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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 840: Pet PillTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen's communicator did not stop ringing, and the number of calls were overwhelming. They mostly came from good friends.Diligently, Han Sen answered them all, and each caller had contacted Han Sen to tell him about a new pet pill Dong Lin had created. They wanted to warn him.Han Sen appreciated their concerns and told them that he had already uncovered their ploy and that he was going to sort things out his way."Han Sen, if you want to quit, I won't mind. I don't expect you to uphold the deal." The last call he picked up was from Huangfu Pingqing."It's useless. If I back out now, Dong Lin can announce I feared their new creation and the results they achieve will be the same," Han Sen said coldly.Dong Lin was already advertising their creation, so they did not want to make any sort of deal with Han Sen. If they were willing to cut a deal, they wouldn't have gone ahead with their promotion."I have an idea, though. There are still a few matches to go before the finale. Before that, you will face a few sacred-blood pets. You need to feign weakness against them, and make it appear as if they are doing well in the fight. When you go against Dong Lin's pet and give it your all, and it does last quite a bit, it won't be so obvious or pronounced to spectators," Huangfu Pingqing said.Han Sen shook his head and said, "All the bigwigs of the Alliance are watching. They will stare at me intently, and that will make the pet pill even more famous.""Then what do we do?" Huangfu Pingqing had exhausted all her ideas for a solution, and she was feeling guilty. She felt partly responsible for the situation Han Sen had found himself in, as she was the one who invited him to the competition in the first place.Han Sen smiled and said, "It's all right. I will go into the match and do what I always do.""You will continue the fights?" Huangfu Pingqing wasn't sure what he was implying.Han Sen did not thoroughly explain. All he told her next was, "Yes: I will do as I have always done. There is no need for another solution. I am going to call Yanran and put her at ease, too."After he hung up, he called Ji Yanran and spoke with her for a while.The matches were still ongoing, so after the call was done, Han Sen went to watch. The pangolin's matches were drawing quite a bit of attention, and everyone was keen to learn of how effective the new Dong Lin pet pills were.When the pangolin entered the battlegrounds, everyone looked at it. Its opponent this time was a sacred-blood bear.The bear could not compete against the pangolin at all, and it wasn't long before its entire body was shredded with countless lacerations and other wounds. The pangolin just kept on attacking without reprieve, not giving the bear a single moment to fight back.In under half an hour, the master of the bear threw in the towel. He did not want his sacred-blood pet to be destroyed.After this match, many people had nothing but praiseworthy things to say about the pangolin, and they all looked at it fondly. If it really was the effect of the pet pills, then the product truly did seem worth the cost.Of course, the pets it had challenged so far were not enough to convince the bigwigs. They were still anticipating the fight between the pangolin and the little angel. If it could not beat a super pet, then who would spend a fortune to purchase such medicine?People would spend their money on the pills in order to slay super creatures. If it wasn't effective enough, then it'd be pointless for people to purchase, and they would be better off sticking with a bunch of ordinary sacred-blood pets.After Han Sen watched the pangolin's most recent fight, he nodded. The stuff Dong Lin had created really did impress Han Sen.Raising a pangolin was a good choice for their display, as well. Pangolins naturally had a high defense, and their shells could certainly block a few early strikes from a super creature.After the enhancements provided by the pet pills, their shells grew even stronger. Even the little angel would be unable to break it open.If it withstood a few of the little angel's attacks, the audience go wild, and the medicine would be perceived much more favorably. Not many humans had the means to block the attack of a super creature.A sacred-blood pet like that would be useful in the pursuit of super creatures.Dong Lin must have researched the powers of the little angel to make this decision. They knew Han Sen would end up being backed into the corner he was currently in, but Han Sen just smiled as if he did not care about their rotten deeds.He already told Dong Lin he was prepared and had contingencies in place. The Qi family did plan their scheme nicely, but if they weren't willing to pay up, then Han Sen was not going to let them walk away scot-free. He'd rob them of every little benefit they sought to claim.The next time the little angel was brought onto the stage, she was poised to go up against another sacred-blood pet. Many people focused all they could on this match, wanting to see how well Han Sen could deal with his new foe.They paid particular attention now that Dong Lin's scheme had been exposed. Everyone knew they had practically used Han Sen's little angel as a test bed to sell the pet pill.People knew Han Sen wasn't willing to back down after this, however. The little angel showed up like usual and crushed the sacred-blood enemy.Upon seeing the little angel's performance, Qi Xiuwen sighed. He had been afraid Han Sen was going to make the little angel behave weakly, and when she went up against the pangolin, he'd obscure any advantage the pangolin had received from the medicine.Qi Xiuwen thought too much, however. Compared to his old man, he was still a noob.If Han Sen did this, the pet pill would only become more famous.After witnessing the little angel's behavior, everyone looked strange. There were many important figures there, and they knew the Qi family had been unable to make peace with Han Sen and were not planning to pay him.Everything the Qi family had planned was coming to fruition exactly as they had envisioned. This was the perfect way to exhibit the powers of their new pet pill, and doing it this way was far better than cooperating with Han Sen.But Han Sen was still making use of his little angel, and no one was sure what he might have been planning.The pangolin had performed extremely well in the past few matches, and it even managed to beat a berserk sacred-blood pet. That shocked a lot of people.Although it did not dominate like the little angel did, it still performed admirably.Having seen how it dealt with such a foe, everyone turned their thoughts to how it might fare against a super pet.The little angel won every match along the way, and it was finally time for the final fight. Everyone was paying attention to this match.If the pangolin's performance was impressive, the medicine would be famous all across the Alliance and would sell successfully at a ludicrous price.The time for the match to begin had arrived, and everyone stared at the stage in anticipation of the opponents to be revealed. Eagerly, they awaited the arrival of the little angel and the pangolin.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 626: RavenTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"It's no good for him to continue like this. If he exhausts his strength, he'll be in danger," Xu Dongjin commented, as he watched Han Sen zip around the sky. Continuing to talk, he said, "Queen, ought we provide him aid?"Xu Dongjin's offer to support Han Sen was not out of the kindness of his heart. He saw that Han Sen had attracted the attention of countless murderous birds, and with the majority pre-occupied in the pursuit of Han Sen, he and Queen would be free to bag plenty of easy kills.While he was happy to sit and watch, the suggestion of going over there and getting free kills was incredibly self-centered. That was why he extended his offer to Queen."There is no need. Within thirty strikes, the Sky Falcon King will be no more," Queen responded coldly.To the eyes of those who watched, Han Sen was a free-spirited bird himself. He soared the skies with no formation, diving and rising on a whim. Queen was the only one who did not see things like that, however. She could see that Han Sen was calculating each movement and every time he swerved, turned, or twirled, it was at a destination he had planned. Within thirty strikes, the formation would be complete, and the Sky Falcon king would be slain."Thirty strikes? That doesn't seem likely." Xu Dongjin continued to watch Han Sen getting chased by the flock of birds. He thought he was doing okay, provided they did not catch him.Chen Ran remained quiet and motionless. He stood off to the side, watching in silent contemplation. An old man like him, unlike Xu Dongjin, was able to understand such intricate situations a lot more. That was why he was so surprised at what he was witnessing."How does this kid know how to perform Heavenly Go? Did the Huangfu family teach another? That is impossible! Huangfu Xiongcheng took a vow, so how could someone else I have no knowledge of or relation with, know how to perform Heavenly Go?" Chen Ran spoke with a strange look on his face, as his eyes continued to trace Han Sen's movements in the air.A few of the evolvers that watched were counting how many strikes Han Sen had performed, not putting much stock into Queen's claim of him being able to do it in thirty or less."Yeehaw!" After the count of twenty-four, Han Sen shouted. Without any prior indication, Han Sen performed a brutal counter-attack on the Sky Falcon king.The Sky Falcon king was flying at incredible speed, flapping its wings with a new tenacity in an attempt to dodge Han Sen's incoming strike. It managed to dodge the first sword, but upon doing so, found itself caught up in the pursuing crowd of birds. At that precise moment, Han Sen's second sword came down on it.The silver snake sword was imbued with incredible power and brought down on the Sky Falcon king with a mighty thrust. The Sky Falcon king's greatest asset was speed, but that came at the sacrifice of strength – its body was weak. When it was hit, its entire backside was sliced open to expose its organs. A hit such as that was guaranteed