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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 791: Empirical SwordTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioQin Xuan let loose a flurry of attacks towards Han Sen, who remained in a defensive position, allowing her to do as she could. He was able to block each and every strike.The dongxuan aura allowed him to sense all things, but Han Sen had previously stuck to only using it to observe lifeforces. As he shifted his focus on the skill, it began to feel more and more like the eighth sense.Han Sen used his feelings to block Qin Xuan's attacks, and did not actually watch her with open eyes. The more he practiced, the greater his abilities of perception became. It wasn't quite on par with the eighth sense yet, but he wanted to get it there.Although fighting with others was a fine aid for practicing, Han Sen soon discovered it was difficult for him to trace the attacks of others in the virtual community. While the virtual community felt real enough, everyone was just data. They weren't inhabiting a physical space, and as such, it was difficult for Han Sen to learn exactly what he needed. Most of the time, he was just guessing where to deflect."In these conditions, I can still predict the attacks of an opponent. This means I have been successful, on the whole." Han Sen was not a person who shied away from difficult tasks. Instead, the prospect of performing something tough, and then coming out on top, excited him.When they first started practicing together, Han Sen used his vision as a secondary support to completely block her attacks. The longer he practiced, the more he could lax on his need for vision and rely solely on perception without eyes.Although progress was slow, even a tiny bit was enough to bring Han Sen much joy.As for Qin Xuan, she was holding back when she attacked during the early stages of their practice. It was only as time went on that she noticed her inability to deal any damage to her sparring partner.No matter what attack she performed, Han Sen seemed able to block it flawlessly. When she noticed his unwillingness to fight back, she realized she had no need to hold back. Then, she committed all her focus and power into attacking without restraint. Despite her best efforts, she could not break or bypass his guard."Coach, will you be here again tomorrow?" Qin Xuan asked Han Sen, when she had to leave."Yes, I'll be visiting here for a while to come," Han Sen answered, with certainty. Until his dongxuan aura was as efficient as his eighth sense, he wasn't going to return to the sanctuary.When Qin Xuan received this answer, she looked incredibly happy. After leaving the virtual training camp, she returned to her room and brought out a hyper geno art.The hyper geno art was titled "Empirical Sword." This skill was focused purely on attack and saved nothing for defense. It was extremely powerful, but also extremely risky to perform during the heat of battle.The Qin family had been in possession of the skill since ancient times, but due to the risk involved in its usage, few bothered learning it.Once you committed to this strike, there was no going back. If your attack was ineffective, and the opponent on the receiving end was able to fight back, you'd most likely end up dead. In the ancestral book of their lineage, many family members were recorded to have died while using Empirical Sword.The Qin family did have many other powerful skills, however. She didn't have to only use Empirical Sword, and adding to that, she had not spent any time learning it before. But she thought of giving it a go while going up against an opponent who never attacked back: Han Sen. Qin Xuan could not once break his guard, so she thought of using this skill to surprise him. Gaining some casual experience and practice with the skill could only be a boon for her, as well.Qin Xuan then took to learning it, and the next day when she and Han Sen fought, it surprised him a lot. Her intimidating approach was vastly different than it had been the day before, which excited him, too.After Qin Xuan used Empirical Sword, she realized she quite liked it. So, she dedicated more time and research into its intricacies. After doing a deep-dive to learn it better and better, she became very proficient with it. This excited her a lot, but the grief-driven history of the skill ever gnawed at her mind."Are you okay?" While Han Sen battled with Qin Xuan in a merry mood, her talent with the new skill only continued to improve. This was good for him, as the added pressure forced him to get better and better. It was exactly what Han Sen needed, but before long, he noticed Qin Xuan withdrawing a little bit. The zest and intimidating momentum she wielded at the beginning of the day's session had all disappeared."Coach, this sword skill can only strike. There is no defense, at all. I fear that it is too risky, and I should hold back from learning more of it." When Qin Xuan looked at Han Sen, she appeared to be lost. It was obvious how much she sought and valued advice from him."What is the skill called?" Han Sen asked."Empirical Sword." Qin Xuan did not hide this and told him directly."'The power of grand empires is to secure victory without bloodshed. Their presence compels obedience.' When your sword skills reach a level that does not require battle, then you will have truly learnt it. If you never have to fight, then there is no risk," Han Sen slowly said."Not fight?" Qin Xuan looked at Han Sen."Yes. To not have to do battle is to reach a zenith of your being." Han Sen nodded, and then continued to say, "We will stop here for now, while you mull my words over for a time. Listen to what your heart tells you; if you want to learn it, continue. If you harbor doubt, then give it up now. You cannot be half-and-half with this skill. It will get you killed, if so.""Thank you, Coach. I will indeed think this over." Qin Xuan left the virtual training camp, deep in thought over what Han Sen had told her.Qin Xuan thought things over for a long time, and her mind was wracked with indecision. Eventually, she reached out to call someone else. On her communicator, the image of an old man appeared on screen."Little Xuanxuan, you have actually reached out to me. 'Tis a rare happenstance." The old man sipped tea, as a certain of bitterness tinged his words."Great Grandfather, I want to practice Empirical Sword," Qin Xuan said, with seriousness in her voice.The old man's head shook, and he looked back with seriousness, too. He observed his great granddaughter for a while and eventually asked, "Tell me why you seek to practice it."Qin Xuan told him what had been happening, and then she said, "So, after much consideration, I wish to learn it. And I want to reach a level where fighting will never be necessary.""To not fight is the great oppression, and I have much interest in meeting this person you speak so fondly of," the old man said, instead of answering Qin Xuan directly."Great Grandpa, if you would like to meet him, that can be arranged for tomorrow in the virtual training camp. But tell me, should I learn Empirical Sword?" Qin Xuan asked, with a girlier voice.She barely showed her more ladylike side to anyone, not even her parents. She would only do it before her great grandfather."Don't you have the answer, residing deep in your heart? For what purpose are you asking this old man?" The old man laughed and continued to say, "Remember to call me tomorrow, so that I can see what sort of person this fellow is, to have told you such profound things. If something happens to my great granddaughter in the future, over the words spoken to her by this person, then I will go after him and not relent.""Great Grandpa, this has nothing to do with my coach," Qin Xuan pleaded, with a cute and higher-pitched voice."Of course it has. If he did not tell you that not fighting is to reach the zenith, then you would not know the way of the Empirical Sword. If these words were not spoken, then you would not be so keen on learning this skill," the old man coldly said.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1175: Mystic PaperTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“Life Geno Essence absorbed: super geno points +1.”A little while later, Han Sen was able to gain a super geno point. It made him very pleased.“My ability to refine Life Geno Essences has greatly improved, following the unlock of the Dongxuan Sutra’s sixth gene lock,” Han Sen thought to himself as he continued his practice.“Life Geno Essence absorbed: super geno points +1.”A little while later again, the familiar voice sounded.Han Sen stayed in his room most of the day, focused on the refinement and absorption of the Life Geno Essences he had accumulated thus far. He was able to fully refine each Life Geno Essence he had collected, aside from the Invisible King Scorpion’s.After opening his sixth gene lock, his absorption powers were much stronger.“Awesome!” he exclaimed, realizing how many Life Geno Essences he had been able to absorb.In total, Han Sen’s super geno point tally had reached twenty-four. Now that he was able to quickly absorb the Life Geno Essences of super creatures, he could focus on hunting them down to max his stats out in the near future.Han Sen: Super Body Super King SpiritLevel: SurpasserLife-Span: 400Evolution Requirement: 100 geno pointsOwned Geno Points: 100 ordinary geno points, 100 primitive geno points, 100 mutant geno points, 100 sacred-blood geno points, 24 super geno pointsHan Sen guessed his fitness level must have been around the twenty-five hundred mark. He wasn’t far-off possessing the strength of a super creature himself. Han Sen gobbled up some more walnuts and returned to Immortal Shelter. There, he took the time to speak with Zhang Yuchen.After that, Han Sen returned to the fifth floor. He summoned Dragon King and asked him, “I’m on the highest floor; how are you going to find the tree for me?”Dragon King sniffed around his new environment and said, “I don’t smell the Sky Tree. You’re going to have to take me for a walk.”“I don’t have time for that right now. I need to go pick up Sky Fruit with Dry Bone King later.”Han Sen then proceeded to tell Dragon King what Dry Bone King had told him.Dragon King said, “That’s good. The tree might be dead, but at least the fruit can mature. With the competition, getting it will be difficult, though. The nuts you mill were most likely from the Sky Fruit. Only Sky King is privy to whatever the powder does, it would appear.”Dragon King then went on to say, “Sky King is very generous, allowing you to have as much as you want, leaving him only the nuts.”“Is there anything else I should know about the fruit?” Han Sen asked.Han Sen had eaten many of the other walnuts, and save for the shell and nut inside, there didn’t appear to be anything special about them.