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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1467: Another Geno BattlegroundTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe minor issue mentioned by the green-clothed woman was a berserk super creature guarding the spirit statue.The green-clothed woman could send Han Sen to the spirit hall with ease, but Han Sen would have to slay the beast in order to grab the stone that was embedded in the statue’s forehead.According to her, the berserk super creature had resided in the shelter since before the Elysium elders perished.Over the years, the berserk super creature had only become stronger and stronger. Its power was immense, and with that thing guarding the spirit statue, Han Sen didn’t fancy his chances.Even after inquiring about the berserk super creature’s powers and abilities, he wasn’t entirely sure whether or not if he should agree.“Let me think about it.” Han Sen didn’t reject the offer outright.“You don’t have much time to dwell on this. When Gu Qingcheng returns, this opportunity will be gone,” the woman said.“Just let me think for a moment.” Han Sen was still not convinced.Han Sen was smart. He knew the limits and extent of his own capabilities well. He knew squaring-off against a berserk super creature for a spirit stone was a fool’s errand for someone of his strength.The only way Han Sen would be able to grab the spirit stone was if he entered the spirit hall completely undetected and remained out of sight.The green-clothed woman did not rush Han Sen to make a decision. “Do you know what Gu Qingcheng went to do?”“Do you know?” Han Sen knew she was being rhetorical.The woman said, “You have entered the geno core storage, haven’t you? Do you know about the geno core battleground?”“Of course.” Han Sen nodded.“There are two different types of geno core battlegrounds. You have only seen one. There is another type that requires a special geno core storage to enter,” the woman explained.“Are you saying Gu Qingcheng went to another geno core battleground? What is she doing there?” Han Sen asked.The woman quietly told him, “It is called Geno Battleground, but this one is a battleground for combatants to claim the geno cores of others.”“What does that mean?” Han Sen frowned.“The demi-gods that enter this battleground can kill their opponents and claim their geno cores. Geno cores grow quickly in that place, and they can level up quite fast,” the green-clothed woman said.“There’s a place like this? How can I get there?” Han Sen asked with shock.“To enter a Geno Battleground, you first need an access point for the geno core storage. But it has to be a special geno core storage access point. Gu Qingcheng left so she could modify her own geno core storage to allow this. When I wake up, she will force me into this battleground and make me level up quickly.”“Does this benefit her in any way?” Han Sen asked quietly.“I don’t know, but you are my priest and you must go with me. There is a high chance you will be killed in such a place,” the woman said.“Why? I think you’re weaker than me.” Han Sen laughed.The green-clothed woman rebutted, “If I die in there, I can revive via my spirit stone. If you die, you die. How’s that for a comparison?”“I understand.” Han Sen bore a wry smile and shook his head.“If you don’t want to be forced into the Geno Battleground, this is the only way to avoid that. If you take my spirit stone, I will help you escape Elysium Shelter,” the woman said.“But there is a berserk super creature there. Even if I did grab your spirit stone from the statue, getting out would be a different matter entirely. When I take the stone, you won’t be able to control the shelter anymore. You won’t be able to zap me out, and I’ll have that berserk super creature breathing down my neck.”“Who said I can’t? If I can’t do something that simple, what’s the point of me being referred to as a holy child?” The volume of her voice dropped then, and she said, “I have an escape route. Grab the stone, and I’ll get you out of that hall.”“Let me think about it.” Although Han Sen was tempted, he didn’t entirely believe her. They were still practically strangers, and Han Sen didn’t know her too well.“Wimp,” the woman said, then stopped talking. Her mood soured, and she looked mad.Han Sen cared little about upsetting her, though. He would rather go to the Geno Battleground to level up his geno core than risk his life by infiltrating the spirit hall.Over the next few days, though, she tried many times to convince Han Sen to change his mind and get the spirit stone for her. He eventually ignored all mentions of the subject.She knew Han Sen was not willing to risk this for her, and her attitude eventually took a turn. After a while, she ignored him completely.When Gu Qingcheng returned and noticed that Han Sen had actually stayed in the garden, she smiled. “You didn’t disappoint me. You really are the heir of Han Jinzhi. You two might always lie to others, but you never allow yourselves to be tricked, either.”“My grandfather is Han Jinzhi, but he was only a small officer. He’s not the one you keep referring to.” Han Sen sighed.Han Sen had picked up on one thing for sure; something had happened between Han Jinzhi and Gu Qingcheng. That was why Gu Qingcheng didn’t like Han Sen very much. It probably boiled down to him being a descendant of Han Jinzhi.Gu Qingcheng looked at Han Sen with disdain and said, “Don’t talk crap. That old fox might be able to fool others, but I’m the only one he never could. You didn’t get tricked by the holy child into doing something stupid, however. Not bad.”“You know she is awake, don’t you?” Han Sen asked Gu Qingcheng.She nodded and said, “It is best not to believe anything she says. Otherwise, you’ll end up dead before you know it, without a clue how it came about.”“Then, what were you doing while you were away from the shelter?” Han Sen asked.“Modifying the emperor class geno core storage. I required a rare geno component. I was the only one in Elysium Shelter who could retrieve it.” Gu Qingcheng actually looked happy. “The geno core storage’s modifications should be finished soon. Then, you may enter with the holy child.”“At least the woman in the painting didn’t lie about this,” Han Sen thought to himself.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1226: Thunder Hell EmperorTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen used the Night Cloak every night to sneak into Thunder Hell Shelter. On the sixth night of doing this, he found a reduced number of super creatures and king spirits in the Thunder Garden. Understanding this, he knew the time to strike was now.He swiftly returned to the underground shelter, and with everyone gathered around, he formulated a plan that would enable him to retrieve the spirit stone.Han Sen had been watching the proceedings of the garden for two nights. He wanted to ensure Thunder Hell Emperor had indeed gone and taken a hearty-sized posse of his best with him. If the spirit was gone, Han Sen would wait until the emperor had crossed a great distance and a quick return would be impossible.After Han Sen was able to confirm he was gone, things were looking up. Still, he couldn’t yet determine what would await him in the spirit hall. If he went inside, the Night Cloak wouldn’t work. It was a one-way ticket.On the night of the third day, Han Sen hid everyone in his Sea of Soul, and if they couldn’t go in there, they were instead placed inside the Cruel Bottle. With the Night Cloak on, he snuck back inside.The spirit hall was situated behind the garden. The super creatures and king spirits were again unaware of Han Sen’s infiltration.If they noticed, by the time they did so, Han Sen would be crossing the spirit hall.Han Sen worried how many super creatures were acting as sentinels inside the hall, but there was no way of telling without exposing himself after stepping in. Whatever the case would be, he had to grab the stone and grab it fast.Han Sen could not return to Holy-Sword Shelter now. It was too late, and even if he beat the hostile forces there, taking on an emperor and his army would be incredibly difficult.Purple Emperor was not a complete emperor, so there was no chance of him being able to match Thunder Hell Emperor in combat.The only way Han Sen could beat him, he figured, was by taking his spirit stone.Thus far, Han Sen’s infiltration of the garden had been easy. He observed the geno plants all around and thought to himself, “When I’ve got the spirit stone; I need to get sucking.”Han Sen looked over at the hall, which was not too far from him now, and inched his way over to it. He noted how it had the soft, mystic grandeur of some ancient temple.Getting into position a small ways from the entrance, Han Sen summoned Little Angel, Disloyal Knight, and the rest of his compatriots. Everyone readied themselves for a battle and started running towards the gate.The run-up to the spirit hall had environmental traps that frequently blasted black lightning all about. It tried to fry unauthorized intruders who sought to reach the hall.The black lightning flickered out like craggy rocks, and sometimes like webs of electrocution. Fortunately, none came to harm, as all of Han Sen’s forces were able to avoid the lightning. With a hefty strike, they all reached the gate and pummeled it down.Boom!The entire structure vibrated as the gate collapsed under the obliterating force. The noise was loud, though, and it might as well have been the sounding of an alarm.Old Huang and Little Zhao were talking to each other over the warming glow of a campfire as this transpired. Old Huang said, “Do you honestly believe that Han Sen can achieve something? I’m telling you, he cannot. Kids and their role models these days…”Before he could finish berating his camp partner, the ground vibrated all of a sudden. It shocked him dearly.“What happened?!” Old Huang exclaimed and stood up.Little Zhao looked over to the garden and said, “Look, something is happening over in the garden. Han Sen is striking!”“How?” Old Huang saw lightning and vines erupt over the garden walls he could only peer at.“Quick! Tell everyone to leave; we can’t risk killing each other,” Little Zhao said as he took off running to warn the others.“That could not have been him. You must be joking, surely!” Old Huang was quite the doubter.…Inside the spirit hall, four super creatures and four king spirits stood as guards. The ones in the garden were quick to react, too, chasing the intruding crowd like wolves trailing blood.Han Sen told Thorn Queen to do her best to prohibit their passage and block them with her command of thorns and vines. Then, he, Xie Qing King, Purple Emperor, and Little Angel raced into the hall to engage the enemies before them.Super creatures and king spirits ahead of them were snared into battle with Han Sen’s fighters, while he transformed into a gold raven and swiftly flew over to the statue’s forehead.Han Sen wanted to grab the spirit stone as fast as he could and not suffer any delays.The creatures and king spirits were enraged as he soared above them all. They sought to react, but Little Angel and Xie Qing King were able to re-engage the attention of those that sought to break away and chase after Han Sen. Han Sen’s talons almost came into contact with the spirit stone.But just before he could touch it, a monster leaped out of the spirit stone. It was Thunder Hell Emperor himself.He was furious. He had been in the Third God’s Sanctuary for the longest time, and this was the first time he had ever committed suicide to respawn back at his spirit hall.Seeing the raven trying to snatch the stone, he threw a slap in its direction.His palm quivered with the shimmering creation of a black hole. It was a terrifying move that warped the dimensions it traveled along. It looked like a black, hungry maw that wished to chew up and consume all in its path.Han Sen immediately felt the power head his way, so he reacted by throwing Snowball towards it.Snowball turned into a white ball and fell inside the black hole.Lightning exploded inside that black hole, striking the white orb with frightening ferocity. The white sphere was getting pulled and twisted like dough, but it remained strong and didn’t break.Han Sen did not expect Thunder Hell Emperor to return so quickly, but he was past the point of no return. He had to take the stone now; it was now or never. Like a glorious phoenix that could transcend space, Han Sen soared with a blazing trail of fire in his wake and tried to grab the stone.The super creatures that had followed Thunder Hell Emperor out were on their way back. But all the king spirits that had left had also committed suicide to return, too. The entire shelter brimmed with a hostile aura of terrible power.