to ensure its death.Xu Dongjin and the others could not move. Han Sen had performed twenty-four strikes to slay the Sky Falcon king.Now, Han Sen swerved to dodge the next assault of the flock of birds. He made a quick turn and went after the falling Sky Falcon king. He hadn't yet heard the notification tone, confirming his slaying of the beast, so it had to still be alive to some degree.The Sky Falcon king descended directly into the crown of the tree. When Han Sen raced there, the branch that the Sky Falcon king landed upon rebounded.Han Sen reached out his hands to grab the near-lifeless body of the Sky Falcon king and used his Yin Force to throttle it. After a vigorous squeeze, the notification finally played."Sacred-Blood Creature Hunted: Sky Falcon king. The beast soul was not acquired. Consume its flesh to obtain a random numeric amount of sacred geno points, ranging from zero to ten."Han Sen's inability to claim the beast soul did not come as a surprise. The probability of obtaining one was incredibly low, so it would have been highly unlikely to get it on his first kill.Han Sen was prepared for this, so he wasn't disappointed. With the Sky Falcon king's flesh, he was sure to gain at least eight sacred geno points, and eight sacred geno points from a single meal was a generous amount.Han Sen circled the crown of the tree while avoiding the flock of birds that continued to pursue him. He caught a glimpse of what lay beneath the foliage, and when he saw what was there, his pupils shrank in shock.Beyond the dense dressing of leaves, Han Sen saw a bird nest that had been built from branches. The nest itself was not remarkable.But inside the nest, he saw a bird that looked like a raven. It was inky black and all it did was stare coldly back at Han Sen. Han Sen looked into its eyes and felt a chill. He figured if the raven decided to move and come after him, he'd be gutted alive in no time at all.But the raven did not do anything. It remained where it was, comfy in its nest, watching Han Sen fly past.Han Sen was soaked in cold sweat. He only looked into its eyes, but with his highly-attuned senses, he was able to determine how powerful it was. It brimmed with energy, and Han Sen just knew that it had to be a super creature.Han Sen believed he should immediately remove himself from the area and start praying to the gods above for a blessing. He had been so close to the super creature, yet it had done nothing at all. It was a miracle.The more Han Sen mulled over the situation, though, the more he felt something wasn't quite right. The raven super creature was only a few meters away from him, so there was no chance it had not seen him. But if it had indeed watched Han Sen, why would it choose to ignore a free meal?"Unless the raven cannot move?" This thought flashed through his mind. "If the raven is laying eggs, is that why it did not choose to kill me?"Aside from that, Han Sen could not think of any other reasons he would be allowed to escape from the raven. But that did not matter to him right now; what was most important was his need to leave the area and return to safety. If the raven did decide to leave its nest, he would be in trouble.Han Sen soared off in the direction of Queen, shouting, "Leave! There is a terrifying creature atop the tree! You have to leave!"After that, he swooped down to hit the ground running and return his wings.Queen, without hesitating, joined Han Sen in his hurried departure."Pah, surely you jest! If there is indeed a terrifying creature aloft in the tree, explain to me how you have returned with nary a wound upon your person!" Xu Dongjin did not believe Han Sen's words.Chen Ran only frowned, wondering whether or not he should leave and follow Han Sen's unnerving warning. But then, a deafening screech pierced his ears. It was the frightening cry of a raven.Caw! Caw!After sounding, a pitch-black raven emerged from the crown of the tree. When it flew out, the rest of the birds that were still airborne, panicking, calmed down and retreated into the tree.The raven creature spread its wings and flew down with its beady eyes peering at them."Go!" Chen Ran felt a chill run down his spine and issued his command without hesitation. He was the first to start running.Xu Dongjin and his people did not dare loiter any longer, and they took off behind Chen Ran.The raven casually glided down towards them, in no apparent rush. It coldly watched Han Sen and the others flee for their lives, its eyes viewing them all like a joke.Its eyes were sullen voids, and after it took off into the air, the mountain descended into an oppressive silence.

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棋牌送彩金18⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 328: BotanyTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe content of the mission was to provide protection for the target when the target arrived at Steel Armor Shelter and accompany the target to the next shelter.At this point, the target was still in Glory Shelter and was going to travel to Steel Armor Shelter. Han Sen decided to meet the target before the mission began.The target was a professor named Sun Minghua. According to his profile, he was about eighty years old and had maxed out on all four types of geno points. However, he still chose to stay in First God's Sanctuary instead of entering the Second, because he was a professor of botany.He had done research work on the plantation in First God's Sanctuary for decades. In fact, although Sun Minghua had maxed out on his geno points, he could not fight well. All he had was a strong physique. Sun Minghua had spent no time on practicing hyper geno arts or combat skills, but put all his energy on studying the plants in First God's Sanctuary.All his geno points came from the meat provided by the Alliance. He had never been hunting.Han Sen had high respect for people like this. If Sun Minghua chose to stay in First God's Sanctuary, he would age much faster than evolvers. In the future, despite that he would gain 100 years in lifespan once he evolved, the process of aging could not be turned back. He would continue his life as an old man.Even worse, an old body was terrible for hunting. When Sun Minghua entered third God's Sanctuary, there was no way he would survive.In addition, Sun Minghua had never practiced hyper geno arts. At his age, it was too late to start. His choice was to do research at the cost of his life. Han Sen could never do that, but he admired people like Sun deeply.What Han Sen did not understand was how Sun Minghua conducted his research under the condition that no technology could be used in God's Sanctuary. All kinds of equipment and formulas simply did not work in God's Sanctuary. Also, what did Sun Minghua do his research for?Speaking of plants, Han Sen thought of the turtle, which came out from the ocean to feed on the plants in Copper Mountains. Han Sen wondered what the plants meant to the turtle.Han Sen arrived at a room in Glory Shelter at the agreed time and saw Sun Minghua himself.Because he had maxed out on all geno points, Sun Minghua did not look like an old man eighty years old. He seemed to be around forty.In addition to Professor Sun Minghua, Han Sen also saw the three members of Glory Special Squad who were responsible for the professor's safety in Glory Shelter."Han Sen, is it? Looks like I will become your problem soon," Professor Sun Minghua greeted Han Sen warmly."Your safety is my duty," said Han Sen.However, the three members in Glory Special Squad were not as friendly to Han Sen. It was still in their shelter, while a stranger--Han Sen was intervening in their mission, which was upsetting to them.Han Sen knew that very well and said to the head of Glory Special Squad, Jin Rijie, "Please rest assured. I only hope to follow you to Steel Armor Shelter. Before we arrive there, I will follow your commands and will not cause any trouble."Jin Rijie warmed up a little and introduced the other two members to Han Sen. One of them was named Lu Mingda and the other Jin Qiuli.Lu Mingda was quite a hunk and carried a huge sledgehammer that looked familiar to Han Sen. Han Sen thought about it and recognized the sledgehammer to be the sacred-blood gear he gained from killing the sacred-blood creature in Sand Valley.He gave the sledgehammer to Huangfu Pingqing for action and now it had ended up in Lu Mingda's hands.The fact that Lu Mingda was able to use this sledgehammer showed that he had special gifts in terms of strength. Han Sen believed he must have also practiced a hyper geno art that focused on enhancing his strength.Jin Qiuli was Jin Rijie's cousin. He looked polite and easy-going.Although the three were a bit upset about Han Sen joining them early, they could not say anything because Han Sen had submitted an application which was approved by the management.In addition, Han Sen did not cause any trouble or voice any opinion, which made them feel better.Sun Minghua did not go to Steel Armor Shelter directly, but needed to collect some specimen of the plants near Glory Shelter first, which would take about ten days.To Han Sen's surprise, Sun Minghua's destination was Copper Mountains."Professor, why did you become obsessed with botany in God's Sanctuary?" After knowing Sun Minghua better, Han Sen knew that he was not someone hard to talk to. One night, while everyone was eating dinner around a bonfire, Han Sen voiced his doubt.Sun smiled and said, "It is more like a family tradition. My grandfather and father were all researchers in this area. I have picked up a lot of knowledge of botany since little and have always been interested in studying it."Han Sen pondered and did not say anything. He did not know how to ask what he was wondering about.The creatures in God's Sanctuary could contribute geno points to humans, while no one had ever gained any geno points from eating the plants. In addition, the majority of the plants were harmful to the human body.It seemed Sun Minghua had seen through Han Sen's mind. Or maybe it was because too many people had asked the same question before."The reason I study the plants in First God's Sanctuary is to make some contributions to mankind," the professor smiled and said. "The creatures in God's Sanctuary could provide geno points, but the plants could not do the same. There were all living things, so why would they differ so much?"Han Sen shook his head, as he did not have a clue."In fact, my family used to be in the study of medicine, and had a focus in the ancient herbal medicine. My grandfather and father believed that since all sorts of herbs had medical values, we could also take advantage of the plants in God's Sanctuary. In fact, we all know that many plants were harmful to the human body, but this further proved that these plants were effective…" Sun Minghua went on and on with his explanations.