“I’m not sure, but it has to be some good stuff. Dry Bone King wouldn’t be working for Sky King, otherwise.” Dragon King then pointed at Han Sen and resumed his dialogue, “Each fruit is bound to contain a geno treasure of sorts, an item that is super-class, for sure. Wouldn’t it be great if you could procure some?”Han Sen started to say something but frowned before he could. He noticed a note had been left on his table, one that had been written in the human language.“If you wish to stay alive, follow Qing Jun.” Han Sen read the words and continued to stare at the paper.He was the only human capable of reaching the fifth floor. So, he wondered, how had someone left that note for him?“Did Dry Bone King leave this for me?” Han Sen frowned. Dry Bone King was the only one he had met since arriving on the fifth floor.But Dry Bone King wasn’t a fan of Qing Jun and her wicked ways, either. Why would he tell Han Sen to follow her? Han Sen turned the paper over and was given a shock.On the back of the paper was a symbol drawn in red. It was a large picture of the Nine-Life Cat.“Someone from Blood Legion is on the fifth floor? That can’t be right! There aren’t any other humans strong enough to get here.” Han Sen was truly taken aback, not having a clue how this had come about.“Was it Dry Bone King?” Han Sen didn’t think it was possible, or at the very least extremely unlikely.Blood Legion was a human organization with a murky, sordid past. Still, it was human, through and through, and neither spirits nor super creatures would be members of it.Dry Bone King arrived shortly after, looking for Han Sen. He was accompanied by another king spirit.His name was Baby Ghost, and his appearance amused Han Sen. The spirit had a head that was enlarged like a baby’s, but the body was skinny, frail, and extremely small.Han Sen didn’t notice a change in Dry Bone King’s behavior, which suggested it was unlikely he was the one who left the note. Han Sen then wondered if it was Qing Jun herself who had left it. Perhaps it was some sort of weird trick of hers, as she wasn’t exactly the most sound-minded individual.But if that was true, how could she have known about Blood Legion and Han Sen’s connection to it?As Han Sen mulled this over, Dry Bone King led Han Sen to the plaza. When they arrived, a female king spirit was there waiting for them. She was accompanied by seven super creatures.Qing Jun King did not even look at Han Sen, and simply approached the Sky Fruit.The path ahead had been built by the spirits and creatures of the fourth floor, but they weren’t allowed to accept the fruit. If they even so much as stumbled across one during their time of building, they’d have been outright killed.

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棋牌送彩金18⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 425: Second God’s SanctuaryTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen looked at the person and became surprised. The gorgeous figure of Zero appeared in the teleport device.No… It is impossible that she's an evolver. How can she end up here? Even if she was an evolver, it is highly unlikely for her to end up at the same spot as me. The chance is so slim and there must be something wrong… Han Sen was lost, gazing at Zero.Han Sen believed there were only two possibilities. One was that Zero was abnormal; the other was that his nine-life cat pendant was problematic. Otherwise, how could Zero end up here?Zero still acted the same way, standing next to Han Sen like a shadow, her eyes blinking from time to time."Okay, you win." Han Sen said with a wry smile, knowing that his beautiful wish to get rid of Zero was wasted.In fact, Han Sen did not really dislike Zero after spending some time with her. She was someone hard to hate. With a sweet face, she rarely spoke or did anything annoying despite being a tag-along. Han Sen even felt accustomed to her existence. It was just her weird background that made Han Sen feel reluctant to accept her.However, when he thought about it, Zero had never harmed him. In addition, Zero would probably be a huge help to Han Sen.With her ability, she could probably even fight sacred-blood creatures in Second God's Sanctuary. Such a strong and obedient fighter was definitely a great assistance to Han Sen who had just entered Second God's Sanctuary.I have a fitness around sixty or seventy, so it would be easy for me to break 100 if I gain some geno points. At that time, I would be able to match Zero's ability, and then it would no longer be an issue for me to keep her around. Han Sen thought about it, decided to let it go, and crawled out of the hole.The hole led to a path that was quite twisted. Han Sen and Zero walked for a long while before they saw the light. The moment he saw what was outside, Han Sen was dazed.All he could see was icebergs and peaks covered in snow. It was also snowing heavily. The world was all white.On the top of the largest mountain, he could see a white fairytale-like castle vaguely through the flying snowflakes. Because the snow was too heavy, he could barely see the details of the architecture. However, he could still feel how dedicated and beautiful it was in the silver storm.Han Sen's face suddenly became grim. Although he could not see any details, it was not a building made by man. Otherwise, there would be some modern materials and practical designs, which the castle did not have."Spirit shelter!" Han Sen suddenly had an idea, which was not good news to him. Since Han Sen had not spotted a human building but saw a spirit shelter, it was unlikely for him to meet any fellow man. Judging from the looks of the castle, it was probably owned by advanced spirits. If the spirits were too strong and had a large troop of creatures, Han Sen believed he would suffer in his early development."Why are you standing there?" A hasty but low voice sounded from Han Sen's back.Han Sen turned to look and saw a man with his full body covered in Arctic suit waving at them from the depths of the hole. Han Sen suddenly felt a bit pleased to finally see a human.He took Zero to walk over to the guy. When he was ready to speak, the guy suddenly pulled them inside the ice channel. Before Han Sen even said anything, the guy looked them up and down and said, "you must be new here.""We just teleported over today," Han Sen answered and check the guy out.The guy was over twenty the should be less than thirty. He looked quite handsome, but there was a deep exhaustion and helplessness on his face."Then you have terrible luck. It would be very hard for you in the future," the guy smiled wryly and said. "Let's go. Let's talk inside so that we don't alarm the ice-armored beasts. They have sensitive ears and could hear a voice a thousand feet away in snowstorm.""My name is Xu You, and I came here more than a year ago, so I have more experience than you. Here's a piece of advice: do not wander around." The guy was quite easy-going, talking to Han Sen and Zero as he walked."Brother, what is this place? Is there a human shelter?" Han Sen asked.Xu You curled his lips and said, "A human shelter can never be built under such circumstances. Even one could be built, it would be useless because of the spirit shelter in the mountains. It is a shelter of an aristocrat spirit. In addition to aristocrat spirit, there were a dozen mutant creatures and hundreds of primitive ice-armored beasts. Let me put it this way, all the humans here combined would not be an adequate meal for those guys.""Is there no evolver with fitness index above 100?" Han Sen asked.Like creatures, there were four levels of spirits: squire, night, aristocrats, and royalty, which could be king or queen. The four levels corresponded to ordinary, primitive, mutant, and sacred-blood creatures.An aristocrat spirit was about as strong as a mutant creature. However, because spirits had higher intelligence and the ability to control creatures, they were greater than mutant creatures."How could we ever reach 100 in such a shithole? Only seven or eight guys would be assigned here randomly all year-round. Because we are so close to the spirit shelter, we have to travel far to hunt any creatures so that we don't rattle those guys in the spirit shelter. In addition, the creatures nearby were extremely lacking, so we might not even be able to find a creature that falls behind in days. It is difficult to kill even an ordinary creature, so how could we have enough geno points to strengthen our fitness?" Xu You whined."Apparently, even the strongest evolver among us only had a fitness level of a little more than sixty. The good thing is that we stick together. Because we help each other, we are able to hunt some creatures. However, it is not likely that we can make any significant achievements. This damn place is hell. Whoever sent here are just down in luck.""Haven't you thought about leaving here?" Han Sen asked."How do you propose to leave? This place faces the ocean in three directions, only the direction of the spirit shelter leads to land. Besides, we don't even know where we are. Even if we bypass the spirit shelter, it would be hard for us to locate a human shelter. We would be more than likely to die on the way."Xu You paused and said, "Don't get ahead of yourself and don't rush anything. Wait here for a couple of days. When more people arrived, we would be able to go farther to hunt. People here are nice, so as long as you do your part, the meat would be shared to you. So stay and gain some geno points, Know this place better, and then consider hunting on your own.""Thank you so much for the instructions, friend," Han Sen thanked Xu You for being so straightforward."Call me Xu You," Xu You smiled and said.After going back to the ice cave, Han Sen chatted some more with Xu You and got the basic idea about the place. Then he teleported back to the Alliance together with Zero.Han Sen decided to get certified as a sacred-blood aristocrat. In addition to all the benefits he could get, he would be able to let his sister continue her study at the posh school with confidence.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1243: Good Man’s StandardTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen exited the virtual community and saw Bao’er sitting in front of him. Immediately, she leaped into Han Sen’s chest, loudly proclaiming, “I’m thirsty!”“I’ll go and get you some water,” Han Sen said, heading for the water dispenser.Bao’er then stroked Han Sen’s head fondly, whispering to him, “I want ice cream, too.”