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棋牌送彩金18⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 685: Shocking the Alliance AgainTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHuang Yunlong was the north's champion and top human evolver; not even Han Sen could beat him easily. But before the adiraid, his persona had shriveled to that of a fleeing scoundrel. The adiraid caught up with him easily. A few cuts and slices removed his armor. Then, his helmet was removed, which came terrifyingly close to taking his scalp off along with it. "Han Sen! I have no grudge with you. If you let me go now, I'll appreciate it. If you don't let me go, my Blood Legion will most likely avenge me." Huang Yunlong, in between his evasions and pleas, screamed and yelped as he tried to escape. Han Sen frowned, as he had heard about the Blood Legion before. When humans first entered their Interstellar Era, they experienced many unique events and encountered a variety of different species. It provided a great expansion to humanity's understanding of life and their own existence. This also led to the forming of different religions and dogmas. The Blood Legion was one of those religious organizations. Han Sen had heard that the Blood Legion was responsible for one of the Alliance's greatest events. It took lethal force to suppress them, and they were branded a cult. They were supposedly wiped out, without a trace. But in the past hundred years, the Blood Legion's popularity had been on the rise once more. A lot of people had been contacted by missionaries of the supposed Blood Legion, in a recruitment spree. Their activities had been viewed negatively, and over the past few years of their resurgence, many people had died for their allegiance to the cult. Many others did not lose their lives, but instead, their possessions, wealth, and social standing. Everything that defined who they once were, was nullified after becoming a member. Han Sen did not expect Huang Yunlong to have ties with the Blood Legion, but that did not change anything. No matter who he was, Han Sen had to end him. If he didn't cut the head off this snake, people would assume Han Sen was soft, and others might try their hand at coming after him, as well. Han Sen decided to live like a man. Huang Yunlong was responsible for the events of the day. He wanted Huang Yunlong's death to warn others who might one day seek to do the same. Huang Yunlong shouted, but Han Sen did not care. He just coldly watched as the adiraid sliced him, cutting him down bit by bit. Huang Yunlong was quite the elite, and after thirty slashes, he had yet to fall. Even Han Sen was not much stronger than him. But facing the adiraid, Huang Yunlong had no chance. Death would be the only resolution to his encounter with it. His wounds slowed him down, and what happened next was inevitable. His head was lopped off. He didn't even have the time to close his eyes before he was beheaded. His open eyes spoke to the way he felt, in the final moments before his death. He was angry, and he did not feel that what was happening to him was fair. Lu Hui and Lei Heng Wu were frozen as they watched. The northern master, Huang Yunlong, who had reigned the north for sixty years, was cut down just like that. And a dozen evolvers who had opened their gene locks were fought off by an angel-looking creature under the command of Han Sen. Only six managed to escape her wrath. Han Sen did not even have to dirty his hands. The angel-looking creature had delivered the frightening results he desired on his behalf. "What the hell is that thing?" Lei Heng Wu was flabbergasted. He was unable to determine whether or not the adiraid was indeed a spirit. Even if it was, he didn't believe it would follow the commands of any human. In the red morning light, the adiraid looked like a holy figure, tainted with an evil corruption. "Let's go." Lu Hui commanded his people to leave. He was worried that if they remained there, Han Sen might misunderstand the meaning of their presence. If Han Sen believed they were with Huang Yunlong, they wouldn't end up any better. The angel-looking creature was far too scary. For the people that had run off a great distance, Han Sen did not command the adiraid to follow. He then looked in Lu Hui's direction. After that, he went to scavenge and see what he might find on the ghastly remains of those who had been slain. Nothing. Most of them had a little coinpouch, with some money and their cards inside, but that was it. Han Sen had a look at Huang Yunlong and Cheng Yulang's cards. In between them, he saw the symbol of the Nine-Life Cat. "Blood Legion... is there any connection between it and the Nine-Life Cat?" Han Sen's facial expression was complicated, unsure whether or not this was just a coincidence. But Han Sen had never heard of the Blood Legion making use of the Nine-Life Cat as some form of symbol. He did remember that the Blood Legion believed in the Blood God, however. It was a god that could control the blood power of creatures. Aside from Huang Yunlong and Cheng Yulang, none of the others had the same card. Han Sen then set up a pyre. After burning all the corpses, he left. The battle in which Huang Yunlong had been killed in his attempt to assassinate Han Sen shocked the whole Alliance. Because of the Life Geno essence, many people had kept their eye on Han Sen. No one had expected Huang Yunlong would have been the first to try to take it. A lot of other factions felt relieved. Many had made plans to do the same as Huang Yunlong did, and they were glad that he had attempted such a thing first. If they went, they'd only have traded places and been the ones who were killed instead. "The creature that looks like an angel; is that a spirit? If it was a spirit, then it'd be indestructible. It'd be a thousand times harder than hunting down a super creature, for sure. How did Han Sen come to have something such as that in his possession?" Many factions and organizations were shocked, and they fervently tried to guess what the angel might have been. Most of them believed it was a beast soul, while a few continued thinking it was a spirit. No matter what it was, however, everyone knew that with such a creature by his side, Han Sen was invincible in the Second God's Sanctuary. Unless someone had the most flawless assassination plan, killing him would be impossible. What happened to Huang Yunlong alarmed everyone. A lot of people who were planning on assassinating Han Sen now realized that doing it in a shelter was impossible. Killing him in the Alliance would be the only way. But to attack Han Sen in the Alliance would be difficult. Everyone believed Han Sen to be from the Ji family. He was also with the Special Security Operation Team, which had deep ties to the Qin family. With a background like that, most attacks against him would be useless. After Han Sen returned, he contacted Ji Yanran. He told her she could be in charge of the frosty bear Life Geno essence. He had been unable to absorb the Life Geno essence so far, so it was pointless for him to keep it right now. Particularly since all it did was draw the jealousy and ire of others. If Han Sen gave it to the Ji family, people would know that he could not absorb the Life Geno essence and it would hopefully prevent them from bothering him.He wasn't afraid of fighting, but assassination attempts were difficult to avoid. In the Alliance, he was not invincible. There was no point in being killed for an item that was worthless to him. Han Sen did want to know if there was any way to absorb the Life Geno essence, however. With his own knowledge and wealth, his ability to perform tests and experiments was limited. Therefore, providing it to the Ji family was the best course of action. He thought about selling the first generation Life Geno essences he could not absorb to others. Such items would most likely be useless to them, as well, but at least he'd earn a lot of cash.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 270: Golden CrystalTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen did not know how to describe what he felt at the time. After crossing mountains, rivers, and the ocean, it turned out that the golden lion came to the desolate island just to give birth to its offspring. The golden mountain seemed to be a volcano with a large basin on top. The golden lion was crouching inside the basin, howling. Han Sen had got off the lion's back and watched the lion for seven days. In the beginning, he thought the lion might have gotten sick from eating too many red flowers, and wanted to see if the lion was going to die. However, after crying for a week, the lion gave birth to an elephant-sized baby lion. It turned out the lion came here to give birth. "So it just gave birth to its baby. End of story." Han Sen sighed and prepared to leave. The golden lion was so strong that Han Sen would not survive its attack even though it was weak from giving birth. As Han Sen turned around, he suddenly heard a shrill scream from the lion, which suddenly spit out a large amount of golden blood. Han Sen paused. There was no other creature here, so why would the lion suddenly spit out blood? Momentarily, the golden lion spit out more blood like a fountain. As Han Sen was surprised, he suddenly saw a golden crystal globe with a diameter of 3 feet. The crystal was as brilliant as a diamond and seemed to have the entire galaxy