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 510: Tornado KnifeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioAt a remote corner of the frozen lake, Han Sen made an ice hole from underneath the water and climbed out. He shook off the water on his body and quickly left the lake for the icefield seeing no one was around.Han Sen wanted to go to Starwheel Shelter to ask Li Xinglun about the detailed information of Blackgod Shelter. Only when he had more information about his enemy could he hit his enemy harder.Especially, Han Sen must find out about Blackgod's knife skills.Li Xinglun was very glad to see Han Sen visiting him. Hearing Han Sen explaining his conflict with Blackgod, he frowned and said, "Blackgod is more and more arrogant and wanton."Li Xinglun explained the background of Blackgod in details to Han Sen, which made Han Sen frowned slightly.The family of Blackgod was quite ordinary, but he was working for a force in the Alliance, which made it almost impossible for Han Sen to kill him in the Alliance. Among all the shelters, he was the strongest on the icefield. In addition, every month he provided a large sum of income to the force in the Alliance, which gave him strong support. It was not easy to take him down.As for the knife skills of Blackgod, all Li Xinglun knew was that it was called Tornado Knife. He did not know how it worked either. Li Xinglun only knew that when Blackgod made the move, the knife would disappear for a moment, as if it was teleported.Of course, Blackgod was merely an evolver, so he could not have the ability to make the knife teleport. There must be some special techniques that they did not know of."Tornado Knife, it sounds familiar somehow?" Han Sen felt he had heard about the name somewhere.Thinking about it, Han Sen then remembered that Tang Zhenliu had once said that one of his knife skills was Tornado Knife.However, from what Han Sen could remember, Tang Zhenliu did not have the ability to make his weapon disappear."Would this Blackgod be related to Tang Zhenliu?" Han Sen was determined to ask Tang Zhenliu first when he went back, to figure out what Tornado Knife was about.After he returned to the Alliance, Han Sen asked Ji Yanran to get him the number of Tang Zhenliu in the military. Han Sen then contacted Tang Zhenliu."Han Sen, how does it feel to be a soldier?" Tang Zhenliu asked Han Sen, smiling."I don't feel much," Han Sen shrugged and said.He was telling the truth. Although he was now Ji Yanran's guard, the actual guard was Annie, so Han Sen was merely a declaration.In fact, no one expected that Han Sen could protect Ji Yanran as an evolver. His position was required by Ji Yanran herself, and initially her guard was only Annie.However, since Annie had arrived, Han Sen had a lot less time to spend with Ji Yanran. That woman was following Ji Yanran almost 24/7, which made Han Sen very mad about it, even questioning whether she was a lesbian in love with Ji Yanran."Ha ha, your life is great. With the beauty on your side, it is not like an ordinary service. You are completely on vacation with your girl. Lin Feng and I are having a terrible time. We are either training or fighting the Shura, almost losing our lives several times," said Tang Zhenliu, feeling upset."How come you guys are at the front?" Han Sen asked, puzzled.With the background of Tang Zhenliu and Lin Feng, it should be easy for them to stay in the back, but they were serving in the front."It is completely Lin Feng's idea. He said only by doing this can we exercise ourselves. He must stay in this hell and the wars are so frequent that I have almost gone mad." Although Tang Zhenliu said that, he was smiling. Obviously, he was just joking stopHan Sen looked at Tang Zhenliu carefully and found he had much darker skin than before. He also looked tougher with an injury that had not cured on his forehead, looking more like a man.Tang Zhenliu explained briefly what was happening on his side. Lin Feng and he were warframe soldiers. And on their planet, humans and Shura were coexisting, fighting for the mines. However, because of the location of the planet, no one could take the entire planet. Both forces had armies on the planet and they fought once in a while.When they had finished chatting, Han Sen then asked about Blackgod and Tornado Knife. After hearing Han Sen's words, Tang Zhenliu hit the table madly and said coldly, "Dammit. Han Sen, if you have the chance, killed the bastard for me."Han Sen was surprised to see Tang Zhenliu being so excited, so he asked Tang Zhenliu what had happened.Tang Zhenliu told Han Sen that Tornado Knife was originally one of the family secrets of the Tangs. Later on, due to some incidents in the family, Tornado Knife was robbed by others, which was a huge shame for the family."Then I could act freely." Han Sen was initially afraid that there might be some kind of connection between Blackgod and Tang Zhenliu, which might be awkward in the future. At this point, he was completely relaxed."Kill him, and I will treat you to drinks. Do not worry about people supporting Blackgod. If you could kill him, I will take care of those people." Tang Zhenliu told Han Sen about the core secret of Tornado Knife, wishing Han Sen could get rid of Tang Zhenliu, giving his family justice.After hearing Tang Zhenliu's explanation, Han Sen understood why it looked like Blackgod's knife had disappeared.In fact, it did not truly disappear. Just because the Tornado Knife was so fast, it felt like it had disappeared.The speed was not continuous, but a temporary effect in the attack. In a short amount of time, the speed of the knife increased greatly, making the high-speed even higher, causing a visual illusion.In fact, the knife seen by the eyes was the shadow of the knife. The real knife had already changed its location.Although Han Sen had understood the mechanism of Tornado Knife, it was still very difficult to tackle it. At that kind of speed, even if he knew what was happening, it would be useless if he could not follow the knife.With Han Sen's eyesight, he could not even see the knife, so even if he knew the knife was elsewhere, he could not block it.Tang Zhenliu did not have enough speed and strength in the past, so he did not achieve the same effect as Blackgod. Currently, if he used the skills, he would not be worse than Blackgod."Do you have time tomorrow?" Tang Zhenliu asked Han Sen."Yes," replied Han Sen."Okay then. You go to the virtual camp tomorrow and I will spar with you. Today I have something else, so I must leave now." Tang Zhenliu was a decisive person, so he directly hung up.Han Sen knew that Tang Zhenliu was going to spar with him using Tornado Knife, which was great news to Han Sen.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 21: Underground RiverTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioIn addition to Han Sen, Son of Heaven and his gang were also joined by a few thugs they paid to come along. The group left Steel Armor Shelter and marched into the mountains.Although they expected nothing good to happen, they still wanted to take the chance for the sake of the generous reward.In the past, if Han Sen had not been blocked by Qin Xuan and Son of Heaven, he might also have risked his life for the bounty.Now Han Sen had no reason to take such risks, but it was clear that Son of Heaven and Luo Tianyang wanted to use him as a stepping stone, which made him want to kill them both.Han Sen quietly followed them, guessing what they were about to do. When recruiting people, the gang had said they were hunting a mutant creature, and it was only because there were also many ordinary and primitive creatures that they needed more hands.Han Sen of course couldn’t take this seriously. To kill a mutant creature, the regular gang was more than enough. The dozen people around Son of Heaven could all kill a mutant creature on their own, let alone Son of Heaven himself. The extra hands were completely unnecessary, according to their story.Luo Tianyang and others casually killed the creatures they encountered along the way, and gave the meat to the hired people casually, which made everyone quite happy.The group had been going for six or seven days, and the gang still had no intention of stopping. On the eighth day, they halted at a mountain pass.Very far from the shelter, there was no human activity. They encountered many different creatures. Son of Heaven and his gang had killed a lot of primitive animals on the way and kept some of the flesh as food."It seems that we are almost there. What on earth are they up to?" Han Sen had not heard anything, but judging from the grave look on their faces, this couldn’t be a simple operation.They rested for a day at the campsite and crossed the mountain pass the next morning. After hiking a dozen miles, they saw a gap in the canyon so deep and dark that no one could see the bottom.Everyone lit a torch. The gang sent the hired people as the vanguard and followed them into the gap.The hired ones all knew it was time to put their life on the line, so they were dawdling."Why are you going so slowly, bitches? Do you still want the rest of the money?" Luo Tianyang whipped a few people in the back and shouted.The thugs could only speed up going down.Han Sen was among them. It was not too difficult to walk down, and nothing happened along the way until they reached the bottom. The thugs were relieved and started to talk and laugh again.It was very dark at the bottom of the gap, and the group had to rely on the torches. There was an underground river running through the huge space."Cross the river and go into the cave on the other side." Luo Tianyang pointed his whip to the other side."Luo, I cannot swim. This river is too wide," said a young man who had been recruited."Who told you to swim? We have inflatable boats. Just row across." Luo Tianyang opened the parcel on the back of his mount, and there were indeed