming’s.“Kill him!” Zhou Changlong yelled to the sky, seeing Han Sen raise his fist towards his brother-in-law.He knew the power Qiuming possessed, and he knew his geno core was gemstone class. It was called Heavy Earth Armor. When he battled the shura, his armor was strong enough to block blasts from their sun-class battleships without breaking.Qiuming had the highest defense in all the Alliance, and yet, Han Sen hadn’t been a demi-god for very long. Taking a bash from the Heavy Earth Armor should have been enough to crush every bone in his body.Qiuming frowned. He only wanted to teach the punk a lesson, not kill him.Angel Gene and Han Sen had long been enemies. And while things might have been different in the sanctuaries, he wasn’t allowed to kill Han Sen in the Alliance.With Han Sen not dodging his bash, Qiuming was set-up to do serious damage. It also reinforced his belief in Han Sen’s arrogance.“You think I won’t dare hurt you? I’m going to cripple you! The Ji family won’t be able to save you now.” Qiuming’s eyes flashed with murder, and he came at Han Sen’s fist with greater force.Boom!The fist collided with the armor, and Qiuming’s train-like body came to a full-stop as if he had rammed head-first into an impenetrable wall.As the people surrounding the conflict watched, everything came to a standstill. Their ears rang with the simple sound of silence, as their eyes told them something most stunning.It hadn’t ended yet, though. The armor Han Sen had thrown his fist at began to web with countless cracks.Pang!The Heavy Earth Armor that could protect its wearer from sun-class battleship blasts shattered, crumbling to the ground in pieces.Zhou Changlong watched in shock as Qiuming’s body went flying far away. He broke through eight Rainflower Trees on his descent, then began heaving blood.“In my eyes, dogs are dogs. The only difference is their sizes. Big or small, there are no masters,” Han Sen said coldly. Then, he left with Littleflower and Ji Yanran.Zhou Changlong and all the workers were in shock. Qiuming had a godlike strength in their eyes, and they couldn’t believe what Han Sen had done to him in a single punch.The young couple were in shock, too, and they swiftly followed after Han Sen.“Han Sen, we knew you were the first super aristocrat in the Alliance, but I didn’t suspect you could destroy a demi-god like that with such ease. You were able to take him down in a single punch. You are so strong!” The young couple spoke to Han Sen with fervent excitement, as the first-hand viewing of that punch instantly brightened their mood.“Why is he so strong? Is it because I don’t have a super geno core? But he didn’t even use one to break my Heavy Earth Armor!” Qiuming gritted his teeth as he lifted himself off the ground. His face looked pale as he watched Han Sen quietly walking away.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 629: Trapped Between the BonesTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen and Queen continued on their current trajectory, silently praying the raven wouldn't show up.But when they reached the garden of bones, they noticed the donkey's reluctance to approach.That pleased them both, because they knew ordinary creatures weren't willing to go within a kilometer radius of the bones. It seemed that the radius was merely reduced for super creatures, and they would instead not dare to go within ten meters of the bones.Han Sen and Queen jumped between the skeleton's ribs as the donkey remained outside, neighing in anger and turmoil. It seemed to be afraid of something.Han Sen breathed a long sigh of relief and rested up against a bone. He looked towards the nervous donkey, which wasn't daring to draw nearer, and said, "I wonder what creature these bones belong to? It must have been a majestic thing, to make super creatures fear its remains.""Well, we can't stay here for long. After a brief rest, we must move on quickly." Queen sat down to rest with her eyes closed.Han Sen nodded. He knew they could only rest for a short while, despite the fact that their gene locks had been on for too long, sapping their bodies of energy. Had he not thought of coming here, though, they may not have had the chance to rest at all.They weren't sure whether or not the raven was planning to make an appearance. With its murderous intent, they knew for sure they'd be trapped between the bones for a long time if it did.But it wasn't long before they heard the sound of rapid footsteps. A flicker of shadows appeared, revealing the approach of Chen Ran and his people.When they saw Han Sen and Queen, they were a bit shocked. The red-cloud donkey was frustrated after losing its target, but seeing Chen Ran and his