sparkling inside it. Han Sen gazed at it and thought, "What is that?" After spitting out the miraculous golden crystal, the golden lion stopped roaring and tried to separate the crystal from its blood with its paw. Because of its giant size, the lion had a hard time moving the golden crystal in front of the baby lion that it just gave birth to, which had not even opened its eyes. "Roar!" After doing all that, the golden lion regarded the baby lion licking the golden crystal and closed its eyes. It seemed that it had died. Han Sen was dumbstruck. He wasn't sure if the golden lion was really dead, but blood kept coming out of its mouth and the basin and became an inch-deep pool. There was no way the lion would live. The baby lion that was just born had no idea what had happened. With its eyes still closed, it was holding the golden crystal with two paws and licking it with its tongue. "Let's do this." Han Sen was good at assassination and was very sensitive about how lively a creature was. It was obvious that the golden lion had died. The golden crystal it spit out seemed to be something quite precious. Han Sen watched the baby lion licking it became stronger after a while. Han Sen gritted his teeth, summoned wings and flew into the basin. He drew the beetle knight spear and stuck it between the baby lion and the golden crystal. Using the spear as a lever, he moved the golden crystal away from the baby lion's paws. The golden crystal rolled away toward the wall. The baby lion became upset. Being just born, it could not even open its eyes or stand up, and its paws were still weak. All it could do was to sniff in the direction of the golden crystal and make puerile growling. Han Sen had flown into the air, observing the giant golden lion from afar. Seeing it remained completely still, Han Sen then felt relaxed and flew toward the golden crystal. He first knocked at it with his spear. It sounded like a stone. Han Sen reached out to touch it; it did feel cool. "The lion would not do any harm to its baby, right? Since the baby lion could lick it, there should be no problem." Han Sen glanced at the growling baby lion, which was struggling to come over, and made up his mind. He too licked at the golden crystal. As his tongue touched the golden crystal, he felt the crystal melting into liquid. Although there was not much taste, the cooling sense was refreshing. As he drank it, Han Sen felt a chill. It felt that all his spores were suddenly open and that he had more energy than he could use. "Amazing stuff indeed!" Han Sen felt so energetic and overjoyed that he licked the crystal continuously. It was like sucking on an icicle. The faster he licked, the more liquid he got. Very soon, Han Sen had licked away a football-sized piece of crystal. As he was drinking the golden liquid, he almost felt reborn. Energy filled all of his cells. "What is this? This is much better than Viagra! This must be the life essence of the golden lion?" Han Sen was overjoyed, as he knew the golden crystal must be something amazing. The baby lion quickly struggled to get up. Han Sen pondered and tried to hold the golden crystal up, which was lighter than he had thought, just around 200 pounds. Han Sen held it up and flew to the other end of the basin. The baby lion wouldn't give up. Sniffing around, it kept crawling, persistent to get the crystal back. "I did not want to kill you because you are just a baby. But since you will not give up, I will have no mercy." Han Sen made up his mind and stabbed the spear at the baby lion. Ding! The spear did not even break the baby lion's skin. The spear head was even bounced back by its fur. Han Sen widened his eyes and looked at the baby lion incredulously.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 102: See you at the finalTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen had made up his mind to practice Bladestorm in the contest by using Bladestorm only when facing his opponents. If others dared to do this, they might have died a million deaths already. But Han Sen was in sacred-blood armor, so hardly any attack was fatal to him. That was why he could practice in the contest.Han Sen had given up on using his mutant sawfish spear. Without good spear skills, this weapon was useless in front of these champions.Fighting opponents of different styles, Han Sen had made great progress and his Bladestorm got better and better--as long as his opponent was not too fearsome, he could always cope with using just Bladestorm, but it was always the bloody slayer that got him the victory.This way, Han Sen's matches had become very hard to watch. He was always winning by a narrow margin and there were times it seemed that he was about to lose.And there were two matches in which his opponents had already been seriously injured in their last rounds and were thus easily defeated by Han Sen. Everyone thought he got lucky.The negative reports about Dollar were overwhelming. And in particular, the high praise Fang Mingquan sang in Contest Center fanned the flames.Fang Mingquan was talking through his hat—as an evolver who could not even enter First God’s Sanctuary, he managed analyze so much from his reporters’ oral account alone. In general, he was saying Dollar was invincible, everything was in control and Dollar would be the final winner.This of course had attracted much hatred toward Fang Mingquan and Contest Center. It chanced that although Dollar’s matches were never fun to watch, he had never lost either, which supported Fang’s claim.The criticism got worse and worse. Especially those who were optimistic about Yi Dongmu were sniffy about everything Fang said and objected each day.Yi Dongmu was still keeping a formidable record. In two consecutive rounds he was able to kill his opponents in one blow, causing many of his following opponents to quit the matches against him.In three consecutive rounds, all his opponents threw in the towel, which made Yi’s fame peak. Many media were running lengthy features about him and many predicted he would be the final champion this year.He had even stolen Tang Zhenliu and Lin Feng’s thunder.As for the Contest Center, Fang Mingquan and Dollar, they had become a big joke in the press."Dollar will win" had become a popular spoof this year, as an irony, of course.Some people found that Yi Dongmu and Han Sen would meet before one became the Chosen and posted the finding on the Skynet, which caused a heated discussion."I sincerely pray every day that Dollar had to keep winning so that he could meet Yi Dongmu, who will teach him what a master looks like.""Ha-ha, funny! I agree, God bless Dollar!""Bless Dollar!""Bless Dollar!"..."Bless Dollar" had also become a buzzword, and was seen everywhere in the comments of all sorts of programs about the contest.Especially in the online community of Contest Center, "bless Dollar" would flood the screen every day.Han Sen knew about this, but did not react at all. He never thought of Yi as his equal.In the Han Sen’s view, the likelihood of Yi Dongmu winning Tang was less than 30 percent, and if Yi met Lin Feng, he would stand no chance.The opponent Han Sen really cared about was Lin Feng. These days he had seen many matches and had a general understanding of most contestants, among whom he felt Lin Feng was the most formidable.This quiet and gentle man made him feel unpredictable. His every move seemed very natural but followed a strange rhythm. Han Sen’s prejudgment was quite good, but he was unable to predict Lin’s rhythm, which scared him.Han Sen had seen every match of Lin Feng’s and almost all the matches were closely-fought. Lin was always winning by a small margin. Almost all Lin’s opponents performed outstandingly and they all lost nonetheless. It felt so strange that Han Sen cringed."Formidable guy," Han Sen commented. He knew his techniques and strength were both weaker than Lin. Luckily he would not meet Lin before top 10, or else he was not sure if he could become the Chosen.Tang was still practicing how to avoid Han Sen’s attacks in a close fight. He was not making much progress though.But Lin Feng said if Tang met Yi Dongmu, Yi would not be much of a threat to Tang, which was close to Han Sen’s judgment—Yi didn’t get the essence of the art of assassination, so he could hardly beat Tang.Perhaps the phrase "bless Dollar" played a role here. In the next rounds, Han Sen’s opponents either were badly injured or lost important beast souls in the previous rounds and some even had accidents in the Alliance. It took Han Sen no effort to keep rising. Even Han Sen himself felt quite incredible.Those fans of the Yi Dongmu gave Hen Sen another nickname "Lucky D," taunting his lack of real skill.One day, after the end of a match, Han Sen came down from the stage and saw Lin Feng finishing his match as well. Their stages were close, so Lin saw him and to his surprise, walked toward him.Many around them had noticed this scene. After all, Lin Feng was the runner-up last year. although his performance was not that brilliant this year, he was still a favorite. Also, Han Sen had been the center of attention for a while.Lin Feng approached Han Sen. He smiled and reached out a hand, "Always wanted to say hello to you, but never had a chance.""Same here." Han Sen shook his hand.Lin seemed to be satisfied with this, and said, "See you at the final."Lin turned away, but his words stunned everyone who was listening, as if they had seen a 12.0 magnitude earthquake.