inflatable boats in there. After they inflated the boats, each one could sit four to five people.The group started to row the boats across. The speed of the water was not fast, and there was no risk of being rushed downstream. Two boats soon reached the center of the river.All of a sudden, with a splash, a dark creature emerged from the water with half of its python-like body exposed. Its body was wider than a bucket and covered with shiny black fine scales. Its mouth was so large that it could fit a cow.But it wasn’t a cow that was swallowed, rather someone on the boat. The giant body then put its full weight on the boat, which exploded with everyone on it falling into the water.Everyone was shocked and trying to row the boats back. Those who hadn’t gone on the boat just dropped their boat and started to run back.With a glint of cold steel, the two running the fastest were beheaded by Luo Tianyang and another gang member. Luo Tianyang pointed the knife with blood on it at the rest and cried ruthlessly, "There is but one monster, so whoever reaches the other side can live. And I’ll kill anyone who took the money and tries to run away. To live or to die, it is up to you."Everyone was intimidated by Luo Tianyang's vicious act and started to row towards the other side."Assholes, you just want to feed the monster with humans," Han Sen cursed in his heart. Those who fell into the water before were trying to swim to the other side but were suddenly pulled into the water by something.It was so dark that no one saw what happened to them, but their fate could be imagined from the thick scent of blood.The hired boys dared not move forward, and Luo Tianyang used his knife again to force them. They didn’t want to stay in the river, so they had to row hard.Han Sen lit the surroundings with his torch while rowing the boat. In case the monster came out of the water, he had to summon sacred-blood beast soul armor at once to save his life.The monster again collapsed a boat, and everyone on it was screaming. Then what could be heard was only the waves rolling."Row harder if you want to live!" Han Sen yelled at the two on the boat with him who were petrified as he was rowing his heart out."F*#king heartless bastards!" He swore quietly.The two men were revived by Han Sen’s shout, and started to row desperately. From time to time there were screams and splashes. Countless men must have been buried in the snake belly.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 265: Long live the EmperorTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioIf you are the emperor Let me crown you If you are the emperor Please accept my faith and allegiance If you're the emperor I thank you for giving us a reason to cheer If you are the emperor Please hold high your arrow of victory And guide us to a bright future At this moment You are the emperor At this moment You are our ruler At this moment Only you can bring us joy At this moment We are your followers We cheer for you We take pride in you Because you are our almighty emperor … Wen Xiuxiu read aloud the prose she wrote to celebrate Han Sen's victory. All the fans of the Alliance Central Military Academy had gone, whereas the rest of the audience was dancing. The Skynet was all over this, as people were discussing how Han Sen beat Jing Jiwu like crazy. "What a shot! How did he do it?" "The old king is gone and the new king is crowned. In the future, Han Sen will rule the Military Academy League." "Long live the emperor!" "I still can't believe this. Did Jing Jiwu really lose?" "This is the beginning of a new era." "The monster died under an arrow of the emperor." "That shot was so weird. Did he do anything to that arrow? Can he control it remotely?" "He only won an archery match. It is way too early to call him the emperor." "Long live the emperor!" "What a weird shot!" No one could sleep that night. The entire Blackhawk school team lost sleep, including Situ Xiang. It was like a dream to beat the Alliance Central Military Academy with Jing Jiwu on their team. All the military academies had the same dream, while they were the only ones who realized it-- to beat Jing Jiwu in archery. Although there were coincidences and lots of luck, a victory was a victory. They were the winners. If they didn't have a match tomorrow and had to rest, they would have gone out and partied all night. Even lying in bed, they were too excited to fall asleep. "Han Sen, did we really win?" Shi Zhikang asked, lying on his bed. "Yes," replied Han Sen. "Zhang Yang, did we really win?" Shi Zhikang asked Zhang Yang again. "Yes," replied Zhang Yang. "Victor…" Before Shi Zhikang asked, Lu Meng said directly, "If you keep disturbing us, we will suggest coach Situ Xiang put you on the bench tomorrow." "Dammit! Why would you do that? I beat even the monster and you won't let me go when we have a weaker opponent?" Shi Zhikang jumped up. "You can try and say one more sentence," said Lu Meng calmly. Shi Zhikang opened his mouth but did not make a sound. He was indeed afraid that he would not be able to represent the school tomorrow. Situ Xiang couldn't sleep either. Until now, she still felt unreal about the match result. Her team beat the Alliance Central Military Academy and realized the dream of all the other military school coaches. "Han Sen, you are amazing." Situ Xiang wished that Han Sen were in front of him so that she could give him a huge hug. The Blackhawk team members could not sleep, and all the media also went nuts. No one could have thought that the Alliance Central Military Academy would lose to Blackhawk. Everything happened so fast. All the media reported the match between Blackhawk and the Alliance Central Military Academy. The highlights were Blackhawk's tactics and the duel between Han Sen and Jing Jiwu. Most media quoted Wen Xiuxiu and called Han Sen the Emperor. Overnight the nickname was known in the entire alliance. Jing Jiwu was so famous that Han Sen, the only person to beat him, became extremely popular quickly and was considered the new ruler of the Military Academy League. Suddenly, Jing Jiwu seemed to be yesterday's news and Han Sen became the new hype. On the rooftop, three young men were looking at the night view of the city, leaning over the railings. "How do you feel about the failure?" Tang Zhenliu drank some beer and asked Jing Jiwu next to him with a smile. "Not bad. That Han Sen was beyond my expectation. I did lose." Jing Jiwu smiled. "So, what happened with the last shot?" Tang Zhenliu couldn't help but ask. "The arrow was spinning," Jing Jiwu said casually. "What do you mean by 'the arrow was spinning'?" Tang Zhenliu paused and did not understand Jing Jiwu. The arrow was shot from a bow instead of thrown by hand. Unless the arrow was special, it was impossible that the arrow would spin. In the tournament, all the arrows were ordinary arrows provided by the sponsor, so the arrow itself could not spin either. "I don't know," replied Jing Jiwu. "How is it that you don't know?" Tang Zhenliu looked at Jing Jiwu in surprise. Jing Jiwu was facing that arrow. With his skills, he would definitely know if the arrow was altered. Lin Feng cut in, "Indeed he does not know. There are ways to shoot a spinning arrow like that, using the flow of the air to make the arrow shift its direction. However, none of them could be realized by the unevolved." "Interesting guy. Unfortunately, this is already my last year and I will never have a chance to fight him again." Jing Jiwu threw the empty bottle into the trashcan and walked to the staircase. "Bye guys, I hope to see you again." "What plan do you have now?" asked Lin Feng. "Originally I wanted to go to the battlefield after the tournament. Now that is not necessary anymore. I will leave tonight," said Jing Jiwu without turning his head. "I will wait for you," Lin Feng said, watching Jing Jiwu leaving. Jing Jiwu paused, turned back and smiled. "You haven't fought him either, right?" "You mean Han Sen?" Lin Feng paused and understood. Jing Jiwu smiled and walked away. "What does he mean?" Tang Zhenliu felt puzzled. "He meant that if he did not beat Han Sen, I probably could not either," said Lin Feng casually. Hearing this answer, Tang Zhenliu couldn't even hide his surprise.

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Yehenara⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1165: Sky TreeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“I have only just arrived. This is my first time doing this,” Han Sen said.“You’ll need to put your back into it and work hard. There may be no guards here, but you have a quota of ten walnut powder sacks a day. If you don’t meet that quota, they’ll bump you back down a level. Then, you’ll have to do the test all over again,” the man explained.“What use is the powder for?” Han Sen asked, as he began to work.“Those of us down here don’t have a clue. But it’s a material that’s wanted by the big cheese, and since we’re required to produce it, we don’t question it any further.” The man briefly paused, look around, and then spoke again in a quieter tone. “You didn’t hear this from me, got it? But… rumors say that Immortal Emperor, the big boss of this place, uses it to craft what has been dubbed Immortal Pills.”“What are they for? Do they make him immortal?” Han Sen inquisitively asked.The man laughed and balked. “Spirits are immortal already! Immortal Pills, however, are said to grant spirits access to the Fourth God’s Sanctuary. They were created by Immortal Emperor, so naturally, they were only named after him.”The man then stopped chatting, so he could focus on working the stone mill and grinding the walnuts.Han Sen didn’t push very hard. He casually worked the mill while his mind relaxed to ponder the nature of Immortal Emperor.“He needs all this labor for the production of these Immortal Pills?” Han Sen did not believe eating the pills would allow one to ascend and become a demi-god.He believed this due to his experience with Xiang Yin. To ascend, you had to literally ascend an excruciatingly painful staircase. Walnuts wouldn’t allow you to skip that, and Han Sen believed the best they could do was make a person temporarily stronger to weather the cleansing fires a little better.By the time the day was done, Han Sen had created twenty sacks of walnut powder. When the spirits came to take them, they provided him with two drops of lifewater.