people arrive, quickly looked delighted.Fortunately, they were all able to evade the manic mule and reach the ribcage.The faces of Han Sen and Queen dropped when they noticed the raven was still pursuing Chen Ran, who had now just led it near. It landed on a withered tree nearby and watched them coldly."If I'd known you'd be showing up, I would have kept running." Han Sen's heart sank into depression once again. He didn't expect to see Chen Ran and his people ever again, imagining they would have been killed by the raven long before they reached the garden of bones.Chen Ran and his people weren't looking well, but at least they had not sustained any injuries. Only five people remained, but it was better than what Queen and Han Sen had been projecting.If they had been able to make it here under the ravenous pursuit of the raven, something was not right. Something must have happened."Old Chen, I am surprised. How did you get here?" Han Sen looked at Chen Ran and asked."It is difficult for me to explain," Chen Ran sighed, dismissing an explanation.Han Sen knew it would be useless to ask again, if Chen Ran wasn't willing to tell him what had happened. He looked outside the ribcage and saw the donkey wandering around in circles, letting out the occasional neigh.The raven made no sound. It remained perched on the tree it had landed on, and simply continued to watch."It is fortunate they won't attack us in here. But I don't see them letting us go anytime soon. I could imagine them waiting us out, watching as we starve to death or die of dehydration. Do you have any ideas, old man?" Han Sen asked."There are two most wretched creatures out there. What do you think I can do? Let us remain here for some time, so we may see what becomes of them. For all we know, they'll become bored and eventually decide to move on," Chen Ran said.Han Sen did not ask anymore, so he returned to Queen's side, where she continued to rest with her eyes closed.Activating her gene lock for such an extended period of time was almost too much for Queen. She was not like Han Sen, who possessed Heresy Mantra and Jade-Sun Force, and so her stamina and durability were not as great. It was fortunate she did not collapse during their escape.The group of seven were now stuck between the bones. They waited an entire day and night, and still their wardens remained. The mule hovered about aimlessly while the raven sat on the tree in silence, watching them. Their faces looked incredibly glum.Han Sen did not know what to do. They knew whoever exited the shelter of the bones first would be killed by the combined force of two super creatures. There was no way around that.Leaning against the bones, Han Sen suddenly felt a pulsing sensation come from his chest pocket once more. He had almost forgotten about the gourd's existence, due to the situation they had found themselves in.When he took it out from his pocket, the beating stopped. As Han Sen fingered it and examined it, nothing out of the ordinary happened."What a strange gourd." Han Sen didn't return it to his chest pocket just yet, and so he continued to hold it. If anything happened this time, he'd be ready to inspect it.The red-cloud donkey and raven were incredibly patient, refusing to abandon the prey they had chased here. A few more days passed and dehydration began to kick in. No one had any water left, and they couldn't leave the safety of the bones. If this continued, more people were going to die."Brother Han, it looks to me as if they're not leaving. We have to do something – soon." Chen Ran walked towards Han Sen, lowering his voice to talk with Han Sen."If you have an idea, then I'm all ears." Han Sen knew it was only a matter of time before Chen Ran would come talk to him again."We are famous evolvers. It'd be quite the gaff if we were discovered to have died of thirst here, trapped between these bones."After that, Chen Ran continued to say, "But these bones are scattered across many kilometers. If we split into two teams and run both ways, we may have a chance. What do you think?""I suppose we could do that, but what will the teams be?" Han Sen thought what Chen Ran was saying made sense.The donkey was nearer the tail of the guardian hound. People who ran that way would be at a big disadvantage. There was every possibility that both super creatures would attack that place, too."This is my plan; and I won't needlessly put any of you at risk. I want you all to run out the front while I take the back." Chen Ran sighed. He then said, "But I will do this under one condition.""Please tell me." Han Sen was surprised Chen Ran was planning to do something so selfless."Xu Dongjin and the others are my brothers; I