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1233: Emperor TreasureTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe entry point was not submerged in Sky Pure Water, but was dry as land instead. Veiling himself in a cloak of silver lightning, Han Sen proceeded forward as the blue lightning cowered away from him.The hole was the perfect size for one person to go through. As he felt his way through, it was practically a tunnel, complete with its own twists and turns. After traversing as far as he could, he eventually reached the bottom. There was nothing particularly special about the way he had gone, and it was just as he had seen it from the outside.Inside the stone was a semi-circular space, and each hole had an exit point that led into that place. Han Sen saw a small tree inside, growing in a pot.The tree was thirty centimeters tall, and it looked like a small coconut tree. The strangest thing about it was that the tree seemed to have been forged from actual electricity or lightning. Its appearance was not too dissimilar to that of a plasma ball.There were three blue fruits growing on the electric branches of the tree, but weirdly, each fruit had something within it. The three lightning fruit each held something different. The highest of the trio had a knight in armor sitting inside as blue lightning flickered around him.The knight was wearing armor and a helmet, though, so Han Sen could not see its face. He could not even see its eyes.The left fruit had a hammer inside it. Its shape was fairly unremarkable, and it looked like an average blacksmith’s hammer, aside from the blue lightning that crackled around the head. It also had the symbol of lightning forged on it.The right fruit had a hand. It was white and pristine, with beautiful, untarnished nails.In the palm of the hand was another lightning symbol.Han Sen felt strange as he looked upon them. The plant was growing three wholly different items.The fruits were not yet mature, but the lifeforces of the tree and its fruit were frighteningly powerful. There was no doubt in Han Sen’s mind that he had stumbled across treasure belonging to an emperor spirit.But if they were geno weapons, why would a knight and a hand be growing inside the fruits?They could have been creatures, but the idea of a creature that had the form of a hammer was bewildering.Han Sen might not have been able to tell what they were right now, but whatever would come from them had to be good. There was a reason why Thunder Hell Emperor had gone to such great lengths to hide the tree beneath a well submerged in Sky Pure Water.“Whatever these are, they’ll be awesome when they’re mature. I should help boost its growth; you can’t find an emperor plant every day, after all.” Han Sen summoned his black crystal and bestowed a number of drops upon the tree.He examined the fruit the fruit one last time, and he got giddy as he wondered how good the items would be.“If they’re beast souls, that’d be terrific. Imagine if they were berserk super class!” Han Sen thought to himself.Han Sen decided to summon Dragon King. He was a knowledgeable fellow on a great number of subjects, so there was a chance he could shed some more light on what was growing on the tree.“Do you know what this is?” Han Sen said.Dragon King, seeing the mini tree, looked shocked. He went around it to observe it carefully, saying, “How very peculiar. This should be a lightning emperor geno plant, correct? It is strange how the things inside don’t look very… electric.”“Excuse me? The stuff inside isn’t lightning?” Han Sen frowned in a pause, before continuing on to say, “You must be mistaken. You are, aren’t you? The items inside even have the symbol of lightning emblazoned across them.”Dragon King explained, “I have hundreds of thousands of years of experience. Trust me, I am not mistaken when I tell you that whatever is inside that tree is not lightning.”“Then, can you explain?” Han Sen asked, frowning.Dragon King looked at the fruit and said, “I can’t be sure about the hand and the hammer, but I know for sure everything you’d need to know about the knight.”“Okay, go on; I’m listening.” Han Sen gestured for him to proceed.Dragon King laughed and said, “I used to grow those. It’s a super beast soul, and it goes by the name Twin Knight.”“Twin Knight? But there is only one of them!” Han Sen found it hard to believe they were twins.“Before you spirits sign a contract with humans, you can’t use beast souls. Isn’t that right?” Han Sen said.Dragon King balked and said, “No, it wasn’t for me. It was for my man, Dragon Knight.”“Dragon Knight? You had someone to ride you?” Han Sen looked at Dragon King with shock.Dragon King’s face turned green, and he explained, “No, it’s not like that! Dragon Knights are knights with dragon blood. They are powerful super creatures, actually; not too far off your Disloyal Knight. I had a whole battalion of them, at one point.”“You had a whole battalion to ride you? You are good.” Han Sen laughed and went on to say, “Anyway, keep going. What is the Twin Knight?”“The Twin Knight beast soul should grow on the Twin Tree. I had them, and I was going to use a Twin Knight to combine with my favorite Dragon Knight, so he could act as a leader. But something went wrong with the tree and it died; you know how it goes. But I am telling you, this is identical to my Twin Knight. And believe me, I am as perplexed as you about why it is growing on a lightning tree.” Dragon King looked genuinely confused.“You still haven’t told me what it does,” Han Sen said, looking directly at him.Dragon King laughed and said, “Oh, that is simple! It can possess other knights and have powers opposite to what it currently has.”“Does that mean if a knight has a fire element, and it is possessed, it will instead use an ice element?” Han Sen asked.“No. It is extra; as in, you can use ice and fire together,” Dragon King explained.Han Sen was delighted with the treasure he had stumbled across. He thought that item would be a terrific gain for him. If Disloyal Knight used it, he wondered, what would his powers become?

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Wu Feihu⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1381: Silent DeadlightTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioWhen Han Sen saw the beam, it was too late for him to dodge. Instead, he threw his fist at it.Boom!An overwhelming force of power sent Han Sen spiraling into the cave wall, causing it to collapse and bury him. He lost his grip on the Starsea Orb as this happened, resulting in him dropping it.The woman picked it up, frowned, and said, “This man’s lifeforce is strange.”The dog responded, saying, “It’s too late to say that. After my laser, he is practically dead.”“I suppose. He was not needed, anyway.” The woman and her canine companion then left, as swiftly and as silently as they had arrived.The dog, following her closely from behind, said, “Well, we can’t say it was a wasted trip. It’s a remarkable thing, getting our hands on a gemstone geno core. Your self geno core just reached gemstone class, didn’t it? Now you’ve got another one! You’re a very lucky person, if I might say so, milady.”“It’s only a gemstone geno core.”“Yes, but you got it yourself. You worked for it. That is far better than being gifted one, as you were given by the master of Sacred Shelter.”…A hand shot out through a mound of rocks and rubble. Within the haze and mist that cloaked it, a light began to shine, brighter than the midday sun.The beam must have been the power of a sacred-blood creature, and what’s more, it had the power of Silence, which could kill a person in an instant. Without super king spirit, he would have died.Han Sen examined the empty cave he was now standing in. He was bitter at what had transpired, and while gritting his teeth, he vowed to take revenge on the people who had done this to him.“They were strong. Too strong. I need to hurry up and max out my mutant geno points quickly. That’d be the least I need, if I hope to take out that dog. Sacred Shelter is what they said, wasn’t it? Oh, I’ll remember that. They’re going to regret making an enemy out of me.” Han Sen was suffering a mixture of emotions right now, all tanged with negativity.He turned around, however, and then saw something. Where the dog’s laser had blasted, another cave had been revealed. That cave was incredibly bright, and the shining lights dispersed the dusty haze that choked most of the cave.Inside there, Han Sen saw an egg that was around one meter in size. It seemed to have been decorated by a number of stars.“Oh, wow! It looks like I might not be walking away empty-handed, after all. Is that a Starsea Beast egg?” Han Sen’s pain had been alleviated somewhat, and so he limped over to examine it with greater clarity.A gemstone geno core was a fine thing to find, but it wouldn’t do anything to increase his genes. That egg, however, might be able to increase his geno points.Han Sen quickly took out his horn and put it to the shell, ready to drill a hole inside.With all his strength, Han Sen began drilling a hole with his horn, so he could help himself to a big suck. The shell was thicker than expected, though, and a flurry of sparks flew dangerously close to his now-squinting eyes. A while later, he noticed he had managed to bore a small hole in the eggshell.Thinking he might have gone through, Han Sen planted his lips firmly on it, thinking he could suck the contents out. Unfortunately, he had not drilled in deep enough, and no sweet, yoke-y nectar was available to be tasted. So, Han Sen swapped his lips for an eye. He tried to get a look at whatever was inside, but he was unable to see.So, with his hands, Han Sen tried to fit his fingers in the hole and dig away more of the shell manually. Half an hour later, the hole had become the size of a ping-pong ball. He tried using his horn again, but after a few more drill sessions, the egg suddenly shattered.There was no juice inside, but there was a small three-horned dinosaur.It had three horns and it was blue.The three horns looked as if they had been made out of crystal, tinted the color of the night sky. Lights twinkled inside, as if they were a reflection of the sparkling cosmos.