“You’re good. You’ve only just arrived and you’ve already produced twenty sacks-worth,” the man, receiving his lifewater, said to Han Sen.The man had produced fifteen sacks, but that only granted him one drop of lifewater. The additional five, however, would count for the next day of work. If he did another fifteen the next day, he’d receive two lifewater drops.Han Sen spoke to the man briefly, but then fled the shelter, exiting via the tree hole he had entered from. He wanted to spend time researching the effects of the lifewater.Han Sen returned to his own shelter, and on the third day, his body returned to its ordinary size.And while Han Sen may have been ordinary, the drop of lifewater he had received was still as small as it used to be. The vial of liquid was so small, it couldn’t even be classified as a drop. It was almost invisible to the naked eye.Han Sen summoned Moment Queen and Dragon King and asked them about Immortal Emperor, to see what they knew. They both claimed not to know who he was, but Dragon King told Han Sen that it was most likely a fake emperor.“Why would you say he is fake?” Han Sen asked.“Emperor is a title, not a self-given name. It is bestowed upon a spirit by other spirits in recognition of their greatness. If he is not widely recognized, how can he be an emperor?” Dragon King explained his reasoning.“What you say makes sense, but what if he does have the strength of an emperor? What if he does, and he just maintains a low profile and keeps to himself?” Han Sen asked.“Impossible. The actual body of an emperor is not much stronger than that of a king spirit, but it provides the emperors a higher chance of opening ten gene locks. Unlocking your tenth gene lock, however, requires many resources. Do you think this fellow could obtain all the resources he would need silently, without others becoming aware?” Dragon King said.“I suppose you may be right. He doesn’t have many resources, actually. Plus, out here in the normal-sized world, he only commands a tree.” Han Sen agreed with Dragon King, hearing it put like that.Han Sen then showed Dragon King the lifewater he had received, and to this, Dragon King said, “Holy smoke! Lifewater, you say? This is a skydrop! You’ve met Sky King.”“Who? Sky King? Skydrop? This is lifewater.” Han Sen was confused.“Immortal Emperor must be that *sshole Sky King. Just when I thought he couldn’t stoop any lower, the guy goes and proclaims himself to be an emperor!” Dragon King almost looked amused.“Who is he?” Han Sen asked.Dragon King explained, “He is another one of the eight generals. I’m surprised he didn’t meet a grizzly end yet. And now he’s moved on to call himself Immortal Emperor? It makes me shudder.”Han Sen believed Dragon King must have held some sort of grudge against Sky King to possess such a strong reaction, so he said, “It has been a long time, you know. Are you sure there wasn’t a chance for him to level up and become an emperor?”Dragon King looked at Han Sen with disdain and said, “My *ss! He used to be an emperor. He became too big for his breeches, so you know what he did? He challenged Ancient Devil Emperor himself. And of course, Ancient Devil defeated him. But he was taken in as a general. During their battle, though, Sky King was injured quite badly. His wounds were so grievous, they knocked him down a peg. He became a king spirit, as a result. He’ll always have to remain so, as well. He’ll never be an emperor, ever again.”Han Sen then told Dragon King about the laboring, and what was whispered about the Immortal Pills.Han Sen asked, “If he is indeed Sky King, might it be possible he has found a way to recover? Is that why he hides atop the shelter inside the tree hole?”Dragon King frowned and said, “Ancient Devil said he cannot be healed. Not now, not ever. But Sky King, he’s as slippery as an eel. It wouldn’t wholly surprise me if he truly did find a way to recover. Might I ask, is that shelter a black and red walnut tree?”Dragon King stared at Han Sen with a queer look.Han Sen confirmed his suspicion and described the tree in further detail. He also went on to explain how the interior looked.Dragon King squealed, and said, “Oh, no! That really must be the Sky Tree! This is what he owned during his time as an emperor. It should have been destroyed, after the battle. It’s growing again? But if it’s growing, there must have been a lifeforce on it.”Dragon King suddenly widened his eyes, and he said, “Haha! I know! This is what Sky King wants… This is a good chance…”

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1314: Indestructible CupTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioMoment Queen was overjoyed for a short while. She had not expected Xie Qing King would be able to actually open ten gene locks and defeat Gold General.But whether or not he’d live to see another day had yet to be determined. He had exhausted far too much strength and energy in unleashing that devastating hit, and it had left him on death’s door. At the very least, he had helped turn the tides on the enemy and give them a hope of pulling through to emerge victorious.“If that little girl can drive the final few nails into Demon Cup Emperor’s coffin, we might just pull through this,” Moment Queen thought to herself, as she looked on Zero with hopeful eyes.Cup Demon Emperor had been killed by the Bone Dagger again, but just like last time, he had been brought to life out of another bug.He had been killed four times by now, but no matter what Zero did, he kept coming back a few seconds later.It was as if a bug took on his appearance, lifeforce, and everything about him. They behaved like him and even made use of his powers to the same strength and extent.Moment Queen watched the bugs intently, whenever she could. There had to be something she could learn through observation, a trick or a puzzle she could decipher, which could lead to a solution they could employ in taking out Cup Demon Emperor for good.The bugs that turned into Cup Demon Emperor did not look all that special compared to the several others that were buzzing around. It seemed to her as if any random bug of his could serve as a re-animation host.“What is this power he wields? Gah! We need information if we are to solve this conundrum.” Moment Queen wracked her mind for a possible solution.She watched the proceedings for a while, but she was unable to learn anything.If Serpent Throne was with them, things would be considerably easier, she believed.Moment Queen wondered where it was, and recalled it was currently in Thunder Hell Shelter. Even if it was to come over and aid in the battle, it would take a good long while to arrive. There was a great distance separating this shelter from the others.Cup Demon Emperor frowned, seeing his beloved Gold General be killed.For a berserk super creature like that to be killed by a spirit that had just opened ten gene locks, he thought it was humiliating.“I need to hurry up and end all these vermin,” Cup Demon Emperor said to himself, as his eyes flashed with an ominous thunder.Suddenly, countless bugs appeared, each of them turning into a carbon copy of Cup Demon Emperor. They all flew forward in a swarm to put an end to the girl that had caused him so much strife.Moment Queen’s face turned grim when she saw this. She thought he could only copy himself once.But all of a sudden, there were now six Cup Demon Emperors coming for the girl. With the real one, that made seven.She observed each of them, noting how they were all as powerful as each other, all as powerful as the real Cup Demon Emperor.Moment Queen was worried, thinking the girl might end up getting killed. The girl had defied her expectations, but what she was faced with now was far greater than anything that had come before.But with events concerning Zero, a defiance of expectations was a common occurrence. Moment Queen almost had her socks blown off, when she saw Zero slay each and every copy of Cup Demon Emperor with ease. It truly was as if she was swatting a bunch of bothersome flies.Every time she attacked, there’d be one Cup Demon Emperor less to deal with.But when these Cup Demon Emperor copies died, more and more were summoned to take their places.Moment Queen was flabbergasted. Even when she was at her strongest, at peak performance before her fall from grace, not even she had achieved such wild amounts of power.Although the girl could not kill Cup Demon Emperor entirely, she had easily exerted what was necessary to do so many times over. And she had greatly suppressed Cup Demon Emperor and his plans by killing him over and over, not letting him go free to deal with other matters on the battlefield.“So, how do we kill him once and for all?” Moment Queen was still searching for the answer.She noticed ten was the max number of copies he could create of himself at any given time.“I may not know what power he possesses, but there is no way he can keep respawning so easily. Unless his true body is not connected to these or something? Would that mean none of those bodies are real? And if that was so, where does his true self lie?” Moment Queen’s mind was a tangled brush of questions right now.Moment Queen’s eyes then flashed. In her mind, she recorded the precise moment a bug turned into a copy of Cup Demon Emperor.She kept replaying the sight in her mind, over and over again, desperate to learn something new or find the trick to this entire shenanigan.And eventually, she did catch something strange.She smiled, thinking she might have learned something. She said to herself, “They really aren’t real. They’re little more than doppelgangers.”Moment Queen was not entirely correct. If it was a doppelganger, Zero would have been able to kill the real one just as easily. The Asura Sutra could destroy the spirit stone when killing the spirit itself, after all.The fabricated emperors were like pets of Cup Demon Emperor himself.He placed his power in one bug and turned it into a copy of himself. When that “cup” was killed, he could make another one just as easily as he had made the first.And because Cup Demon Emperor had opened ten gene locks, he could create ten active cups at the same time.Unfortunately, that did not matter much. Moment Queen only wanted to find out where the real Cup Demon Emperor was. Cut off the head of the snake, and the body dies, after all.Suddenly, she smiled again, saying, “Aha! I found you.”