“Of course you do.” Han Sen knew what she wanted before she even said it. There was no way Bao’er would hang around waiting for him if she only wanted water.Han Sen went to the Sapphire Ice Cream Store. She wouldn’t eat ordinary ice cream, only the expensive homemade ones produced there. Fortunately, Han Sen had a lot of money, so it wasn’t a strain for him to purchase her ice cream every now and again.Han Sen saw Han Yan on the street on the way there, as she had recently enlisted at the Blackhark Military Academy. Although she been invited to join many other, better academies, she had rejected them all.Han Yan had her mother’s appearance, but because she had been practicing the Falsified-Sky Sutra, she carried herself with a unique aura.Others would believe she looked incredibly holy, but to Han Sen, that was nothing new and he was used to it.There was a distance between them, and Han Sen couldn’t get to her quickly. When he eventually got close enough to bark a greeting, he saw a lot of young people around her playing instruments.There was a handsome guy playing a guitar at the center, serenading. He was singing about her, and the music was obviously being played for her as well. Han Yan was walking as this occurred, and it was almost as if the others were chasing her with the music.When the song was over, the boy put his guitar away and raced ahead to kneel in front of her. Then, he presented her a bouquet of roses. “Han Yan, I am very fond of you. Would you please be my girlfriend?”The other guys were chattering amongst themselves, in hushed chants that whispered, “Say yes! Say yes!”Han Sen felt very angry, watching this. Now he could understand what Ji Ruozhen had spoken about in his speech.“That cheap *sshole! Using cheap flowers to try to seduce my sister. I’m going to beat him up!” Han Sen was still a distance away, so he wished to fly over. Not being able to right now, though, he opted for the next best thing. He started to cross the railing, to get there sooner.He knew it was illegal to do that, and he’d be forced to study the traffic laws for ten days if caught, but that was the least of his concerns for now.When just one of the legs crossed the railing, Han Yan took the flowers in her hands.The anger that had been simmering inside Han Sen began to boil and swell, and he said to himself, “I treat you like a princess! I take you everywhere you want and give you whatever you want, how can you be tricked with just a few measly flowers?!”Everyone around was clapping, and then the boy moved in for a hug.“You dare? You dare?!” Han Sen was fuming with rage, by this point.But Han Yan then extended her arms forward, with the bouquet of flowers resting across the palms of her hands.Han Yan smiled and said, “The flowers are beautiful, but I want a boyfriend who is a good man. I want a man who can display his love and affection without the need for something material to represent it.”“My parents are noble, and I am going to max out my geno points. I will become a demi-god, one day!” the boy hastily replied.Han Yan said, “Rich or poor, strong or feeble, that does not matter to me. Only if you are a good man, will I love you.”“Then tell me, what makes a good man?” The guy asked.Han Yan answered, “It is simple, and all the requirements and standards I seek reside in the one person I myself admire the most.”“Okay, and who is that?” the boy asked.All the boys listened in, as they all secretly wished to make her theirs, too.Hearing Han Yan say she did not want money confused them. So, they each paid extra attention to learn what it would take to make them suitable suitors.Han Yan smiled and said, “It is my brother. If anyone can beat my brother as a person, then they are a good man. And such good men are men I would have no qualms dating.”They all knew who her big brother was. He was the fearless conqueror of an emperor class shelter in the Third God’s Sanctuary. Acknowledging such crazy requirements, they all felt hopeless.“Do you mind if I keep the flowers?” Han Yan asked.The boy, startled from out of his daze, swiftly raised his sunken head and said, “Of course, they are for you!”“Thank you.” Han Yan took the flowers and then left.Han Sen brought his leg back after witnessing all this, and he did so with great joy.“Alliance traffic law violation detected. You are in breach of law 6385, in an attempt of crossing the rail. Punishment requires a supervised study of the traffic laws for the duration of twenty-four hours. Follow the navigation beacons that will lead you to the traffic department.” The computer near the railing notified Han Sen.Fortunately, Han Sen did not cross the rail completely. If he had, he’d be locked up in study for ten days. Not even the president could get out of a jam like that.He had to start his study in three days, so he decided to carry on with his current objective, and that was to take Bao’er to the ice cream store.When Han Sen crossed the bridge, he saw someone approach. Seeing this person, he was flabbergasted.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 697: Devil AntTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was alerted by the sound of digging and quickly looked at the canyon wall. The wall was dark green and looked to be really hard. But in the corner of the wall, something had opened a crack. Inside the crack, Han Sen could see the shuffling of a white claw, and the crack began to grow in size. Han Sen did not know what was behind it, especially here in Devil's Mountain. He did not dare perform reckless deeds in this treacherous place, so he quickly retreated behind a rock to watch it from a safe distance. The crack had grown into a tunnel by the time the white claw and a dark green scaled creature emerged. It looked exactly like the wall did. "Is that a pangolin?" Han Sen watched the dark-green creature from behind the rock and thought it looked like a pangolin. But if it was able to dig the dark green cliffside, it was far stronger than the average pangolin. When the dark green pangolin exited the tunnel it had dug, it ran off. Then, he noticed a purple ant, about the size of a fist, come trailing after it. There were a number of these ants and their bodies looked like jade. There were about twenty of them, and they seemed to be giving chase to the pangolin. "No way! If I recall, pangolins are practically anteaters. Why in the world is this thing getting chased by ants?" Han Sen was puzzled by the scene. The purple ants did not chase the pangolin far, for it seemed as if they weren't very fond of sunlight. When they reached the edge of the shadows, they quit their pursuit and ran back to the hole they had emerged from. Han Sen pulled out his peacock crossbow that was loaded with a raven feather, took aim, and fired at one of the purple ants. The bolt instantly pierced through its body; after all, it was a berserk super crossbow. With a super bolt, few creatures could ever hope to withstand its power. "Sacred-Blood Creature Hunted: Subterranean Devil Ant. The beast soul has not been acquired. Consume its flesh to obtain a random numeric amount of mutant geno points, ranging from zero to ten." "What? This is a sacred-blood creature?" Han Sen almost jumped up. There were at least twenty ants that had emerged from the newly-formed tunnel, yet he couldn't believe what he was hearing. After one of the devil ants was killed, the rest of them started going crazy, skittering around in search of the foe that had slain one of them. Because Han Sen was quite far away from them, they did not become aware of his presence there. Going unnoticed was a rare opportunity, so he wasn't willing to let this chance pass him by. He brought up the peacock crossbow once more and fired repeatedly. Each bolt found a target, numbering another five kills. The sacred-blood announcements continued to ring inside his head, one after another. It almost made Han Sen squeal with excitement. It was true that by eating the same sacred-blood creature multiple times, the amount of sacred geno points he'd get would decrease after each subsequent ant. That didn't really matter, though, due to the fact he only needed another thirty geno points. The raven bolts had all been used up, just in time for Han Sen to be spotted by the ants. Frantically, they skittered in his direction. Seeing more than a dozen sacred-blood ants rush towards him in such a manner was a frightening sight. The ants were indeed fast, but for a man like Han Sen, they were nothing. He summoned his battle mode little angel. The little angel's hand swung her greatsword and diced an ant like a stroke of lightning. Fourteen foes to counter, but before the angel, they were nothing. It only took her a second to slay them all. "I'm a handsome man and I collect ants! I hold a big bag and I got the biggest ants!" Han Sen began singing a favorite song of his, as he picked up the ants and stuffed them into a bag he had brought with him. Han Sen felt awesome. With twenty sacred-blood ants to dine on, his sacred geno points were sure to max out in no time at all. But during his glee, he suddenly heard a rocky explosion interrupt his tune. The canyon wall near the small tunnel erupted into a thick dusty plume that spat out a number of rocks like meteors. A dog-sized, dark-purple ant emerged, screaming with a shrill voice at Han Sen. Then, like a shadow, it sprinted towards Han Sen at a blisteringly fast pace. Han Sen was shocked. He brought out his Flaming Rex Spike to block the incoming attack, but the little angel dashed in front of him to clash with the giant purple ant on his behalf, greatsword raised. Dong! The transparent greatsword struck the dark purple ant's head. The shell did not crack, but the blow let out an amazingly strong force. The little angel's body was knocked backwards into Han Sen and they were both sent flying eight meters backwards into the cliffside wall behind them. Han Sen spit some blood out. Although the hit was not life-threatening, it made his chest burn something frightful. The little angel moved, preparing to strike the dark purple ant again. But this time, the little angel did not strike from the front. She whizzed by the ant from a multitude of directions. Her greatsword was poised to strike, and every dash and direction she went, she hit the ant. The giant ant had formidable control of its claws, however, and it managed to block every attack. Each guard would knock the angel backwards. Its strange strength was quite weird. "This devil ant king is too powerful. It's far stronger than the little angel. Even her greatsword can't pierce its shell; it cannot be a berserk super creature. Could it?" Han Sen was shocked, seeing what he was. But then again, ants were strange creatures. It was normal for them to lift things that were a hundred times heavier than they themselves were. Ordinary humans could never do something like that. For such a big ant, even if it was a normal animal in the Alliance, it would be powerful. While the little angel fought with the devil ant king, Han Sen quickly unlocked his Dongxuan Sutra's gene lock. The Life Aura was activated, and through it, Han Sen was able to observe the energy flow of the devil ant king. "This guy is a second generation super creature." This brought a modicum of joy to Han Sen, as he tried to learn its energy flow. Although his purpose coming here was not to kill the Subterranean Devil Ant king, that was fine. He wouldn't pass by an opportunity such as this. The Subterranean Devil Ant king's life energy flow was complicated. Han Sen could not remember it so soon, so all he could do for the time being was observe for some time and watch the fight unfold. The little angel was using her flying abilities, and although she seemed capable of keeping up with it, killing the beast outright was a different matter all together. Her angel greatsword could not sever its limbs or crack its shell, and without being able to do that, killing it would prove to be of great difficulty. After Han Sen remembered its energy flow, he summoned his Flaming Rex Spike and mustered the energy of the Elephant-Rex Strike. He waited for the right moment to deliver the ant king one massive hit. Even if the strike didn't kill it, it might provide an opening for the little angel to finish it off.