“This has to be the baby of the Starsea Beast, yes? It must be!” A baby would provide more genes than the undeveloped yoke would, that much was for certain.Han Sen was going to grab it and take it with him, regardless of whether it was alive or dead. The thing had its eyes shut, so now was the best time.But that quickly changed when Han Sen leaned down to grab it. The eyes opened, and in an ever-cute newborn immediacy, it jumped up and began to waddle around.Han Sen thought of dubbing it a Galaxy Beast, in reference to its gorgeous horns. He also thought naming it was silly, since he was already planning to make it his supper. And when he reached his arms down, ready to throttle it to death, the baby creature saw it as a sign of affection. Then, it leaped into his arms.Han Sen was surprised to see this. He thought he’d have to fight the creature if he wished to get it. But he wasn’t a complete sucker for cute creatures, and as he stared into its mesmerizingly beautiful blue eyes, it began licking his face affectionately.“If you lick me again, I’ll kill you.” Han Sen said, as he put the creature down.Galaxy Beast dropped onto its bum and stared at Han Sen, who towered above it.“This is a great opportunity to get sacred-blood geno points, I hope you know that. So forgive me for this, and don’t take it to be anything personal,” Han Sen said, as he raised the horn up high, primed to strike. “Survival of the fittest. The strong survive, the weak die a horrible death unfairly. In the next life, become a lady. Folks like me might treat you better.”Han Sen then launched his arm towards the creature, putting all his strength into the strike.Galaxy Beast remained still, curious what Han Sen was doing. It was as innocent as could be.“I… I…” Han Sen beat the creature with his horn a number of times, but it remained unfazed.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 821: I Want to Fight Against DollarTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was not allowed to take part in the meetings between the Alliance and the visiting shura, in which they sought to broker peace. The introductory meetings took them only two days, but it would take at least two months to negotiate terms.There were many conspiracies in the works, ones which Han Sen could not understand due to his lack of proficiency in the field of politics. All he did was wait until Ji Yanran was ready for him to go to the dinner.Ji Yanran was very nervous. After all, she was a girl. She knew Han Sen was strong, but the thought of him having to fight for her in such an important battle made her anxious.Such a fight wasn't meant to be life-threatening. The fight did not allow the use of weapons, and elites would be watching the entire proceedings. If things were being taken too far, demi-god elites would swoop in and bring an end to the exhibit.But even so, Ji Yanran was worried. She looked for her father, wanting to know if there was a way they could avoid the fight.Ji Ruozhen was fond of Han Sen, and he thought highly of him. He told Ji Yanran, "Do not worry for his well-being. He is from the Luo family; he won't lose, not even in a fight against a royal shura."Unbeknownst to Ji Ruozhen, however, Han Sen had refused to learn anything from the Luo family. Had he known this, his certainty in Han Sen's victory would not have been as firm.Despite her intense worry, Ji Yanran did not display it to anyone. She was particularly adamant about not letting Han Sen know how she felt, in case it affected his judgment and performance. Furthermore, she did not want to appear weak and distraught before the shura.Han Sen met Yu Qielan during the feast, and he was surprised that the shura looked far more handsome in person than he did in the photo. Humans lacked the ability to maintain the sort of presence that the shura displayed. But the same was true the other way around. Shura could not mimic the sensibilities of humans.Han Sen preferred humans due to their greater kindness, diversity, and ability to be casual. The royal shura might have looked handsome and enticing, but he knew he'd have difficulty getting along with them once they were beyond the formalities of the peace-brokering meetings.In the middle of the feast, the shura suggested a duel. The Alliance had already prepared for this suggestion, and so everyone walked outside towards the plaza. Before the entrees had even arrived, Yu Qielan was already there waiting.Ji Yanran was nervous. She hoped Yu Qielan did not challenge her, for if he did, Han Sen would have to fight.All the humans waited with bated breath for Yu Qielan to name the person he wanted to challenge. If he chose Ji Yanran, although it would not be fair, she would have no choice but to accept the request. Then, as her fiancé, Han Sen would step forward to fight on her behalf as her champion.But there was a problem. If Han Sen lost, and Yu Qielan challenged Ji Yanran again, humans would have lost two matches. Such a thing would be a profound embarrassment.Yu Qielan's eyes were like jewels. And with them, he scanned all the young humans that were lined up before him. When his eyes fell on Ji Yanran, they stopped.His steady gaze made the hearts of everyone jump in their chests.Yu Qielan raised his lips in a disdainful smile. Then, he looked away from her.Yu Qielan looked at all the people before him, and said, "I wonder; which one of you is Dollar? I have heard he is the strongest young human by a cosmic mile. I want to fight him."When he said this, everyone froze. No one had anticipated this request.The receptionist ran up and said, "Mister Yu, I do not know where you have heard about Dollar, but what you say is not true. Huang Xiao is our most famous young one.""Hm, that is strange. Then how did I hear about this 'Dollar' person managing to achieve a position amongst the ten Son of God's. As for this Huang Xiao? I have never heard of him." Yu Qielan grinned.Huang Xiao was very calm. Without any feelings of awkwardness, he said, "Dollar is powerful, but I can provide the challenge you seek."Yu Qielan looked at Huang Xiao and laughed. He said, "Okay, then I'll beat you first. After that, I will go against Dollar. But you better find him for me.""You better win against me first," Huang Xiao said, bravely.Yu Qielan said nothing in response to this. He merely walked across the plaza with a happy look on his face, and the receptionist confirmed the fight.Huang Xiao had already achieved the status of a surpasser. Although he had only just reached the Third God's Sanctuary, his fitness was over three hundred. And he was a powerful person, one who should have no trouble beating the young shura royal.The fact that Yu Qielan had not selected Ji Yanran made many people breathe a sigh of relief.Although Han Sen was not a bad fighter, many people still believed he relied completely on his super pet. They wouldn't feel confident about him fighting against Yu Qielan, mano a mano.Ji Yanran was also relieved. She was not afraid of him losing, but she just didn't want him to shoulder the risk and burden of such a prestigious fight.Han Sen smiled, held Ji Yanran from behind, and said, "It looks like this young shura noble is, well... noble. He doesn't appear to be obscene and cheap.""It's a shame Dollar is not here. If he was here, I am sure he'd teach him a thing or two about combat." Ji Yanran smiled."So, are you saying Dollar could beat him but not me?" Han Sen looked jealous when he said this, and he noticed it himself. He thought it was weird for him to be jealous of his own alias."You are the best, but it is better if you remain uninjured. I fret for your safety every time you venture back into the sanctuary," Ji Yanran whispered into Han Sen's ears.Han Sen felt ashamed when he heard this. He realized he had spent too much time focused on making himself stronger, and not enough time with Ji Yanran.Ji Yanran had been busy a lot, yes, but lately, Han Sen had been far busier than she had been.Huang Xiao and Yu Qielan both entered the established battleground at the center of the plaza. An old royal shura and a demi-god stood at each end of the court. If something cruel seemed set to occur, they would step in and put an end to the battle."You strike first. If I strike first, I'm afraid this will be over before it begins." Yu Qielan looked at his opponent coldly."Okay then." Huang Xiao looked a little angry at how condescending and rude his foe was being.Although the feast and accompanying battle was not open to the media, many high-class members of the Alliance had ways of watching the entire event.Normally, people wouldn't watch a fight such as this. But the people in this fight were special, so everyone of importance was sure to keep an eye on the coming duel.