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1359: The FreezeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen’s Jadeskin provided great cold resistance, but even he felt extremely chilly now.Dragon Lady and the sheep were quivering and shivering due to the cold, prompting the former to light herself on fire. That helped her out a bit, but the gnaw of the ice was so strong and bitter, it couldn’t help shake the freeze.The sheep’s fluffy wool was wholly caked in ice and snow, by comparison. Han Sen acknowledged it was an unfortunate consequence of the cold getting to it, but regardless, it was a strange look for it to bear.The cold was hurting it badly, though. Cheap Sheep could only twitch every few moments, indicating that it was becoming increasingly likely that the sheep would freeze to death.Han Sen continued to hold Bao’er close, but with his free hand, he cast a fire. She didn’t seem to be affected by the cold, fortunately. With great curiosity, she just peered outside the bowl as if she was watching something only she could see.The temperature was continuing to drop, though. Bao’er’s safety aside, Han Sen was concerned not even he would be able to withstand the ice and frost much longer. There was a grave concern that all three of them would perish due to the sudden shift in weather.“Who is fighting out there? The powers they’ve unleashed are wickedly fierce,” Han Sen asked, due to his Dongxuan Sutra being unable to detect and register what was going on outside.The sky continued to pump, cough, and exude as much snow and bone-chilling winds as it could.“I am not sure. It could either be a royal or king-class spirit battle,” Dragon Lady said, offering her own explanation.Even though she was on fire, her lips were turning purple and her teeth were chattering between a few sputtered words. She held her arms in a hopeless attempt to restrict her shivering.Suddenly, an extremely sharp noise sounded. It was horrendously high-pitched, like the drill of a dentist had pierced their eardrums and ventured onwards to excavate their brains. The sound made them all fall to their knees.“D*mn it!” Han Sen’s face turned grim. It was excruciatingly painful, even though his brain had been fortified by Crystallizers and was far more resilient and stronger than the average human brain.And it wasn’t one short, sole shriek. It continued, fading in and out, bringing the party more pain. It was certainly the frightening wail of a creature of some sort.It came from a distance away, that much they could tell, but it was worrying how damaging it was, regardless of that.Dragon Lady cupped her ears and fell to the ground. Bao’er did the same with her ears, but it didn’t seem as if she was too undisturbed. The way she behaved did not exhibit any pain, and it seemed like that hurting sound was more of an annoyance. And in comparison to the behavior of the other three, the sheep was rolling around on the ground in freezing agony.If the sound came any closer, they believed, their heads would explode like watermelons greeting the strike of a hammer. But with the scream continuing like so, and the temperature still descending, the situation was getting worse by the second.“How much longer will the fight go on? If this keeps up, we’ll be dead in less than two hours!” Han Sen thought to himself.Half of the sheep’s body was now pure ice, and the only thing keeping it in the land of the living was its weak, faintly pumping heart. Dragon Lady was faring better than Cheap Sheep was, but that wasn’t saying much.Getting another look at Bao’er, even she now seemed to be suffering. This was something Han Sen had never seen before, and it made his heart ache.With the Dongxuan Sutra open, Han Sen fired up all ten gene locks and attempted to see if he could filter the cold and noise.The seventh sense was able to filter some of the piercing screaming.And so, Han Sen battled the noise, hoping to reduce the damage it was dealing to his allies. If the battle wrapped up soon, or they were able to fly far away from where they were, they’d be safe.But unfortunately for them, it turned out that the screech was drawing nearer.Han Sen was having trouble trying to fight this noise, so he minimized and concentrated his Dongxuan Sutra to circle the same radius as the bowl.The scream was disturbing their energy flow, too. It made them unable to deal with the cold as efficiently as they might want to. Han Sen used Dongxuan Aura the best he could. The Dragon Lady looked a smidgen better, but Cheap Sheep was unconscious.“That guy really is a cursed charm. I bet the whole reason we’re in this mess is because he insists on calling me boss. That’s the reason!” Han Sen was disheartened by the ordeal they had found themselves in.As the sound continued to ascend, they gripped their heads in vain resistance to the wail that felt as if a bevy of knives were trying to stab each of their brains. Bao’er’s face had been drained of color, and Dragon Lady finally collapsed to the ground entirely.“When I get stronger, I’m going to find whoever has done this and serve them up a cold platter of revenge!” Han Sen cast Dongxuan Aura with all his might now, doing the best he could to save his friends.Suddenly, Han Sen’s cells felt as if they had flared to life. A mystical substance was generated, just like before, and went to his Sea of Soul.“Is Dongxuan Sutra going to generate a geno core?” Han Sen wondered to himself.The substance began to build up inside the Sea of Soul, and the black crystal reacted just as it had with the Jadeskin geno core. It released its inky liquid, which combined with the substance.The screaming was like an explosion of shrapnel in his ears, but he couldn’t pay it much heed. Survival was the name of the game right now, and he had to do all he could to ensure he’d make it through this horrific ordeal.Dragon Lady’s skin was beginning to flake with ice, as Bao’er began to shiver and shake in Han Sen’s arms.The temperature dropped further and further, as the screech drew closer and closer.“D*mn it! Come on. This can’t be happening. I can’t die! I won’t die!” Han Sen looked around for an escape route. If he couldn’t save the others, he’d have to save himself. But unfortunately, he was well and truly trapped, and there was no way out.Suddenly, the Sea of Soul vibrated. And then, something appeared in front of him.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 54: Small GiftTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Meat of copper-toothed beast eaten. One sacred geno point gained.""Meat of copper-toothed beast eaten. One sacred geno point gained.""..."Two days later, Han Sen finished a big pot of copper-toothed beast meat and even sucked the bones clean. He threw the bones into the fire so that there was nothing left.A total of seven sacred geno points was added to his former 18 points. Now Han Sen had 25 sacred geno points and his fitness had been further improved. He felt as though he had endless strength.Looking at the primitive shrieky beast he kept in the cage now, Han Sen couldn’t help but smacked his lips.Shrieky beasts were relatively small and had no hair, so he could just throw it in the pot entirely when it finished evolving. That was why Han San had chosen a shrieky beast to evolve.Yesterday Qin Xuan had divided the meat of the purple-winged dragon among her gang. All she had was a smaller half of the body so all each person would get was just a slice, about a thousandth of the body, which wouldn’t be of much use at all. Hence like most people, Han Sen chose to get two hundred thousand dollars as the reward instead of the slice of meat.Han Sen was still short of cash. It cost money for his family to live better and he also needed money to buy some necessities. When checking his bank account, he found that he still only had less than three hundred thousand dollars."Three hundred thousand, a Z-steel arrow would cost that much," Han Sen put on a wry smile. He had collected the parts after his Z-steel arrow was broken by Son of Heaven and wanted to see if he could pay the seller to repair it."I have to get myself a beast soul arrow. Z-steel arrows were expensive and not as convenient. If I had a beast soul arrow, I wouldn't have to buy new arrows or pick up the arrow after I made the shot," though Han Sen, wondering where to find a beast soul arrow.He wasn’t interested in primitive beast soul arrows, which were barely better than his Z-steel arrow but much more expensive. What Han Sen wanted was a mutant beast soul arrow like the ones used by Son of Heaven and Yang Manli.After some thinking, Han Sen was ready to ask Yang Manli from which creature she had gained her mutant beast soul arrow. Maybe he could go hunting it and try his luck as well."Yang Manli seems to dislike me. I’m afraid she will not tell me. Forget it, I haven’t been back home for days. I’ll go back and search on the Skynet for information about where the arrow beast soul are generally found near here." Han Sen teleported out of God’s Sanctuary.When he returned home, his mother was still in Second God’s Sanctuary and Han Yan was at school.After taking a bath, he started searching the Skynet. There were many former members of Steel Armor Sanctuary that had written about their experience. Although most was useless to Han Sen, he did manage to find one useful article.When Han Sen was going to read carefully, he suddenly heard the doorbell. Looking through the monitor, he found standing at the door were Xue Xi and her brother Fang Jingqi."Why is he here?" Han Sen knew Fang Jingqi didn’t like him and they also had some conflicts before, so he did not expect to see Fang Jingqi here.Opening the door, Han Sen said with a smile, "Xi, you have not come to my house for many years."Xue Xi looked a bit uneasy and whispered, "If this isn’t a good time, we will just leave."Although she tried to pull Fang Jingqi away, Fang Jingqi stood still and smiled at Han Sen, "It’s always a good time for friends, isn’t it?""Indeed." Han Sen already understood that Fang Jingqi was looking for trouble.Letting Fang Jingqi and Xue Xi in, Han Sen handed them two bottles of water, "Sorry. There is only water.""Doesn’t matter." Fang Jingqi did not touch the water and asked, "Sen, which shelter are you in?""Steel Armor Shelter," replied Han Sen."Sen, you are also in Steel Armor Shelter? How come Han Hao never mentioned it?" Xue Xi was slightly startled.Han Sen said indifferently, "Maybe we have never run into each other."Xue Xi clearly didn’t buy it, but she didn’t continue to ask.Fang Jingqi said, "It so happens that a classmate of mine is also there. His name is Fist Guy. Have you heard of him?""One of the three major leaders. It’d be hard not to hear about him," said Han Sen."Awesome." Fang Jingqi smiled at Han Sen, "Last time you treated me with a ritual, so today I have a gift for you. Not sure if you are interested.""I don’t like gifts. Your visit has already made me a happy man." Looking at Xue Xi’s upset face, Han Sen shook his head and said. He didn’t want to cause any trouble and put her in a difficult place."A mutant beast soul. Are you still not interested?" asked Fang Jingqi slowly." A mutant beast soul!" Han Sen looked at him, slightly surprised. He immediately understood why Fang Jingqi had mentioned Fist Guy.Fang Jingqi looked at Han Sen with faint smile, "Let’s go to the combat pit and have a fight. Regardless of the outcome, I will let Fist Guy give you a mutant beast soul. Sen, what do you think about this gift?"If it was up to Han Sen, he would definitely accept it. However, he knew Xue Xi wouldn’t want him to fight her brother, so he just said, "I can’t accept the mutant beast soul. If you haven’t eaten, I’ll cook us dinner."Fang Jingqi thought Han Sen did not believe him, so he picked up the comlink and dialed a number. Suddenly the holographic image of a hunk popped up. The hunk smiled at Fang Jingqi and said, "Jingqi, it’s been so long since we saw each other... ""Fist Guy, I need your help. I have a friend in Steel Armor Shelter and want you to take care of him. Would you give him a mutant beast soul?" asked Fang Jingqi with a smile."If others asked me for this, I would tell them to f*#k off. Since it’s you asking, just send your friend to me in the shelter. And remember you owe me one," replied Fist Guy.After hanging up, Fang Jingqi looked at Han Sen and asked, "Now, are you willing to accept my gift?"