am hoping you will take them with you. I am the strongest here, and I am willing to exit via the tailbone and provide you all with the time you need to flee this wretched place," Chen Ran said."Old Chen..." Xu Dongjin and the others were touched, trying to bring words to their mouths."There is no need for you to say anything. I have made my decision. You have followed me for a long time, and there is little more I can teach you. There is little more I can do for you – except this. Besides, I'm a small target. Perhaps by the time the day is through, I'll be the one owing you," Chen Ran smiled.Chen Ran insisted. Xu Dongjin and the rest of the followers then went with Han Sen and Queen to the skull, while Chen Ran went alone to the tailbone.They both set a timer, and when the time came, both teams would run.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 227: Small RequestTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe next morning, Han Sen was waiting for Huangfu Pingqing in front of the teleport station.He got a text from the Office of Academic Affairs when he just saw Huangfu Pingqing. In the text, he was asked to attend a training by Situ Qing."I'm so sorry. I have to go." Han Sen showed Huangfu Pingqing the text.Huangfu Pingqing took a look and frowned. "If this is the Situ Qing that I have heard of, I'm afraid you're in trouble.""What about him?""A vice president of Blackhawk. He used to be an archery coach in the military and had a nickname Nazi..." Huangfu Pingqing told something about Situ Qing to Han Sen."Two years ago, there was a training by him which ended in a couple of days because of the complaints from the students. I didn't realize that the school would still allow him to do this. Be careful and our agreement can wait." Huangfu Pingqing left.Han Sen did some research on the online school community and got a better idea who Situ Qing was.Based on the text from the Office of Academic Affairs, Han Sen came to an indoor training facility. When he arrived, he felt that something was off.In the entire facility, he was the only trainee. The student advisor Situ Xiang and a nice looking, well-dressed middle-aged man were waiting for him."Han Sen, this is Coach Situ Qing. From today, he will be training you for a month. You need to study hard under his guidance." Situ Xiang patted Han Sen's shoulder and left.Situ Xiang smirked secretly, "Boy, I'll come back and see how miserable you are in a few days. By that time, you will beg me to take you with me."Han Sen shrugged and came over to Situ Qing.The coach smiled at Han Sen, "Han Sen, I've heard about you. You're very popular in our school. I heard that you are voted the most desirable date by girls. You have good grades and many talents.""You flatter me, coach." When talking to Situ Qing, Han Sen maintained the standard stance of a soldier, which he learned during the military training."I mean it. I see great potentials in you and believe that you are the hope of our Archery Department. I will do everything I can to teach you everything I know so that you can help revitalize the department." Situ Qing patted Han Sen on his shoulder. It seemed he meant everything he said."Thank you, coach." Han Sen stood up straight and said.Situ Qing smiled and reached his right hand in front of Han Sen. There was a piece of metal of 1 inch by 1 inch. It looked like Z-steel.Situ Qing's hand suddenly gained the color and texture of gold. It was nowhere near human's hand.Crack!With a light squeeze, Situ Qing's fingers flattened the Z-steel."This is a little gift for you." Situ Qing put the piece of Z-steel in Han Sen's hand with a smile.Han Sen understood very well that it was a warning.But it was indeed impressive. Han Sen could not achieve that so far. He had read about this kind of strength on the Skynet. It was a kind of martial arts that could only be practiced by evolvers. The concept was to change the structure of their body cells and turn them into metal.Even if Han Sen could get his hands on martial arts like this, his body could not take it."Thank you." Han Sen accepted the gift with a smile."Alright. Here begins our training. We will start with the horse-riding stance. Ordinary people would think that archery relies on the strength of one's arms and fingers, which is wrong. Most strength needed in archery comes from the waist and belly. This morning we will practice your core strength with horse-riding stance." Situ Qing instructed Han Sen to make the stance and sat down in the chair, watching him."Coach, a small request?" said Han Sen while making the stance."You can try. But normally I would not grant anything. And talking would only make it harder. If you fall