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 302: Creatures at the DoorTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was excited to hear the news. Where there was a nest, there was an egg. Maybe he even had a chance at a super beast soul, which was crucial to him at this stage.After learning what had happened, Han Sen became more cheerful. It was the Son of Heaven Gang that discovered this nest first. However, after Son of Heaven and his henchmen evolved and entered Second God's Sanctuary, their gang was not what it used to be. It had become a second-class gang at this point.Currently, the strongest three forces were the Steel Armor Gang, the Fist Gang, and the Disciples.The Steel Armor Gang was backed by the special squad and recruited a lot of military school students randomly assigned to the Steel Armor Shelter. Therefore, Steel Armor Gang remained the strongest in the shelter.The Disciples was something established by Yuan and Qing. With many good men on their team, they were only second to the Steel Armor Gang.Many of the leaders of the Fist Gang had also evolved and left. Little Finger was the only one who was managing the gang at this point. With some fresh blood, the gang was still considered top three in the shelter, but it was not as strong as before.Although the Son of Heaven Gang was the first to discover the nest, they did not gain any benefits after entering the nest. Instead, they suffered a great loss.According to the survivors, there were at least a thousand creatures in the nest, some of which were sacred-blood creatures.After getting the news, Yang Manli organized the Steel Armor Gang to march toward the nest, and on behalf of the special squad, Han Sen also brought Gambler and the other two special squad members.At this point, the special squad was basically constituted of new people, except for Han Sen and Gambler.When they reached the nest, the Disciples and the Fist Gang had also arrived. A bunch of people stopped at the center of the life Lotus, and none dared to enter first.Seeing Han Sen, Yuan, Qing and Little finger said hi."Brothers, we cannot stand here forever. How about we set some rules?" Yuan said with a smile."What kind of rules?" Little Finger replied. Since the Fist Gang was the weakest at the moment, he did not want any conflicts.Yuan thought about it and said, "How about we do a lucky draw to decide which group shall enter the nest first? It will be all about luck.""Agreed," said Little Finger.After some discussion, Yang Manli also agreed with Yuan. After all, the entrance to the nest was so narrow that even a large group like the Steel Armor Gang had to go in one by one. If they were attacked in the middle by the other gangs, it would be a lot of trouble."Since we all agree, let's do this," Han Sen shrugged and said.He had heard from the survivors that there were a lot of advanced creatures in the nest, so going in first might not be a good thing.No one had any different opinions. Yuan then suggested Han Sen make the lots, to which everyone else agreed. Since they all knew who Han Sen was, no one believed he would be playing tricks.To be fair, Han Sen who was responsible for making the lots had to draw after everyone else. In the end, the one lot left for Han Sen said he should go in the last, after all three other teams.This case, Han Sen had no one to blame but his own luck.According to the result of the draw, Little Finger was supposed to be the first to go. He became very excited and believed that as long as his team was careful, sooner or later they could tackle this nest.Yuan and Qing were quite disappointed, but they could do nothing but watch Little Finger leading his team down the nest.Originally, the other teams thought Little Finger would spend at least hours in the nest. However, their team emerged from the entrance with several people hurt and several people missing.The rest looked at the team in surprise, and Qing asked, "Little Finger, what happened?"Little Finger cursed, "The sons of bitch gang are horrible people. They attracted the attention of God knows how many creatures! A whole lot of mutant creatures and sacred-blood creatures are blocking the way. Since it was very narrow, we could only go one at a time, and no one could fight off so many advanced creatures alone, so we had to come back. What bad luck!""It is blocked? Let's go and have a look." Yuan did not believe the creatures were so strong that people could not enter.Yuan and Qing's team went back even faster than the Fist Gang. However, they were clearly in better shape. Everyone was back, and they were only slightly injured."Damn the sons of bitches! It is completely blocked. We can't even tell how many creatures are inside. And the path is so narrow…" muttered Qing after he came back.Seeing that Yuan and Qing also gave up on entering the nest, Yang Manli was slightly surprised. She picked several strong guys from the Steel Armor Gang to go down with her.The result turned out to be the same. Yang Manli also gave up on the nest. The advanced creatures made it impossible for everybody.If the nest had never been entered before, they could still choose to slowly kill off the creatures. However, at this point thousands of creatures were blocking the path, which meant the first person going down would walk into an ambush.Everybody looked to Han Sen. Han Sen had the least people, only three team members and himself."Let's go there and check it out," Han Sen smiled and said to Gambler.Gambler and the other teammates nodded and followed Han Sen down the nest.After going through the winding path, the special squad soon arrived at the wall of green gold which was already broken. Several Z-steel shields were put up to block the broken part of the wall. The thick fields were all deformed from attacks, which looked frightening.Through the gaps, they could still see lots of creatures jostling. Many claws had reached out from the gaps. Seeing the four people, all the creatures near the shields started to screech and knock on the shields which were about to be shattered.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 346: Go Player and StoneTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was convinced that he had strong potentials. After all, he had already gained super geno points.However, in order to tap into his potentials, he had to work extremely hard. He could understand his weaknesses and strengths better under extreme conditions with Overload. This way, he could develop his full potentials.A high level of understanding of his own body was necessary. He had to know exactly where he could work harder. Otherwise, he might push himself too hard so that his body would collapse.The process of practicing Overload was a process to learn how to control his body. He had to make sure that each bone, muscle, and body cell were working at the limits, but not over the limits, which was the ultimate goal.Certainly, Han Sen had not reach that level just yet. Because of Jadeskin, he had much better understanding and control of his body then an average person, which was conducive to his Overload practice.On the other hand, when he continued to push his limits, Han Sen felt he was making a big progress with Jadeskin as well. It seemed that he was about to complete the first stage."Again…" When he had recovered, Han Sen once again turned on the gravity trainer and tried to make his body function better in sweat and heat.Han Sen had control himself very well so that his body would not be damaged, thanks to Jadeskin."Brother Han, I will have a small party tomorrow. Would you come?" Wang Mengmeng asked Han Sen with her eyes wide."What party?" Han Sen was puzzled."You will know after you arrive. Please come!" Wang Mengmeng said."Alright," agreed Han Sen. Wang Mengmeng rarely asked him of anything. Since it was just a party, of course Han Sen would not turn her down.Wang Mengmeng was delighted and told Han Sen the time of the party and that she would come to pick him up.When it was time, Han Sen realized that the party was not on campus. Wang Mengmeng took Han Sen to a private garden with food and drinks already arranged. Han Sen found a spot and started to eat, while Wang Mengmeng went to change."Han Sen, how come you're here?" someone exclaimed when seeing Han Sen in the garden."Tang Zhenliu!" Han Sen was also dazed. He did not expect to see Tang Zhenliu there."You're connected to the Wangs?" Tang Zhenliu sat down next to Han Sen and asked."Wang Mengmeng is my schoolmate. She was the one who invited me to this party," Han Sen answered.Tang Zhenliu looked at Han Sen oddly and said, "You're not telling me that you don't know today is her birthday…"Han Sen was surprised and said, "Today is Mengmeng's birthday?""You really don't know? Ha-ha, it seemed that you two were quite tight." Tang Zhenliu patted Han Sen on the shoulder, laughing.Han Sen was a bit concerned. Had he known that it was Wang Mengmeng's birthday, he would have prepared her a gift. But it might be too late for that. Han Sen searched his pockets and found nothing that he could give her."Tang, do you have an extra present? Could I borrow some?" Han Sen looked to Tang Zhenliu expectantly."I only have one gift. In addition, how can you borrow the present?" Tang Zhenliu said with his lips curled.Han Sen wanted to say something, but he saw