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1407: Real BloodTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe Blood-Pulse Sutra’s geno core was a miniature version of Han Sen himself. It was like a little figurine, shaped to replicate his body perfectly.As Han Sen stared at it, his bewilderment heightened, as something most strange occurred.It was as if he was watching time itself rewind around the miniature; he actually watched it get younger. It went backwards, becoming a teenager, a child, a baby, a fetus, and then blood.Bronze Geno Core: Bronze Real BloodHan Sen did not know what to say, and it felt as if his lingering thoughts had been left suspended. It was a strange sensation, seeing a figurine of himself grow younger in less than a minute.“Child, the trail you tread is one you must blaze yourself. This is all I can do to help you.”The light that hovered on the tablet then departed the stone, becoming the white-clothed man again. And this time, Han Sen was able to see his face.Han Sen was certain he had never seen this man before. He did not look like Han Sen’s father, grandfather, or even his great-grandfather.The man didn’t resemble Han Sen himself, either. They didn’t look at all related, so the reason why the man constantly referred to Han Sen as his child was completely unknown.“Who are you? The leader of Blood Legion?” Han Sen asked, his raised voice gilded with a certain sternness.The white-clothed man merely smiled, and he said, “Remember, your fate is not pre-determined. It is forged through your will and desire; no external, higher power governs it.”After that, the light on the tablet began to fade, and the man alongside it. All that remained was the faceless tablet in the center of the lake. At that same moment, all the plants in the shelter came alive, crying rivers of blood as if to summon a world-ending flood.“If that guy was the leader of Blood Legion, I wouldn’t be surprised. But even though he looked human, he carried the aura of a spirit,” Han Sen thought to himself.At this point, Han Sen was relieved that he had taken the time and been fortunate enough to learn and practice both the Blood-Pulse Sutra and Life Door. Had he skipped one of those, it was highly likely he wouldn’t have been standing where he was at that moment. Repeatedly, people had come to believe he was a successor to Blood Legion, so it was certainly paying dividends, bit-by-bit, in his investigations.The strangest thing, though, was that his Nine-Life Cat pendant was a relic that supposedly belonged to Blood Legion. Even here, of all places, it did not resonate any sort of power. It was as lifeless as it had been over the previous days.If that man was the leader of Blood Legion, he should have been able to just sense the pendant’s presence. Others had done so before, so this was a given.It was a shame he had gone now, though. He had vanished with the silent grace of a wisp. Any more answers Han Sen might have wished to glean didn’t seem likely to be gotten right now.Han Sen turned his attention to the bleeding plants, and he watched a certain thicket bend and move aside to form a path for him.“If that man thinks I’m a member of Blood Legion, the plants won’t want to hurt me, will they?” Han Sen wondered to himself.Han Sen walked the trail and found himself exiting the garden, but it wasn’t by the same path he had used to enter. He had ended up going further, and he now found himself standing before a palace.The entrance was wide open, and directly beyond it, Han Sen could see a bronze coffin. Strange symbols and enigmatic lines of text were scrawled and inscribed across it, and sitting atop the coffin was a beast.The beast was asleep there, and its fur looked like a gentle fire.“This is the place the survivors spoke of before they died; the beast sure does look like the Nine-Life Cat,” Han Sen thought.As Han Sen pondered this curiosity, his pendant finally came to life. It began to pull Han Sen forward, clearly wanting to visit the beast. He was going to pull it out from beneath his clothes, but just before he did, Mister Li and the others came staggering forward from another direction. Mister Li seemed surprised to see him there.“Han Sen? You’re alive! That brings this old mind some comfort; I feared we had lost you in the scrape with those wolves.” Mister Li’s rough voice was varnished with genuine concern for Han Sen’s wellbeing.“I’m lucky to be alive; I can tell you that much,” Han Sen said, stressing each word with a nearly-winded facade.Mister Li stepped forward, asking, “So, how did you escape the wolves?”“I don’t know… there was so much going on. There were so many. It’s all a blur; but I went through the plaza with all those statues and reached a garden. I traversed it to reach this place.” After Han Sen’s half-hearted explanation, he approached the others with a question, asking, “And you, Mister Li? How did you and the others get here?”“It was a trial that was no different than your own adventure. But you… you only have a bronze geno core. For you to make it through on your own, well, you weren’t kidding about that luck you possessed, eh?” Xu Yanmeng’s words were fine at face-value, but the tone with which he spoke expressed doubt about the validity of Han Sen’s tale. He wasn’t entirely convinced, that was for sure.The wolves were strong, and stronger than the average mutant creature, that much was certain.They might have been okay, in a series of one-versus-one matches. But an entire pack of the beasts had assaulted the group, and the team was fortunate to make it through.For Han Sen to escape their pursuit with no wounds, that was suspicious.Han Sen wasn’t planning to explain, though, and their doubts did not concern him. He merely asked them, “Is this the bronze coffin they spoke of?”Mister Li and the others examined their surroundings, having not taken them in when they first laid eyes on Han Sen. Their faces turned a ghastly shade of pale when they saw the coffin, as was described. The beast was sitting atop it, just like they had heard.The previous team had all ended up dead after coming here. There were more people in that team, so the new team’s prospects of making it out themselves did not seem good.“It sure looks it.” Mister Li did not take his eyes off the beast that was lounging atop the coffin.“Mister Li, how should we proceed?” Zhong Sanxiao asked. He sounded very polite and respectful, this time around. Something must have occurred earlier on, for Zhong Sanxiao to regard Mister Li with admiration now.

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Sakdar⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 981: TutorTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioLife-and-Death Breakthrough was something Han Sen had heard of before, but he did not really know what it meant. He believed doing that could enable him to become a demigod, allowing him to practice the next Dongxuan Sutra.Of course, that was just him guessing.In the Dongxuan Sutra, committing a Life-and-Death Breakthrough was incredibly dangerous. Even the most powerful of people could die using it, and traditionally, there was only a ten percent chance of survival when doing such a thing.Dongxuan Zi explained that when he created the Dongxuan Sutra, he ensured its Life-and-Death Breakthrough had a higher success rate, though. It was apparently over fifty percent.The Wedding Dress Skill said that if a woman was willing to sacrifice her learning of the skill, it’d allow a man to perform a Life-and-Death Breakthrough with a hundred percent success rate.In Dongxuan Zi’s era, people who survived Life-and-Death Breakthroughs were regarded as gods.Dongxuan Zi himself was the only known person to have performed one successfully.The Wedding Dress Skill could enable a person to do what he did. It was a dizzying feat, and the entire concept was quite sweat-inducing.“It may be a Qi Gong, but this thing is useless to me.” Han Sen downloaded the details and removed it from his PC.He then returned to the shelter and hid the rubix cube there.Han Sen: Super Body Super King SpiritLevel: SurpasserLifespan: 400King Body Evolution Requirement: geno 100Owned Geno Points: ordinary geno points = 100; primitive geno points = 100; mutant geno points = 74; sacred-blood geno points = 14; super geno points = 5.Super King Self-Spirit Points: 118Han Sen’s fitness was not bad, and he had been doing well so far. But for now, he wanted to open more gene locks.He did not leave the shelter in fear of meeting Yaksha again.One day, while Han Sen practiced his Dongxuan Sutra, he received a notification that Qin Xuan was looking for him.“Team Qin, long time no see.” Han Sen smiled, looking at her in the video.“Han Sen, do you have Taia?” Qin Xuan asked seriously.“Liu Meng gave it to me. Is that a problem?” Han Sen asked.He was surprised, and he was now witnessing firsthand how serious the Qin family took this business with the Taia sword.“If you’re looking to sell it, would you mind selling it to us?” Qin Xuan asked.“Do you mind telling me why this sword is so special?” Han Sen knew this sword was nothing ordinary.Qin Xuan said, “This sword just means a lot to us, and it is a secret that pertains to our family. What I can tell you, though, is that it’s useless in the hands of others.”Han Sen nodded and said, “Well, if I want to sell it, I’ll come looking for you.”Han Sen did not mind doing her a favor, but Taia was his primary weapon for the time being, and he needed it to kill creatures. Until he found a better replacement, he had to hold onto it.“Thanks a lot.” Qin Xuan sounded relieved. Then she proceeded to say, “Let’s talk about something else for the time being. I would like you to know I am establishing a training class for the Special Security Team. Would you mind being a tutor?”“Nope; I can’t teach.” Han Sen was surprised at the sudden request.“It’s not like you’ll be teaching directly from a textbook. And you’ll only need to do it from Skynet. It’ll take one hour each day for a month. If you are busy, we can schedule a replacement for certain days. We can fit it around your timetable.” Qin Xuan smiled.