before lunch, then you will have to do the same thing in the afternoon." Situ Qing narrowed his eyes and said."Coach, one of my hobbies is black and white boxing. During the training, I'm not allowed to go on the Skynet, and this is not something I can practice alone. After training, could you join me?" Han Sen continued."Black and white boxing? No need to wait until the training's over. We can do it now. I heard that you are rather good at it and gave St. Germain a 0 on our behalf. That was very nice, but after all, it was a competition on the unevolved level. I will give you some guidance now to make sure that you can beat the Alliance Central Military Academy next time." Situ Qing was very interested in black and white boxing and no longer required Han Sen to make the horse-riding stance.Han Sen walked over to Situ Qing with a smile. He had learned from Huangfu Pingqing that although Situ Qing taught archery, his biggest hobby was black and white boxing."Come on. You attack first. Watch Me and I'll teach you how to do defense the right way." Situ Qing curled his finger at Han Sen.Han Sen looked at the confident coach and had a strange smile on his face.When it came to real combat, he could not beat Situ Qing. However, when it came to black and white boxing, strength was not the only factor.Situ Qing thought highly of himself in black and white boxing due to his decades of practice. Han Sen's request pleased him very much.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 903: Bug FightTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioA blonde, purple-eyed woman emerged from beneath the green bushes that cradled the red roses.She didn't quite look human, and an emerald was embedded in her forehead.It was a beautiful female spirit.Her face was stunning to behold. It was cold, but that just amplified her mystique. Regardless of where she was, people would be taken aback by her beauty.Han Sen was not surprised, but something in particular made him almost leap backwards in shock.The woman was not wearing any clothes. When she stood up, the fine curve of her booty, and how it led all the way down her long legs, was a sudden, tantalizing sight. It was all on full display.Han Sen's nose was getting hot with a coming nosebleed. Her big breasts and slim waist made her look as if she was straight out of a waifu manga. Humans could not possess such a body shape.Although the image described might sound ridiculous, she looked natural.When she emerged from the bushes, she looked cold. And the moment she stepped out, the flowers writhed their way around her to form an armor.She was like a queen of gardens. She approached the cracks in the earth and removed a rose from her garment of flowers. She snapped the stalk in two and set them alight.After this, Han Sen realized that it was the stalks of the flowers that were serving as candles.The stalks caught on fire quickly, and as they burned, a strange fragrance began to emanate. Han Sen thought the bugs would end up returning, but they did not.Han Sen thought it was odd, and he pondered why the iron bugs did not follow the fragrance as they had previously.The spirit merely watched the stalk of the flower burn, facing the valley's entrance.Not long after, Han Sen heard a weird noise from someplace else in the valley. Something was flying towards them quickly, and it went for the candle like an arrow.It was an iron bug. It was a little smaller, but it was darker than the rest. Its shell was black like obsidian.This bug had grown wings, and it flew extraordinarily fast, completely unlike the others.This iron bug landed on the stalk and bit into it, with a look of exuberant joy on its face.The spirit took a step back and merely observed the creature nibbling at the stalk. It didn't seem as if she wanted to fight it"If the spirit wants to claim that bug, then why doesn't she? Is the stalk poisonous, maybe?" Han Sen thought it queer.Right then would have been a perfect time to strike, but the spirit withheld any such action. She merely continued to watch the bug merrily munch on its meal.As Han Sen pondered this, he heard something else come from further down the valley. It was a centipede, one that was entirely red. It ran past the cracks and came for one of the stalks.The spirit had placed down many stalks prior to this, and thus, there was no conflict. The creatures each had their own.Not long after, many more bugs arrived. They were of varying shapes and colors; some were black, some were red, and some were green.The other bugs had come to feed on the stalks, as well. But before long, there were no stalks left, and a fight amongst the bugs started to erupt.The red centipede was