more people entering the garden. They were mostly in their 20s and 30s.Among the men and women, Han Sen spotted Son of Heaven and Huangfu Pingqing.The birthday party was successful. And nobody paid Han Sen any mind. Han Sen continued to fill his stomach, while Tang Zhenliu was socializing with men and women in the high society.Son of Heaven had gained much more repose. He was no longer that domineering and overbearing person in Steel Armor Shelter."When do you plan to evolve?" As Han Sen was eating, Son of Heaven walked to him and asked in a plain tone."In two or three years," Han Sen paused and answered. He felt like Son of Heaven had become a different person. Maybe he was possessed or something.Son of Heaven curled his lips into a strange smile. He raised a glass to his lips and sipped some wine. "I know what you're thinking. But since I entered Second God's Sanctuary, I no longer treated you as my enemy. My true enemy could only be an evolver, which you are not. As long as you do not enter Second God's Sanctuary, you will not understand what true strength is and how naïve you are.""In the future, if you are sent to Dark Lord Shelter, you can join my team. You're a good archer and I need someone like you. Evolve soon and stop playing house in First God's Sanctuary," Son of Heaven said and patted Han Sen on the shoulder. Then he walked to a corner and sat down, observing the crowd in the party.Han Sen was surprised by Son of Heaven's behaviors. If Son of Heaven wanted to kill him, he would not feel much. However, Son of Heaven no longer cared. This shift was alarming to Han Sen.Han Sen could feel that Son of Heaven no longer thought of him as an opponent. The guy treated Han Sen as a stone in the hand of a Go player. A player would never treat the stone as his opponent, or his enemy."You only evolved a few years earlier, and that does not mean you are superior." Han Sen curled his lips and did not treat Son of Heaven too seriously. If he entered Second God's Sanctuary before he maxed out on his super geno points, that would be a real loss.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 890: The Power of a Bucket of WaterTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen slowly stepped away. If he wasn't injured, he'd have happily continued his approach, slain the toad, and grabbed the watervine.But for now, he couldn't do that. Once he was healed, however, he resolved to return and kill it.The toad, fortunately, did not seem to have noticed Han Sen. So, without trouble, Han Sen decided to go back. After fetching a bucket of water, he took off back to the house with Meowth at his side.Chu Ming saw Han Sen riding Meowth on his way back. With surprise, he said, "You have a pet beat soul? What class is it?""Sacred-blood from the First God's Sanctuary," Han Sen responded."What is the point of bringing it here, then?! You could probably walk faster than that useless thing!" Chu Ming exclaimed."I am injured right now, don't you recall? I'm only riding it due to my injury." Han Sen hopped down off of Meowth and retrieved the bucket of water being carried in his pet's mouth. Then, after approaching the tree, he poured the water on its roots.Han Sen touched the tree and slyly dropped a lifeforce waterdrop to its root, as well. It was quickly absorbed.After that, Han Sen put the bucket aside and started walking back to the house so he could rest."That's it?!" Chu Ming yelled with shock and aggravation."Yeah, that should do it." Han Sen nodded."You toss some water on the ground and tell me that should do it? After all that waiting around?!" Chu Ming could hardly believe what he was hearing."Well, what else do you expect me to do?" Han Sen smiled.Chu Ming's mood had dropped a considerable amount, and so he said, "I knew I shouldn't have placed any modicum of faith or hope you could aid us and this tree. Pah! What an imbecile. What use is that water going to provide, eh?""I don't know. Maybe it'll be a boon and instigate the tree's revival? It might work. It might not." Han Sen then continued toward the house.Chu Ming wasn't keen to let this go, and his temper had been inflamed. He turned to Qu Lanxi and said, "This yahoo is toying with us. A three-year-old could toss water on the roots of a tree.""He is still very injured. We can't exhaust him too much." Qu Lanxi wasn't half as disappointed as Chu Ming, primarily due to the lack of hope she had for the tree in the first place.Only Chu Ming was sulking, but there was nothing he could do about it. And as much as he might have liked to, killing his burden and woe-bringer Han Sen would not achieve anything.After Han Sen poured water onto the roots, he was done with the tree for the day. He planned to examine its lifeforce the day after.If the Dragon-Blood Tree could absorb one such waterdrop a day, then it meant he'd have to find more plants; a lot more.Han Sen lay down on the bed and practiced the Blood-Pulse Sutra, hoping his health could fully return quickly. Meowth was around the gourd often, showing a new interest in the item.Nothing new had come from the gourd, since Han Sen's arrival in the Third God's Sanctuary. Aside from its continued pulsing, nothing had changed with it.When Han Sen had nothing more to do and was bored, he spent some time with the gourd, pleading for it to deposit the weapons inside it. He tried a number of ways to get them out, but every method resulted in failure.The next day, Han Sen was woken to Chu Ming shouting again; he was becoming his morning rooster, it would appear."How is that possible?!" Chu Ming spoke with complete shock and disbelief, but his body had frozen like a cartoon statue, as he stared at the tree in the yard."What is it this time?" Qu Lanxi walked out of the house and then froze mid-step; she too had caught sight of the tree.They were in greater shock now than they had been upon seeing the tree first sprout its leaves.Han Sen soon followed them out the house, and when he did, Chu Ming ran towards him in a crazed dash. He grabbed his clothes and said, "You! How?! How did you do that?""How did I do what?" Han Sen asked."How did you make the Dragon-Blood Tree razzle and dazzle like this?" Chu Ming pointed towards the tree as he spoke.Han Sen looked at the tree and even he himself was surprised by what he saw. The tree's branches and twigs were all decked out in full, healthy red leaves. It looked like a gorgeous maple tree.Overnight, the tree had grown as if it had received appropriate nourishment every day for the past several months."It grew that fast?" Han Sen did not expect the tree to grow this much, after the length of a single night, following an absorbance of one waterdrop.If he had known this would happen, he wouldn't have used an entire waterdrop. It was too obvious something was afoot, and the sudden flourishing of the tree would be far too suspicious."San Mu, what did you do? How did the tree grow that fast?" Qu Lanxi politely asked Han Sen, in utter surprise at the morning's revelation.It was difficult to believe that a Dragon-Blood Tree could grow into such a beautiful state overnight through natural circumstances and methods of cultivation."You saw what I did, didn't you? I fetched a bucket of water and simply poured it on the roots of the tree. I didn't do anything else." As Han Sen made his excuse, he swore to himself he'd never use an entire waterdrop again."But that was just river water; there is no possible way it could turn our tree into something as remarkable as this. Tell me, my darling cur, what did you do?!" Chu Ming's delight had slowly curdled into annoyance. With his rudeness seeping back into his words, he asked Han Sen with an irritated tone."Believe it or not, but I really did only pour out a single bucket of water," Han Sen said with a wry smile.They did not entirely believe what he was saying, but they felt like that they had to. After all, they had watched him pour the bucket of water on the tree and later return indoors for the night.Furthermore, Han Sen was injured and had no money. Even if Han Sen bought beast-blood, they should have been able to see it.Although things were oddly suspicious, to the best of their knowledge, Han Sen really did only pour out a bucket of water onto the roots of the tree. And following that, somehow, the Dragon-Blood Tree was flourishing crazily fast."If I knew water from the river could achieve this, I would have done it myself many years ago," Chu Ming said to himself out loud, with a face full of regret."San Mu, are you an experienced arborist?" Qu Lanxi asked Han Sen, with an expression that said she was suddenly unsure of him."I told you I only learnt a few methods from Professor Sun. But I too am surprised they work as well as they do." Han Sen gave her a smile.As they were talking, Chu Ming grabbed the bucket and started racing off into the fields."Where are you going?" Han Sen quickly stopped Chu Ming with his question."I am off to the river to retrieve more water. If I do this, we can get it to grow even faster!" Chu Ming replied, excitedly.Han Sen then laughed in response and said, "Quality over quantity, my friend. Sometimes less is more, for if we add too much water to its roots, the results we seek may sour. Things could backfire and potentially ruin the tree."When Chu Ming heard this, he immediately dropped the bucket. He ran in front of Han Sen and said, "Yes, sir! From now on, I'm going to listen to whatever you have to tell me!"