“When does it start?” Han Sen asked.“Day after tomorrow. Over twenty thousand people have signed up,” Qin Xuan said.“I’ll teach archery, then.” Han Sen was only spending his time practicing the Dongxuan Sutra each day, so squeezing in an hour to do something else would be fine.Han Sen was still a member of the team, too. He was still being paid wages, despite not having done anything for the longest time. And being a teacher for newbies might be fun.“When are you free, then? I need to sort out the rota.” Qin Xuan was visibly delighted at hearing Han Sen could join.After their discussion on that, they chatted about their lives for a while.Qin Xuan did not want to become a surpasser yet. Ever since the discovery of super genes, many people wanted to focus on maxing out their level with the new genes before ascending to the next sanctuary.Some people managed to collect the eggs of super creatures, to obtain their super geno points.But there weren’t many eggs, and if that is how they were to focus, it was likely only one person could max out their super geno points in a century.People in the Alliance believed Han Sen had a different method of obtaining super geno points, but Han Sen was Han Sen; they didn’t dare do anything to offend him.If they tried making a move on Han Sen, they feared Godslayer Luo would unleash his wrath upon them.That aside, he was Ji Ruozhen’s son-in-law. As such, no one dared touch him.It would have been even more difficult to get to Han Sen in the sanctuary, too.“Han Sen is to be the tutor?” In a mansion someplace, a man read a list of names. When he saw Han Sen’s name there, he was surprised.“Which Han Sen?” a red-haired man asked, looking back.“There is only one Han Sen. It’s the Han Sen,” the man responded.“What is he teaching?” the red-haired man asked.“Archery,” the man answered.“I previously had no interest in going, but I can’t miss this.” The red-haired man lifted his eyebrows.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 352: A Sword for Your LifeTranslator:Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor:Nyoi-Bo Studio"Han Sen!" Su Xiaoqiao suddenly became pale. If Mr. Yu were to attack Han Sen, there was no way Han Sen could beat an evolver.Han Sen sat still on the three-eyed beast. He had already sold the tornado wolf, and Meowth was not the best ride, which was why Han Sen had been riding three-eyed beast on this trip.Mr. Yu's was holding a beast soul sword, which looked like a sacred-blood beast soul.Han Sen squinted his eyes at Mr. Yu's sword, which was exactly what he needed at this point.Mr. Yu rushed to Han Sen, cutting his silver sword at Han Sen's neck like a lightning bolt.Those with Mr. Yu did not move. It seemed they were enjoying the show. Mr. Yu was an evolver, so there was no one who could threaten him in First God's Sanctuary.Shortly, everyone opened their eyes wide. As the sword was about to cut Han Sen snack, Han Sen suddenly reached out a hand and clipped the sword with two fingers.Everyone thought Han Sen was crazy. No one should be able to clip an incoming sword with two fingers, especially when it was an evolver who was holding the sword.Mr. Yu's uses more force their usual, trying to kill Han Sen directly.The moment the sort touched Han Sen's fingers, it seemed that Han Sen's entire body became weightless. He attached himself to the sword and moved along with the sword wherever it went as if he was a fallen leaf.Feeling shocked, Mr. Yu's took the sword back and threw a punch at Han Sen who had approached him with the sword.Han Sen hit Mr. Yu's fist, jumped up and landed behind Mr. Yu, his skeleton's dagger on Mr. Yu's neck."It seems that an evolver like you is no big deal," said Han Sen lightly.Although Mr. Yu's had the best geno point count, he was terrible at martial arts. He was probably from a rich family, but he was scum himself, which was different from Yuan and Qing.Mr. Yu's was dazed, and others were dumbstruck. No one could foresee that an evolver was easily beaten by Han Sen."Do you want to live or die?" Han Sen moved the dagger forward slightly with a smile. The sharp blade immediately cut the skin of Mr. Yu's neck, a drop of blood gliding down the dagger."What should I do for you if I want to live?" Mr. Yu became pale, and none in his group dared to move."I am a fair person and could offer you an opportunity to correct yourself. However, if I let you go just like this, I'm afraid you will not learn your lesson. So, a sword for your life--the one you're holding right now," said Han Sen."No way! My dad is the CEO of Dongchang. If you lay a hand on me, my dad will kill your entire family," yelled Mr. Yu fiercely.Han Sen almost burst out laughing."All right. When you go to hell, remember to appear in your dad's dream and tell him that it was Han Sen who killed you." Han Sen pushed the skeleton dagger deeper into Mr. Yu's skin."No… You can have it…" Mr. Yu exclaimed, almost scared to death."This is your last chance. When I count to three, if the sword is not in my hand, you can keep it with you in hell." Han Sen started to count, "One… Two…"Mr. Yu's did not even dare to bargain and quickly transferred the beast soul sword to Han Sen."Do not claim to be an evolver next time, so that you will not lose face for all evolvers." Han Sen took back the sword and the skeleton's daggers and returned to the back of his mutant three eyed beast.Once Mr. Yu gained his freedom again, he quickly summoned a beast soul knife and led his followers to attack Han Sen."Go back," said Han Sen casually. He had foreseen this outcome and quickly rushed to the group of people.Mr. Yu did not want to recognize the fact that he was weaker than Han Sen. I should not have lost. Thought Mr. Yu.In addition, Mr. Yu's had a lot of good men on his team, so he believed he must be able to kill Han Sen this time and avenge himself.However, when Han Sen was in the middle of them, Mr. Yu started to regret, because he found that the group were not a help, but a burden. Han Sen walked casually among them, and for some reason, they could more easily hurt their teammates than Han Sen. Every time Han Sen brandished the skeleton's daggers, an injury would be made.Momentarily, six persons were hurt in the group.Su Xiaoqiao was dumbfound. The way Han Sen was doing it made him wonder who the evolver was.Mr. Yu was terrified. He could not describe the feeling he had. Obviously, Han Sen was the one who was besieged. However, it felt like Han Sen was actually behind the siege. Mr. Yu did not even have any chance to attack Han Sen. Every time he tried to make a move, he would be blocked by one of his own people.Someone who had not really practiced martial arts could not tell how incredible kiting skills were. In the eyes of Han Sen, people like this could not give him any pressure no matter how many they were."Get lost," Mr. Yu exclaimed when he found there was no chance to attack Han Sen.Han Sen did not chase after the rest of the group. When they had left, a blue lightning bolt left Han Sen's hand.A mutant ghost butterfly boomerang flew toward Mr. Yu who was throwing himself at Han Sen.Mr. Yu tried to cut the boomerang in half, but when his weapon was about to touch the boomerang, it quickly made a weird turn and disappeared in front of his eyes. Bypassing Mr. Yu's knife, the boomerang hit his chest hard.Bang!Blue flames exploded on Mr. Yu's chest, making him fall from his mount and roll around on the ground.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 565: The Demon ShelterTranslator:Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor:Nyoi-Bo StudioWhenever Yi Dongmu had free time, he would go to practice with Han Sen because he wanted to master that skill.Han Sen accepted the money he offered, as not to feel bad by rejecting Yi Dongmu's request. He practiced with him every time he could. The power of the skill surprised him. Even though Han Sen's battle perception far exceeded Yi Dongmu's, it was coming to the point where even he would not be able to dodge the slashing skill."It's a shame. You cannot find a skill like this in the Saint Hall, and I wouldn't mind learning it for myself. I'd wager it would feel great to kill things with this skill," Han Sen said to himself.Accompanying Yi Dongmu in his practice yielded a few benefits of his own, too. He had to apply his focus to sense when Yi Dongmu was going to attack, and this worked to improve his perception even more.The skill that Yi Dongmu was attempting to master was one that employed speed and stealth. In front of Han Sen, the only advantage he had was speed, but beating Han Sen with speed was next to impossible.So Han Sen was not particularly worried about Yi Dongmu learning this skill to use against Dollar. Even if he mastered the skill, it would still be impossible for him to beat Han Sen.If Han Sen hadn't known about this skill, and Yi Dongmu's mastery of it, then he might have stood a chance. But now that Han Sen was familiar with the skill, he doubted the possibility of losing to it."Poor Yi Dongmu. It's not like I want to lie to you, but you are the one who approached me for practice." Han Sen was observing Yi Dongmu, who was training and pushing himself as hard as he could, but his face looked strange.During this time, however, the thought of how to obtain another sacred-blood beast soul sword gnawed at Han Sen's mind. He knew of a few creatures that would be able to provide him a beast soul sword, but they were all too strong for him. The Icefield were too small to host a great many more creatures, so his viable options were limited.Even if Han Sen wanted to buy one, he couldn't, as very few people would willingly part with a sacred-blood beast soul sword; especially for the scarce resources in the Icefield.Han Sen decided to drive the Crystal Palace to Yellow-Rock Beach. There were many human shelters there, and he wondered if he'd be able to find someone selling a sacred-blood beast soul sword.Han Sen planned to use his Berserk Inferno Bull for a potential trade, believing no one would reject a Berserk sacred-blood shapeshifting beast soul.This time, Han Sen brought Zero and the silver fox along with him. Humans would not be able to detect that the silver fox was a creature, and Han Sen believed they would just think that it was an ordinary pet. Bringing it would pose no risk.He arrived at the Seaside Shelter which he had once helped claim. Han Sen thought people might still harbor animosity towards him, because he had stolen their Necron. To his surprise, however, the place that was supposed to be called Yellow-Rock Beach was now known as Golden Beach, and the shelter had also changed its name to Dollar Shelter."Seriously?" Han Sen's mood took a hit. If he knew that people adored Dollar as much as they did, to change the name of the place, he would have stayed. At least here he would have been able to receive free