wreathed in flame, and it started to fight a bug with a green shell and eight legs.The red centipede had the ability to spit fire, but it did not deter the green spider. Without fear, it skittered towards its many-footed foe.Within seconds, chaos reigned. All the bugs were fighting between each other, none willing to leave the area.The spirit continued to watch the fight, devoid of all emotion."Are those stalks stimulants?" Han Sen froze, seeing this. The powers the bugs were unleashing against each other were horrible, something he figured only mutant class monsters could do.The spirit had played all those mutant class bugs like a fiddle. Han Sen knew he had to treat that spirit with great caution.The bugs were out of control. Severed limbs and dead bodies lay scattered and strewn across the area, as they attacked each other with wild ferocity.Watching so many insects die in such a fashion was a terrible sight.When the battle was over, only the initial iron bug remained alive. A few of its claws had been broken, but that did not prevent it from dining on the leftovers of the battlefield.As the bug dined on the bodies, its own body began to undergo a change. Its lost limbs recovered.Colored dots peppered its all-black shell, and it seemed to have even obtained the centipede's flame and spider's green light.Han Sen saw the bug claim all those powers for itself and was taken aback.Katcha!The iron bug's shell cracked, and something seem to emerge from inside its body. Following this, only an empty shell remained.The newborn iron bug was white. Its body shone like jade. Its eyes were red and its wings were translucent."Tchzi Tchzi!" The newborn iron bug made a couple of sharp noises."So, after all that, the bug evolves?" The spirit frowned, as she thought to herself. The results were beyond her expectations. The iron bug was the weakest mutant bug, and yet it had somehow survived.The spirit looked over the iron bug, which now seemed to resemble white jade. Then, she presented a box to the bug, one that had been crafted from vines. A bug emerged from the box.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1312: Fighting with Full PowerTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioGold General landed in front of Xie Qing King’s battered and bloodied body. With each step, cracks formed on the ground, as an extra to his intimidating approach.“Yes.” Gold General laughed and threw a wretched punch towards Xie Qing King.Xie Qing King blazed his silver light as he quickly summoned the fumes of power that resided within him and punched back at the wicked foe that had beaten him.He used every last ounce of power he could muster, going into this strike with the belief it could be his last. With great anger for the misdeed done upon him and what could possibly happen to everyone else in the shelter, he gave it his all.“Alu-Alu-Alu-Alu!”That complete release of strength led to a most magnificent display, as it leveled the palace and ruined everything around the two spirits that stood before each other.Xie Qing King would never throw in the towel, even if the reaper had come knocking. Even if he was to stumble and fall, he’d do what he could to get the last laugh.Gold General continued to smile as he broke the silver light that came for him. Then he broke it again, as Xie Qing King punched and punched with lesser strength each time.There was a big difference between nine and ten gene locks, and that was the difference that separated the two. It was to be expected, though; after all, Gold General was Cup Demon’s most favored subordinate. He was highly cherished and well looked after.Xie Qing King had not opened his tenth gene lock, and despite fully acknowledging the power gap between the two, he did not concede. He wasn’t going to, and he never would. Even with his body broken, he wasn’t going to stop.“End this pathetic display!” Cup Demon shouted, as he flew down towards the silver fox.Cup Demon had come to realize Little Silver was the strongest out of all the creatures and spirits that populated the shelter.And what’s more, the ten gene lock emperor that had been going up against the furry blighter was now on the rails. The silver fox, with the repeated heals it kept on receiving, was still as fit as a fiddle.