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1108: Don’t StopTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen rushed over to hold Queen. As he held her, he swiftly examined her wounds to check how badly she was hurt.She had been severely injured, and the sacred-blood armor Han Sen had lent her had been practically destroyed. Only shreds of it remained clinging to her blood-soaked body.The garments she wore beneath the armor had also been torn and ripped away. Despite most of her body being exposed, it was unlikely you’d feel horny seeing her in such a condition.Her entire body was covered in wounds and lacerations, and many areas had scabbed. Others were still fresh, oozing blood. Some cuts were so deep, you could see the bone. There was one particular cut running the length of her stomach. Had the cut been any deeper, her guts would be falling out.“She has fought hard.” Han Sen believed he had gotten into a bad state before, due to pushing himself too hard, but Queen was taking the cake.Han Sen used his holy light on her damaged body. It was a simulation of the Holy Rhino’s energy flow, and while it was effective for most injuries, it did little for grave wounds.“You’re going to have to bear with me for this next bit, okay?” Han Sen had to then simulate the silver fox’s healing powers to heal her.“Okay.”Queen’s body was consumed by fierce lightning. Her body twitched violently, but she did not scream under the duress of that excruciating pain. She merely clenched her teeth and held her vocal cords.“This lightning heals wounds better than you might think,” Han Sen comforted her as he pumped the volts into her ravaged body.The armor he had given her was burned to a crisp, but the nasty wounds she had suffered were healing quick.Queen was by far the strongest woman Han Sen had ever come to know. Whenever Han Sen was healed by the silver fox, he’d end up screaming. Queen had only groaned low a couple of times.Most of her wounds were sorted by now, but the deep cut across her stomach was going to take a lot more of the charge to get fixed.After an hour of this lightning and pain, even Han Sen was feeling guilty over the treatment he had to give her. But like a brave soldier, she did not moan or complain once. She endured it all like a champ.“You should go bathe in the healing pools of the Alliance. You should be fit as a fiddle in a few days.” Han Sen had managed to heal the worst of her wounds, but he could not bring himself to make her suffer any longer.“Keep going.” Queen’s teeth quivered and chattered as she spoke.“There’s no difference now between what I can give you and what you can get in the Alliance. All I can provide, in addition, is needless pain,” Han Sen said.“This is faster.” Queen was firm in her desire.Han Sen vehemently shook his head, but eventually complied with her request. Then, he started to electrocute her with the healing charges again.Half an hour later, all her wounds had sealed and healed. All that was left was the presence of red marks where they once had been.Queen summoned a beast soul armor and said, “Have you recovered?”“I’m almost there.” Han Sen had revealed to her he could make use of his powers, so there was no use hiding it.She nodded and started to leave the shelter once more.Han Sen stopped her and said, “Don’t go. There’s something I need to talk to you about.”Queen stopped walking and turned around.“Because I’m almost healed, I will soon be leaving this place. I’m returning to my old shelter; would you like to come with me?” Han Sen asked.Queen nodded and replied, “Okay.”Han Sen had expected he’d have to explain, and he was surprised when she agreed so quickly.Han Sen asked, “What happened to you, anyway? How did you get hurt?”Queen said, “To the west is another disheveled shelter. I had wished to make use of its teleporter, but I was attacked.”She gave him further details, and following the explanation, Han Sen retreated into deep thought.Although she hadn’t been there long, Queen had managed to gather many geno points. With Han Sen’s beast souls, she could easily escape the clutches of a sacred-blood creature.But the creatures had managed to injure her badly, and that suggested they had to be at least sacred-blood creatures.She had tried to flee upon seeing them, but one in particular had managed to tackle her by surprise.It was fortunate she had been brutally hit by the sacred-blood; otherwise, she’d have waltzed into the domain of a super creature.“Take me to that shelter.” If there really was a super creature, Han Sen would be quite pleased. Bao’er, seeing Han Sen leave the shelter, swiftly followed and leaped onto his back.Han Sen had been in that shelter for a very long time, and Bao’er had been bored of the area for a while now.Queen guided Han Sen west, and half an hour later, they stumbled across the remains of a slain creature.It was a frighteningly large mantis that was around the same size as a fully-grown wolf. Its carapace was purple, and the two arms were like scythes.“This is one of the creatures that cut you up?” Han Sen saw that Queen had killed it as she escaped.Queen said, “Demon-Blood Mantis, yes. They were mostly primitive, but this one was mutant.”They continued walking, and there must have been thirty of the beasts all strewn about the plains there. It had obviously been a nasty fight.With Golden Growler’s speed, it only took them two hours to reach the shelter. Just like every other shelter in the area, it looked to be in disarray. It had been abandoned by spirits a long time ago.There were no signs of the mantises though, so it seemed like the rest of the horde had retreated back into the deeper recesses of the shelter.“Wait here; I’m going to take a closer look,” Han Sen told her.“I’m coming with you.” Queen followed.“Okay.” Protesting would be of no use, so Han Sen summoned Disloyal Knight and had it take the lead.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1060: Wrong DeliveryTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen frowned. He had been stung by something. On his hand, there was a red dot that oozed a droplet of blood.Han Sen scanned the wound and was relieved to learn he had not been poisoned or infected by the stinger, whatever it was.Han Sen’s fitness was high, too, so the wound healed almost instantaneously. There was no lasting pain, either.He pulled open his pocket to get a look at what was going on with the beetle, and determine why the docile creature had seemingly attacked him, all of a sudden.The beetle had never been aggressive before, and it was the slowest little thing Han Sen had ever seen in his life. It was a genuine slowpoke.As such, he was both surprised and concerned to realize he had been stung by it.But now, with the pocket open, Han Sen was shocked after taking a look—the beetle was gone!Han Sen patted his body all over and spun around in search of it. No matter where he looked, he couldn’t find it. It really did seem as if it had vanished.Unfortunately, now was not the time to go off hunting for his missing beetle. Everyone was currently lined up beside the roulette board, as General Reg explained the objectives of the operation in detail.The roulette board was the entrance to the ruins, and each block was one point of entry that provided enough space for only one person. There was also a power check enabled, barring anyone who was too strong from entering.The rules of entry were quite strict, as only one lifeforce could enter a square at a time. If you had even a renegade ant on you, it would be detected and you wouldn’t be allowed to enter.Demigods were prohibited from entering, as they were too strong. Therefore, only surpassers of a certain tier and third rank shura met the correct requirements.Strangely, four warning signs were active. They were next to the entry points, indicating they had previously been used. Each entry point could only be used once, and the way you went in was the only way you could come back.The researchers who had come before them had tried to drill beneath the roulette to avoid this, but after reaching a depth of about ten thousand meters, they ran into a crystal wall that extended to the core of the planet. There was no end, and so they had to stop.It was after reaching this wall that many curious events started to happen.They had conducted four test expeditions of their own into that place, but few of the researchers ever returned. Not much had been explored, so there was little information they could provide, and it was mostly useless.Han Sen and his team’s ultimate goal on the expedition, though, was to retrieve purple crystal cores.Neither the Alliance nor the shura had explained to them what the purpose of these items was, but that did not matter. This was the task given, and it had to be done.Furthermore, when they entered, they’d be going in without warframes or guns. If they brought such equipment in with them, they’d be attacked for certain.Eight shura and eight humans now took their positions, one standing on each block. Support researchers pushed the button to begin the operation, and after a low hum, all sixteen of them suddenly disappeared from thin air. They were in.Han Sen felt as if something was amiss. He was wary, and perplexed by the similarities between the symbols on the beetle and the ones outside the roulette. Still, he knew it best not to dwell on the matter. For now, the beetle was gone, so if it could have been a help, it was too late.Han Sen blinked and took notice of his location inside the ruins. There were no buildings or structures around him. He was standing in a field, as if he was out in the countryside, except, strangely, the place had been ruined by some sort of catastrophe like an earthquake.In the distance, Han Sen did make out the presence of buildings. But they were in a state of decay, with many having fallen. Furthermore, judging from their architecture, they had clearly not been built by the crystallizers.When Han Sen turned to take a look in the other direction, his face completely dropped. He expected to see Ji Yanran, his people, and the shura—but they were all gone! Han Sen was all alone.“Did they not make it through? We teleported inside together, though. Where are they? They should be here! Hmm, what is this? Items belonging to only a few of the researchers who were last inside?” Han Sen stood there for a while with an ill feeling in his stomach, acknowledging they hadn’t all teleported to the same location.Han Sen looked around. The researchers had given him an idea of what to expect once inside, and some vague details for the environment he’d be in, but it was all bogus. Wherever he was now was not the location the surviving researchers had gone to. The landscape was entirely different from what had been described to him.“What is going on?” Han Sen was primarily concerned about Ji Yanran, and he was deeply worried about her well-being; particularly so, if she was stranded somewhere else all alone.Gritting his teeth, Han Sen took off flying into the sky. Before searching for the rest of his crew, he had to get a better grasp on the lay of the land around him.With his Dongxuan Aura active, Han Sen looked all around. But try as he might, he could not espy the presence of a single lifeforce. There was only rubble and a land in disarray.No matter where he flew, the landscape looked the same. There was nowhere unique, and no landmarks to keep track of where he was. The lands were all plain and in various states of ruin.Han Sen frowned, not even sure which direction he should be going in.As Han Sen wondered, he suddenly heard a strange noise sound from an old ruin nearby.It was very weird, similar to the sound one would make when using fingers to break an egg.Han Sen looked in the direction of the noise and saw some green water leaking from the ruin.Looking closer, though, Han Sen noticed that it was not water. It was a stream of green beetles. There were countless numbers of them, all coming for Han Sen.“What is this?” Han Sen watched them with interest. They were practically the same as his beetle, just smaller.But there was another difference. They didn’t have any symbols on their backs.In Han Sen’s daze of wonder, the beetles drew nearer and nearer. When they were right before him, they parted and went around Han Sen. Fortunately, he was not a target of any ire they might have possessed.Han Sen was not sure what they were after, but the beetles continued to gather around him, forming a path that led to the old city ruins.The unicorn beetles then assumed a posture to suggest they were kowtowing before him.

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