benefits, such as creature flesh.He took a walk along the Golden Beach, and Zero looked so happy.After entering the Dollar Shelter, Han Sen managed to locate a few shops that sold beast souls. Unfortunately, he was unable to find one that supplied beast souls of the sacred-blood variety, except for one. But the item on offer was a sacred-blood beast soul gun."Boss, do you have a sacred-blood beast soul to sell?" Han Sen asked."For a small shelter like ours, finding one here would be pretty amazing," the boss laughed."Can you introduce me to a shelter that can provide the sacred-blood beast souls I am looking for?" Han Sen enquired.The boss gave it a thought and then said, "On the western side of the Ancient Forest, there's a royal-class Demon Shelter, which is home to many beast soul shops. If there's ever a place to find a sacred-blood beast soul for sale, that would be it. There should be plenty, so if you have your heart set on purchasing one, I'd recommend looking there. Mind you, the journey you must embark upon to get there will be perilous indeed, for many spirit shelters reside along the way."Han Sen spent some Dollars on a map that would guide him to the Demon Shelter he now sought. He wanted a sacred-blood beast soul sword no matter the cost, so he had to go there and take a look, at the very least.The road was long, and Han Sen wanted to kill a few creatures along the way, so he decided to leave Zero and the silver fox behind at the Dollar Shelter for a few days while he was away.Han Sen followed behind a group of others on his way to the Demon Shelter."Brother, what are you doing going to the Demon Shelter?" On the road, a middle-aged man rode a beast soul stacked with cargo on its back. He asked Han Sen this question politely.The group Han Sen tailed was a merchant group on their way to the Demon Shelter for trade. To accompany them, Han Sen offered them some Dollars to accept his presence. If he could travel with them, there was the safety-in-numbers aspect, alongside avoiding the prospect of getting lost on his way to the Demon Shelter."I heard there are many beast souls for sale there, so I'd like to visit and purchase a few," Han Sen replied casually."There are indeed a good many, but the high-class beast souls there go for a fair price more than they do at our shelter." The middle-aged man was quite talkative, which allowed Han Sen to gather more intel on the Demon Shelter he would soon visit.What most surprised Han Sen was that the owner of the Demon Shelter was someone he actually knew.It was Son of Heaven, the boss of Starry Group. He couldn't believe that he was the owner of the Demon Shelter.Son of Heaven and Han Sen had quite a history between them, but ever since the Ning family had come to think that Han Sen was the heir of Han Jing, they had never bothered with him. They had never helped him again.Han Sen did not know what Son of Heaven thought of him, but Han Sen was impartial. His feelings weren't frequently 'felt' anymore.In Han Sen's eyes, Son of Heaven was unable to ever become his opponent and as such, there was no reason for him to ever care about him.If he hadn't come to learn that Son of Heaven was the owner of the Demon Shelter, Han Sen might have forgotten about his entire existence.This was unlike how he felt towards Ning Yue, who he dreaded. Han Sen had let his Aqua Reaper live with Ning Yue because he wanted to gather the secrets of the Ning family from Ning Yue.But Ning Yue was aware of the abilities possessed by an Aqua Reaper, so he was able to control its behavior and mind and limited the amount of intelligence it provided Han Sen.Usually, Ning Yue was alone and unwilling to see anyone. He would just wait. When he had nothing to do, he would just remain by himself and read Buddha books for about ten hours straight. It seemed as if he was extremely focused on learning Buddhism and Tao. He did not rush about and he was not nervous, so Han Sen could learn nothing."If Son of Heaven was half as good as Ning Yue, I would most likely have died at Steel-Armor Shelter." Han Sen was now lamenting the past, and in his heart, the dread he felt about Ning Yue was increasing.Luckily, however, Ning Yue had been made host to a parasite by the Aqua Reaper. If he hadn't been, Han Sen would be extremely nervous.Han Sen then remembered something that Son of Heaven used to say, in regards to if Han Sen had come too late, he couldn't become his enemy. In the past, Son of Heaven was a proud person. Now Han Sen wondered how Son of Heaven would treat him, if they met again. Would he be considered a friend or a foe?Han Sen was intrigued and wanted to find out, but his purpose there was to buy a sword. Beyond, that, he didn't want to see Son of Heaven or get himself into any sort of trouble.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 787: Antipathy of TroubleTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioAs Han Sen watched from his seat on the sofa, Ji Yanran danced towards him. Her white top had already been taken off by this point, revealing her slender waist and large breasts, cupped by the caress of her bra in a tantalizing tease.Ji Yanran twirled her sexy waist and twerked her spongy bubble butt. She leaned forward over Han Sen as she did this, her hands slowly beginning to unclip her bra and free her eager boobs."Take it off! Take it off!" Han Sen's eyes were wide open. Seeing the woman before him with black hair, red lips, and skin that was pale as snow, Han Sen's eyes were tugged towards the plush warmth of her boobies."Ouch!" Just as the bra was about to fall and divulge the complete spectacle of her chest, Han Sen was punched in the head.One of Ji Yanran's hands held her gravity-submitting bra, while the other hand clenched a fist."Big pervert! I knew you weren't nice. How dare you hypnotize me! If I could be put under such a spell, it wouldn't be one wrought by your weak mind." When Ji Yanran said that, she squeezed Han Sen's cheeks as hard as she could."This Devil-Eye Spider ability is useless!" Han Sen felt fairly bad, but when he looked at Ji Yanran's face, she looked extremely cocky at having bested him. Behaving more rudely and forthwith, he pulled her directly into his arms. He grabbed her bra and tore it away."Let me go, you pervert!" Ji Yanran's eyes were ones of absolute confusion. Her face was red with the swelling blush, but it added to her charm."How dare you lie to me. I will teach you the Han family discipline!" Han Sen could no longer hold his restraint, and so he leapt on top of her."No, no, noooo!" Inside the room, a pleasurable few hours unfolded. The walls vibrated as the springs of the sofa were worked hard. At midnight, Han Sen was finally satisfied. Then, he brought her to his bed. Surprisingly, Ji Yanran was quite cooperative, and the extent of their exercise had almost worn Han Sen out completely.Han Sen curiously asked why his attempt at hypnotizing her failed. Her response was that she had received training, ever since she was small, to resist falling prey to such tricks. She had also absorbed a crystal from the Crystallizers to strengthen her mind. Ordinary attempts of hypnotization were useless on her.Now that Han Sen was aware of this, his plans for using the Devil-Eye Spider's energy flow to gain some sort of advantage in the Alliance didn't seem as viable.Many of the priority figures of the big families must have undergone the same sort of training. Using this method to manipulate the wills and whims of others wouldn't be as effective as Han Sen had initially hoped. All he could do, at best, was confuse them for a few seconds. Absolute, prolonged control of their minds would be impossible."Your hypnotizing skill is already quite powerful. Even the Huangfu family, who are the most talented at this sort of thing, aren't much better." Ji Yanran had noticed Han Sen's sudden disappointment, so she issued a few words of comfort."Huangfu? Which Huangfu family?" Han Sen asked with surprise."What are you talking about? Which other Huangfu family could it be? It's the Huangfu family. The one from the Ares Martial Hall," Ji Yanran said."They are proficient with hypnosis? I thought they only excelled with their Heavenly Go," Han Sen asked, as this revelation surprised him. He believed the Huangfu family were only in possession of powerful fighting abilities, not ones of deceit and distortion."How else do you think the Huangfu family can enlist as many students as they do? Do you think they convince others through a display of their power alone? They have a history of researching, learning, adopting, and using various mind tricks. They could very well be the best in the Alliance at that sort of thing. Heavenly Go does not belong to them, and only two people know it, anyway. The skill is not theirs," Ji Yanran explained.Han Sen then remembered the time that the Chen family had told him of their ownership of Heavenly Go. It was one half of a set that also included Seven Twist. Somehow, the Huangfu family had come into possession of Heavenly Go."If I have time, maybe I can go and talk about it with Sister Huangfu," Han Sen casually said.When Ji Yanran heard this, she grabbed Han Sen's ear and angrily exclaimed, "You are not allowed to see her!""Why?" Han Sen strained to say, under agonizing pain."You are simply not allowed; there is no why." Ji Yanran nibbled her lips.Han Sen, seeing her beautiful face, quickly turned her over. Another storm raged.…...Inside the sanctuary, a man ascended a mountain. After he reached the halfway point, a group of men barred his passage and prevented further travel."Friend, do you know what this place is?" The leader, with a scar across his face, coldly laughed at the man."I do not know." The man raised his head and cast a glance back towards the scarred man.The scarred man now saw the other's face clearly. He looked young and possessed a babyface, but one that was partially veiled by a bushy moustache. His eyes were honest and large, and when you saw them, maintaining a front of intimidation became much more difficult.The scarred man's face appeared softer, and so he calmly said, "This is Heaven Valley. It is the territory of our Angel Shelter. Your uninhibited passage can be granted for the price of one mutant beast soul.""But I do not have any mutant beast souls," the babyfaced man said in response."Then you will have to traverse a portion of the Black Desert or scale Death Mountain," the scarred man told the traveler.Heaven Valley possessed the only fair-footed throughway to where he wished to go. It was skirted by Death Mountain and the Black Desert on either side; if you could not traverse this road, any detour would take many more months. Death was much more likely to find those who ventured in such treacherous places."But that will take a long time," the babyfaced man said."Is this the face of concern? If you want to continue this way, hand over a mutant beast soul," the man with a scar on his face said."Well, what about if I kill you? What if I killed you all? If I did that, would I still be required to pay? Or would this toll of yours be forfeit?" The babyfaced man looked upon the other and spoke with a stern, serious face."Hahaha!" Scarface and those that accompanied him did not take the threat seriously, and so they all burst out laughing.Angel Shelter belonged to Angel Gene, otherwise known as the Zhao family. Any that sought to venture there and offended them were either foolish or insane.They thought the babyfaced man did not even know what Angel Gene was, and they just believed him to be an arrogant and pitiable man.The next second, the babyfaced man waved his hand. As he did so, an invisible blade shot through the air. He began stepping forward, and as each foot returned to the ground, a person's head was launched through the air.By the time the babyfaced man had managed to pass their roadblock, none were left alive. They all lay dead, scattered and crumpled on the ground."I am not fond of killing, but I have antipathy of trouble. I am sorry for this." The babyfaced man's eyes still looked clean, not dirty or tainted with the regret or pleasure of murder. Onwards through Heaven Valley he went.