“It’s over…” Moment Queen sighed, wondering whether or not she should try to escape now before it was too late.Moving Star Shelter had no spirit stone, so there was nothing tying anyone there. And neither did anyone have to worry a conquering of the shelter would result in Han Sen dying through the loss of a spirit stone.Regardless of what could happen next, death would be the prevailing factor. It was an uphill battle against a force containing several times their strength and numbers. They had lost well before it began. Staying there could only lead to one thing, and that was them dying a fruitless death.Death could come for her even if she did try to escape, but it was better that than the 100% certainty she would be killed by remaining.If Moment Queen was the master of the shelter, she would command those defending there to flee. And if anything happened to the silver fox right now, she didn’t think Han Sen would show much mercy to her or anyone else.But Moment Queen was out of ideas on how she could remedy the situation or at the very least save the fox under fire.No matter how strong Little Silver was, there was no way he could fight an emperor with ten gene locks open and the third Son of God at the same time.But just as she saw Cup Demon approach the silver fox, something else appeared to stop the leading spirit.Moment Queen was unable to fathom who might have come to their aid so suddenly.It was a little girl Moment Queen saw, one with a purple horn, purple hair, and amethyst eyes. In her hands was her signature weapon, the Bone Dagger. She looked like the human girl that always used to accompany Han Sen and rarely spoke.Moment Queen had never seen her like this before, and she couldn’t be sure it was Zero due to her lifeforce being rather different.But even if it was, she didn’t think it mattered too much. She didn’t think Zero was all that powerful, even in this new form she was taking on. There was no way she could hope to stop Cup Demon Emperor’s approach, she thought. The little girl must just want to do her part, or something like that. If now was the end, it was now or never, anyway.As Moment Queen pondered this peculiarity, she saw Cup Demon Emperor frown, commanding a legion of bugs to intercept her.His command to the bugs was fast, almost panicked, yet in the face of all those insects, the little girl’s resolve did not change. It was almost creepy, seeing how emotionless she was in the field of battle. She lifted her dagger as a red light began to gleam across it.The light pierced through the host of bugs before her, with its ultimate target lying past them, in the region of Cup Demon Emperor’s forehead.Cup Demon Emperor evaded the red light that came for him, but somehow he hadn’t. It was perplexing for Moment Queen herself to see. She had seen the spirit dodge, but somehow, the red light had still gotten him.The mantra that said the Falsified-Sky power never missed was as accurate as ever.“No way.” Moment Queen was audibly amazed by what she saw. Never in her wildest dreams could she expect or even believe what her very own eyes were telling her; the quiet little girl that followed Han Sen around was able to one-hit kill an emperor such as that.With one blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hit, Cup Demon Emperor’s lid had been peeled.Pang!Cup Demon Emperor exploded before everyone, which led to all the bugs vanishing with him.Not long after, though, another crowd of bugs appeared. And out of that crowd came Cup Demon Emperor once more.“You are strong, but you cannot kill me!” The newborn Cup Demon summoned a host of bugs once more.This time, he watched her dagger closely. He hadn’t been sure of what killed him earlier, so now he wanted to see.Zero’s expressionless face looked as unconcerned as ever, and so she simply raised the dagger up and lobbed it towards him.…Gold General accepted the order and flashed with a gold light, ready to finish off Xie Qing King.Pang! Pang! Pang!Gold General punched Xie Qing King a few times, breaking most of the bones in his body.Xie Qing King could no longer stand, as he had been damaged too much.He wanted to stand and fight for the security of the shelter, but he was bleeding profusely and the lights in his eyes were starting to dim.Gold General jumped up, ready to land his feet on Xie Qing King’s head and break it open like a pinata.Unable to dodge or do anything to repel this foe, Xie Qing King just watched the feet descend.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1143: I’ll Teach You How to Blow a XunTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThousands of jellyfish flowers flew inside the hole in the tree. Its capacity seemed infinite, as each entered without struggle. And as they did, the light inside grew in intensity.Han Sen felt the frightening power coming from inside the hole in the tree. It was so powerful, the dongxuan aura could not provide an accurate reading. Neither could he see what rested inside, beyond the blinding light.Xiang Yin didn’t seem to be focused on the hole. She merely continued to sit on the branch in a carefree manner. She looked at Han Sen and asked him, “Would you like me to teach you how to blow a xun?”