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1548: A RoomTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was standing in a room. He looked at it in strange awe, with his mouth hanging wide open.The area looked like it would very dark as he came into it from the Godlight Tunnel, but when he breached the black veil, it really was like nothing more than a thin curtain obscuring the view.Through the darkness, there was a room that looked like a lounge of sorts. Han Sen wouldn’t have been surprised if he encountered a monster in that room.Han Sen was prepared to fight when he entered, but he found himself shocked and speechless instead.There was a table, chairs, cups, and benches. They were composed of a crystal-like material Han Sen was familiar with. They looked like what Han Sen had seen inside the Main Control Room. The chairs and table were of a similar design, too.Han Sen confirmed the room had been built from crystal, and it was therefore likely it had been built by the crystallizers.“Why is there a crystallizer room beyond the Godlight Tunnel?” Han Sen’s brain was full of question marks.( NovelFull )   According to crystallizer technology, it should have been impossible for such stuff to exist in the sanctuaries. After all, Han Sen couldn’t even use his beetle in the sanctuary.But there was an entire crystallizer room here in front of him, nonetheless.“It’s just a room. Maybe someone moved it here? But this is the end of the Godlight Tunnel, and who could possibly possess the ability to move an entire crystallizer room here?” Han Sen looked around, hoping he’d find a solution.He was also looking out for that which was the crux of his worry. He looked around the room a few times, but he couldn’t find anything.The things around him were just ordinary objects. Han Sen tried the chair out, and he was able to confirm it was the same sort he found in the Main Control Room. Even though it looked crystal and hard, it was soft and plush.He now thought it was a great shame he couldn’t use the beetle in the sanctuary. If he had been able to, he’d have liked to ask it for information concerning this place.Han Sen’s vision then became fixed on something on the left side of the room. There was a black crystal drawer standing against a wall. Han Sen walked up to it and pulled the drawer open, hoping to find some information.But he was unable to pull it out. He tried it twice and found that there was no leeway. It had to have been locked.Han Sen decided to draw Taia and beat the drawer instead. There were some sparks, but the attack didn’t leave a mark on the surface.Han Sen’s face changed. He used all the power he could muster, and yet, it hadn’t left a single mark. The crystal was unfathomably strong.When Han Sen frowned, thinking about how he might open it, the beetle in his hand now began to shine. Han Sen had been unable to use it in the sanctuary before, but now it had come to life.“Control Room discovered. Would you like to connect?” The beetle’s AI voice rang from Han Sen’s hand.“Connect,” Han Sen said, with surprise. This really was a form of Main Control Room, where crystallizer technology such as the beetle could be used.It certainly exceeded Han Sen’s expectations. Through his entire life, he had been told he could not make use of proper technology when he was in the sanctuary.Many people had even tested this theory in the sanctuary, too. The results were all the same: from lighters to advanced cannonballs and super warframes, nothing could be activated inside the sanctuary. They might as well have been hunks of steel.And crystallizer technology such as the beetle couldn’t be used, either. Han Sen wasn’t sure why that had now changed all of a sudden.( NovelFull )   “Establishing connection to Control Room.” The symbols on the beetle shone, and it moved to land on the black crystal drawer.Then, Han Sen heard a katcha. The door that was shut opened up.“Connection successful.” The beetle’s light dimmed after the drawer opened.Han Sen looked over the drawer, and inside, he saw a glowing crystal-like machine. It was like some sort of control platform, and the lights looked like streaming data. Han Sen wasn’t too sure what he was looking at.“What is this?” Han Sen asked the beetle.The beetle responded with its mechanical voice, and it answered, “It’s a computer.”“What is it for?” Han Sen asked.“I don’t have enough data to formulate a certifiably correct response. Therefore, I cannot answer you.” The beetle was shining as it delivered its dialogue.Han Sen frowned. He didn’t understand much about crystallizer technology, and he was unable to operate it since he didn’t know what it was supposed to do.As Han Sen mulled what he should do, a door opened on the other side of the room.Han Sen went over to take a look with much curiosity. It looked as if the next room was a bedroom. There was a comfy-looking crystal bed at its center.The bed still had sheets on it, and the corner looked as if it had been tossed aside. It looked rather messy, as if the owner of the bed had once left in a rush without time to tidy.Han Sen went over to observe the blanket, but he saw nothing under it. He then looked at the nightstand. There was a crystal bottle there, containing a red liquid. It was a touch lighter than red wine, appearing pinkish, more than anything.The bottle had a lid on it. Han Sen pulled it off, and his nose was greeted with the pleasing sensation of an alcoholic beverage.“Is this the alcohol crystallizers drank?” Han Sen found that rather amazing.Han Sen put the lid back on and decided to keep the bottle. He opened the drawers of the nightstand next, to see if he could find something more useful.When Han Sen opened the drawer, he grinned. There were many items inside. It looked as if there were hair clippers and various decorative oddities. There was a bottle, too, which might have contained a woman’s makeup product.Amidst all those items, Han Sen also caught a glimpse of a diary. He took it out of the drawer and opened it. There were many words inside, and the text looked to be composed by the gorgeous handwriting of a woman.What excited Han Sen the most was the fact it was a language of ancient humanity. It was something he could read.Han Sen was glad he had learned so many ancient languages now. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have been able to read a single word the diary contained.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1321: Biggest ProblemTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“Giant God Emperor has come; child of Godslayer Luo, come forth and challenge me!” The spirit’s voice was unbearably loud and frighteningly deep. When he spoke, his voice boomed, and the reverberations rattled one’s chest and shook the land around.“That’s one big boi!” Han Sen muttered, in half-jest.“Hey, BFG, how about you tone it down a little? We aren’t deaf!” Xie Qing King said, in immediate response.Giant God Emperor brought his head down low to meet them. It was so big, it was like a toppling skyscraper swooping down.“Can it, squirt! I’m already breathing gently and speaking quietly. If you can’t handle it, shove a baton in both your ears,” Giant God Emperor spoke again. Although the words were meant to intimidate, they were really just funny.He was facing Xie Qing King while he spoke, and with each stressed word, spit was fired at Xie Qing King like heavy rainfall.“F*ck you! That’s disgusting. Stop spitting!” Xie Qing King was infuriated by the spittle downpour and sought to throw a punch towards Giant God Emperor.But Xie Qing King was little more than a bothersome fly when standing next to Giant God Emperor. Still, Xie Qing King was unfazed by this difference in size, and so he made his fist blaze, right as he leaped forward to clobber the larger spirit’s forehead.A big thumping sound followed the hit, and the massive body went flying backwards to ruin what little was left of the charred shelter behind him. It was a weird thing to see.Han Sen said, “Hey, you shouldn’t fight here! Look at that thing. The shelter can’t take much more of a beating.”Giant God Emperor stood up with a displeased grimace. He did not speak, and just immediately threw a punch back towards Xie Qing King.Xie Qing King dodged and flew up into the skies.The two then fought, eye to eye, level to level with Xie Qing King’s airborne assist. There was no beating around the push or clever tactics being employed by the alu-alu-puncher, and he was going as direct as one could be.The silver fists repeatedly went up against the giant ones with surprising—and amusing—competency. The shockwaves that erupted non-stop were rather dizzying, though.Han Sen was shocked, seeing how powerful Xie Qing King had become after opening his tenth gene lock. It had made an impressive change.And as the two battled, Moment Queen approached. She turned and looked to the skies and then watched.Moment Queen commented, “Whoa! He’s the sixth Son of God. You should run while you still can!”Han Sen merely smiled and continued to enjoy the spectacle, as if he were watching a friendly bout.On the peak of Moving Star Shelter, three other spirits were watching the fight as well. One of them was robed in a black cloak. In his hand was a can. This was Gu Demon Emperor. Beside him was the all-too-familiar No God Emperor, who had become a bit of a pest for Han Sen, in recent times. The third spirit was unknown to them, but he was a little spooky to see. He had a large third eye lodged in his forehead.“Xie Qing King is quite impressive! It is no wonder he was so famous back in the day,” this three-eyed spirit said.“Age has done little to rust the grumpy old coot. If Xie Qing King starts firing on all cylinders, I don’t believe Giant God Emperor can defeat him. Unfortunately, his special powers can only be used twice,” Gu Demon Emperor said.He had watched Xie Qing King defeat Gold General. The felling of that creature was a goliath task even for them, so he was well aware how strong Xie Qing King could actually be.The three-eyed spirit replied to his observations, saying, “Killing the big lug shouldn’t mean too much. We have many more emperors on the way, all eager to rip this lot to shreds.”The three-eyed spirit then looked around and asked, “And that aside, where is Godslayer Luo’s child? That’s what we came all this way for, wasn’t it?”“Inside the shelter someplace, or what’s left of it. Either that or she’s retreated to the Alliance, like all the weakling humans would when put to the test.” Gu Demon spoke with clear contempt for the human race.