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1365: No Fluctuations in PowerTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioZhu Donglai regretted giving up on taking Han Sen as a disciple before. He had found someone else to practice the Purple Manor Sutra with, following Han Sen’s injury in the Third God’s Sanctuary. He hadn’t expected that a person whose body was believed to be destroyed, even by the likes of Luo Haitang, could recover and go on to achieve such greatness.Now that Han Sen had become a demi-god so swiftly, Zhu Donglai was feeling profound remorse. He wished he had listened to his gut instinct and not given up on Han Sen so quickly.Because Han Sen had already become a demi-god now, there was no real opportunity for him to take the young man as a student. And it wasn’t as if the student he currently had was a poor performer.“A demi-god who has maxed out their super genes won’t be much stronger from the get-go. Success in the Fourth God’s Sanctuary is, more than anything, reliant on the geno cores you collect. This will be no different for him,” Jia Shidao spoke to no one in particular, addressing his peers as if he was a teacher.Green smiled and responded, “Han Sen must be much stronger than we were. I am interested to see what powers his geno cores possess.”“It will be difficult to tell, indeed. And I don’t think Han Sen practiced the technique of the Luo family, either,” Zhu Donglai said.The woman did not say a word or interest herself in the conversation. With silent eagerness, she watched the video feed intently, awaiting what she could learn. And as she did, the others occasionally glanced her way, seeing if she had any input to provide. She acknowledged this, but it did not prompt anything.Han Sen entered the testing chamber. There was a large pool before him, holding a liquid of an unknown substance.Old Man Ji had already told him what to expect. It most certainly wasn’t water; it wasn’t even liquid. It was a swarm of nanomachines, and if he used his talents on them, they could calculate and more accurately gauge the power he possessed.Tests like this were far more accurate than what he was used to, and in a real battle, you usually punched below the fitness level you might be given. By fighting these nanomachines, you could learn about your own strength in much greater detail.When Han Sen entered the pool, he felt strange. It really did feel like water, but it wasn’t wet.The nanomachines were all around him, lapping like gentle waves against him, brushing against every pore across his skin. It was a strange sensation. Suddenly, the nanomachines began to tighten around him. He felt as if he was under pressure.Han Sen knew now was the time to begin the test, so, with his power, he began fighting back against the pressure that wanted to squeeze him.Everyone watched Han Sen and the feedback of numbers that were relayed on-screen, reflecting the power he possessed. No one wished to speak now, and even Green kept his mouth closed and his eyes fixed to the video.Han Sen was the very first demi-god to max out their genes before entering the Fourth God’s Sanctuary, so they were incredibly keen to learn if this had benefitted him a lot.“Five thousand! That’s very powerful. He really must have maxed out, to reach this figure so soon.” Zhu Donglai was ecstatic.Five thousand was the bare minimum required for a person to join the Demi-God Association. Very few demi-gods were capable of doing what Han Sen had just displayed.Demi-gods that had only maxed out their sacred-blood geno points before ascending started at a fitness level that was far below five thousand. They’d have to spend much time hunting to reach this.Doing so required maxing out their ordinary geno points, at least, and that was no small feat when a person started with such a low fitness. There was every chance the smallest ordinary creature could kill them.Surviving entry to the Fourth God’s Sanctuary and returning to tell the tale, that was attributed more to luck than it was to skill. Old Man Ji had spawned in a geno fruit forest. There, he was able to immediately scoff them down and max out his geno points relatively quickly.Han Sen’s first display had shown them a figure of five thousand, but they were keen to see if he could unleash even more power. But what they saw next was so spectacular, the muscles on each of their faces went slack, allowing their jaws to hang agape.The five thousand did not change, and on the graph that was like an electrocardiogram that tracked the output of power, it flatlined.“What? That is… scary. How can he perfectly control such power?” Green said.Green was amazed at Han Sen’s ability to dictate the power output. It was like he had dialed himself to deliver a power of five thousand and leave it like that, without the slightest wavering.Zhu Donglai said, “This is excellent. This is control beyond what anyone else has accomplished. Might this have something to do with his geno core?”Jia Shidao frowned and said, “Young people love to show off as soon as they’ve received a slight modicum of power. This is nothing more than a fancy trick.”He believed Han Sen was showing off, but the truth was, Han Sen was afraid of frightening them all with a true display of his power. It’d be too much of a shock for them if he was to instantly double his output and show them a power of ten thousand.Furthermore, he didn’t want to expose what he was capable of, and he preferred having targets who underestimated him. He didn’t want any potential enemies to know what to expect if they ever fought him. He did this so the others would acknowledge he wasn’t weak, but also to hide his true ability. Unfortunately, he didn’t know this was upsetting Jia Shidao.“I’ll do the combat test,” Jia Shidao said.The others weren’t going to stop him, and so they just nodded.They knew why he did not like Han Sen, and that was because the Iron-Fist Martial Hall had always been in competition with the Huangfu Martial Hall.Han Sen had chosen to co-operate with the Huangfu family and not him, which felt like a slight. Ever since, he had nothing nice to say when others spoke of Han Sen. Everyone thought Han Sen made a good choice, though, much to Jia Shidao’s irritation.The missed opportunity of training someone who went on to become a great hero had plagued his mind ever since.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 761: Bloodlust MosquitoTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThere was no use turning back now, and Han Sen opted to push on and find out what was going on. The super creatures they had encountered all seemed to ignore them, as if something greater attracted them. If he came to a place where they all had gathered together, he resolved to go around them and simply continue on his way.Han Sen, with Zhou Yumei in tow, continued walking in the same direction. The fairy was still inside the scallop shell, refusing to come out. Whether or not she could by now was still up in the air, as her entire body was rotting. In a few more days, she'd most likely be melted into a bloody goop entirely.But unless it wanted to exit the shell, there was nothing Han Sen could do. The shell was unbreakable, and if the fairy wanted to come out, he assumed it would have to be of her own volition.The weather was surprisingly volatile in the desert. It often became windy, spurring the sands high into the sky and obscuring their vision. During the extremely windy periods, the sands rose like monsters seeking to consume them wholly.Han Sen told Golden Roarer to maximize its size, and it looked like a little hill marching through the fierce sandstorms. Han Sen and the rest of his companions would then burrow into the Golden Roarer's fur to remain comfy and unaffected."It's a shame that Golden Roarer is only a super creature from the First Shelter. If it could evolve, it would most likely be greater than any other Second Shelter super creature." Han Sen sighed.The sandstorms left almost as quickly as they came. After half a day, they all stopped. But it was the lasting effects that were the most troublesome. Following the sandstorms, the landscape morphed. The rhino's footprints disappeared and the dunes changed their positions.Pat!Han Sen heard a clapping noise, and he turned around to see Zhou Yumei slapping her cheeks. He laughed and said, "Why are you hitting yourself?""There is a mosquito." Zhou Yumei continued to wave her hands around, all to no avail.Han Sen took a look and saw a small mosquito flying around her. It was pretty quick and surprisingly agile. No matter how much she tried to hit it, the mosquito perfectly evaded every attack.Pat!Han Sen clapped his hands and killed the mosquito in one hit."Mutant creature Bloodlust Mosquito killed. No beast soul gained. Eat the flesh of the mutant creature Bloodlust Mosquito to gain zero to ten geno points randomly."Han Sen was incredibly surprised, having not suspected the small mosquito to be a mutant creature.Buzz!A few more mosquitos showed up, which Han Sen promptly killed. After that, even more showed up. They flew around madly, producing an infuriating sound.Pat! Pat! Pat!Han Sen attacks were quick as lightning, and he was killing mosquitos left, right, and center. There were ordinary class creatures this time, as well as many mutant class variants.After killing all of them, Han Sen noticed Zhou Yumei looked frozen. She was staring at something ahead of them with an agape jaw. Her face was distorted into one of fright, as if she had seen something most wretched."What's wrong with you?" Han Sen frowned."Mo-mo-mosquito..." Zhou Yumei raised her finger, pointing ahead of them. With a trembling voice, she called