“Sure.” With surprise, Han Sen passed her back the xun.This looked to be an important moment, so he did not expect her to set aside time to teach him how to play an instrument.Xiang Yin took the xun and placed her fingers on the holes around the instrument’s belly. She placed her lips around the head and blew it, as gentle and pleasant sounds were birthed and heard.Han Sen had never seen this instrument before, and the notes played were melancholic. It sounded as if someone was crying, or a woman was whispering to the wind in some lonely valley.The sounds were clear and defined, but at the same time not.The sound was reminiscent of a flute, and it was a delight to hear. Whether or not it was the instrument itself or the talent she possessed, the music produced was beautiful.Han Sen could see the notes physically emerge from the instrument, and how they became fairies that danced around them. He was stunned, witnessing it all.The creatures that were dying for the fruit and becoming restless were instantly soothed and calmed when they heard the music.Fortunately, Han Sen was powerful enough to not be lulled into a trance. He was able to just sit and admire her energy flow.Xiang Yin was using her energy flow to play the music, and this was something he had never seen anyone else do before. Han Sen doubted anyone could produce the same effects, even if they had the instrument to play.Xiang Yin knew she was being scanned by Han Sen. She was a berserk super creature with ten gene locks open, so his dongxuan aura with five gene locks open could not be hidden from her.She was not offended by his actions, though. She had decided to teach the young man how to play the xun, and that wasn’t going to change.Han Sen was shocked and did not expect he’d be able to watch her energy flow, but he was glad he could. He wanted to watch how she blew the xun.And Xiang Yin did not mind the violation. She did not mind him observing her energy flow. Her energy flow was, however, complicated. Merely trying to remember it was very difficult for Han Sen.When she finished playing her song, the creatures continued to sit in silence. Their eyes could not leave her grace so suddenly.The light in the hole then began to fade, and with it, so too were all the jellyfish. A light that was no brighter than a candle was all that was left there.Xiang Yin gave Han Sen back his xun and said, “This is all I can teach you for now. Practice more and you will be able to play a number of songs successfully.”“I will practice,” Han Sen said, as he took back the xun.He said this to please her, though. Han Sen was not really interested in the art of making music, only in the sonic powers that could be manipulated through the instrument.Xiang Yin knew Han Sen was not fond of music, either. But she still smiled and said, “Return. My time here is up.”After that, Xiang Yin turned to approach the hole herself.Han Sen did not know what to expect, so he just bid her farewell and made his way back to Queen and Blue Dinosaur. Then, they all watched her go towards the tree.Xiang Yin reached her hand inside and brought something out.The item was what made the hole glow. It was similar to a big waterdrop, and it wobbled in her hands like jelly.Xiang Yin kissed the blob and then consumed it.When she swallowed it, the scent of her body became much stronger. Her fragrance was so strong, it took on an appearance like smoke.The mist began to fill the entire cavern, giving the place a dreamy look. It was like heaven.Han Sen sniffed it and immediately felt refreshed; so much so, he felt several years younger. All the creatures in the area sniffed it, too, and they looked to be really enjoying it. It was a divine treat for them all, as well.The smell of her body hung in the air like a delightful haze. Eventually, it parted like a curtain, and then, a stone door appeared.The door had no markings or anything, but it looked holy. It made all who laid eyes on it feel tiny. Aside from Xiang Yin, all the creatures knelt when seeing the door. The rat king and toad king showed great respect as well and did the same.“The gate to the Fourth God’s Sanctuary.” Han Sen was in absolute shock.When he was in the Second God’s Sanctuary, the Holy Rhino and Little Fairy had been taken by spirits into the Third God’s Sanctuary.Han Sen expected a spirit to emerge from that stone door and bring her forward into a new realm, but it remained shut.Xiang Yin flew around in the mist like a fairy, and it looked like she wanted nothing more than to open the door and go through.

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