“We tried going after Godslayer Luo himself once before, did we not? Even he was too much of a chicken and clucked off. We can’t make mistakes this time, and our vengeance has been a long time coming.” The three-eyed spirit echoed the hatred Gu Demon Emperor was speaking with, and he looked bitter and spiteful.Gu Demon Emperor responded, saying, “I sent word to many emperors. I can only presume they’re on their way, and I suspect once they’re here, we can finally let the slaughter commence.”No God Emperor chimed in to say, “You’re all so blinded by the need for revenge against Godslayer Luo, you’re failing to acknowledge the real problem we face. And that problem is the man down there. Do you see him?”The other two now turned to look at where No God Emperor was aiming his eyes. They all saw Han Sen, who almost looked relaxed as he spectated the battle that was on-going.The three-eyed spirit asked, “Hey, there’s a thought! Do you think he might be another heir of Godslayer Luo, as well?”“Probably not. But believe me when I tell you he’ll be an even harder foe to deal with. Don’t underestimate him,” No God Emperor said.The three-eyed spirit said, “It almost sounds like you’re complimenting the boy; sheesh, where did your spine run off to? If he’s not an heir, as you say, then he doesn’t have that one-hit kill power the girl does. If he doesn’t have that, then we have nothing to be afraid of.”Gu Demon Emperor was surprised by what No God Emperor had said, but he viewed things differently than the three-eyed spirit. Understanding No God Emperor wouldn’t say what he had lightly, he asked, “Can you elaborate on the powers he possesses?”No God Emperor said, “His body hardens to become the strongest material I have ever had to deal with. I fought him, and not even my No God Sword was able to bring him harm with a clean hit.”“What? You jest, surely!” Gu Demon Emperor and the three-eyed spirit were both taken aback by what they had just heard.They knew how powerful No God Emperor was, and the power wielded by his blade of choice. They thought a resistance to its killing power was impossible.If even he could not slay that man, then he might actually be a foe to be wary of.The three-eyed spirit’s attitude to his warning became more serious, and with a grim look, he offered the suggestion, “I can try to break his body through the use of my own power.”Gu Demon Emperor explained on his behalf, saying, “His powers are very effective against physical defenses.”No God Emperor then went on to say, “His swords wield the powers of time and space, too. I was unable to block his attacks.”Hearing this, they were in shock. Such a fierce combination was unheard of, and they viewed the man in a different light. They almost couldn’t believe what they were hearing, but they knew No God Emperor all too well. They knew he wouldn’t joke or make up a falsehood.“The human is that strong?” the other two asked in tandem.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 654: The Creature That Came from Devil's MountainTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen looked at the man with uncertain eyes, not sure whether he was being serious or if he was merely joining in with the jest. Seven billion was not a small amount, and generally, even the richest of people never carried such money around with them."For that price, are you certain?" Han Sen, still looking, asked the man."Of course I am," the man responded, with absolute confidence."Give me the money and I'll sell them to you," Han Sen said, smiling."Do you really think I have seven billion in my pockets, at this very moment? Give me your communication number and when I return to the Alliance I will contact you and wire you the money," the man said."Okay." Han Sen did not give the man his communication number, just his virtual community account number on Skynet, as a way for the man to find him.Then, both of them exited the shelter together. Back in the Alliance, they both logged into the virtual community and went to meet each other.Han Sen did not believe there was such a loser out there with that much money. He found it staggering when the man immediately came and saw him in-game."Friend, might I have a word with you?" The guy had a peculiar face as he approached."What? You don't want to buy them anymore?" Han Sen was cracking up with laughter."No. Is that what you really think? I have a different proposition, that's all. How about if I give you fifty million, you lend me the pets for no more than three days? I will return them to you in three days, without a single hair on their furry coats having been brought harm." The man smiled."Fifty million is petty pocket change. This sort of exchange would require at least one hundred million. But I can only loan you the black cat. The white pet is not up for grabs, by any means." Han Sen immediately knew what the man was implying, so he tried his best not to laugh."I accept that. But, when we return to the shelter, you'll have to play along," the man told Han Sen.Han Sen then agreed. Without wasting any time, the man sent Han Sen one hundred million and said, "I'll buy you dinner.""Sure. We can have dinner, but you have to promise me you'll take care of the pet. I've had it for a very long time and I'm awfully fond of it," Han Sen told him."Friend, if you don't believe that I, Lin Mei, will take good care of it, then believe in Lin Feng. He is my little brother. We have a contract together, so fear not." Lin Mei patted his puffed-up chest."Lin Feng? Who?" Han Sen acted as if he didn't know the person, with a puzzled look."You really don't know who I am?" Lin Mei was genuinely surprised. But after a while, he smiled and said, "Well, it's fine if you don't know me. Just know that I am a trustable fellow, okay?""Do you know Tang Zhenliu?" Han Sen had to ask, as the person before him really did look like Lin Feng."Of course I know him. He's my little brother's best buddy; they even wear identical, matching pants together! They're inseparable. Do you know him, too?" Lin Mei asked in return."Then we aren't strangers. I am a good friend of Tang Zhenliu." In Han Sen's heart, however, he thought, "I can't believe Lin Feng has a brother like this? I'm not sure if they're real brothers, though. Or just cousins.""Ah, isn't that remarkable? Well, if that's the case, how about you offer me a discount, on the account we have such ties?""No. Relations are relations, business is business," Han Sen immediately rejected.They then discussed the details of their arrangements for the remainder of their time in the virtual community. After that, they returned to the shelter.They both went to meet each other back where they first left off. When Lin Mei arrived, he was holding his big-boobied ladyfriend and had a displeased look. They approached Han Sen and Lin Mei said, "Hey, that's not very fair. You said two for seven billion! Now you're increasing the price even more?""I am too fond of them to part with them so easily. If you're still determined to buy them, the black one can be bought for seven billion. The little white fellow is not for sale.""Well, that matters very little to me. Money runs like tap water for me. Very well, I will accept the black one for seven billion. I will buy the white one for seven billion, as well. The only thing that concerns me is the happiness and contentment of my wife. I will spend as much as I must, to keep her smiling.""Oh, darling! You are so wonderful!" The woman fawned and kissed Lin Mei."I already told you; only the black one is for sale. This little white ruffian is mine alone." Han Sen, in his little show, was adamant about only going for the sale of Meowth. Eventually, Lin Mei conceded and purchased it. The woman, while holding Meowth in her hands, was beaming with joy and didn't complain at all.Ever since, a yarn was spun from the Devil's Mountain. It was a tale that recited the desperate lengths a little man would go to please a woman. This sorry man was said to have bought a useless pet cat for the whopping sum of seven billion."Brother Han, did you really sell that pet for the sum of seven billion?" Wang Yuhang's mouth was wide open with disbelief as he looked at Han Sen."He said he was from the Lin family. His name was Lin Mei; he said he was the big brother of Lin Feng. If you don't know him, then he must be a liar," Han Sen said."Lin Mei? That womanizer? It had crossed my mind as to which wretch could be a sorry enough loser to pay such a sum. It was him, eh?" Wang Yuhang now understood."The Lin family really has someone like that in their midst?" Han Sen was surprised to learn that Lin Mei was a genuine member of the Lin family, as he half-suspected he hadn't been truthful about his identity.Wang Yuhang nodded and said, "He is real, all right. He is Lin Feng's cousin. He should be much older than him and of a comparable age to Lin Weiwei. Before Lin Weiwei became famous, this Lin Mei was renowned as a genius of sorts. It was short-lived, and a credit that only applied during his teenage years. Before long, he became addicted to the carnal pleasures of women and soon after, he was widely referred to as the greatest loser of the Lin family. His father, however, funds his every desire and as a result, Lin Mei is very rich. The figure of seven billion is little to him. I don't stay current with what he gets up to anymore and he rarely shows up at familial events, anyway. It was nice to get a quick sneak-peek today.""A loser, huh?" Han Sen lifted his lips but didn't say any more.As they continued walking down the street, a commotion of some sort seemed to be occurring further down. Many evolvers were running down towards the gate of the shelter.Wang Yuhang quickly started asking about what was going on, to which someone responded a powerful creature had emerged from the Devil's Mountain and brought ruin to three different shelters. Now, it had come here. Lu Hui had issued a command, instigating his men to man rally for combat and halt the advance of the creature.Quickly, many evolvers amassed and marched in unison beyond the walls of the shelter, out to the trail the monster rampaged along.Lu Hui had already gotten there with his own little regiment, but they hadn't started their attack yet."If Lu Hui takes this threat so seriously, surely it must be a super creature," Han Sen thought. Then, he turned to Wang Yuhang and told him, "We should go check it out, too."They exited town and when they reached the plains of battle, countless evolvers were gathering. There were also other people in their midst, who seemed to have arrived just so they could enjoy the coming spectacle and watch the battle with glee.After walking a dozen miles, they heard the trumpeting of a loud elephant. Han Sen said to himself, "Is that the White-Bone Elephant from the Devil's Mountain?"The same thought coursed through Wang Yuhang's mind. They both turned to look at each other, with a look fright on their faces. The White-Bone Elephant was far too terrifying a foe, and in one mouthful, it had gobbled up a berserk sacred-blood creature. It was undoubtedly a monster from the upper echelon of super creatures. With its hulking size, stopping its approach would be no small feat.They walked forward for another few miles before they saw it. A White-Bone Elephant was hastily marching down the trail, producing tremors with each step. The humans around it were like ants.

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