out what made her look so scared."What? They're just mosquitos. There is no need to be afraid, I can clap-kill them all." Han Sen then turned to look in the direction she pointed towards and noticed a giant crack in the desert sands. From it, swarms of the mosquitos emerged like a geyser. In their countless numbers, they turned to face them. And like the very sandstorms they had weathered before, they inked the skies and blotted out the sun. It was if the clouds of mosquitoes had turned the day into night."What are you waiting for? Run!" Han Sen shouted. He grabbed Zhou Yumei and carried her underneath his armpit, while running.The Bloodlust Mosquitos conquered the skies like a sandstorm, and they even struck fear into the silver fox and Little Orange. Together, those two scrambled to get away.If it was just a small number of mosquitos, even at mutant class, there was nothing to be afraid of. But a countless horde such as that would be too much. Han Sen had the appropriate super armor to block the attacks, but Zhou Yumei would be killed in an instant.Furthermore, he'd feel bad wearing super armor in front of her. So, like she did, he wore sacred-blood class armor instead.If there were large numbers of sacred-blood class mosquitos, he was afraid they'd be enough to kill the silver fox and Little Orange, as well.It wasn't long before the mosquitos caught up and descended upon them, however. The silver lightning crackled across the silver fox's fur, and he emitted a number of bolts to zap those that sought to overwhelm him.Han Sen used his Flaming Rex Spike to incinerate the mosquitos around them.Little Orange's body was jumping up and down to kill many, but a fair number of the mosquitos had already latched onto it. Without reprieve, the hungry insects drank deep of its blood.Han Sen was well and truly shocked. He didn't expect the mosquitos to be able to drink the blood of a super creature, and that meant Little Orange and the silver fox were in as much danger as they were.Although only female mosquitoes could drink blood, their numbers were still scary enough to place them all in serious danger.Pat!Han Sen slapped a mosquito that was drinking Little Orange's blood."Sacred-blood Bloodlust Mosquito killed. No beast soul gained. Eat the flesh of the sacred-blood creature Bloodlust Mosquito to gain zero to ten geno points randomly.""There really are sacred-blood class variants amongst them." Han Sen's face changed, and he commanded the little angel to clear a path for them. Then, he sped up to attempt an escape. But the mosquitos were like a sandstorm, and more and more were coming to engulf them.The silver fox was doing better than all of them, however. The electricity on his body worked like a shield, and it prevented the mosquitos from landing on him.But for the others, they were slowly being swarmed by the fiends. Numerous mosquitoes were starting to land on them, especially Zhou Yumei. Although she was plated in armor, the sections of skin that were still showing were ripe for a biting. Her blood kept on being sucked.The mosquitos weren't deadly on their own, and even if they sucked until their bellies were full, it wasn't much blood to lose. But with this number of them bearing down, things were dire. Within seconds, Zhou Yumei's body was host to a large number of lumps.Sucking her blood was fine, but the lumps were driving her insane. They were itchy, and each of her ten fingers went into overdrive, scratching as fiercely as she could. She was doing it so much, blood was being drawn to the surface. And as people say, the more you scratch, the itchier it gets. It wasn't long before her skin was all frayed, and yet she couldn't resist scratching.Han Sen tried his best to fight off the mosquitos, but his efforts seemed to be in vain. There were too many of them for him to handle. Even Little Orange's body had been swarmed, and many mosquitos were helping themselves to a buffet of blood on its backside.The bodies of the super creatures were far better than Zhou Yumei's, that much was plain to see. The itch didn't seem to affect them at all, so the effects of the bloodsucking didn't seem so concerning.The silver fox continued to fire electricity, but it was clearly a drain on his energy reserves. Han Sen wasn't sure how much longer it could last.Han Sen felt really bad in his heart. He couldn't find a way to give Zhou Yumei the immediate aid and respite she needed right now.If this was to continue, Zhou Yumei seemed likely to die out here.While Han Sen contemplated his next move, he suddenly saw a white fog approaching. When the mosquitos came into contact with it, they fell to the ground like hard rain.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 997: Falsified-Sky Sutra? Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“Why is the dragon scale inscribed with shura text?” Han Sen had tried his best to translate it, but it was mostly to no avail. So he turned his attention back to Dragon King and started interrogating him for information. But the spirit was tight-lipped, and no death threat Han Sen could make was enough to force him to talk.“It’s like the sky, but it is not. It is asura.” As Zero returned, bringing back the meatfeast of a hunt to the shelter, she started talking to herself when seeing the dragon scale.“Did you say something?” Han Sen asked Zero to repeat what she had said.Zero pointed to the scale and said, “It’s like the sky, but it is not. It is asura.”“You know what’s written on this thing?” Han Sen’s excitement perked.His excitement did not stem from Zero being able to understand the text, though.Zero was a shura, in some way or another. Although he was surprised to learn she was able to read the ancient shura language, this was not what excited him.What excited him was what Zero had said. He recognized them, as they were the opening lines of the Falsified-Sky Sutra.Zero nodded.“Can you read it out to me?” Han Sen asked, in a rushed manner.Zero took the scale in her hands and started to read, as requested. “It’s like the sky, but it is not. It is asura…”Han Sen was frozen, as ninety percent of the text was the Falsified-Sky Sutra.His heart pounded and his head pulsed as if it was going to explode.Han Sen could not understand why the Falsified-Sky Sutra had been written in an ancient shura language, on a dragon scale in the Third God’s Sanctuary. It gave him a headache, as he tried to comprehend all the possible implications this revelation conveyed.“What’s going on?” Han Sen asked himself, in complete disbelief.After Zero finished reading what was written, her hand gleamed with a power. All of a sudden, an invisible force was cast outwards against a nearby pillar with great intensity.“Falsified-Sky powers?” Han Sen was quickly taken aback.Han Sen had seen it many times at this point, so it was easy for him to recognize it.“Zero, have you learned this before?” Han Sen asked, as he grabbed her by the arms.Zero shook her head, but Han Sen still asked, “And that’s the truth? You haven’t learned it? What about the Falsified-Sky Sutra?”Zero shook her head, as if she had done something naughty. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to cast it like that, I was just giving it a go.”“It’s okay. You can practice it all you like, that’s not what I meant.” Han Sen realized his reaction might have scared her. So, he gave her the scale and comforted her to the best of his abilities.Han Sen had not practiced the Falsified-Sky Sutra to distance himself from the Luo family. Since Zero had suddenly just learned it, he didn’t see the harm in allowing her to continue practicing it.But Han Sen was still perplexed over the day’s discoveries. He could not wrap his head around why the Falsified-Sky Sutra would have some kind of connection not only to Dragon King, but the shura, as well.Han Sen’s mother told him only members of the Luo family could learn the Falsified-Sky Sutra, but evidently, that was not the case. Zero had only just read it once, and she inadvertently cast it with as much ferocity as Luo Yin.Looking at Zero, Han Sen now wore a complicated look that came from his intense interest in her character.Han Sen left the hall shortly after this and went to a place where no one might intrude upon him in the shelter. There was a room there, and after closing its doors, he released Dragon King from the ring.The hall was suddenly alive with the sound of screaming. Even the King of Hell himself would have shuddered at the sounds of those anguish-born cries.No matter what Han Sen did to Dragon King, he would not talk. No threats or wretched manner of torture or inflicted pain would make him speak.The asura sutra on the scale was the Falsified-Sky Sutra, and as incomprehensible as it seemed, Dragon King was not at all willing to elucidate the reasons why.“How could Dragon King plead for his life before, and yet now, he seems happy to die on behalf of maintaining the Falsified-Sky Sutra’s secrecy?” Han Sen wondered.Seeing Dragon King near death, Han Sen returned him to the ring.Han Sen really wanted to learn more, but for now, he had hit a dead end. With no further leads to explore, it’d have to be put on the backburner.Han Sen thought about asking his mother, but she was never keen on discussing anything regarding the Luo family. As such, he thought it was unlikely he’d learn anything from her about this entire affair.And it would probably upset her, if Han Sen did start showing an interest in the Luo family.Han Sen returned to the hall and continued dining on the mutant flesh Moment Queen had retrieved earlier. And now, his mutant geno points had maxed out.He gave his new strength a whirl on the tester, and learned his fitness level was above fifteen hundred. This meant he was capable of opening his fifth gene lock.Unfortunately, his Qi Gong was trailing behind. He estimated it’d take another three months just to unlock the fourth tier.The higher the gene lock, the harder it would be to unlock it. After the seventh tier, subsequent unlocks rested purely on talent and luck.Few super creatures and king spirits were capable of unlocking nine gene locks. And the number of humans reaching such heights was lower by an extremely large margin.To kill super creatures in the future, though, Han Sen knew he’d have to get his gene locks open. And so he was determined to do just that. If he didn’t get them open, he wagered he’d have no luck in their hunting.When Han Sen woke up, he received a package from an AI. Strangely, it did not say from whom it was sent.“That’s weird. Who sent me this package?” Han Sen opened the package immediately, not concerned about the remote possibility of something dangerous residing within. The Alliance was able to scan packages, anyway. If there was a harmful substance, such as toxins or radioactive material, or even bombs inside, the package would never have been forwarded to him.

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